Shattered World @mystic75
Chapter 12

Dean sat in a chair across from the bed with the back leaning against the wall and the front legs up off the floor. He just sat there watching her with his inky orbs glittering in the bright overhead lights. {Y/N} sat against the headboard, curled into a tight ball, hugging her knees. She stared straight ahead, refusing to look in his direction. Dean sighed rubbing his stomach. She jumped when the legs of the chair thumped back down to the floor. Dean stood and stretched like a cat just waking from a long nap.

"Ya, know {Y/N/N}?", Dean muttered as he walked closer to the bed. "We never got to finish our little party". {Y/N} started breathing fast and shrank away from him when he stopped next to the bed. He slowly sat down next to her on the mattress, looking her up and down. His eyes changed back to that gorgeous green that women across the country drooled over. They just made {Y/N} shudder in fear. Dean's lips stretched into a warm smile, but it didn't reach his eyes. His eyes were as cold and unfeeling as the glass eyes of a taxidermied animal. She tried to scoot away from him, but he grabbed the chain and jerked her head down into his lap. Dean leaned over her head and whispered, "I always finish what I start".

{Y/N} whimpered and tried to push his face away, Dean jerked the chain again and wrapped it around his fist, holding it tight. She thrashed around, gasping and clawing at the leather strap. "I suggest you not touch me again unless I tell you to!" He snarled in her face. "GOT THAT PRINCESS?" {Y/N} nodded quickly before his impatience exploded again. Dean ran a calloused hand down her face, from her cheekbone down to the tip of her chin. His thumb caressed her closed lips and he chuckled.

"Please Dean", {Y/N} croaked. "Don't do this". A lone tear ran down her cheek and dropped on the back of his hand as he held her chin. Dean stared at the tear for a long moment then slowly brought his hand up to his mouth and licked the hot tear off his skin. He moaned with pleasure and blood rushed to his dick making his length stiffen in an intant. Nothing that had happened so far had turned him on like this and he didn't want to waste it. Holding the chain tight around one hand, he fumbled with his belt and jeans with the other. He unzipped his pants and his erection sprang forth. Dean smirked at her.

"Polish my knob Sweetheart," Dean purred, holding his cock in her face. {Y/N} clamped her mouth shut and tried to turn away. "Open wide, Baby Girl", he laughed. He grabbed her face and sqeezed until the pain became too much and she had to relax her jaw. As soon as her jaw went slack, Dean shoved his cock down her throat. {Y/N} started to gag and shove at his hips. "What did I say about touching me Bitch!", Dean growled. She moved her hands away and gripped the thin sheet covering the mattress. He started to move slowly, pulling almost all the way out and thrusting all the way to the hilt each time. She had to quickly take a breath when he was pulling back.

"Oh, sweet Jesus, Girl!", Dean moaned. "Your mouth feels so good!" He threw his head back and squeezed his eye shut as he move, fucking her face. He started to move faster, making it harder for {Y/N} to take a breath. Dean grunted loudly as he yanked her by the hair up and down on his shaft. "TAKE IT BITCH!", the sadistic monster screamed at her. Two more hard thrusts, Dean grunted, and came down her throat. He didn't have to ask her to swallow. She had no choice. {Y/N} gagged and her throat spasmed around his dick, pulling another jet of hot cum from Dean's cock and another moan from his mouth.

He threw her back down on the mattress as he stood up, tucking himself back in his jeans. {Y/N} rolled unto her side away from him, coughing and sobbing into the sheet. He strode into the bathroom, flicked on the light, and shut the door. He never looked back at her. {Y/N} prayed to whoever was listening for help. She never prayed before, but figured this was as good a time as any to start.

She didn't know how much more of this 'NEW & IMPROVED' Dean she could take. She wanted the old Dean back. She swore that if only the old Dean would come back, she'd forgive him. Forgive him for everything. She was desperate for this all to end. Dean came back out of the bathroom fully dressed. He pulled the chair close to the bed and straddled it, crossing his arms over the back. He laid his chin down on his arms and looked down at her.

"Gotta go out for a little while, but I'll be back soon. I'll bring you something to eat." Dean spoke to her as if the last few hours never happened. {Y/N} glared at him but stayed silent. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a set of handcuffs, twirling them around his index finger. When he finally stood up, and walked over to the head of the bed, she scooted as far to the opposite side of the bed as she could. Dean grabbed one of her wrists and yanked her toward him. He slapped one of the cuffs to her wrist, slipped the other cuff threw the metal bars of the headboard, and slapped it on her other wrist.

"What are you doing?", {Y/N} shrieked. "NO!" She tried to kick him and Dean grabbed her knees, holding them down

"Relax, Darlin'. Just a little added insurance", Dean muttered. "I won't be gone long. I promise". He jumped up off the bed and left the room. For a while {Y/N} just laid there staring off into space, but realized that was not helping anything. She needed to get her bearings. She looked around the room slowly. It was small. The walls were dingy and bare with one large window on the opposite wall with blinds covering it. It wasn't a motel room. It reminded her of an office in a warehouse or factory. There wasn't much furniture. Just the bed, a small dining table, and 2 chairs. Dean had shut off the bathroom light, so she couldn't see in.

"Well, hello there, Love", A gravely voice whispered from the corner of the room.

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