Journey to a New World @otherealmwriter
Chapter 16

I don't own Invader Zim okay? I know it has been a little while since I updated but things are quiet for the moment so I'll try to get some writing done. Anyway, enough of this A/N, on with the fic!

The light came into the base stirring Tak awake. Irkens didn't need hardly as much sleep as humans, but it was always good to recharge. Noting that it was Saturday and she did promise to call Dib in the morning, she got out her communicator phone and called him. It's past 9, it should be a decent hour. She thought as she noticed it was 10:34 in the morning on the clock. The phone rang and a muffled voice was on the other line. "Mmmmmhph?" Dib replied.

"Are you okay Dib?" Tak asked as Tenn walked in and looked over at her.

Dib sat up and rubbed his eyes and adjusted his phone. "I'm fine. I don't normally get up so early on a Saturday."

"It's past 10:30 in the morning." She sighed. "We are in class now during the week."

"Yeah but they have us get up at ungodly hours. I would do so much better on some of the earlier classes if I could start the day later. Good thing college is much more flexible on that. I don't plan to take any class that starts before 11." Dib commented.

"Which would require you to get up at 10 at least if you wanted to have decent time to get ready." Tak teased back.

"You have a point." Dib laughed. "So, what do you want to do today?" He said changing the subject.

"Hey Tak, ask if I can come along? Please? I want to meet Dib so much!" Tenn said jumping up and down.

"Calm down, I'm still talking to him!" Tak said.

"Huh?" Dib asked.

"Oh my sister Tenn was asking if she could come with me to meet you. She's gotten really weird by staying at the library all the time." Tak added with a glare towards Tenn. Tenn pouted as Dib spoke up.

"Didn't you say she was spending her days at the library before she goes to college to keep up with her knowledge?" He asked.

"She is, she is." Tak said, scowling at Tenn and continued to embarrass her. "But without any real structure or assignments her interests wander a lot. She somehow found herself in the romance section. And while she was a brilliant student in high school, the fact she has been left to her own devices means that she won't stay focused. I should bring over some of what she is reading. You'll get a real laugh out of them." Tenn blushed and mouthed 'please Miyuki no!' Tak smirked at the torture she was putting Tenn through. Sure, she would let Tenn meet Dib but at the same time, Dib was hers. She wanted no one else thinking anything like she did about him.

"Nah, no need to embarrass your sister like that." Dib said as Tak frowned. She really wanted to embarrass Tenn. "I do have some sympathy to her a little. I know what it's like to have your younger sibling torment you like that." He laughed. "But if teasing about her choices in reading material is as bad as you get Tak, you're already a way nicer younger sibling than Gaz is."

"Yes, I've seen how she treats you. That's awful." Tak noted.

"Well, she's…." Dib paused. He didn't want to make Gaz seem horrible. "Got her own way of expressing feelings. I told you about Gaz beating up that one girl who made a fool out of me."

"Yeah you did. I guess she isn't all bad." Tak sighed.

Dib put on his glasses and dug a pair of pants, t-shirt and underpants out of his drawer. "Listen, how about you meet me at the Romero Memorial Mall at 12:30. I have to get up and get dressed and I'll meet you at the Monroe Penny's entrance."

"I'm new here Dib." Tak said exasperated.

"There's a big blue M and P above the doors. Can't miss it. Haven't changed the logo since 1978." Dib said. "And Tenn can come too. If she behaves herself." Dib teased.

"Okay. See you then." Dib smiled as he took his clothes into the bathroom to find the door shut and the sound of water running. "Gaz are you in there?" The sound of death metal playing told him. "Okay I hear Five Finger Death Punch. You're in there." Dib sighed as he stood by the bathroom door, looking around, waiting for his sister to finish up, praying for once she would leave some hot water for him. Getting annoyed, he turned and pounded on the door. "Gaz, hurry up! I'm meeting Tak and her sister at the mall at 12:30 and I don't want to smell like hot pirate ass and Cheetos!" At this the water stopped. Gaz wrapped a towel around herself and opened the door.

"Excuse me?" She asked Dib, water dripping off the claw like hair.

"You heard me. I'm meeting Tak at the mall at 12:30 and I need a shower too." Dib sighed.

"Just that metaphor…hot pirate ass and Cheetos?" She asked confused. "Just where did you pull that one out of?"

"I don't know, first thing that came out of my mouth. Now can I go in there?" Dib pleaded with Gaz. She blocked the doorway.

"I will, if you take me to the mall as well. I need some new games that just came out. After that issue with Iggins I learned to preorder and pick it up after the midnight release. Much more peaceful."

"Why not just order online?" Dib asked.

"Postal service can be unreliable." Gaz said. "Now get out of my way. I have to get dressed." She said as she shoved Dib and headed into her room to get dressed.

Dib turned on the water and found out that it was not only his interesting choice of metaphor for stinking that was the reason Gaz turned off the water. She used all the hot water again. Well at least the improvements Dad made to the water heater will have it heat up quicker than most others…. Dib thought as he washed himself. Normally not one to like getting up before noon on a weekend, he was delighted to be taking Tak to the mall. Sure, he would have to drive his sister to and possibly from, and put up with her sister, but this place was one out in public away from school and they were in charge. Will she let me kiss her? God what am I? 12? She must want to connect on a deeper level? Should I go to the pharmacy first? No one would believe that I would need those things…. No! You just met her! Why are you thinking THAT? Gross. But what if she wants to? No, Tak isn't that kind of girl…. Dib thought as he slowly washed up, dried off and got dressed. Gaz was standing by the door drinking a coffee energy drink tapping her foot. "What took you so long in there?" Gaz said as she walked into the garage with Dib, got in the car and he backed out.

"Nothing much." Dib smiled.

"Tak isn't 'nothing much.'" Gaz said.

"How did you know? I didn't say anything too loudly did I?" Dib blushed.

"You said you were meeting Tak at the mall. I do not want to know what you were doing in the shower if you are blushing like that when I mention her. But hey, we all have needs." Gaz shrugged. "At least in the shower you clean up after you are done so I don't smell it."

"Gross, how do you know all that anyway?" Dib shuddered. "And I don't do anything like that anyway!" Gaz may only be a year younger than him but she was still his little sister and his little sister knowing this much about the physical side of love and sex was concerning to him.

"It's alright, and natural, we all have urges we need to address." Gaz said, noticing how embarrassed her brother was getting and making it worse on Dib.

"Seriously Gaz, where do you pick this up? I've seen the games you play. They're mainly supernatural murder and mayhem." Dib pleaded as he looked around at the traffic on the way to the mall.

"You have never been in the girl's locker room in gym class and I hope you never do. They are sluts. And open mouthed about their escapades. You pick stuff up." She said.

"I don't know, the amount of body spray used in the boy's locker room could be considered a war crime." Dib said. "Thank god I'm fast or else I would be in huge trouble in gym class."

"Your paranormal investigation can get quite physical. At least making you more agile is an upside." Gaz said as Dib turned into the mall parking lot, parking in the Monroe Penny's part of the mall.

"Are you going to need a ride back?" Dib asked.

"I think I'll take the bus this time back." Gaz smiled as she saw Tak with a red haired girl who wore a black dress shirt, long red skirt and boots with glasses. "Does Tak have a sister?"

"Yeah. Tenn needed to get out and was begging to come with." Dib said as he walked with Gaz to the store.

"Younger sister?" Gaz asked.

"Older actually." Dib sighed.

"Good luck with that." Gaz said as she walked past Tak and Tenn. "And good luck with my brother you two. He can bore you to death with his ranting."

"I do not rant! I swear Gaz you have been trying to embarrass me all day. Was it something I said or does my existence with a girl I actually like get under your skin somehow? Because if it does, you really need to get yourself checked out for something. It's not right." And at this he noticed that Gaz had already walked away and into the mall.

"You were ranting." Tak laughed as Tenn giggled as well.

"I tend to do that huh?" Dib blushed. He turned to the red headed girl in glasses. "So this is Tenn?"

"Yep, I'm Tak's big sister Tenn!" Tenn said grabbing her hand shaking it up and down. "She's spoken so highly of you." Tak shrugged.

"And she of you. Nice to meet you." Dib said as his stomach growled. "Want to go inside? I haven't eaten anything yet."

"Me neither." Tenn said as she grabbed Dib's hand and led him in. Tak laughed as Dib looked back pleading for help from her. Tenn ran through the store as if she knew here everything was until she headed out the door that lead from the Monroe Penny's store and into the main mall itself, with Tak running to keep up with her 'sister' and Dib. I know you wanted to meet Dib Tenn but are you sure you don't have a thing for him too? Tak thought as Tenn sat down on a bench by the fountain and let go of Dib's hand. "So where's the food?" She asked.

"Follow me." Dib said and he took Tak's hand.

"I'm sorry for what Tenn did." Tak said. "She's been through a lot."

"Meh, she seems to have some fun to her." Dib said as Tenn smiled. "If you two ladies will oblige me; I'll take you to the food court. My treat."

"Why that would be lovely." Tak said as she took Dib's hand before Tenn could and they headed to the food court. Dib got a burrito and some churros from Krazy Taco Express, and Tak got a few tacos as well. Tenn stood around and looked at the wide variety of choices that she could choose from.

Kentucky Fried Panda…. why would a Chinese food place be named after a US state? I can't imagine panda is that good…. Delicious Weenie…. McMeaties…She saw the last stand "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" She said as she sat down under a table.

"What's the matter?" Dib asked.

"Meekrob r us…." Tenn said.

"The Thai food place?" Dib asked.

Tak had to cover up. She did intend to tell Dib just what she and Tenn really were but not in public. "Don't think much of it. Tenn had a bad experience with Meekrob and is kind of scared of it now."

"You like tacos?" Dib asked. "You sit here with Tak and I'll get you some. Make it easy on you."

"That would be fine." Tenn said as she sat beside Tak. "I'm sorry. I just never thought I would see that word again. I didn't know it was a type of food here. I probably ruined it with Dib for you."

"It's fine." Tak said. "I can think of something else to work around this. He's not the key to it all anyway. And I was thinking of telling the Tallest to go screw anyway."

"Sorry to overhear but no you didn't." Dib said as he placed the tray of tacos in front of Tenn. "And what did you need me for anyway?"

"Nothing right now." Tak said. "I was hoping you'd go to the homecoming dance with me!" She said covering up the things she said into something inconspicuous. And she did recall what he said about if he found a hostile alien. She did not want to be seen as that hostile alien when she could connect with him and found he cared about her. It was Irk that mistreated her not Dib.

"Well homecoming isn't my thing but if you want to go, then I guess I would go with you. And Tenn, I didn't know about your bad experience with Meekrob. There's other malls we can go to if you want to. I have my own car."

"It's no big deal. I have to learn to deal with my past trauma anyway." Tenn said as she bit into the taco. "And for food court food this isn't bad. Tak was right, you are thoughtful." Dib blushed and Tak smiled.

Tak smiled. She now had to go to homecoming, but it would be with Dib and he was sure to make what seemed like a petty high school sports celebration a little more fun. And he was putting up with how Tenn was acting so he was worth it to her. "After this, I guess we have to find a homecoming outfit then." And maybe there in the chaos and noise I tell you my secret….

"I guess…." Dib laughed awkwardly.

So how was that? Good? Bad? Short? Long? Let me know in a review. The inspiration for the mall and anchor store name came from the original Dawn of the Dead. Monroeville Mall in Pittsburgh PA and George Romero. I will try to update sooner but who knows how things go these days. Anyway remember to read (well you just did) and review. Ciao for now,




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