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Chapter 1

I do not own Death Note or Black Lagoon okay? I was watching the Anime and saw that Mello had a Sword Cutlass much like Revy's from Black Lagoon. And looking up his birthday and Revy's back story, I got to thinking about something, what if Mellow was Revy's son? Now this story will involve Mello's journey from Wammy's House back to Tokyo and if you're 14 years old traveling globally, you will need some underground channels, and how did he get those mafia connections anyway? But enough of this A/N, on with the fic!

December 1989

She had to run. There was nothing else that could be done. If she had stayed, then she'd be thrown into jail for murder. That was not something she wanted. She had wanted freedom. Freedom from the life that treated her worse than garbage. From the life that had let a cop arrest her for doing nothing. She was tired of praying for help from a God that seemed to do nothing but ignore her. Looking out the porthole of the cargo ship, she sighed.

"I guess we're never going to go to Coney Island Jess..." Revy sighed as she sat back down placing her hand on the large bump. "Pregnant at 14. I guess some people may have seen that coming with me. I didn't even get a fucking choice with this!" She yelled as she threw a can of soda across the cargo bay. A snoozing crewman looked up at the girl and brushed her off. Revy had left New York right after she had killed her father. Just earlier that day she had been arrested and raped and when she had come home, she had hoped that this would solicit some sort of care from her father. Any sane rational being would feel something about his own daughter getting raped if nothing else.

That was the last bit of hope Revy had left. Instead of saying even, "That sucks Becky" or something like that, all he did was ask for another beer. That was it. Once he passed out, Revy swore he would never wake up again and that man would be sent to hell where he belonged. She found his revolver and placed a pillow on his head and shot him in the face. "GO TO HELL!" She yelled as she put the gun in her pocket and ran to the ports and boarded the first ship she could find. It was full of what looked to be Chinese sailors and she would find something to do wherever they went. All she knew was she didn't want to be there anymore.

It was on this ship across the Atlantic that Revy began to feel sick. "Must be me being seasick" she said at first. This ship was going to Yugoslavia from what she could pick up from the crew when she snuck food from the galley. It was two weeks of morning nausea as she ran around trying to hide until the cook saw her stealing food.

"Where are you going young lady?" The cook yelled at Revy.

"Away from my home. Anywhere." Revy yelled. "And you'll do fuck all to stop me!"

This cook looked on the girl with sympathy. She did not seem like a spoiled brat who just snuck on because her parents were not getting her a pony for Christmas. "Look, stay here with me in the kitchen." He started.

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" Revy yelled, flashbacks to her time in the jail cell flooding back as she pushed him away and grabbed a meat cleaver cutting his face. This caused the man to become a little less sympathetic.

"Wasn't going to. We're almost to Dubrovnik. You can find your way from there." He said sternly. "Now if you are going to be kept safe from the captain go chop those onions." He said pointing to a bag.

"Why should I be afraid of the captain?" Revy said as she begrudgingly began to chop the onions.

"Because he's the type that throws stowaways overboard. No matter their age." The cook said. "What happened?" He asked.

"I got arrested off the street then the scum bag cop raped me." Revy said, imagining the onion she was peeling to be that officer, savoring the idea of the peel being his face, seeing blood coming from every pore.

"I'm sorry." The cook said.

"Don't be chink." Revy said.

"What did you say you Yankee bitch?" He yelled. "I would not make the one person offering you sanctuary on this ship mad."

Ignoring his offense, Revy went on. "I then went home to my drunk father, hoping he'd be a dad for once and be the least bit mad what happened to his daughter. He wasn't so I sent him to hell where he belonged. Unfortunately that wouldn't be seen as as 'legal' by those same fuckers who done me that way so I had to run."

"I see." The cook said. Looking at his stew in front of him, he thought of someone who was stationed in Syria with the Triads. This man had connections and ran a town called Roanupur. "Look, miss,"

"Revy." Revy said simply.

"If you can get to Aleppo, look for a man called Chang. He's hanging around the Hong Kong consulate. He will be heading back in December. Win him over and he may take you to his new station in Roanupur." The cook said. "No promises and you had better kiss his ass the whole way."

"Will do." Revy said.

Once the ship docked, she began the 3 month long trip from Dubrovnik to Aleppo to find this Chang. She didn't know he was a member of the Triads at the time, just that he might be able to help her. However, as she passed through Kosovo, she threw up again in front of a humanitarian aid doctor.

"Come with me young lady." The doctor said grabbing the young Revy and dragging her into her office.

"I've been doing that a lot. I haven't exactly been eating the best. Happens when you live off other people's garbage like the street urchin you are." Revy said.

"And how long have you been throwing up?" The doctor asked.

"About 3 weeks, in the mornings mostly." Revy said. Don't tell me that cop left me something...Did that bastard knock me up?

"And how old are you?" The doctor asked.

"14." Revy said.

"Okay. And have you had your menstrual cycle recently?" The doctor began as she looked for a syringe.

"No, now that I think about it..." Revy said.

"Okay and you started when?" The doctor noted.

"About 2 years ago." Revy said. That bastard not only raped me but knocked me up!

"Okay. I will need to draw some blood." The doctor explained. Revy looked away, rage building as the doctor ran some tests.

"So what the hell is wrong with me?" Revy said looking at the doctor.

"I don't know how to say this, but young lady, you are pregnant." The doctor said.

"Son of a bitch!" She yelled as she got up and pulled him close. "Get this thing out of me!"

"I cannot do that. I can help you carry this child to term and aid you with delivery but abortion?" The doctor shook his head. "I cannot do that."

"Fuck you." She said as she walked out the clinic.

Months went by where she had finally made it to Aleppo and found Mr. Chang. She worked hard to earn his trust and when December finally hit, he took her with him to Roanupur. However, as he was part of a weapons smuggling group in the Triads to get Soviet weapons into areas watched heavily, she needed to stay in the cargo hold. The doctor on board was told that she was 17 and to treat her condition well by Chang. She was given a small cabin with a hard cot under Chang's order as well. Getting up from the cargo bay she made her way back to the cabin when she felt a stabbing pain. "Shit! I think my water broke!"

So how was that? Good? Bad? Short? Long? This will get dark and violent and the rating may change but with that link between them leaving their homes young and of course both having a Berretta Sword Cutlass, I had to come up with some idea. Black Lagoon is set in the 90s and with Revy's past, who's to say it isn't slightly possible. Depending on reception, I may pick this up more I may not, it's a toy project right now and I got a few others I want to finish. So remember to read (well you just did) and to review. Ciao for now,




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