Shattered World @mystic75
Chapter 1


I DO NOT own any characters from the Supernatural Series and I am not profiting from this work.

{Y/N} = Your Name

{Y/N/N} = Your Nickname

Personal Note: This is my first foray into writing fanfiction, so please, keep that in my when you read this. If you are triggered by graphic depictions of rape and violence, PLEASE don't read this! I do not condone either action. There is also a lot of swearing, so be warned.

So let's get started, shall we?

{Y/N} never thought her life would end this way. Ever since the Winchesters took her in after her entire family was slaughtered by a pack of vamps, she knew she wouldn't die a normal everyday death. But she never in a million years thought she'd be running for her life from the one person she trusted to keep her safe.

"{Y/N}!", Dean called in a sing song voice. "Come out, come out wherever you are!" A shrill cackle echoed through the bunker, bouncing off the high ceilings and concrete floors. The handle of his hunting knife banging off the walls as he went.

Trying to find a hiding place in the bunker was nearly impossible! All of the furniture was Victorian style wooden chairs and couches with no giant cushions to hide behind. She finally opted to hide under Dean's own bed, hoping that he would never think she had the nerve to hide there. She had to clamp her hand over her mouth to quiet her heavy breathing. Her heart thudded in her ears and threatened to burst from her chest. Cowering under the large bed, gave {Y/N} time to reflect on the events that led her to this place.

After the brothers killed the vamps that killed her family, {Y/N} begged them to let her stay, doing things that they hated doing, like cooking and cleaning. Eventually, Sam let her help him with research on their cases. Even Bobby had to admit that {Y/N} was becoming a real asset to the Winchesters.

It took Dean longer to warm up to the idea of having a 16 year old girl living with 2 grown men, but {Y/N}'s witty and crass humor, which reminded Sam of a certain brother he knew, slowly wormed it's way into Dean's heart. Sam would come home from a supply run to see her & Dean vegging out on the sofa in front of the TV watching some action movie that he never thought teenage girls would be interested in. Within only 4 short months, it seemed Dean had found a kindred spirit in a girl that was petite(a foot shorter than him) & almost half his age. Which made this day's events so hard for her to wrap her head around.

When Sam & Dean returned from a month long hunt, Dean seemed off. Dean always greeted her with a giant bear hug & a kiss on the top of her head. Along with a "How ya doin' Shorty!" But Dean was quiet and aloof.

"Dean, are you OK?", {Y/N} asked, concerned for the big lug.

"Fine, {Y/N}", Dean said curtly walking passed her without even looking at her. {Y/N} knew something was wrong. Dean hadn't called her by her real name in 2 solid months. He always used her nickname or one of his millions of pet names for her. 'Sweet Cheeks' was his personal favorite. She could tell he was in a foul mood. Rage just radiated off of him. She had never seen Dean so agitated. When Dean stalked to his room and slammed the door, {Y/N} flinched.

{Y/N} was truly scared for her best friend. She turned to the younger brother and whispered, "What the hell happened out there, Sam?" She glared at him accusingly. Horrible scenarios ran through her head in the few seconds it took for Dean to answer.

"I wish I knew, {Y/N/N}!", Sam nearly shouted back at her, before catching himself and whispering back. Sam was just as confused by Deans behavior as {Y/N} was. "The day after we ganked that werewolf in Columbus he disappeared on me". Sam was pacing around the living area running his fingers through the hair that fell low over his collar. "He was gone for over 2 weeks and then just showed back up at our motel room like he had only gone out for a burger. He wouldn't tell me where he'd been or why he wouldn't answer my million phone calls!", Sam ranted at {Y/N} without looking up at her as he paced.

"Why didn't you call me, Sam?", {Y/N} asked as she wrapped her arms around herself trying to stop a shiver from creeping up her arms. Her {Y/E/C} eyes glistening with tears that she refused to let fall. If she fell apart, Sam was sure to follow and she didn't think she could handle that.

"I thought I could handle it!" Sam responded, a little too loud. And as almost an afterthought, he added, "And I didn't want to worry you, {Y/N/N}". Sam whispered that last part so quietly that {Y/N} almost missed it. "But Dean was so angry when he came back that I was too scared to push him too hard for answers. I decided to wait until we got back to the bunker to confront him". Dean stared down at his dirty work boots and wouldn't meet {Y/N}'s gaze.

"Confront who about what, Sammy?", Dean asked from the hallway making both Sam & {Y/N} jump. Dean's green eyes bored into his younger brother's brown ones. But the expression on Dean's face was not one of malice, but one of mischief, like Dean already knew the answer to his own question. He was leaning on the wall with his arms crossed over his broad chest and the toe of one boot kicked over the other. "Ya know, Sammy, it's not nice to talk about people behind their backs", Dean drawled as he pushed himself away from the wall. That mischevious smirk never left his face. If anything it only grew wider as he walked into the room. {Y/N} took several involuntary steps backwards toward Sam. Dean's gaze finally fell on her and she froze in her tracks. That look on Dean's face terrified her so badly that she felt as if she might pass out.

"Why did you disappear for 2 weeks without a word, Dean?", Sam's voice finally cutting the tension that was thick in the room. The smirk instantly vanished from Dean's face as he glared at Sam. Dean's upper lip twitched like he wanted to sneer, but it only lasted a split second before his mouth pulled into a thin line. He looked back at {Y/N} with an expression that filled her with dread. Was that lust in his eyes?

"I had things to take care of, Sammy". He never looked away from {Y/N} as he responded to his brother's question. Slowly he raised his hand and tucked a stray curl behind her ear. {Y/N} shivered when Dean's calloused finger touched the tip of her ear. She desperately wanted to look away, but he held her gaze for what seemed like forever before turning and striding away to his room again. {Y/N} let out the breath she didn't even realize she was holding and closed her eyes.

"Jesus", {Y/N} whispered to herself. But Sam heard it and placed a concerned hand on her shoulder making her flinch. She couldn't hold back the tears any longer. They seemed to burn her flushed skin as they rolled down her cheeks and off her chin.

{Y/N/N}, are you OK?", the fear in Sam's tone was very apparent. She placed her hand over Sam's and just shook her head, the tears causing her voice to catch in her throat. She wasn't sure if she would ever be OK again. Her skin crawled where Dean had touched her. Something was very wrong with her best friend.

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