Shattered World @mystic75
Chapter 14

Crowley emerged from the dark corner of the room and slowly walked closer to the bed where {Y/N} laid naked, handcuffed, and chained to the headboard. She sighed heavily with relief, almost starting to laugh. She never in her life thought she'd be happy to see a demon. She wished that it wasn't a demon standing in front of her, but she would take what she could get.

OH, THANK GOD! CROWLEY! GET ME THE HELL OUT OF HERE! PLEASE!", she screamed with nervous laughter, pulling at the handcuffs. Her heart felt like it was going to leap out of her chest, it was pounding so hard. And her bare skin was tingling.

"GOD?", Crowley asked with a chuckle. "Afraid not, Dear. GOD seems to have taken a powder". Crowley looked down at her with his arms folded over his chest, as he stopped at the foot of the bed. The view he got of her naked body sent electricity shooting through his groin. This plan was going to be murder on his libido. Crowley looked away, shaking his head trying to rid it of images of burying his cock in her tight hole, listening to her screams. He loved to make women scream. Whether in pain or pleasure, it was all the same to him. But more often than not it was in pain. Crowley wasn't know to be gentle. He had to dominate EVERY situation.

"Come on, Crowley! Get me the fuck out of here!", {Y/N} looked at him in confusion, her eyebrows furrowed. She tugged at the cuffs trying to get him to notice them. {Y/N} licked her chapped lips, her mouth was so dry. Who knows how long she had been in this place without any food or water. Crowley saw her lick her lips and mirrored the action. But the way he did it seem more dangerous. It was like a predator licking it's chops before pouncing on it's prey.

"Sorry, Dove. I can't do that", he said. His smirk turned into an unhappy frown. She glared at him, her nostrils flaring. "Before you bite my head off, you should look closely at the headboard", Crowley said, pointing above her. {Y/N} looked up over her head and gasped in horror. Dean had carved sigils into the metal of the headboard to demon proof and angel proof the bed. She looked down and saw that he had done the same to the foot board as well. Crowley looked around the bed and pointed out that the bed rails had been carved in the same fashion. "I'm afraid I'm locked out".

{Y/N} slumped back down on the mattress, breathing heavily like she had just finished running a marathon. She stared up at the ceiling looking totally defeated. For a long time she just laid there, staring off into space. It was as if Crowley wasn't even there. Crowley moved around to the side of the bed and just watched her. He tilted his head as he searched her face, wondering what she was thinking. He jumped when she turned her head and started yelling at him.

"You gotta tell Sam and Bobby where I am! I can't take anymore of this! PLEASE!, {Y/N} said, becoming more and more hysterical. She starting to hyperventilate and thrash around wildly. "I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE!". {Y/N} suddenly looked away and whispered, "You don't know what he's done to me". From her current state, it wasn't hard for him to guess. Crowley crouched down with his elbows on his knees, leaving several inches between himself and the bed. He still had that unhappy look on his face. He let out a heavy sigh through his nose and shook his head.

"It's going to be several days before anyone can get to you, I'm afraid", Crowley said quietly. He looked to be truly sad about her predicament. But she knew Crowley too well to believe he actually cared about what happened to her. He never did anything unless he benefited from it. She broke down, turned her head into her arm, and cried. "Sam's injuries are keeping him from rescuing you right away and he has to be here if there is any chance at curing Dean". {Y/N} abruptly stopped crying, turning toward the demon with concerned eyes.

"Is Sam OK?", she said with a shaky voice. She had nearly forgotten how terrible Sam looked the last time she'd seen him. He looked like Death had him by the balls for sure. "He risked his life to save me! Crowley, please tell me he's OK!" Tears of remorse filled her eyes. She blamed herself for what happened to Sam. If she had just let Dean in when he wanted her to... But thinking about it, Sam would have defended her regardless. He was a good person.

"He'll be alright, Sweetheart", Crowley sighed and rolled his eyes. Even when he was human, he wasn't good at it. Giving comfort just wasn't his style. He was a demon! He didn't do nice! But even a demon had needs and being this close to a completely naked, very attractive woman made Crowley keenly aware of those needs. {Y/N} saw the way he was looking her up and down and glared at him. Crowley raised an eyebrow and chuckled. "Sorry, Love. Just admiring the view. I must say this about the man up stairs. He does do fine work!"

"Eat shit Crowley!", {Y/N} growled and turned on her side away from him. The view wasn't bad from this angle either, Crowley mused with a smirk. He so wanted to touch her hip, just to see if it is as soft as it looks, but those damn sigils made that impossible. He stood up feeling frustrated. "Your friends will come for you", the demon murmured as he listened to her quietly sob. He turned and was gone without a sound.

It wasn't long before she heard a key turn in the knob and the door creak open. She realized that her nightmare was about to begin again when she heard a sickeningly sweet voice call out. "HONEY! I'M HOME!"

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