Journey to a New World @otherealmwriter
Chapter 5

I do not own Invader Zim okay? I am pleased to see the response this is getting and hope to get it finished soon. And soon there will be interaction between Dib and Tak. Anyway, enough of this A/N, on with the fic!

Dib sat in the guidance counselor's office looking at him with a half vapid stare. He had been here so many times it was pathetic. "So, what is it this time?" The counsler said with a genuine concern that seemed to rub Dib the wrong way.

"I fell asleep in Mr. Binn's class and he sent me down here." Dib said trying to see if Darkbooty had sent him a message yet.

"And why did you fall asleep in his class? Did you not get enough sleep?" She said as she looked deeply at Dib. He could tell she was just out of college and still had genuine concern, which was amazing because he had mostly dealt with the burned out therapists who had recently been disbarred for prescribing drugs on the side. Something the school district saw no issue with when it came to their student's guidance counselors.

"I guess you could say so." Dib said, not wanting to tell too much of what he was doing the night before.

"And why is that?" She said as she opened his file from the beginning of his senior year. "You have quite the profile here."

"I know that." He said with an angered tone of voice. I'm going to be out of here next June... Haven't picked where I want to go to college yet but I know it will be far away from this crap. He thought as she read some notes and looked towards him.

"It seems that you have told previous conselours that your father ignores you and your sister and your sister is physically aggressive towards you. Does that bother you? Does that keep you up at night?" She asked looking at his notes. "Is that why you applied to so many colleges so far from here? I mean the closest one is three hours away, the rest are on the other side of the country."

"Not necessarily. They just have the best programs in the stuff I'm interested in." Dib said.

"The University of West Virginia has a program you're interested in? More like it's an hour from Flatwoods and the same state as Point Pleasant, home of the legendary Mothman." The counselor teased as he heard "Mothman!" On his phone, causing him to jump and look at the phone.

"Bad time. In trouble at Skool again..." Dib hit as a quick reply, which Darkbooty knew to send a report in an email, not wanting Dib to get in further trouble. He regained his composure and looked at her with confusion. "I've been down this road before when I was in elementary Skool. You'll fake an interest in the paranormal, say I'm crazy and full of lies and then run off."

"Yeah, we've still no word from Dwicky," The counselor said. Dib knew he had run off with some lost Plookesians to god knows where and never heard from him again. He took the camera so Dib had no proof either, but not like someone wouldn't say it was some cult or something, even ignoring the advanced propulsion that would have been needed to fly out like they did. Having been stuck in his Dad's labs more often as he got older, hoping "real science" would become more appealing to him, he knew that the best minds were years away from finding this stuff. "But no, I grew up out there and heard all the legends." She explained, Dib noticing a faint southern draw as well.

"You sure don't seem like it." Dib said, trying to test her. One thing he had learned over the years is that people would be your friend and stab you in the back when they were done with you. Mainly when they needed a good science grade, but adults have done it as well.

"I don't let it on where I am from. It's often seen as a detraction, this accent or the fact I grew up in West Virginia. People automatically assume you're a dumb hillbilly. I came to this city to try and make it for myself and prove my talent and by coming to one of the most troubled areas in the boroughs will help me do that and put my heritage as a fun fact." She said with increasing enthusiasm and increasing accent as she explained it to him. "But seriously, why do you care about something hillbillies use in poor and honestly pathetic Scooby Doo routines to get money from tourists?" She said returning to all formalities and hints of her accent disappearing.

"How do you know there isn't something there that inspired the legends?" Dib replied back.

"Have you met the people back there? I don't think so, or else you'd see why I don't believe in those foolish things." She said.

"So just because a few hillbillies exploit the idea you dismiss it? You sound as bad as my dad." Dib said. "Dismissing ideas because he hasn't heard or even conceptualized it himself yet."

"Look Dib, I'm not that much older than you," She said. "I was one of the smartest girls in my class. I remember seeing my name all over the paper. County valedictorian Sarah Anne Marshall, I had a free ride to my doctorate even without my family's poverty. But I was cast aside when I announced my intentions. They feared I'd leave home and never come back." Dib looked at Miss Marshall with interest.

"Well you did didn't you?" Dib asked looking at her skeptically.

"Because I knew I couldn't fall into their bad habits and ways and lose everything I worked for. Besides, pay's better here." Miss Marshall added.

"But cost of living and rent is higher. And you can actually get your student loans waived by working as a therapist in West Virginia than in Manhattan." Dib said.

Miss Marshall went from caring to angry in a matter of seconds on that one. "I want to see you every day at..." she looked at Dib's schedule looking to find his free period. "4th period for 3 weeks." She said writing out a pass for the first day. "Starting today."

"But Miss Marshall," Dib pleaded, knowing his free period was when he would be able to talk to Darkbooty again about what the disappearance of Voyager meant and what it was that the spacecraft had captured.

"No buts. I think we need to coach you on what will be best for your future. We already got word that you've been accepted to many top universities, now to decide which one is best is what we will work on for you and I would recommend not going to the University of West Virginia." Miss Marshall said. "See you at 4th period sharp Mr. Membrane."

"So what do you have against your Alma Mater?" Dib said pointing at the doctorate degree on the wall.

"OUT!" She yelled. "And you bought yourself another week of mandatory sessions you smart mouth."

"Fine." Dib said rolling his eyes. He looked at the clock and knew that second period would be ending soon, so he began to head to his third period class. At least in English class, my reports can be handed in as fantastic creative assignments and I get full marks from Mrs. Ganoe. Noticing he had a few minutes before the bell to second period ending would ring, Dib headed to the bathroom to call Darkbooty and explain what happened. "Darkbooty, it's Mothman, do you have time for a quick call?"

"Yes Mothman, what is it?" Darkbooty said. "What did the school system want to punish you for this time?"

"Well I mouthed off the new counselor who apparently has issues with her home state and family and now have 4 weeks of meetings with her during my free period." Dib sighed. "So I can only go over the findings when I get home."

"That's fine. You seem to be everyone's dumping ground for their personal problems." He sighed. "But I have some interesting things to discuss when we get a chance to talk again. Now head to class, I don't need you in detention as well."

"Yes Darkbooty. Talk to you later." Dib sighed as he headed out of the boy's bathroom, nearly walking into Gretchen. "Oh sorry! Didn't see you there." He said as he headed in the opposite direction as her.

"Well we do have the same third period English class." She laughed.

"Damn Dib, the hottest girl in school has the hots for you and you won't go out with her?" Torque said as he walked by, hitting Dib in the back, nearly causing him to fall over. "Guess that means more of Gretchen for me."

"You made fun of her with the other rejects for years until she got her braces removed and puberty hit her!" Dib said. He could not simply stand by and let Gretchen be treated like an object, even if he didn't want anything romantically with her. She was a sort of friend of his, or as best he could ask for in a friend.

"So?" Torque said.

"So, that means I don't forget what people like you did to me when I was younger. It was mean and hurtful." She said catching him and helping him back up. "I also know if I wasn't as lucky with my genes that you wouldn't cast a second glance at me. Go pick up a few freshmen girls who don't know any better if looks are the only thing that matters to you." and in a motion of fury, dropped her English book by her side, causing it to slide next to Dib's dropped one.

"Whatever." Torque said. "Guess every hot girl needs a queer friend."

"Hey!" Dib yelled back.

"I don't think even if he was, that would be pertinent to this situation. Now go!" She said to him as she picked up the dropped English textbooks, handing one of the textbooks to him.

"Thanks." Dib said. "For the book and for standing up for me."

"Well it's what a decent human being would do." She said as they walked to class.

"Sit down, we have a very big day going over Paradise Lost today, what some say is the first Bible Fanfiction." Mrs. Ganoe said as Gretchen opened the textbook to find a note Dib had left for himself. "Open your books to page 394 class."

"Head out to the usual spot and see what you can tonight." Gretchen said to herself as Dib carelessly opened the textbook to the page the teacher told him.

"Mr. Potter, this means you too." The teacher said as another classmate was looking out the window. "Van Helsing can wait."

"I think I will find your usual spot Dib..." Gretchen said to herself. While having plenty of dates of her own now and a good friendship with Dib, she never got over her grade school crush on him and knew him to be very loyal and treated her well. She was determined to win his heart on more a level than friends before the school year was out.

"Approaching our final destination. Start landing procedure." Red said as he found Tak analyzing the spacecraft still.

"We're there!?" Tak asked startled.

"Yep. You can tell there's some really stupid beings there if you see all the junk they left." Red said. "Now go back to your cabin with Tenn and get ready to land. We found a good spot near a population center."

"And that's a good idea how?" Tak asked. "They never seemed to have proper contact with other life forms before. How do we know they aren't violent?"

"Well judging by this little handicraft they sent out, even if they were, it's nothing we couldn't handle." Red said, dismissing her concern.

"Fine." Tak said as she headed to her cabin and looked at Tenn.

"We're almost there?" She asked, looking kind of excited.

"Almost." Tak said.

"I can't wait. I wonder what this will be like." Tenn said.

Tak sighed and looked as the ship headed through the atmosphere and wondered what she would do if she did see the people that made this Voyager probe.

"All special exploration squad, get ready for landing. We are almost to Earth." Red said over the loud speaker.

Gretchen was looking from behind a bush she had hid herself in. If she was going to stop being friend-zoned by Dib, she figured she should find out more about things he was interested in and outer space and astronomy was a good place to start. Dib was sitting at the edge of the forest and the field looking up at a particularly bright shooting star that seemed to be moving closer to them. It moved closer and closer until Dib could watch it without the telescope. He pulled out his phone and called Darkbooty and the Swollen Eyeball. "Darkbooty, you won't believe this but there's an alien space craft that landed about 1500 feet in front of me! I'm in the shadows now" He said as he dropped his voice so he wouldn't be heard.

Gretchen looked over to where he was talking to see a red spacecraft standing in the field and a door open up.

"What the hell is that?" Gretchen yelled as Dib looked over to see her.

So how was that? Good? Bad? Short? Long? I know I missed my personal deadline on some of my other fics but whatever. I wanted to finally get the Irkens to Earth here. I don't have really much to say here other than my usual wrap up of remember to read (well you just did) and to review. Ciao for now,




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