Third Time's the Charm @sukiethree
Chapter 2

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Third Time's the Charm Part 1, Chapter 2

Left pregnant and alone, Bella delivers a surprise to the paramedic who knocks on her door.

Chapter 2

Tyler and I had attended the same high school, and although we'd been friends and had gone on one far-from-perfect date, it would never have led to anything. Shortly after our first, and only, date, he and Lauren Mallory hooked up. One-by-one, we lost contact with each other and our group of friends when we all went our separate ways after graduation.

Alice and Jasper, ever joined at the hip, had chosen UCLA. She wanted to study design, and Jasper wanted to be a surfer boy. After all, he had the image down pat. Long, curly blond hair, all-year-round tan despite the awful weather in Forks. The last I'd heard, they were traveling around the world following the surf and were happy as long as they were together.

Rose and Emmett had gone to New York, him on a baseball scholarship and her with a lucrative modeling contract. She was easily the most beautiful girl in school, so it was inevitable she'd be picked up by the biggest modeling agency in the country.

Tyler dated Lauren Mallory for a while, and although she was part of our group, she and I never did get along. For some reason, she was jealous of me, although it wasn't until later that I found out she was jealous because Tyler liked me. He won a scholarship to the University of Chicago to play ball, and Lauren stayed in Forks, making the rounds of available and not-so-available men in the town.

I'd always wanted to be a writer and I knew someday I would realize my goal, but I also knew it would take a lot of hard work and not everyone made it. So, I chose journalism and headed off to Chicago. Journalism meant I could spend my leisure time writing for myself, and I would have a good job and income while I waited to make the bestseller list.

But, I digress; back to how I ended up sitting on the bathroom floor.

~ oOo ~

I knew Tyler was on a football scholarship, but it wasn't until we met up at the University of Chicago that we reconnected. He and I had some core classes together—mine were prerequisites, and those he took were because he had no idea what he wanted to do besides play ball.

I also met Riley Biers at U of C. He was my first real boyfriend because my dad had been super-protective while I was in high school.

We'd met in the library when he sat beside me.

"Hello, beautiful, I'm Riley Biers." He held out his hand for me to shake, and I giggled at the action.

"Bella Swan," I answered. He swept me off my feet that day, paying me compliments, opening doors, and behaving like a perfect gentleman. I had dreamed of the perfect date, but when Riley took me out for dinner at a fancy restaurant, I felt out of place. For a while, he seemed perfectly happy with hugs, gentle kisses, and long walks holding hands, never asking for more than I was prepared to give.

Things changed when we were invited to a party at one of the frat houses. I'd never been into the frat scene, but Riley was all over it, so I agreed to go with him. When we arrived, there were people spilling out over the lawn outside the house and red cups scattered everywhere. I'd never been a big drinker; my mom was an alcoholic and had walked away from Dad and me in search of someone who could keep her in the lifestyle she'd chosen.

Riley grabbed my hand and dragged me up the front steps, weaving around the bodies practically laid out on the stone. Inside wasn't a lot better; people were at least upright instead of horizontal. Riley headed for the kitchen to get us some drinks while I stood on the periphery, trying not to stare at the couples dry humping on the 'dancefloor' also known as the lounge.

We still hadn't gotten to a more intimate stage of our relationship, and I could tell he was getting a little impatient. Up until now, I'd allowed him to get his hands down my pants and gone as far as giving him a hand-job. Unfortunately, there wasn't a single spark between us, never mind any UST; at least not on my part.

Riley returned with my drink, which smelled so strongly of alcohol it made my eyes water. The first sip made me shudder, and when he wasn't looking, I gave a poor potted plant the rest of the potent mixture. He dragged me out onto the dancefloor, and we spent the next half an hour mimicking the other couples before he dragged me back into the kitchen for another disgusting concoction.

I should have known he had an ulterior motive. It wasn't as easy to ditch my second drink, and I had to swallow more than half of it before Riley turned away and I was able to dump it in the sink. Seeing my empty cup, he poured me another before pulling me across the lounge and into a darkened room. The bed was covered with various jackets and I was wary of what he expected.

He pulled me into his arms and kissed me hard, forcing his tongue into my mouth. He tasted of alcohol and cigarettes, and when I gasped and drew back, he took the move as an invitation, pinning me against the wall beside the door. I could feel him grinding himself against me, and rather than it turning me on, I was disgusted. Did he really think I would be up for a quick grope in a darkened bedroom at a frat party? If so, he didn't know me at all.

"Bella, baby, I want you so bad." His whisper was too loud. He pulled me over to the bed and dragged me down with him. His mouth covered mine again and he thrust himself against me while his hand crept up my thigh, lifting my skirt. "Let me make you feel good, Bella. I promise I'll stop when you say so. Please tell me I can."

His mouth covered mine again, making it difficult for me to answer. He pressed my hand against the growing bulge in his jeans before pushing my skirt up farther. Now I wished I'd worn jeans despite the heat.

"You're so wet, Bella. I know you want me." He had no idea this was the last thing I wanted, but he was laying on me heavily. The more I squirmed, the harder he pushed against me, mistaking my movements for desire.

He slipped his fingers under the edge of my panties and then shoved them inside me. I winced at the intrusion, beginning to worry he was taking my inability to answer as a yes. Even if he'd been sober, I wasn't going to let him take what he wanted. I wasn't ready, but even if I had been, I was beginning to realize it would never be Riley.

I shoved him hard, taking him by surprise. "No, Riley, get off me, you asshole." I struggled out of his hold and scrambled for the edge of the bed, but he was too quick for me.

"Aw, you don't mean it, baby, come here." He grabbed at me and tried to drag me back onto the bed.

"Riley!" I yelled at the top of my voice, kicking out at him. "No, let me go."

At that moment, the door burst open and a sharp stream of light shot into the room. "What the fuck? Bella? Are you okay?"

"Tyler!" I exclaimed in relief. "Am I glad to see you!"

"Get out of here." Riley leaned heavily on me. "Me and my girl are busy."

"Well, it doesn't look like she's a willing partner. Come on, man, let her go."

"Fuck off!" Riley growled. I struggled to get out from under him, but Riley was much bigger and heavier and I got nowhere. His weight on my back was forcing the air out of my lungs, and I could feel the edges of my vision darken.

Then, suddenly, I could breathe again. Riley was pinned against the wall, Tyler's fist hitting the space beside Riley's head. "I think the lady said no, so this is me making sure you get the message. You hear me?"

Riley nodded, unable to answer since Tyler's meaty forearm was pressing against his windpipe.

Tyler released Riley, and I slid off the bed, righting my clothes. I stepped between the two of them. "Let me remind you, Riley, you piece of shit. When a girl says no, it really does mean no. I wouldn't touch you with someone else's hand. Consider yourself well and truly dumped."

Without warning, I lifted my knee and connected with his balls. He crumpled to the floor with a cry of agony, which was music to my ears. I considered kicking him, as well, but decided he wasn't worth it. Tyler held out his arm for me, and we made our way out of the house, leaving Riley writhing on the floor.

"It'll be too soon if I never see that douchebag again," I grumbled to Tyler.

"Wow, that was mean, girl, even if he deserved it. I hope I never get on the wrong side of you, Bella." Tyler laughed and safely led me out of the frat house.

~ oOo ~

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