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Dark Love

Welcome to chapter 3 everyone! Can't believe I have 230 views from just 2 chapters. Though I found the reception to chapter 2 quite lacking as only thehappy and UnknownLegion reviewed it, which is good but I haven't had any reviews from anybody else. Hopefully that will change in the future, in the meantime here's the 3rd chapter to my fanfic. Also, there will be a dark theme that I am sure even thehappy won't like, so if you don't like it as well, don't read it, and if you want to read it, try at your own risk. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Chapter 3: Dark Love

Earthland 346-N

Magnolia. Year X791.

"So Natalie, what will you have for lunch?" Mirajane Strauss asked her friend who was sitting at the bar, her face buried in her arms. She was a stunningly beautiful girl with long straight pink hair that reached her lower back and dazzling green eyes, she wearing a pair of tight fitting dark red pants with a pair of black boots and a yellow shirt that hugged her large breasts that were nearly on par with Lucy's. Completing her look was a golden necklace and a red scaled jacket that was always left open exposing her toned stomach. Truly she was a woman who might as well be the rival to Mira considering her looks and with her amazing personality she was a dream woman of every male who saw her, that is if they bothered to look at more than just her voluptuous figure. Natalie raised her head and looked at Mira with a look of depression on her otherwise beautiful face. Mira immediately noticed the look on her face and put down her rag and gave Natalie a concerning look.

"What's wrong Natalie? Are you ok? You look like you had been rejected or denied something that is really important to you." Natalie scoffed and ordered whiskey. Mira complied putting a glass next to a bottle. Natalie however ditched the glass and went straight for the bottle, opening the cork and drinking the quarter of the bottle. She set the bottle down and looked at Mira.

"Mira, tell me. Do you have anyone you love with all your heart?" Mira looked surprised, before she smiled and nodded.

"Do you ever want to tell that person that you love them so badly but can't knowing that they may not love you back?" Mira frowned, her mind going to her loved one, before nodding slightly at Natalie.

"Now imagine the situation, you are preparing your heart, mind and soul to confess to the man you love, to tell him of every desire and every fantasy that you had of him" Natalie's tone was starting with excitement excited before becoming depressed at her next words "only to see him in the arms of another woman, accepting her love, declaring his own to her and watching them leave, he is holding her in his arms, your heart breaks knowing that you lost all chances to be with him and will likely never have another chance because you know he will never cheat on her and that she will never break his heart." Natalie took a swig from the bottle leaving only half of the whiskey. Mira listened attentively while Kinana who was standing nearby listened in.

"And now I am forced to see them hold hands, kiss and mutter their affections every day because I myself am too much of a coward to tell my feelings. Me, someone who is unafraid to face even the strongest of opponents couldn't even muster up the courage to ask him out on a date or show my interest in him." She was chuckling with tears in her eyes while Mira had a look of surprise and sympathy. Surprise for the fact that Natalie had feelings for someone when she showed no interest in any male both in and outside the guild and sympathy for she couldn't tell that person her feelings in time and now was forced to live with it. Mira didn't want to see the normally upbeat Natalie depressed so she tried to comfort her.

"Don't worry Natalie, I am sure that there are plenty of males out there and you can find someone just like him to love and (hopefully) love you in return." She tried to cheer her up but only ended up getting an annoyed look from her as she slammed the battle down nearly breaking it and causing cracks to appear in the table startling Mira in the process.

"If you think for a moment that I will find anybody who is so much as a fraction like him then you are wrong Mira." She growled out her answer getting a scared look from her which she noticed and looked down.

"I am sorry Mira. I shouldn't have tried to take my anger on you. It just hurts so much right now. I'll go take a mission to get my mind off of it." Natalie finished her bottle of whiskey and stood up from her seat before going to the job board, finding a S-class job she took it and gave to Mira to register, once she did she went to leave for her mission. On her way however she was blocked by a raven haired mage dressed in blue pants, gray shirt and white trench coat, his necklace hanging proudly on his neck as he looked at her with a smile on his face, one which she instantly didn't like.

"Hey Natalie, I heard that you were going on a S-class mission. Mind if I go with you? It would be a good bonding experience." He said with a cocky smile on his face, confident that this time she will say yes.

"No, back off Gray. I am in no mood for any of your attempts right now." Natalie replied to him with an angry look and her arms crossed over her chest making her large breasts look bigger which he appreciated. Though he didn't like how she rejected as a frown replaced his smile before it returned.

"Oh, come on Natalie. Think about it, you and me fighting together, our magic combining to create a powerful spell and all our enemies swept away its power. I think it will be a great idea." Natalie narrowed her eyes at the subtlety of his words. He basically said 'Let's go fuck and create a child.' All under the pretense of going on a job that she knew he would try to take advantage of. Natalie then closed her eyes took a deep breath and looked back at him with a glare that caused him to flinch. She opened her mouth to brutally reject him when another voice cut in.

"Oh, please. As if she would ever be interested in a stripper like you." The condescending tone wasn't missed as Gray and Natalie turned to the second floor to see a muscular blonde with a scar on his face, wearing a sleeveless blue muscle shirt and red pants with a trench coat, he jumped down from the second floor and went over to the them.

"You aren't even S-class Fullbuster. Obviously she needs someone strong to keep her company, so why don't you buzz off Gray and let a me handle this." Laxus said while looking at Grey with a smug smile before turning his attention to Natalie and leered over her figure. Natalie however wasn't thrilled of this and kept her anger in check before another voice cut in.

"A real man doesn't try to ogle a female's body when everyone is watching Laxus!" a white haired man just as muscular as Laxus said while walking over to them and flexing his muscles "A real man shows his intention through action and not words like you two." Natalie only sighed at this. Elfman wasn't so much of a pervert like Laxus and Gray but she only liked him as a friend and not as a romantic interest. Still she appreciated his effort to make them leave her alone.

"Did I hear that Natalie is going on a job without me?" Bickslow said as he approached them with Freed in tow "You wound my heart Natalie, I thought we were partners." Natalie's patience was non-existent at this point. It was bad enough that they wouldn't leave her alone when she already said no for a millionth time already. Any other day she would have just tricked them and left but today she was especially angry, she clutched the flier tightly and grit her teeth getting their attention. Natalie looked back at them with unrestrained anger before she spoke.

"If I told you all once and you still don't get it, let me tell you very clearly. I DO NOT and WILL NOT ever, have any interest in any of you. You are my friends at best and annoyances at worst. You four and the rest of the males in this guild, with the exception of six people, are nothing more than pathetic perverted losers who can't even see past my looks to know me better. Hell you five are weaker than me when it comes to power and I am a Princess of Fire Dragons who needs a loving and strong mate, so what makes you think that one of you even has a chance to be with me?" Natalie asked while her magic started fluctuating with her words causing her to light herself on fire for intimidation. The five of them were now scared of her anger, afraid of what she will do. She was just about to continue berating them when the doors opened.

"Morning everyone!" Natsu Dragneel said as he and his new girlfriend Erza Scarlet entered the guild with Erza hugging his arm to her armored chest with a serene look on her face. The guild looked shocked at the sight as they saw the new couple before they began to cheer on them. Natsu only scratched the back of his head with a sheepish grin on his face as he and Erza sat down on a free table. They missed the jealous glares that Mira and Lucy gave Erza and the looks of envy the males gave to Natsu. Natsu looked around and saw his twin sister giving him a sad look as he waved at her, before getting his arm free and went over to his twin sister.

"There you are Natalie. I was worried when I couldn't find you in your room yesterday as well as this morning. Are you alright?" He asked with concern on his face and voice as he saw her give him a strained smile as she then showed him the quest paper.

"I am okay aniki(older brother). I just spent a night in a hotel. Wanted to give you and Erza some privacy. I was actually going to go on a mission right now. Do you want to come with me? I am sure it will be fun." Natalie said while saying Erza's name with barely constrained anger that all the guys except Natsu didn't miss. Natsu looked at her and at Erza who was now eating her strawberry cheesecake before he looked back at his sister.

"Sorry imouto(little sister). I kind of have a date planned with Erza today, maybe you can ask Lucy or Cana to go with you. I am sure they won't mind going with you, especially Lucy considering her rent issues. We can go training after you come back from the mission though if you want." Natalie wasn't happy at his answer, she lowered her head clutching the paper tighter before she stormed off, not letting anyone talk to her leaving a confused Natsu staring at the guild doors before looking at the others.

"Did I say something wrong?" everyone just looked at him shrugged and left to do their own things leaving Natsu to look at the doors of the guild before he shook his head and went back to his girlfriend.

With Natalie…

Natalie sat in the train that was boarding towards the town that sent the mission. After Tenrou Island she and her brother realized that they were no longer affected by the motion sickness. She had never seen him be so eager to get into any vehicle before. As she wondered on what to do for the next few hours, her mind went back to the image of her brother being kissed by Erza last night. She closed her eyes, tears streaming down her face as she remembered him kissing her back before they went to their house and proceeded to consummate their relationship. As she kept silently crying she eventually fell asleep and was woken by the speaker announcing their arrival at the town. She quickly got off the train and saw the town in the horizon. Wiping her face clean she went to the town for the supposedly easy job. She didn't know that it would change her life forever.

Later that night.

Natalie looked around the forest searching for her target, apparently the town was terrorized by some sort of a cult that sacrificed and it happened mostly in the forest. As she continued searching she came upon a cave that had torches lit at the entrance. Looking around to make sure there was no one she walked into the cave and found nothing but a dead end. Normally people would leave after seeing the dead end but Natalie's instincts told her that it wasn't the end. Carefully she looked around and noticed that one of the walls didn't fit with the rest of the environment. Noticing a crack, she lit her hand on fire and pulled it back before punching it with enough force to break the wall. When the dust settled she covered her mouth in horror. On the ground there were husks of people drained of both water and life force, some had white substance on their bodies, particularly the groins, while some looked like they were eaten alive if the bite marks were any indication. There were even corpses of children both male and female, all of them naked and in inappropriate positions making it obvious as to what happened to them. Seeing all this made Natalie tremble in both horror and rage, she heard footsteps and walked out of the cave. Outside she saw ten people, all of them males wearing red cloaks and wielding daggers. The supposed cultists saw her and began to sheathe their daggers, some were looking at her figure and giving creepy smiles. Finally, the biggest and possibly the leader walked up to her.

"Look brothers. It seems that the town had finally sent us a sacrifice willingly. Our mistress will no doubt like this gift, but before that let's have some fun with her ourselves." The leader took off his cloak revealing his naked body. The rest followed suit, all of them wearing either boxers or nothing at all.

"So what will it be little girl? Will you try to fight us or go willingly and we will show you a good time." The leader said to her while taking a few steps forward, his fat belly and grotesque manhood on full display. Natalie looked at them and smiled before sultrily walking towards their leader, her hips swaying getting the males to drool. The leader smiled seeing her get closer and put a hand on his face seemingly about to kiss him.

…Until she lit her hands on fire and started burning his head, the leader screamed as his blood and flesh were melting off. She didn't stop there as she put her left hand on his torso and lit his entire body on fire, the leader gave a bloodcurdling scream before his flesh and insides were burned away leaving only his skeleton which turned to dust with a roundhouse kick. The other cultist looked at Natalie before one charged blindly at her.

"You fucking whore!" he brought down his knife thinking he could quickly overpower her, only for her to step aside before she ripped out one of his ribs causing him to scream. He was quickly silenced when the rib was thrust into his eye and into his brain. Three more cultists tried to attack her with number advantage but Natalie punched the heart out from the middle one before quickly giving a powerful roundhouse kick to the second cultist ripping out his lower jaw in the process. The third pulled out his dagger to stab her but she stopped the arm and head butted him before she snapped his neck to the point of nearly ripping it off. She then lit herself on fire and charged at the remaining five, killing one by punching his face in while two more were burned by her flames, another tried to backstab her and ended up having his head kicked off. The last one tried to escape only for Natalie to throw a dagger at his ankle cutting it off in the process. The cultist screamed as he grabbed the stump before Natalie stepped on his chest knocking the wind out of him.

"Where are the rest of the cultists?!" she asked while pressing harder on his chest, if there were really only ten people then the town should have already killed them, meaning that there were more out there.

"Like I will tell you anything, you pink haired slut!" the man replied while spitting at her, he regretted his action when she stomped on his balls causing them to explode as his voice got higher and he tried to reach for them, she stomped on his ribs breaking several of them which punctured his left lung.

"WHERE ARE THE REST?!" she all but screamed at him stomping on his ribs once more.

"At the" cough cough "forest south to the village." He finally answered thinking she would free him before she crushed his head under her foot. Clenching her fists tight she went to the direction of the hideout. Thirty minutes later she found it and immediately blew up the doors causing the cultists to stop whatever they were doing to look at the intruder.

"Fire Dragon's Roar!" Natalie didn't waste any time as she immediately fired her roar at the center creating an explosion and killing at least seven cultists. The others immediately charged at her with their daggers drawn. Natalie covered her right hand in fire and punched the ground.

"Fire Dragon's Eruption!" a pillar of flames erupted from beneath the cultists as they were burned alive killing a large number of them. A few managed to pile on her but Natalie lit herself on fire throwing them off. She looked at the now destroyed remains of the building and found a statue of a female demon that was relatively unharmed. She looked at it for a few minutes before she sent a giant fireball at the statue destroying it in the process. Seeing as her job was done she back to the town, as she walked she saw the bodies of those she killed and wondered why it had to resort to this. She didn't think these people weren't guilty, far from that. She just wished that most of the jobs that she and her brother had didn't end up with them mercilessly slaughtering people. Granted they were cultists who killed and tortured innocent people in horrific ways but if she and her brother are killing them in such brutal manner who is to say they won't end up the same as them. At least it gave her a distraction from her brother and his girlfriend. She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't see a creature forming from smoke behind her. She did hear a sultry giggle causing her to freeze.

"How delightful." These were the last that she heard before darkness claimed her.

A Month Later…

Natsu Dragneel sat in the table with his mates surrounding him, the guild looking at them still trying to get used to the fact that Natsu had multiple girlfriends while some of the males glared at him with envy. A few weeks after he and Erza announced their relationship, Erza told the girls about his status as Dragon King Slayer as well as him requiring multiple mates. A day later Lucy came to his home before proceeding to make out with him and becoming one of his mates. Mira followed suit along with Juvia. His mood however was sour as he barely touched his plate of food before he pushed it away. His mates looked at him in surprise before seeing the look of frustration and concern on his face.

"Natsu, are you okay? Is there something wrong?" Lucy asked while hugging his left arm to her breasts, not used to seeing such a look on her usually cheerful shared boyfriend's face. It was a weird sight to the guild seeing Lucy be as clingy to Natsu as Juvia once was to Gray. Said girl was immediately on his right side as she hugged his right arm to her own chest. This was even more of a surprise to the guild when she kissed Natsu in front of the entire guild a few weeks ago while denouncing her love for Gray and officially declaring Natsu as not only her boyfriend but also her future husband. The fight that broke out that day between her, Mira, Erza and Lucy was…entertaining to say the least. Natsu looked up at Lucy before looking at his other mates and sighed.

"It's about Natalie." He said getting looks of confusion from them.

"Ever since she returned from that quest a month ago she had been acting…different. When I look at her she gives me this weird smile and her eyes seemed to shift between pink and green. When I told her that I had a date with Erza she immediately tries to convince me to do something else with her instead, which I found strange, especially considering the fact that she keeps muttering something about 'hussies' or something like that. When I try to take her out to a carnival, training or fishing for our 'sibling time' she accepted without any conditions or catches like she usually does. And even during those times she starts getting clingy, well clingier than usual and doing some weird things like rubbing her leg against mine, wearing an outfit that showed more of her chest and hugging my arm on her breasts and kissing me on whatever part of my face except for my lips at every opportunity." His answer surprised the girls. While they knew that Natalie loved her brother and proved it many times, she was never that affectionate nor the fact that she accepted Natsu's 'sibling time' so eagerly. Mira tries to voice her opinion on the matter.

"Maybe she had a traumatic experience during her mission and she just wants to spend more time with you because of that. I know I did with Lisanna after she returned from Edolas. You should try talking to her about what happened." Her words only got Natsu to shake his head and rub his temples.

"You think I didn't think of that too?" now they were really confused.

"I did try to talk to her about what happened during her quest, especially when she came back home covered in blood and having a happy smile on her face. Every time when our quests end up with us killing dark mages or other scum she always has a solemn look on her face for the next few days and always asks why our quests had to resort to killing when we get home. At first I thought that it was just the blood of an animal that was on her but she told me that she and I quote "killed useless scum that should have never been born" while giggling like a maniac. After that whenever we were back home things get even weirder. She always goes to sleep right next to me in my bed even though she has her own room, she insists that she cooks our meals for us despite the fact that we made a schedule for who cooks when, and the food she makes tastes better yet at the same time when I tell her that she blushes while looking at me with a creepy smile every time I eat before she eats up her own meal. She even invited me to take a bath and shower with her every morning and after training. At night I always hear her say something like 'love' or 'onii-chan mine' and other weird stuff when we go to bed and she always mutters something every time she is in her room whenever I pass it by. All of that is starting to get me worried for her mental health." Natsu said as he looked at each of his mates to see their faces having looks of concern, surprise or both while looking at each other before he was offered a bottle of alcohol from Mira. Natsu smiled and thanked her before drinking up half of the bottle and putting it on the table. The alcohol gave him some relief from his thoughts before he stood up from the table. His mates looked at him worried and he gave them a reassuring smile.

"Don't worry, I am just going home to see if Natalie came back. I still need to talk to her about that quest and she has been delaying the question for a month now. If everything with her goes alright I will take you all to a restaurant for a date. How does that sound?" his question was answered with Juvia lunging at him and kissing him with passion before the rest of his mates gave him a kiss as well. In the end he went home with lipstick marks all over his face and his clothes slightly disheveled.

Later that day he was at his and his sister's home. It was a modest house with two floors. The first floor had a guest room, a living room and a kitchen. The bathroom and toilet were separate as well as a trophy room where they kept reminders of each of their quests. The second floor had two bedrooms an additional bathroom and a balcony. Natsu looked around the first floor searching for his sister before going to the second floor. Like he expected the door to her room was closed, a sign that she was surely home. He got closer and knocked on the door.

"Hey, Natalie. It's me Natsu, I think it's time we talk about your quest. I understand that you are busy and don't want to talk but please open the door. I just want to talk and I am getting worried for you." He received no reply from the other side "Natalie, you in there?" he knocked on the door again only for the door to open slightly. He looked surprised before he opened the door wider and entered her room. The room was unusually dark and he switched on the light. When he did he was horrified, the room was littered with pictures of him, on the walls, on the closet, even on the floor and ceiling. Some were of him alone which had hearts drawn on them, while some had him standing next to one of his mates. He noted that they were crossed out, leaving only him in the photos. Hell, some of the pictures had him sleeping or having him in a shower, and even when he was younger and it was only the beginning. There were plush dolls that looked exactly like him, some in different outfits like a tuxedo, his old clothes when he was younger, some had him wearing only boxers, some were even naked. There was even a body pillow with his shirtless form on it. But by far the most disturbing things were the large hand drawn picture on the wall that depicted him and his sister wearing a blood covered white tuxedo and a bloody wedding dress respectively while they were standing over the corpses of his mates. The other was a blood red writing right next to it that looked nothing like paint and the words chilled him to the bone. It said: "I love you onii-chan!" the last words were written inside a giant heart. Natsu was frozen on spot not noticing the presence of someone else in the room until he was hit on the head and subsequently knocked out. Last thing he heard was the mad giggling of his sister.

Much later…

Natsu groaned as he woke up feeling a splitting headache. He tried to soothe the pain only to find that he couldn't move his arms. His vision refocused and he looked down to see that he was tied up to a chair with chains. He tried activating his magic only to be confused when he couldn't use his flames. He tried to use his physical strength only to find that it didn't work as well.

"Don't bother onii-chan~. Those chains were made specifically to render your magic as well as your strength useless, so I wouldn't try to escape." The soft, melodic and yet psychotic voice of his sister got his attention as he looked ahead he saw her standing before him wearing a large coat and wearing a mad smile on her face.

"Imouto, what's going on? Why am I tied up? Where are we?" he kept while struggling asking until he was silenced by her finger on his lips. He looked up at her and was alarmed seeing her smile widen and her eyes appear glossy.

"Don't worry onii-chan, we are in a place where no one can bother or interrupt us. Where none of those hussies will find us. Where we will be together forever." As she said this she slowly took off her coat and Natsu's eyes widened at what she was wearing. Aside from her necklace she wore nothing but a pink see-through negligee that showed her black bra and her thong. She smiled at his reaction before she put her hand on both sides of her face and tilted her head slightly, her green and pink slit eyes had hearts in them while giving him a trance like expression that frightened him.

"Don't worry, Natalie will protect and love you onii-chan." Her now near psychotic voice convinced Natsu that this was no longer his twin sister that he knew and loved.

"Natalie, you've gone insane." He said with horror in his eyes. Natalie came closer to him and sat on his lap with her groin close to his, she then put her hands on his cheeks before she kissed him with passion and lust that had him widen his eyes as he struggled even more to get out of her embrace, a futile attempt considering her strength. This was wrong, she was his sister, why was she doing this? Fortunately, she stopped and he hoped she became repulsed by what was happening. That line of thinking stopped when she took his upper clothing and ripped it off exposing his muscular and slightly scarred torso. She licked her lips while running her hands all over his abs before taking off her bra exposing her large breasts to her brother, her nipples hardened by her arousal. Natsu was now breathing heavily as he watched her take off her negligee leaving her in only her thong. His sanity cracking as he gazed at his sister who by now ripped away his pants leaving him in his boxers, the twisted love she was giving him had his entire perception of his lovable sister breaking apart which only got worse when he saw take off her thong and grab his member through his boxers. Finally, she looked back at him and said the words that had him struggle for freedom.

"Let us make love now onii-chan~." Natsu continued his struggle hoping for someone, anyone to come and save him from this madness.


An hour earlier…

Erza was pacing in Lucy's apartment, the other girls sitting on Lucy's bed as they silently stared at her pacing around with a panicked expression on her face. Finally, Mira was the one to break the silence.

"Erza, can you stop that? You are giving me a headache. And maybe the rest of us as well." She said before she shivered under Erza's glare.

"I can't just stop Cana! Natsu wasn't in his home when I went to check on him, and so was Natalie. Not to mention they both haven't showed up in the guild at all and nobody has seen them for the last three days, not even Happy! Something bad must have happened to them. I can feel it in my heart." She said while putting her hand on her unarmored chest where a marking in the shape red dragon around a sword was. This was her mate mark which not only bound her to Natsu but would also give her a slight boost in magic.

"Maybe they went to a mission or some other place to have a 'sibling time' like they usually do?" Mira said trying to bring some comfort to Erza which failed.

"I already asked Happy about it and he told me that he hadn't seen them since he was with Lucy at the time. When I checked their house all I found was Natalie's destroyed room like someone was trying to hide some sort of evidence and most of Natsu's clothing disappeared. Not to mention the fact that there was dried blood where Natalie's room used to be. Something HAD happened and I won't calm down until I find both of them." Erza replied as she re-quipped her armor and went to leave the apartment. The other girls looked at each other before Lucy and Juvia stood up and followed her. They arrived at the guild and found Makarov drinking in a bar.

"Master!" Makarov stiffened when he heard Erza's voice. He turned around and looked at her with the other girls standing behind her "Yes, Erza?"

"Master, something happened to Natsu and Natalie. They haven't around the guild and no one has seen them. We need to go search for them." Erza replied with her hands on her hips as the other girls backed her up. Makarov sighed, honestly this wasn't the first time she had a situation like this. At one point she assumed that Natsu disappeared when in actuality he was just asleep under one the tables in the guild. He assumed that she would be worried for Natsu but not to a degree as to worry about every single thing. Lucy and Juvia were no better as evident to when they beat up a girl for 'flirting with their boyfriend' when she was just asking for directions. The other girls weren't as clingy as them though. Rubbing his head, he looked back at her with a firm gaze.

"Erza, I understand that Natsu is your boyfriend and that you love him very much, but that's no reason to worry the entire guild if he doesn't come to the guild for one day. Besides, Natsu and Natalie are two of our strongest mages. They can take care of each other and I am sure that they are safe." Makarov tried to reassure her only for an incredibly familiar voice to cut through their conversation.

"I would listen to her you know. Your Natsu and his sister are very much in danger." The guild looked at the one who spoke and to their shock saw a slightly older Natsu dressed in different clothing and a scar on his face.

"N-Natsu?" Lucy asked with wide eyes at seeing him. He looked at them with his eye, his other one now a glowing white orb.

"Natsu? Yes. Your Natsu? No. I am here to help you find your Natsu and his sister. Oh and call me Traveler." He said while taking out a weird device from his backpack. Erza after recovering from her shock went right to him with a look of anger on her face.

"What do you mean they are in danger?! What has happened to them?! Where are they?!" She asked while pointing a sword at him. He gave her a deadpan look before he simply touched the tip of the sword with his gauntlet covered finger and the rest watched as the sword disintegrated into nothing along with Erza's own gauntlet. They all looked on in awe as he aimed the device and fired at the wall opening a blue portal. He then turned to look at the girls.

"Listen, I would love to stay and explain everything but we need to save your Natsu. We can't waste any more time now. So come with me if you want to save him." He said as he jumped into the portal. Erza hesitated before jumping after him as did Lucy and Juvia. The rest of the guild decided to stay and wait for them to return.

On the other side Erza looked around the place where they teleported. It looked like an old warehouse with nothing impressive in it, only dusty boxes of stuff that she was sure was rotting.

"Is this really the place where they are? Cause it doesn't look much." Lucy asked Traveler who didn't even turn around as he answered her question.

"It is. I can feel their presence around here, and also some sort of a demonic presence as well." He walked around searching for a hidden door before he heard it. Sounds of chains rattling and skin slapping against skin. He gestured them to follow him as he listened in. The walls hid the sound but not by much so he was able to hear it.

"They are behind that wall. Be careful who knows what's gonna-"

"I am coming to save you Natsu-sama!" Juvia shouted as she launched a Water Nebula at the wall bringing it down before going in. The others sweat dropped before they followed her. They eventually found a door and busted it open. Inside however they witnessed something that they never thought they would see. Natsu was chained to a chair with Natalie wearing only a thong sitting on his lap and kissing him feverishly while stroking his member. Natalie stopped kissing him and looked at the newcomers with rage in her eyes, especially at Erza. Finally, Lucy recovered from her shock and opened her mouth.

"N-N-Natalie! What the hell do you think you are doing with Natsu?! Why are you kissing him?! What the hell is going on Natsu?!" her final question was directed at her shared boyfriend as she looked at him with a glare. He was about to answer before Natalie brought his face to her breasts silencing him as she looked at them with a manic smile.

"Why wouldn't I kiss my brother Lucy? After all I love him more than anything in the world, and I will continue to love him more than anyone in the guild and certainly more than that red-haired cake addicted slut!" she said to Erza while giving her a dark glare that made her flinch before she walked over to them while gritting her teeth.

"Who are you calling a slut?! You are the one who is wearing nothing and trying to fuck your brother! You are in so much trouble when we get back to guild. Now let go of my boyfriend Natalie!" she punched Natalie in the face, throwing her off of Natsu and making her land in a pile of rubble. She immediately removed the chains and hugged her boyfriend who hugged her back before she slapped him.

"You have a lot to explain Natsu Dragneel. Do you know how worried we were when you didn't come to the guild in three days? I swear I will tie you up and-" she was interrupted when the rubble Natalie was in exploded.

"How DARE you throw me off my onii-chan?!" the group looked at where the voice came from and saw Natalie standing there completely fine and with dark magic swirling around her.

"How DARE you touch him with your filthy hands?! How DARE you slap him you red-headed cunt?!" she started to twitch like crazy while a pair of horns grew from her head, her eyes turned pink with a red slit in the middle, her pink hair darkened several shades and her skin tone became paler. Large bat-like wings emerged from her back with her naked body now covered by a revealing sleeveless, legless purple leotard. From her lower back a spiked tail appeared and her legs were now covered by thigh high boots. Finally, her breasts grew two cups in size while her ass became bigger and her hands covered in dark magic. Her expression became insane with her eyes twitching and her smile widened and she spoke with a mad distorted voice

"He is MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE! I love him more than you ever will! I will not let some whore take MY love away from me! Especially an armored redhead slut like YOU!" she brought her hands together and unleashed a massive attack that sent all of them out of the warehouse and into the street. Natalie flew after them and landed right before a kneeling Erza and tried to punch her head off. Erza immediately rolled to the left and re-quipped her Heaven's Wheel Armor. Summoning her swords, she sent all of them at Natalie who either dodged them or blew them away with a flap of her wings. She then disappeared and appeared in front of Erza with her left hand covered in magic right in her face. Erza couldn't react fast enough as a large beam of magic pushed her back against a wall and destroyed her armor. Landing on her knees she changed into her Flame Empress Armor and charged at Natalie with two swords glowing with power. Natalie smirked and held out her hand to stop her attack-


-only for a wave of water to hit her in the back and making her stagger. She looked at the attacker and saw Juvia helping Lucy get out from under a pile of rubble while her hand was pointed at her. Her distraction allowed Erza to attack her relentlessly with furious sword strikes. Her attacks only succeeded in getting Natalie angrier as she grabbed both swords effortlessly and head-butted Erza twice before grabbing her by her neck and lifting her up. Erza tried to make her let go but only managed to get her to tighten her hold making it hard to breathe.

"This is where you dieErza!" Natalie said as she tightened her hold on her neck even more, strangling Erza as she tried desperately to get out. Natalie grinned maniacally-

"Let her go!"

Until she was punched in the face by Natsu making her stagger and let go of Erza who took a deep breath of air and looked at her boyfriend with a grateful look.

"Thanks Natsu."

"I can't leave my mate to die now can I?" Said Natsu and helped her up. Lucy and Juvia joined the two of them and all of them turned their attention to Natalie when she started giggling like a psycho.

"What's so funny?" Natsu snarled at the demon that possessed his sister and she looked at him with a look of longing.

"You think she really loves you? Please, you are just a means to an end for her. Nothing more than that." She said while giving Erza an accusing glare, her voice no longer sounded like Natalie's. Natsu only glared at the demon with hatred. First it possessed his sister and now she was spouting lies about his mate. He was going to make her pay.

"I know that she loves me. She wouldn't be my mate if she didn't. So quit trying to turn me against her and get out of my sister!" his words only earned him a laugh from Natalie before she looked back at him with a mocking glare.

"Oh, I am not going to leave such a powerful vessel! In fact, I think I will take it for a ride! See how much cocks she can take before her mind breaks." she said with her pink eyes glowing and her hair started floating and her entire body started glowing with power. Natsu grew angrier at that

"Like hell I will let you do that!" his body was now blazing like sun with his onyx eyes turning green and his flames intensified. He charged at her and she did the same stopping both of his fists with her hands. The skin of her hands started burning lightly and she stared in shock as the burns traveled from her palms to her elbows. Natsu gathered magic in his mouth…

"Fire Dragon's Roar!" and fired a large torrent of intense yellow flames at her causing her to yelp in pain as she was burned by his flames. Natsu didn't let up as he attacked her once more with a Fire Dragon's Talon making her double over. He then grabbed her by her neck and brought back his right arm.

"Crimson Lotus: Fire Dragon's Fist!" with that Natsu delivered a barrage of rapid fire coated punches all over her body, each of them exploding with a tremendous force. Natsu finished his attack with an uppercut that sent Natalie flying back, now covered in bruises and burn marks. Natsu gathered his flames on his left hand creating a giant fireball in the process.

"Fire Dragon's Demolition Fist!" he ran at her, arm cocked back fully intent on knocking her out. He brought his arm to finish her off…

Only for her to effortlessly stop his attack with her right hand. Natsu stared in shock as Natalie's bruises and burns healed up as if nothing happened to her. She grinned and squeezed her hand around his, causing him to scream in pain as he felt his bones break pierce his skin, he fell to his knees clutching his mangled left hand. Natalie didn't let up as she stomped on his right leg breaking it as well.

"Natsu-sama!" Juvia immediately launched a wave of water at Natalie who only waved her arm causing the wave to disperse. She let go of Natsu and before anyone knew it she appeared in front of Juvia and delivered a brutal punch to her gut, rupturing her intestines and causing Juvia to vomit blood as she fell to the ground clutching her abdomen.

"Leave them alone!" Lucy used her Star Dress: Taurus to get a drop on her. That failed as Natalie caught her by her ankle before proceeding to break her bones with a squeeze of her hand. Lucy screamed in pain before Natalie slammed her to the ground multiple times breaking more bones in result. Lucy was barely conscious as she felt great pain all over her body. Natalie was about to finish her off when she sensed a presence behind her and turned around to see Erza in Clear Heart Clothing attempting to stab her. She grinned and at the last second put Lucy's body in front of her as a meat shield. Erza's eyes widened in horror when she saw her sword go through Lucy's stomach, fatally wounding her. Natalie threw away her body and grabbed Erza by her neck before bringing her over to Natsu who was crawling on the ground trying to get to Lucy. She held up her right hand now covered in dark magic, suddenly chains erupted from the ground around Natsu and proceeded to tie him up, the chain's spikes digging into his skin. Natsu could do nothing but lie on the ground as Natalie crouched in front of him and grabbed his chin forcing him to look at her.

"You know your sister was so easy to manipulate." She said getting a wide eyed look from Natsu "She loved you for so long and so much that when I offered her a chance to make you love her she took it with the catch that I would not force her to have sex with anybody but you." She giggled when she saw a look of shock on his face. She then commanded the chains to lift him up putting them at eye level.

"I will admit I did not think that she had incestuous feelings for her own brother. Do you know how badly she wanted you to kiss her? To make love to her? To marry her? She was desperate after the Dragon invasion in Crocus, so when this redhead took you away" she held Erza by her throat and brought her face closer "I enjoyed feeding off of her negative emotions. The moment she came back to your home I amplified her negative emotions, including hatred, lust and insanity." She then turned back to him.

"But now that I have you in my grasp, I think I will do something better than just kill all these girls. I will force them to watch as I make you love me and give me a child." She threw Erza away before another set of chains wrapped around the Re-quip mage, one of the chains riding up her cunt, she grunted as she tried to free herself only for the chains to tighten around her. The other girls were chained up as well as Lucy's wounds stopped bleeding. Natsu watched in horror as the demon in his sister's body reverted back to Natalie and stripped him off of his clothing, leaving him naked. The demon smirked and was getting out of her own leotard. He struggled to free himself only to be slapped in the face by her. His broken leg now healed by her as she gave a lustful smile at him.

"Don't bother. You can't run from me. I am Morgana, the strongest succubus on Earthland and you will submit to me." She brought his face closer fully intent on kissing him…

Only to freeze when a metallic fist went through her chest. She looked down with wide eyes before looking back and saw Traveler standing behind her with his gauntlet going through her body. He glared at her before he pulled his arm back, ripping her out of Natalie's body in the process. Once she was out of her body the chains disappeared and Natalie fell to the ground, naked and unconscious but otherwise fine. Morgana screamed in rage as her corporeal body was held by Traveler.

"Let me go! Do you know who I am?! I am the strongest succubus in this world. I will not be held captive by a low life mage." Traveler only smirked at her and ripped a portal to the void causing Morgana to widen her eyes in awe and fear. Traveler brought her corporeal body to the void and heard her scream as she was being slowly torn apart.

"You may be the strongest demon but I am a being who can travel between worlds. To me you are nothing but an ant." He let go of her body and smiled in satisfaction as he saw her get erased from existence and closed the portal. He looked over to the rest and saw Erza aiding Juvia and Natsu holding Natalie's unconscious body while trying to help Lucy stem the bleeding. Traveler took the injured Lucy into his arms and opened the portal back to the guild. Natsu looked at him with wide eyes and he only sighed.

"Come on, I will explain everything later. Right now they are in dire need of help." With that they went through the portal back to the guild leaving the destroyed street behind them.

Two days later…

Lucy woke up feeling sore all over her body. She brought her hand to her head trying to remember what happened, she tried to sit up and felt a weight on her left arm. Turning to the source she smiled as she saw Natsu sleeping on a chair while holding her hand. Looking around she noticed that she was at the guild's infirmary and had bandages on her body, particularly in her right ankle and her abdomen. She also noticed Natalie sleeping in another bed, a blanket covering her naked body. Her stirring caused Natsu to wake up from his slumber and he set his eyes upon her, immediately bringing her in for a hug.

"Lucy! You are awake! I thought you wouldn't wake up!" he said, relief in his voice as Lucy hugged him back before kissing him on the lips which he returned. She broke the kiss and sat up.

"Natsu, what happened? Last I remember we were fighting Natalie and then I passed out when I was stabbed." Natsu smiled sadly at her.

"Well, after that Traveler guy got rid of the succubus that possessed Natalie he brought us to the guild and helped us heal most of our injuries. He told us that he was also me from another world and he came here after witnessing events that happened in a parallel world and wanted to prevent them from happening here. He used some sort of advanced technology to get here and already Levy is reading the blueprints he gave her to make one for us right now." Lucy immediately noticed the conflicted look on his face as he stared at the ground and was confused.

"Was there something else that happened?" Natsu sighed figuring that she would ask that question.

"Turns out that Natalie and I are Zeref's Etherious as well as his siblings" his words shocked Lucy to the core "Traveler told us that Zeref was our older brother and that we actually died during a dragon attack 400 years ago and he wanted to find a way to bring us back to life. He created the R-System and the Eclipse Gate for that reason alone and when that didn't work he brought us back as his strongest Etherious." Lucy stayed silent through the entire explanation before she brought him in for a hug which surprised him.

"I don't care if you are demon or dragon Natsu. I will always love you no matter what." Lucy told him with genuine love before she kissed him passionately, Natsu kissed her back and brought her into his lap.

"I see you two are already awake." The two startled, looked towards the doorway to see Traveler with Mira, Erza and Juvia standing behind him with amused expressions on their faces. Lucy flushed and hid her face in her boyfriend's chest with Natsu chuckling as he held her close before gesturing the rest of his mates to join him. They all sat around him and Traveler cleared his throat to get their attention.

"Now that you are all here let's talk about another important matter." He said while looking at a bed that had Natalie's sleeping form. The rest did as well and frowned. He saw their frowns and sighed.

"Look as much as I know you resent Natalie for what she did, think about it first." His words were directed more at Natsu than the others. "She loves you Natsu, more than a sibling should but she still loves you. Chances are she has been loving you since the day you two became demons and the time you spent with Igneel as well as your time in the guild possibly made her love for you grow even more. The question is: What will you do now? Will you accept them and give your sister happiness or will you reject her and deny her a chance at love resulting in another incident like two days ago? And trust that kind of thing can happen again. Also your demon physiology as well as your Dragon Slayer magic makes it nigh impossible for any children you might have with her have any genetic mutations, but that's your choice." With those words he left them alone just as Natalie woke up. Looking around she was confused until she found her brother taking a seat next to her bed.

"Aniki?" she asked when she saw him give her a serious look.

"We need to talk imouto."

The next day…

Traveler finished his plate of food and put his back pack on before ripping open a portal. Before he stepped through though he looked back at the guild and smiled when he saw Natalie sitting on Natsu's lap along with Erza engaging in a three-way kiss. Juvia, Mira and Lucy were all hugging his arms or his head to their breasts making for quite a strange sight. They all stopped when they heard him rip the space and time and saw him give them a thumbs up.

"Take care all of you. Especially you Natsu, treasure them and protect the guild." With that he jumped through leaving the world, and stepping into another one, this time he was in an asylum part of Magnolia's prison. Walking forward he stopped in front of a specific door and heard the familiar twisted voice.

"Take my hand."

"Take my whole life too."

The song would have been flattering had it not been for the prisoner's uneasy and deranged voice that was heard through the good portion of the asylum.

"For I can't help."

"Falling in love with you."

Looking through the gap in the door Traveler saw Natalie in a bloody room with pictures of her and her brother, her hair disheveled and her eyes filled with madness. The golden necklace was still around her neck and her lips were painted red with blood. The most interesting thing about her was her swollen belly and slightly larger breasts.

"For I can't help."

Traveler gave a sad sigh as he went back to the portal and went through it but not before hearing the last verse.

"Falling in love."



The song ended and the maniacal giggle of a mother to be was heard throughout the entire prison.

Unknown Earthland, Crocus X791

The entire city was destroyed, the bodies of the mages from all the guilds littered the city. From Sabertooth to Fairy Tail, even the King and his daughter were not spared as the corpses of seven dragons were seen near the activated Eclipse Gate.


Acnologia in his dragon form grunted as he was launched towards the ground in a broken heap as his opponent landed on him on a high speed, destroying his chest cavity and killing him instantly. Devastator crawled out of the dragon's corpse and consumed his magic. Looking at the blood red moon he roared in rage and released all of the absorbed magic. The view from space revealed a giant flash of magic on the planet and then-


The entire planet was blown up leaving only debris on its wake. Devastator himself was on a chunk of earth having survived the explosion like he did so many times before. The vacuum of space not harming him in the slightest as he lengthened his spikes before letting out another roar. Sensing a portal appearing behind him he turned around and saw a pure black tube like portal and grinned before jumping into it, eager to tear apart another world.


Finally done! I will be honest with you all I had this chapter rewritten so many times that I nearly gave up, but finally settled on one idea that no one would ever write, but I did anyway. The premise for this chapter is that Natsu has a twin sister named Natalie (because Natsumi as a name is overused) and she is also a bro-con who turns yandere. I wrote this after reading all the Natsumi chapters from both thehappy and UnknownLegion's works as well as Grims Vengeance's own fanfic "Continued Life of a Dragon Slayer" or at least the chapters where his Natsu finds another Natsumi. There are already fanfics out there about Female Zeref being a bro-con towards her younger brother. This chapter as a whole is a shout out to two anime tropes. The bro-con little sister and the yandere. Also Laxus is weaker, because why not it's the multiverse. And before you say anything about incest being wrong in the reviews, remember: multiverse, anything can happen. As for Traveler being so accepting of it, he has seen things that were weirder, crazier and darker in the multiverse, so he isn't surprised about seeing such a thing.

Also, I forgot to mention it in the second chapter. Devastator is based off Doomsday and Destroyer from DC. If you don't know who they are, Doomsday is basically a creature that can't be killed the same way twice, and he is also known for having killed Superman and defeated Darkseid who are both world breakers and Darkseid is a multiversal threat. Destroyer however is Batman who injected himself with the Doomsday virus in order to stop Evil Superman and lost his humanity.

I'll be honest, the ending was kinda rushed because I have a lot on my plate right now. With my granddad getting ill, the problems in the house's structure as well as other things, I may not write for another month or so. Though getting this chapter out means I can focus on other ideas like possibly writing a prequel chapter to thehappy's "Traveling the Multiverse's" chapter 9 that explains why 877-X is a stand-alone universe (if he gives me permission that is). The asylum part of this chapter is the one of the string worlds of this universe called 346-D, one where Natalie lost her sanity, killed Natsu and his mates but not before getting herself pregnant with his child, and ended up in an asylum, it's the universe that Traveler was in before he came to 346-N. The part about Devastator is to show just what he can do as he was basically toying with that other Natsu in the previous chapter.

Anyway, Thanlks for reading and until next time. Peace.

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