Journey to a New World @otherealmwriter
Chapter 13

I don't own Invader Zim okay? I know I keep saying it but I'm surprised by how much people like this fic. I've had a lot more time since this is the summer and in my down time, so I will be able to update more than I used to and since I had finished off Minutes to Midnight and Taboo, I have two new pet IZ fics, this one and Power Vacuum. So shameless self promotion aside, enough of this A/N, on with the fic!

Tak headed down the road to Dib's house, waiting for him to come back from the mall. They were not given much homework and with the weekend approaching, they had plenty of time to do it anyway. Tenn's words were running though her head as she approached the bluish black house. Seeing that Dib's car was not in the driveway yet, she sat on his front porch and looked at her watch. It was a few minutes before seven so she sighed and looked around at Dib's house and the neighborhood. It seemed like a rather quiet place and that most of the neighbors just kept to themselves and minded their own business. I guess that is why Dib gets away with his paranormal research because from some of his stories, it sounded like it would get rather noisy Tak pulled out her phone and mindlessly play some of the games as she waited, hoping Dib would come home soon.

Dib turned down the street while Gaz was reading the packages of the games she had gotten. "You invite Tak over?" Gaz said looking up.

"Yeah what of it?" Dib said.

"Well she's sitting on our porch." Gaz said.

"Oh god!" Dib said looking at his watch. It was now 7:12. "You made me late Gaz!"

"No, traffic did. You know how long it takes for us to get from the mall to home when there isn't an accident." Gaz said simply. "We left with plenty of time if there wasn't a bloody four car pile up on the freeway." As Dib pulled into the driveway and turned off his car, Gaz got out, picked up her bag and headed into the house. "I don't care what you two do, as long as you are not too loud. I have a few games to beat." Gaz walked to the front door. "Hi Tak. Don't know what you see in my brother but good luck to you."

Tak just laughed as Dib looked at his sister slamming the door annoyed. "Sorry for how she acted there." Dib said. "I got some left overs from Bloaty's if you're hungry, I didn't know if you ate before you came over."

"Sounds great." Tak said as she got up and opened the door for Dib who was carrying the pizza box. "So you weren't waiting too long were you?"

"Nah." Tak said. "I had walked over here from the library after school after talking to my" Tak froze. Just what was Tenn going to be in her cover story. She didn't go to Skool and they were the same age so that would raise some questions but then it hit her. "older sister Tenn there. She's taking a break between high school graduation and college and spends almost all her time there these days."

"All her time?" Dib asked.

"Pretty much. From open to close." Tak said. "I swear they should just hire her to work there."

"So what's Tenn like?" Dib said as he opened the pizza box on the coffee table and sat down, motioning for Tak to do the same and take a piece.

"She's had a rough time in skool before she graduated." Tak said knowing she had to build the image up just right but do justice to what Tenn had been though. To not would be an insult to the closest thing to a friend she had before coming to Earth. "She did well but some people got violent with her and when she pleaded for help from the Skool with those doing that, they wouldn't listen to her and made the situation worse. So she became rather quiet and handles a lot of things herself. Wanting to stay on top of everything she spends the time before she goes back to school at the library. No one bugs her and our parents don't give her a hard time because she's still learning things." There, plausible cover story. Going to have to tell Tenn it in case she meets Dib but it covers everything. Tak thought as she picked up the piece of pizza and bit down on it, chewing at the cooling pizza. "This isn't too bad." She said.

"I can heat it up for you. I would have been home sooner but there was an accident on the freeway that kept us a little behind schedule." Dib said.

"That's fine." Tak said. "I mean I don't want you to do anything you don't want to."

"It's no big deal. Just a few minutes in the toaster over and it'll be as good as new. Well as good as a Bloaty's pizza can be." Dib said. "That's what Gaz wanted for dinner so we got it. I honestly would rather have something else but hey, I am not making her mad."

"So why is Gaz so angry all the time?" Tak asked.

"Just a lot of stuff happened to us." Dib said. "Dad is never home,"

"And what about your mother?" Tak asked.

"I don't know if I want to talk about that too much right now..." Dib said, looking more intently at the toaster over and leftover pizza reheating.

"I'm sorry if I brought up bad memories." Tak said.

"You didn't know. It's just we hardly knew her. She was killed when we were children and Dad just never really takes any time from work. Like ever. Maybe Christmas and one family day a year. So we're pretty much on our own and I think that is why Gaz is as angry as she is. There's times she does show her care, usually if it involves dooming someone."

"Dooming someone?" Tak asked.

"You say anything about this to Gaz and she will deny it and kill you but when I was in the eighth grade this popular girl made like she was in love with me and got me to go out with her for nearly a month before the Valentine's day dance when she dumped me in front of everyone and embarrassed the hell out of me. Well last thing I knew of her that night Gaz had taken her to the cafeteria dumpster and beat her with it and she was found bleeding and semi conscious in the trash. I could have sworn I had heard, 'you're now bleeding in the dumpster releasing your trash juice like the garbage you are.' She then came up to me and took me home, got me some Krazy Taco and told me everything she did. She then said, 'No one makes your life a joke like that. Only I am the one allowed to doom you.' Next day she denies the whole thing happened and said that the girl must have just made some enemies getting diet pills and other drugs underage but I know what she did and why she did it." Dib said.

"That was just so wrong." Tak said. "I mean that took a long time to get to the point."

"Some people are just evil like that." Dib said. "I'm used to it." He came into the living room and placed the pizza down. "I've never been popular or even accepted or acknowledged for how I am. I know I am smarter than everyone else and while I don't rub it in everyone's face, I am always looking to open everyone's eyes."

"And that seems to go very well." Tak said.

"You heard me talking to Miss Marshall for one." Dib said as he handed Tak a Poop cola. "I know how just to get under her skin. I'm probably going to end up in detention for sassing her eventually but I'm heading out of here once I graduate and going to college far away. Where, haven't decided but all I know is that it is away from here."

"Sounds like you're running away from your problem." Tak said.

"Maybe I am but all I know is I can't be around those who don't appreciate me." Dib said.

"But I appreciate you." Tak said sitting on his lap, staring into his eyes and kissed him deeply.

"Come with me then. You haven't picked where you want to go yet have you?" Dib asked.

"Not since we came here. Haven't thought about it much in the chaos of moving." Tak said, keeping the cover story good and believable. "Look, that's quite a big discussion when we have hardly dated yet."

"You may be right." Dib sighed. "We got our whole lives ahead of us. There'll be time for that later I guess." He then turned on the TV "Mysterious Mysteries is on, even though it's a rerun. Want to watch that?"

"Sure. I haven't seen it before." Tak said earnestly, turning around on Dib's lap to see the TV.

"Well it's about Stonehenge and the alien sightings in Britain. Main thing I remember is this one guy named Arthur Kirkland getting pretty damn angry at the suggestion of aliens and how it's as he called, 'rubbish' and the claims he used black magic in World War II even though he only looks 23... Think he's been to the pub too much." Dib said.

Tak watched the show, laughing at the blonde delusional guy when he came on and Dib rolled his eyes. "What's wrong, I thought you said he was something you remembered."

"Yes because it hurts the cause of paranormal investigation." Dib said. "If it's just drunks or mentally disturbed corn eating hobos seeing this stuff, people aren't going to think it's real and dismiss it even though you have all the evidence RIGHT THERE! Then your dad calls you crazy and won't let you study what you want and keeps trying to push you into 'real science'" Dib said in a voice that was mocking his father. "Even though historically a lot the things he does was considered bullshit years ago and totally implausible. I mean for science to evolve you have to push the bounds and seek new things that may be out there. Just because folklore talks of something does not mean it doesn't exist. It is just what someone who doesn't know what is going on claims to explain something they cannot explain. And in cases like that you are going to draw on what you know." Dib said. "And I would think people who lived in the hills of West Virginia could tell between a barn owl in shadow and an actual 10 foot monster."

"Where did that reference come from?" Tak asked.

"Oh just one of the stories I have been following recently. The Flatwoods Monster. Sighted in 1952 in Flatwoods West Virginia. The reports may have been written off as nothing but drunk ignorant hillbillies seeing things but I think they were onto something with their report. Now if it is a one time thing, I don't know. But sounds like it would be a genuine alien sighting. And no one pushed further to discovering what it could be and gave a piss poor excuse like weather balloons or swamp gas." Dib said. Tak smiled. She loved his passion and how he could get worked up on something he cared about and wanted to prove.

"What would you do if you did find an alien?" Tak asked.

"I actually... don't know..." Dib sat up and looked around.

"So are you in it for the chase or the knowledge?" Tak asked.

"Both?" Dib shrugged. "The chase is fun, it is exciting. But I cannot say I wouldn't love the vindication of being proven right. And as for what I would do if I found an alien, would depend on what they wanted to do I guess. If they're just visiting and wanting to learn more, I'd gladly share everything I knew with them if they did the same for me."

"And if they were hostile? Like wanting to invade the planet?" Tak asked.

"Destroy them. I have to protect this place and I know of some of my dad's secret military super weapon projects. His username is so ego filled as IAMMEMBRANE in all caps and you'd think he'd have a stronger password than BETHEBRAIN in all caps. I mean it's the motto of his show. A decent hacker could have gotten in. Better than just password I guess." Dib said.

"You hacked your dad's computers?" Tak said incredulously. "Being a bad boy aren't we?"

"I was trying to delete an email from the Skool when I broke in. But while I was there, I did want to see his projects and since he doesn't let us get to know him better by coming home more often, who could blame his son for being curious..." Dib said with a devilish grin. "Everyone knows he isn't the best of parents and that would be such a forgiveable excuse."

"Well now." Tak smirked. "That's something to know."

"Just don't tell anyone. He might change it and I still have the rest of this year to get through." He laughed.

"I won't tell a soul." Tak said as they went back to watching Mysterious Mysteries. So you got his father's log in inforantion for his job. He's working on military super weapons. The Tallest would love to hear this. And he said he'd destroy any alien who threatened the planet. I'd say stealing super weapon plans counts as that. But he'd want to befriend peaceful ones. Why are you having a conflict of interest here? You know what the Armada would want you to do! Tak thought as she stared at the pizza.

"Something wrong Tak?" Dib asked.

"Just trying to figure out how hungry I am." She smiled. Now who do you want to serve more? You or the Armada? A voice that sounded like Tenn's said in her mind.

So how was that? Good? Bad? Short? Long? Let me know in a review. So now Tak is at a crossroads as she was given Professor Membrane's log in to all his records. So where does her loyalty lie? Well that will be revealed later. And yes, the Flatwoods Monster is a real sighting that was blamed on a Barn Owl in shadow. Sorry but like Dib I think that is a cop out. You live in the woods you know the sound of an owl. And I'd love to see the shadow trick that makes it look like the monster. I'd suggest you guys look it up. Other than that I don't have much else here. Remember to read (well you just did) and to review. Ciao for now,




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