Journey to a New World @otherealmwriter
Chapter 20

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Tak looked on with Tenn both with nervous expressions on their faces. Miyuki help me, this might give Red a bad idea. What the hell could he do to me all the way out here? If they wanted to reencode me, they'd have a hell of a time explaining to the Control Brains why they were here with us... Tak thought as she looked at Red and Purple. "Well well ladies, looks like you're scared of what we found." Red began.

"I want to thank Tenn for her excellent choice in books. I have ordered a ton of the series off that Nile site I have seen and they will be shipped to a local store that I will need you to pick up on your way back from town in a few days. Doesn't matter who picks it up, Tak, Tenn, just one of you." Purple began as Tenn smiled that someone liked the same romance novels she did and Red and Tak looked at him with shocked expressions, mouth hanging open.

"Miyuki you are just so..." Red sighed placing his face in his claws. "I cannot find the word for it."

"Dumb?" Tak asked, thinking kissing up to Red would get her out of trouble. She knew that they were on a mission outside of what the normal area of operations of the Irken Empire were and she knew her status within the Empire and that Red and Purple were running this mission and that if they felt that they were being stupid or a pain, that they could easily kill her with plausible deniability. Although Zim is still alive, why I don't know. If I were Tallest I would have killed that fool a very long time ago. Tak thought.

"Well that's along my train of thought." Red admitted. "I do not see what Purple and I am guessing Tenn see in those novels. Really don't. And that's if you overlook the same sex mating of enemies. The plot of them is weak and full of holes when you have something that could be a good read, a spy duel in Pur's favorite right now..." Tak looked at Red confused. "You see we conducted a random bunk inspection of you two, making sure you had nothing dangerous hiding there as you two have been out on Earth more than Zim and Skoodge have. Speaking of which where are they?"

"They're in the city!" Tenn yelled. Tak looked over at Tenn angrily.

"Shut it! We'll have to go after them!" Tak yelled stepping on Tenn's foot.

"Meh, don't worry about them right now." Red said as Tak looked at him confused.

"I do not mean to question your judgment My Tallest but I had seen Zim and Skoodge while undergoing a fact finding mission with an Earth male from the Hi-Skool who is at a far superior intelligence than the rest of humanity. I figured if he is distracted by his hormones as they run wild for the urge to mate at this age in the human life cycle then he won't notice anything we do. Tenn came along as my well meaning older sister who hardly gets out. He was actually friendly with her." Tak reported. Red looked at her to continue. "Well while at the mall, a common shopping and socialization ground for humans, we had noticed Zim and Skoodge and they chased Dib in his car he had modified so we could get close to the base. I have noticed something rather shocking too in this. But honestly Zim and Skoodge could foil this whole mission."

"How so?" Purple asked.

"Well their disguises were pitiful at best." Tenn sighed. "Tak and I made sure to look like humans but you could clearly tell something was wrong about them."

"Well there's a great thing about people." Red said. "I have done some research on them and their society from this laptop you two had found." Shit...Tak thought I left the laptop log in information for Membrane Labs. Red is not stupid like Purple. I am sure he found something. He has to have. "And was able to find a way into the Membrane Labs web page. Apparently they are some of the top researchers on the planet. They have technology well below us but I have a plan."

"What is that plan sir?" Tenn asked.

"Well it is to sneak in and get close to the head of Membrane labs. Professor T.J. Membrane." Red said. "He has quite the high opinion of himself according to his autobiography on his web page."

Tak gulped. This was Dib's father and he was likely bound to mention his children. She did not want to betray him to her leaders, knowing what they would do, but she and Tenn were talking about where their loyalties really lay. But to do this, she needed to play the part so that the Tallest thought she was working for them. "My Tallest, that Dib I had told you I had went to the mall with is Professor Membrane's son. He was the one that gave me the password to show off what his dad did and delete an email from the school he did not want his father to see. He thinks I am a new girl who finds him genuinely interesting, something that has never happened to the young man in his life because his classmates call him a freak for having a dedicated interest in what could be considered the paranormal." Red looked at Tak interested. "I could use this to get secrets that Professor Membrane may have told his son but not his company yet. Or get personal insights he may not want the public to know that could reveal a weakness." Red and Purpled turned to discuss something when Tenn tapped Tak on the shoulder.

"I thought we agreed to do things for ourselves, break free of what the Empire wanted for what they did to us!" Tenn yelled in a whisper. "And I thought you genuinely cared about Dib! You're selling his family out!"

"Relax Tenn, I am playing double agent here. As long as Dib suspects nothing, I can make the Tallest think I am working for them and maybe even find a way for Dib to catch them as aliens and then..."

"You don't know do you?" Tenn asked.

"No." Tak admitted. "Follow him, I don't know. But all I can be certain for is that I will not be a mindless drone idiot for the Empire any more."

Red and Purple turned. "This is it Pur, we have a way in. I looked on that Membrane guy's lab page and notes when I had logged in and they have connections to Earth Military technology. We can use it to get to our own ends."

"Do you have any idea what you even want? When we started this, you wanted to get this in the Empire for the minerals and stuff here we do not have back on Irk, now you're talking about breaking free from the Control Brains and ruling by giving the humans our technology then using it to rule them. I can't make any sense of you." Purple said.

"Look, I don't expect you to get this all." Red said. "I just know by using Membrane labs we have our way into the human's power structures and can make them vulnerable to conquest. Ultimate Invader basics dude!"

"Whatever, I will never get you." Purple said. "We have a good thing going and this power may go to your head." And we had a good thing back on Irk when we could have tightened the rule on the planet on those idiots and if they got under control, the Control Brains would stop bothering us.

"And I will never get you sometimes." Red sighed. He turned back to Tak and Tenn. "Ladies?"

"Yes My Tallest!" Tak and Tenn saluted.

"I have formulated a plan." Red said. "Tak, I like what you are doing so far. Keep it up. Please report back."

"Yes My Tallest!" Tak saluted. "I will need to inform you of a few things. In Earth tradition, the parents of the girl in a romantic relationship often want to meet the young man who she is dating as their is often mistrust with the male hormones leading them to think that the man would attempt to-" Tak was thinking of what she had learned about dating.

"Mate with their daughter at the young age they are at in terms of the human life span." Tenn said, showing Tak that she knew something from those trashy romance novels she was reading.

"But this one has two human males mating? So both males and females can mate with the same sex? Two males can mate?" Purple asked confused as he picked up the romance novel he was reading before Red had thrown it away. Red rolled his eyes and bumped the book out of his hands and to Tenn's feet.

"Oh humans can have both hetero and homosexual physical release but only heterosexual relations lead to reproduction, which in typical Hi-Skool age dating, is something that the parents of the girl does not want to happen and by meeting the boy they hope to impose that they are still overlords of the daughter until she comes of age and they are bonded in a ceremony called 'marriage' which in the societal eyes of humans is okay for reproduction to happen and the parents relinquish their overbearing nature of the woman to the husband, what the young man becomes." Tenn explained. "I learned it reading the Bronte sisters novels as well. Although the system they describe are rather antiquated, some remnants of that tradition are still in courtship today."

"Well at least you are reading what the English teachers call 'the classics' as to this modern filth." Tak said. "So My Tallest you will need to play the part of the overprotective father when the time comes to meet and we will need to improve areal distortion. Dib had flown us nearby with his invention of making his car fly but he has not noticed the sight I did and that from the air this looks like the topside of an extraterrestrial spaceship and humans may find it. They do have airplanes and satellites that link to programs that one can easily from that very laptop you are holding zoom in and see this. Dib has not mentioned it to me, but he may notice something eventually if we do not improve the disguise."

"Very good! Very good!" Red smiled. "I was correct to put my trust in you two. We'll figure something to do with Zim and Skoodge. Maybe lock them in the brig or whatever when they get back but you have provided us with so much intel." Tak looked relieved. "Tenn, I will need you to go get a job at Membrane labs and provide intel there."

"But I am imaged as a recent high school graduate and the basic researcher is required to have a master's degree and if Dib shows up, he knows me as such." Tenn said.

"Well, we'll create you a new disguise. You can play Tenn, Tak's older sister around Dib, and at Membrane Labs, be someone else." Purple said.

"But how will I convince them I have the requirements?" Tenn asked. "I mean I know the most advanced technology the humans have are simple compared to what Irken smeets play with and I know my way around things like wormholes and anti-matter engines, things that humans have written off as mere science fiction."

"Since they can only clone mammals but refuse to clone themselves letting 'moral and ethical objections'" Red mocked "Stand in the way, they are holding themselves back in more ways than one."

"Sounds like something Dib said his father would say." Tak noted.

"I guess I can forge college records and apply and use the hypnotic rays I have to make them hire me on. Humans are very susceptible to suggestion and falling into echo chambers and dogmatic thinking that they should be able to hypnotize. Mind control doesn't work on people who think and many in positions like Professor Membrane's hold to their science like religion anyway so I don't count that as thinking..." Tenn told the Tallest. So I cannot hypnotize Dib. Not like I'd want to...

"Well sounds like a plan. Get to work on it tomorrow." Red said. "Purple, go fix the areal image. Make it look like a normal cabin or something."

"Why do I have to?" Purple moaned.

"Because you spent the day watching those Earth Home Renovation shows. I mean I have only read about their society from online articles but no way a couple can have the husband breed salamanders and the wife be a stay at home mom and have a budget of 6.7 million. It's nuts." Red said. "Take Tenn to help you. She seems to be on the up and up on this."

Meanwhile, after sending his report to his dad about what his car was able to do, the patch of woods with the weird looking figure fascinated him. He sent the message to Darkbooty. "That's the weirdest thing ever. I mean that was the same spot I was knocked out stargazing and that looks like no human structure I have seen." Dib told him.

"Are you sure it was not a glitch? A reflection or distortion? I mean this is day one stuff Mothman." Darkbooty sighed.

"You don't believe me?" Dib asked.

"It's not that, it's just I found the exact spot on a live feed and it just looks like a cabin with a red tin roof from here." Darkbooty said.

"Huh?" Dib said. "I have got to find out what's going on."

"If you do find something please let us know." Darkbooty replied. "Remember that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and Occam's razor."

"Yes, sometimes the simplest explanation is often the correct one." Dib sighed, disappointed.

"Yeah, I know it's rough but sometimes that's all it is. The truth can be awesome or boring." Darkbooty sighed.

"But why the Freud quote?" Dib asked.

"Meh the point still gets made, does it not?" Darkbooty asked.

"I guess." Dib agreed. "Well I will have to go look there later. I have school tomorrow."

"Rest up. Your education is important, at least obtaining the paper that says you're smart." Darkbooty smiled as Dib ended the call and headed to bed.

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