Journey to a New World @otherealmwriter
Chapter 10

I don't own Invader Zim okay? I'm so glad to see this story getting the response it is. I mean I think we can all agree there is hardly enough DATR out there. I've got plenty of other fics with this pairing too and thinking of doing a sequel to Taboo, but have to figure something besides the obvious shipping. But you're not here for that, you're here for the story so enough of this A/N, on with the fic!

Light peered in as Dib stirred awake. He had a rough night as he began to think about just what he really felt for Tak, and if she was an alien, and if she was, was she part of one of those that sent that the message that sounded bad? And if she was part of a group planning to take over Earth, no way she would actually like a human? Maybe if she did they wouldn't attack Earth? Dib sighed as he looked over at the clock and saw that he had to get up and get ready for school. Seeing that there wasn't much time for a shower, he quickly got dressed and sprayed a little extra body spray on and headed to the kitchen. Gaz usually made a pot of coffee so he headed over to where she was finishing a bowl of Cocosplodies.

"You put on a ton more body spray than usual." Gaz noted.

"Yeah I kind of slept a little later than I should have. Had to skip the shower." He blushed.

"Pining over your feelings Romeo?" Gaz smirked.

"Stop that!" He said as he poured himself a cup of coffee and stuck a toaster pocket in the toaster. "Glad Dad didn't mess with the toaster. I don't have much time." Dib sighed.

"Look, if you're so frustrated with your feelings for Tak, be she alien or human, why not talk to her?" Gaz said.

"Because she's new to the school, I don't know her that well, I don't want to start a high school relationship on physical attraction knowing that she will have her own life to lead once we graduate, and I don't want to freak her out or come on strong. She has every right to reject me. For a valid reason." Dib said as he sipped his coffee.

"And just what would be a valid reason?" Gaz said, eying her brother suspiciously.

"Just doesn't feel the same." He said as the toaster pocket popped up. "I know I'm unpopular Gaz. Very unpopular. I'm not completely stupid socially."

"I guess not." Gaz smiled.

"Not all of us can just scare the crap out of everyone." Dib said biting the egg, cheese and bacon filled pastry. "But if the only reason someone gives for not liking me is my social status then that's pretty pathetic."

"And if they reject you for that alone, then they aren't worth your time. Don't beat yourself up over someone so shallow." Gaz said. "And I don't think Tak is shallow enough to let what a few braindead classmates of yours who are more obsessed with Jason Beaver and looking cool at this point in their lives determine who she hangs out with and likes. She seems to be a free thinker."

Dib dropped his cup of coffee on the floor and looked at Gaz. Here was his little sister, the one he worked for years to protect despite her constant aggression and insults to him, the one who beat him up for having the TV too loud or eating the last of the cereal, giving good advice to him. Noticing this pause in him, she looked up and sighed. "Look, I may be your sister and I may be aggressive but I am the only one who can put you through hell for being an idiot. And our Skoolmates are bigger idiots than you act so yeah." Gaz said as she quickly got up and put the bowl she was eating from in the sink. "But clean that spill up and get in the car. "It's us against the world anyway. What with Dad being so busy. All. The. Time."

"Yeah yeah…." Dib said as he grabbed some paper towels and mopped up his spilled coffee. But this did lead to an interesting revelation out of him about Gaz. Their mother had died when they were very young and while he was old enough to have some memory of her, Gaz was not and without their father being around much, it was obvious they both had some issues with normal social behavior. But maybe with them getting older, Gaz was coming to terms with how she felt about her family. By telling him what she did, it showed she did care. But he also knew if he prodded Gaz on the matter, then she would get rather aggressive back, he decided to keep his thanks to himself and just drive them to Hi-Skool in quiet how she liked it.

As he drove the city streets, watching out for other rush hour motorists who were hardly paying attention, his thoughts turned back to Tak. So, let's play devil's advocate and say she is human. Species status aside, let's just figure this out. He thought as he slammed on the brakes as a driver in an SUV talking on her cell phone cut him off.

"Jackass!" Gaz yelled looking up from her Gameslave.

"What? Me? For not wrecking the car on that lady?" Dib asked.

"No for her not knowing how to drive." Gaz said.

"Can't wait for you to get your license…." Dib said under his breath as he turned down the road to where the Hi-Skool was. As he parked and headed out, he saw Tak sitting on a bench by the door. He jumped up and paused looking at her, feeling his heart beat faster.

"Well, she's there Romeo, let her know how you feel." Gaz smirked as she shut the door behind them, slung her backpack across her shoulder and headed down to Skool.

"Okay Dib, calm down. All that is going on in your head is typical pubescent male feelings that can easily be overridden with some logic. You're not very well liked socially so anyone who talks to you like a human being is a change of pace that is great for your mental health and it is only natural to be overly affectionate towards the one who does that. The fact the person who did so is a girl does not help the biological urges." He told himself as he walked down the pathway.

Tak had left her base early, as the sun rose. She could hardly stand being around anyone other than Tenn in the headquarters and Tenn wanted to get out bright and early and stop at some coffee shops to talk to the humans before she went back to the library to study more. After what Tenn had been through, she could hardly blame her for wanting to do more quiet searching for knowledge than what Tak was doing, but the feelings of infatuation that Tak was overcome with was rather new to her. Tenn had told her about the human females who would go to the "romance" section and read books like "Wolfman Bare Chest" and other trashy and poorly written novels that they read for pleasure and to as Tenn called it, 'satisfy some unmet need for love and affection' but most of those were beaten out of them in the academy to be an Invader and if not there, certainly the rejection she had felt from being denied a retest because of something totally beyond her control burned into her with a passion. But Dib was different. What, she couldn't pin point. He headed up to where she was sitting, so she got up and walked over.

"Hey Dib!" Tak waved. "Did you finish that reading for English class."

He placed his palm on his forehead. "I knew I was forgetting something last night!"

"Well what were so preoccupied with you forgot a school assignment?" Tak asked as she opened the door for him.

Knowing he couldn't just come out and say 'I think I may have a crush on you, I think you're an alien who is here to conquer my planet and I don't know what else' He thought of the simplest way he could to change the subject. "Meh, forgot. I don't find much of the stuff we're assigned to read very interesting."

"Shame." Tak said as she casually pushed a cheerleader out of the way as he followed her. "It can be quite interesting beyond the cold hard facts that men are usually better at." Tak smirked as she looked around at Dib.

"And just what is that supposed to mean?" Dib said as he looked at her annoyed.

"Nothing much. Just us females are much more perceptive to things that are not so well…. Concrete. Defined." Tak smirked. "Thus we tend to like reading literature much more than men."

"Oh yeah." Dib said. "You think I am just some macho man with only his brain on math?"

"Well yeah." Tak said teasing him. She knew he wasn't but it was fun to get under his skin and antagonize him. She couldn't quite place it but she was drawn to him. "Let's go to the library. Much quieter."

"Fine. But you'll have to be quiet too." Dib said as they walked away from the rest of the students and headed up to the library. It wasn't as big as the city's public library where Tenn spent most of her research time, but she did see a little bit of the appeal. Here was a wealth of knowledge at the human's fingertips that was not subject to being lost of a device failed and they never used it. Dib headed over to the paranormal section and looked around. He browsed over the titles when he sighed. "No new books."

"Why does that matter?" Tak asked.

"Well I read all these. Many times." Dib said. "I prefer using these instead of relying on the internet for any new paranormal theories. There's TV shows with hosts with hair crazier than mine but it's nothing but the same old stuff again and again just applied to different ancient civilizations. Gets old."

"Well what's wrong with the internet?" Tak asked, looking at Dib's disappointment, standing next to him.

"Hard to find out what's real and what's old, what's new, what's fake. I mean it's a source and some ways it can be helpful, not going to deny that. But so much gets lost in the mess. You could find anything to prove anything online. No good for real research. I demand the facts. The facts damn you!"

"Shhhhhh!" The librarian said looking over at Dib.

"Sorry Mrs. Dewey." Dib said as she nodded and went back to the computer and checking in books. He then looked over at Tak and sighed. No matter what species she was really, she was the only one to ask him anything about himself. She took an interest and seemed to care. Is she using me? Does she mean it? Am I just opening myself up to heartbreak? Well I just have to make it through this school year, then I can move far off and leave these idiots behind while I go after my own life. I'm already a fool in most of their eyes, so why not? Dib thought as he turned to Tak. "I'm sure you know who my dad his."

"The famous Professor Membrane. His face is on a lot and your hair is so much alike I'd be surprised if you weren't genetically related." Tak smiled.

"Well he's a well-known and respected scientist. His works are many and he and everyone else wants me to follow in his footsteps. Now all Dad really does is dig deeper into what's already known. But I want to go beyond that. Prove the things people have doubted as legend or story forever. I mean with so many similarities in how things are perceived over cultures with little or no interaction for centuries, it can't be fake! Ghosts, aliens, cryptids, they're all deeper parts of this world and of who we are. They make this mysterious puzzle called the meaning of life so much deeper and worth more. And if discovery is what we are after, we can only make cell phone service so fast. We can get people free power but then what? What do we do when sickness is cured by one pill? The answers to the paranormal are deeper than what my dad calls 'real science'. I know it. That's why I keep pushing myself into this. I've got a goal, a dream. And to hell with those who think it's stupid."

"SHHHHHHHHH!" Mrs. Dewey said again looking sternly over at Dib.

"Sorry." Dib said as he took Tak's hand and led her over to the reference section, in the furthest back corner where it was less likely anyone would hear them and they would disturb anyone. "Go ahead. Call me whatever you will and just let me be."

Tak sighed. Dib was used to rejection at this point. He had passion and a cause. She already knew he was smarter than the rest of the humans she encountered. This however spoke to her on a new level. She knew what a dream deferred was. How it felt to be brushed off and your abilities ignored. Maybe, just maybe if this whole thing didn't work out, she could help him. As an Irken, she already knew plenty about aliens she could teach him. Show him the stars, a world beyond anyone's imagining. He wanted the bigger picture, she could give it to him. Tak, not knowing what overcame her, pulled Dib's face to hers. "I don't think any of that is stupid." She said as she kissed him.

So how was that? Good? Bad? Short? Long? Let me know in a review. I don't have much else to say here that I said in the opening, so yeah. I'm glad so many people like this and if you get your own DATR ideas, go ahead and write them. Lord knows we need more. So anyway, remember to read (well you just did) and to review. Ciao for now,




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