Journey to a New World @otherealmwriter
Chapter 9

I don't own Invader Zim okay? I know it's been awhile since I updated but hey, between writer's block and life, it's been hard trying to get the ideas to write for this. But anyway, enough of this A/N, on with the fic!

Tak lay in her bunk as Tenn presented her notes to the Tallest. They were here to see if this planet was of any use to the Irken Empire or not and she was wondering just how she should feel about that. The humans seemed to be nothing but dumb ignorant creatures, except for a few she had met at Skool. Gaz, Gretchen and Dib all seemed to be able to hold intelligent conversations. She looked out the door as Zim was talking about using bees to take over the planet and take it over to Irk. It would never work. Skoodge was humoring Zim, at least Tak hoped he was humoring him, about the plan. It made no sense. She knew that. But she had to admit to herself that part of this mission was dubious at best.

Remembering she needed to at least look like a typical Hi-Skool student, she picked up the English textbook and began to read it. They were discussing Paradise Lost and Tak wanted to seem on top of things. But do I want to seem too on top of things. She pondered as she looked at the text with a blank look. "Dib is pretty smart, does keep up with the work assigned to these idiots and he's still made fun of. It seems that Gaz and Gretchen do the same but they are not made fun of." Tak mused as she read the book.

"What's up?" Tenn asked as she came into the cabin, distracting Tak.

"Nothing much. Homework." Tak sighed.

"Homework?" Tenn asked.

"We had it in the academy too. Stuff you did after class for the next day. I have to read this story about a demon from their religion with jealousy issues it seems. This guy Satan doesn't like Jesus takes a third of the angels to rebel, then gets kicked out of this place called heaven and then takes it out on this guy called God's new creation. Earth and humanity." Tak said.

"I've heard of that story." Tenn said.

"In Paradise Lost? That's what we're reading." Tak sighed. "And it can get boring."

"Well I found this thing online." Tenn said as she pulled up an animated video on BoobTube on a smartphone she found. "It's a video sharing site and it seems that someone animated it. You can watch that and not have to read it."

"On this?" Tak asked as she looked at the device.

"It's called a Smartphone and humans do so much on this. I was able to grab it when the human who owned it went to the bathroom and left it. I learned a lot from the social networks on this as humans use it to socialize a lot." Tenn explained.

"So what was all that old dusty archival work for?" Tak said looking at Tenn. "Especially if you're still good at stealing stuff for the Empire."

"Peace and quiet." Tenn replied simply. "Getting attacked by Meekrob and mocked does tend to make one regret their life choices and keep to themselves."

"I understand." Tak said as she watched the video. "This maker teaches better than the humans who do it for a living." She mused.

Dib sat at his computer trying to get through some of the data he had from the app he had made. Maybe my systems can process this data better than the smartphone can. I mean it only has so much processing power. He sighed as the radio waves were being converted into binary which could be translated better. Dib did recall the 'Solus' comment and the fact that somehow an alien race evolved its language to perfect English. It wasn't out of the realm of possibility, with the universe being so vast. "That's what keeps Dad where he's at, not accepting of my ideas. He sticks to the known rules and only deviates slightly from the path of the known acting like he's soooooooooooooooo impressive." Dib sighed when he got a message from Darkbooty. "Darkbooty!" Dib yelled as he hit accept.

"Agent Mothman, how was your day?" Darkbooty asked as the call began.

"Okay I guess. I taunted my guidance counselor with the idea I wanted to go to MIT to chase after a wizarding school from a children's book." Dib said.

"Schools tell you what to think, not how to think for yourself. I bet you will be happy when you graduate." Darkbooty said.

"As long as college isn't the same. But hey I know the basics to fake my way through." Dib said.

"You're quite intelligent Mothman." Darkbooty said. "But to business. Tuna Ghost and I have analyzed what we could from the data you sent us and determined it was from the other side of the Milky Way."

"That close?" Dib said. "I was hoping it was from like Alpha centari or something." Dib said. "Some Grey named Tony to be my friend."

"Seriously? I thought you were a little more mature than that." Darkbooty sighed.

"Sorry. But you still work as a janitor for NASA." Dib said.

"Did you ever think as to why that might be?" Darkbooty said.

"Not really. I knew you were pretty smart and could do a good job on things like this and I did sort of wonder why you were just a janitor." Dib said. "You're so brilliant."

"Yes I am. But you would be amazed at how much people let things slip around the help staff. You see, I did start down the path that would make me a respectable scientist in the research community when I was your age, thinking much like you were Mothman. But I also knew that I needed compelling proof and knew where it could be found. I took an internship at NASA when Voyager II was launched and realized that no matter how secret we were to keep things, nobody noticed when the janitors changed the trash or mopped up or anything like that. It was there I realized that would be how I would get my intelligence. That and government agencies have nice retirement plans. I knew that by the time I got old I would need it." Darkbooty said.

"Interesting." Dib said. He couldn't deny that there was some truth to what he said, but he himself did not want to fall into a mere janitor that no one would believe anyway. "But if you found something NASA had that said in big bold print by the president himself that aliens exist, no one would believe you because of your job as a janitor. I want to be out there in the field getting the ectoplasm, finding the aliens myself and have the credentials to have people know what I am talking about."

"Well, I guess I am not as much a glory seeker as you are. You got guts kid. I'll be the one guiding you along." Darkbooty said.

"Well what else were you able to uncover from the message?" Dib asked, trying to get back on the original topic.

"Other than what we heard it say, not much." Darkbooty said. "But the location should tell you something. And they must have very advanced technology if not too long ago Voyager I went missing. But I have a feeling you are forgetting to tell me something Mothman. Something big."

Dib smacked himself in the face. Why in the world had he forgotten it? Probably because he didn't want Gretchen dragged into this and labeled as much of a freak as he is when she had gotten out of that treatment. But this was Darkbooty and the Swollen Eyeball. This was the kind of thing they dealt with on a daily basis. "I went to my usual stargazing spot and well Gretchen followed me."

"This is when that thing landed in front of you?" Darkbooty asked.

"Well yeah. I guess I ended the call when I was making sure Gretchen was okay." Dib sighed.

"You're sweet to make sure the young lady is safe. But what happened then?" Darkbooty prompted.

"Well I heard some talking and yelling. Couldn't quite make out just exactly what they were saying and then two came and explored the area and then they came close to the bushes Gretchen and I were hiding in and then one pointed a pistol shaped object and we fell asleep. Next thing I know, we wake up in the morning and have to rush off to school." Dib explained.

"And I am sure you told this Gretchen to stay quiet unless you wanted her to tell others about this right?" Darkbooty said.

"Yeah. I said no one would believe her and I didn't want her made fun of like I was. She used to be treated as one of the rejects in the corner when we were growing up. Once she went through puberty and had her braces removed, she became a beauty queen but never lost her heart of gold for the rejects of the class. So while her looks boosted her to popularity, she didn't let it go to her head." Dib explained.

"So sweet. Don't mistreat her." Darkbooty said.


"BE QUIET IN THERE!" Gaz yelled from across the hall.

"Please do not yell." Darkbooty winced. "But even if you don't like her like that, she sounds like a good friend. An ally. Something many in the Swollen Eyeball are not lucky to have."

"Sorry. Just sensitive about that I guess." Dib said.

"It happens." Darkbooty said. "Now this is just a theory but what if those aliens that landed there were the ones that sent the message to begin with. Did anything out of the usual happen at Skool the following day?"

"There was a new girl in class who actually seemed to think I was smart and didn't make fun of my head." Dib noted. Then he remembered the note Gretchen passed him and pieces started falling together. "Gretchen told me the voice of this new girl sounded familiar. Maybe like the alien that knocked us out. But she looked normal."

"What was the name?" Darkbooty said.

"Tak Mann." Dib said.

"Hmmmmmmm….." Darkbooty said. "No conclusions can be fully drawn but think of that last name. 'Mann'.

"There are people with that last name." Dib said.

"Yes. But keep an eye on Tak. Absence of proof is not proof of absence."

"You saying Tak is the alien who knocked us out?" Dib asked.

"I'm saying we don't know and the evidence is compelling. Do not jump to conclusions Mothman." Darkbooty said as he hung up.

Dib lay back on his bed and sighed. There was a good point that was made that it could be very likely that Tak was one of the aliens in that landing party he saw. But she might not be. There was no real reason for her to be one, at least from what he saw. And the voices may have sounded the same but that wasn't something to be taken as absolute proof. If Tak is an alien, why did she treat me so well? I mean no one treats me like that! Most just make fun of me. Why can't I just have one person who believes me other than Gretchen! She's too nice to get dragged into this! Dib thought as he looked at the glowing map of stars he had put on his ceiling. "They must have very advanced technology if they can come to this planet really quick, even if they were in the Milky Way to begin with." Dib said as he looked out the window into the night sky. "Be really funny if the one girl who doesn't make fun of me is an alien."

"Are you getting a crush on the new girl?" Gaz asked as she opened the door to his room.

"GAZ!" Dib yelled jumping into a corner, holding a star map pillowcase up to his chest. "What are you doing in my room?"

"Reminding you to be quiet. I don't care about your problems. What I do care about is not dying for the 50th time and you ruining my livestream. My GameSlave 5 with full backwards compatibility won't pay for itself. I'm not asking Dad for the money. And I'm not going to keep buying new GS2s to play Vampire Piggy Hunter."

"Didn't they remake that for the GameSlave 4?" Dib asked.

"It's not the same." Gaz said. "Now be quiet. My subscribers don't want to hear about your alien love woes."

"Shut up!" Dib yelled.

"You're blushing." Gaz said as she shut the door.

"I'm not!" Dib blushed at the closed door. Me getting a crush on an alien. And why is it the only person who doesn't think my head is big is an alien….. I'm messed up…..

So how was that? Good? Bad? Short? Long? Let me know in a review. Now I don't know how fast I can update these things but I want to get to this one scene I have had planned for a very long time. But the pieces are start to fall together in Dib's mind. So what will that mean in Skool? You'll have to read on to find out. I don't have much else to say so remember to read (well you just did) and to review. Ciao for now,




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