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The girl with no home

Alright, chapter 13. Man, I can see why so many people like writing fanfiction so much. It is fun to mess around with ideas in your head and seeing how people react to them.

On that note: while I like the fact that most of you like my fanfic, I also want to hear your criticisms on it. After all, praise makes us good writers but criticism makes us even better. Even if it is harsh, there is still a point that you might find in them, which is why I asked why you liked my fanfic in chapter 10, strange how only one person answered that question.

I actually liked it when some of my reviewers pointed out something even when it is small, it allows me to see what kind of mistakes I made and this helps me try to make the future chapters better. I might also fix up the grammar or other mistakes in my earlier chapters like 1, 2 and several others.

Anyway, that aside, let's start this chapter.

Disclaimer is in the first chapter.

Chapter 13: The girl with no home.

Earth Land: 0006-J

Fiore. Magnolia.

The guild of Fairy Tail. One of the most normal-

"Take back what you said bitch!"



"Get your hands off of my boobs Gray!"


"Who wants some more?!"


"Give me back my panties!"

"Make me!"

And Exemplary-

"And that is how I stole her clothes!"

"Don't tell her about that, you moron!"

Guilds in Fiore. Where all the people you meet are completely normal and not perverted in any way.

"So how big was it Wendy?"

"Cana! This is not appropriate!"

Nope not all, everyone is good, everyone is normal, don't worry about fights.

"I will make you pay Laxus!"

"Good luck Gajeel!"

See, nothing is-Oh screw it! You are fucked if you decide to join the guild.

"Hey Romeo. How about some sweet time with me to see how good you are in bed?"

Sometimes literally.

"Cana! Would you stop torturing him already?" Mira asked as she saw Romeo and Wendy sitting at the bar, both blushing red and Cana sitting next to them with a perverted smirk as she took another gulp from her bottle.

"What? I am just gonna test him to see if he is keeping our little Dragon Slayer here happy." She shamelessly said while hugging the two to her chest, causing the two to blush even more.

See what I mean here?

"He is 17! You are older than him and you will probably be arrested for being a pedophile." Kinana explained while standing next to Mira and cleaning mugs. Cana scoffed at that.

"Oh don't be such a prude! Everyone here is a pervert in one way or another." And as if to prove her point-

"Gray, get your fucking hands off of my butt!"

"Oh come on. Just let me get a hold of this big, firm-"

"Water Slap!"

And that, is how Gray ended up getting thrown into the bar by a giant hand made of water. Mira and Kinana looked at the form of Gray before turning to a smug looking Cana.

"What did I say huh?" Mira rolled her eyes before giving Cana a glare as the busty brunette was smothering Romeo in her cleavage with the boy flailing his arms, struggling to breathe.

"Cana…" A malicious aura rolled off the barmaid as Cana gulped before she let Romeo go.

"Okay, okay. No need to go full demon on me." She said as Romeo took deep breaths once he was free.

Only for Wendy to grab him and shove him into her own breasts as the Dragon Slayer gave Cana a slight glare. The boy gave muffled sounds as his girlfriend tightly held him.

"Geez, ease up on the grip Wendy. You might suffocate hi-Nevermind. He's out cold." Mira said as they saw his body go limp and Wendy panicked before she freed him, put him on the table and saw his goofy grin.

"Huh, I guess he liked that. Did you do that when he popped your cherry Wendy?" Cana teased, her grin growing more when she saw Wendy blush hard as she covered her face.

"Please don't say it like that Cana." She meekly whispered as Cana gave a laugh. She calmed down before looking over at the guildhall, seeing Jet and Droy fighting over Levy, Laxus, Gajeel and Elfman beating the crap out of each other and most of the other guys bashing each other's faces in. Alzack sat nursing a lump on his head with Bisca holding a frying pan and Asuka sitting between them and playing with a plush cowboy and a horsie and some of the girls like Laki, Evergreen, Juvia, Yukino, Kagura and Lisanna having a catfight. The funniest thing about it? Laki was holding three pair of panties and Kagura, Juvia and Yukino looked flustered with Kagura crossing her legs.

"Laki, I swear to god if you don't give me my underwear back I am gonna-"

"Oh black lace? You are such a naughty girl Juvia~. And oh! I didn't expect you to wear a thong under your skirt Kagura."

"That's it! You are dead you purple haired nerd!" Laki didn't have time to dodge as the three lunged at her kicking up dust and dragging the other two girls into the catfight. Some of the guys stopped their fights to watch the girls fight and some had bleeding noses when they saw the girls start pulling each other's clothes and hair.

"Ah~the good old guild brawl. I will never get tired of seeing this." Cana said while drinking a bottle of wine. Unfortunately, some of the stuff that was used in the brawl were thrown at the bar, one of them was a chair that hit Romeo in the face just as he woke up and sent him down on the ground and the other was a bottle that broke Cana's own bottle. The two had tick marks on their foreheads before one made fire fists and the other re-quipped cards.

"That's it!/You asked for it!" they both shouted before they both charged at the guild brawl causing more chaos in the process. Mira shook her head and Wendy giggled as the brawl started escalating. In fact, if you look closer you can see that they are all preparing their magic spells and Elfman held a bat.

"Elfman, put me down please!"

A bat that was actually Jet with a helmet on his head. Geez, is everything including people a weapon in a brawl when it comes to Fairy Tail?

"You either stay down or I am frying your metal ass Gajeel!"

"How about I shove a metal pole up yours Laxus?!" Mira giggled slightly at that before she put her hand on her chin.

"Hey Wendy? Do you notice something different?" Wendy looked at the brawl and saw that there is indeed something different.

"Someone is missing Mira." The white haired beauty adopted a thinking pose with a detective's hat and a bubble pipe.

"Indeed my dear Wendy. The question is: who is it that is missing?" Wendy raised an eyebrow as she saw Mira's outfit before her eyes lit up and she snapped her fingers.

"I know! Natsu and Erza! They are out on a mission." Mira shook her head at that.

"That is sad. You know the saying here Wendy-"

"'A Fairy Tail brawl is not a brawl if there is no Natsu or Erza to start it' Yes I know Mira." She then looked at the ongoing brawl "Although it doesn't seem to apply in this case." Mira shook her head at that.

"Wrong!" Wendy gave a look of surprise at her as she then took out a book and opened it before stopping on a particular page " It is stated here: 'A Fairy Tail brawl is unique in the fact that all of them result in some form of destruction to the guild itself. Well, any destruction that is above destroying tables and chairs. The least amount of destruction was when a hole as big as an adult was left on a wall. If the destruction level is not even remotely close to it, then it cannot, in any way be considered a Fairy Tail brawl and is a mere fist fight at best.'" She closed the book and put it away "Such are the rules of the Fairy Tail Guild Codex." Wendy looked at the guild and noticed a distinct lack of holes in the walls, ceiling or on the ground and everyone seemingly not making the brawl as lively as other ones. Although she chuckled when she saw Elfman launch Droy back by using Jet as a bat. The girls' brawl reduced to a catfight with the girl either pulling each other's hair or scratching each other, occasionally even punching each other but aside from that, there seemed to be no other damage.

"I guess we should be lucky since there isn't much destroyed stuff and the brawl doesn't seem to be over the top-"


"GOOD MORNING!" a familiar voice said as a man with pink hair and a woman with scarlet red hair stood at the doorway. As soon as the man's eyes landed on the brawl, he gave a full-blown grin and cracked his knuckles.

"Oh boy! A brawl! Don't mind if I join guys?!" Gajeel saw Natsu and his eyes widened.

"Wait! Hold up!" Too late. Natsu coated his hands with black fire as steam came out of his mouth.

"Geronimo!" Natsu charged into the brawl and within seconds, it escalated further with people flying out of the dust cloud towards the walls or other people. Erza shook her head at that but gave a small smile as she went to the bar and sat on one of the stools.

"Hey Mira. Give me my usual." The barmaid nodded and went to get the order as Wendy looked at the knight.

"So Erza, how was the mission?" The red head shrugged at her.

"Eh, could have been worse. We had a job to get rid of some bandits that were kidnapping belongings from a town. They said that they had a monster tamed and didn't try to take back what they stole because of that. So we went there and you wouldn't believe what happened next." Kinana and Wendy looked interested.

"What happened?"

"Well," Erza paused and hit Gray on the head as he tried to look up her skirt "We went to their hideout and they had this really intimidating monster. But it turns out they couldn't control it, it started killing them one by one and then Natsu blew it to pieces with one powerful spell." She casually said while noticing a bloodstain on her armor and wiped it away.

"Did anything else happen after that?" Wendy kept asking as Erza nodded.

"Well, there was this one town that had some sort of a disease going around, they locked the town down and forbade anyone from entering or getting out. Sort of like a quarantine." Soon Mira came up with a tray and gave the food to Erza who licked her lips as she saw the strawberry cheesecake.

"What kind of symptoms did the disease have?"

"We aren't sure. They didn't let us in and just told us to go away." Erza answered as she took a spoonful of her cake.

And dropped it as a chair smashed on the back of her head. Erza looked at the dropped piece before she growled and forged a flaming sword.

"Who threw that chair?!" Erza asked with burning eyes as the brawl simply kept going and Erza growled and made a giant fire axe and went to charge.


Only to stop when she and the rest of the guild saw light flash in the guildhall.

"What was-?"


Lighting began to appear just a few feet away from the brawl, causing most of the brawler to stop beating each other.


A tear appeared in thin air followed by more lights and lighting. It started expanding until-


A blue portal appeared sparkling with lighting and glowing brightly. Some of the members covered their eyes as the portal glowed more.

And a silhouette of a person appeared putting the guild on alert as most prepared their spells. That was until the person fully walked out of the portal and most of the guild had their eyes widened at who it was.

Though her clothing was different and she appeared to be younger, they still recognized the person.

"Flare?" Erza asked with uncertainty before the portal suddenly closed and they all had a good look at her before they gasped as they beheld her state.

Flare had several wounds on her body. In particular, there was a large cut on her abdomen, several burns and lacerations on her arms, a large cut on her left cheek and she was clutching her left side. Her clothes were torn in different parts, her shirt was torn to the point that they could see her black and red bra and soot and dirt covered her hair. But the most surprising was the look on her face, that of a traumatized woman who saw her darkest fears come to life.

"Flare?" Erza tried again as she dispersed her axe and took a step towards Flare. The girl didn't answer as she stumbled around, looking everywhere and clutching her wound.

"Father, mother." Flare quietly whispered as she continued to walk and look around aimlessly, occasionally limping and nearly tripping.

"Flare can you hear me?" Juvia said as she put a hand on Flare's shoulder. The girl just looked at her then at her own wound but still kept muttering before she fell to her knees and fell to the floor, her wounds continuing to bleed.

"Shit." Erza cursed as she went to the wounded redhead before looking at the guild "What are you all staring at?! Someone get Porlyusica! Natsu! Help me get her to the infirmary!" The salmon haired man nodded and rushed to her side and helped gently pick up Flare, being mindful of her wounds.

They moved her to the infirmary where a mattress was set up for her and carefully placed her on it.

"Natsu, look away." The Dragon Slayer had a confused look at that.

"Why?" Erza rolled her eyes at her brother's question.

"I need to take off her clothes and no way am I doing that in front of you or the other guys!" Natsu nodded and looked away as Erza quickly began to take off Flare's clothes, first her shirt and her jeans before taking off her shoes and socks. As she did so she winced as she saw the numerous wounds all over her body, ranging from small burns to large scars. Something fell out of the jean pockets as Erza picked it up, curious as to what it was.

"What are you doing here?" Erza looked at the doorway to see Porlyusica arrive "Get out right now! I need to work."

"We were just leaving." Natsu said as he grabbed Erza by her hand and dragged her out of the infirmary leaving Porlyusica with her patient.

"You seem to have gone through a war." The old woman commented as she looked at the wounds "No matter. Let's get this over with." She cracked her knuckles and began her work.

Erza sat at a table along with Juvia and Natsu and stared at the glowing, small cube-like thing in her hands.

"So, what is it?" Natsu asked as he looked at it.

"I am not sure. I have never seen anything like it." Erza replied while still looking over the cube.

"Maybe it works like a lacrima? Try to push magic into it." Juvia offered as she as well as others looked at the cube curiously.

"Hmm, not a bad idea." Erza said before she pushed a tiny amount of her magic into the cube. To her and the others' surprise, the cube began to glow brightly-

"DNA match recognized. Erza Scarlet." A voice from the cube sounded out before a large screen appeared out of it.

"Welcome to the holo-cube. This device can store all video and pictures that you have taken. In the events that it is lost, the holo cube has a lockdown feature that will only allow you or anybody else that you trust to use it." A female voice said while showing many pictures, videos and showing a drawing of the person picking up the cube and for it to go on lockdown. The mages stared at it in awe, not expecting to see something like this. It made their lacrimas look very outdated by comparison.

"Amazing." Laki said as she looked at it, her inner nerd squealing at the concept of the entire thing.

"You can access any file by either touching the screen or saying what you want the access to." The female voice said as Erza looked at the file labeled 'Pictures'.

"Pictures please." The hologram changed, now showing the pictures, although they were small.

"If you want to see any of the pictures closer, simply press the screen where they are located." Natsu heard the voice say before he looked at the pictures and clicked a random one. The file shrank and the picture enlarged showing what it had, putting many mages in shock as they saw the picture.

"What the hell?" Laxus whispered.

The picture had an older looking Natsu and a very attractive red haired woman who had extreme similarity to Erza. The two were holding hands and smiling happily, a golden ring on their ring fingers as balloons and roses lay around them.

"Is that…me?" Natsu asked as he looked at the supposedly older him in the picture.

"Wow, you look…pretty good Natsu." Cana commented as she looked at the Natsu in the picture, whistling once she saw his physique, wishing that the shirt wasn't blocking the view.

"Why does that woman look like Erza?" Romeo asked tilting his head, finding far too many similarities with their Erza.

"Maybe she is an older Erza? What do you say Red?" Mira asked her rival but didn't receive any answers. When she looked at the red head, she was shocked to find tears in Erza's eyes.

"Erza? What's wrong?" Natsu heard her, looked at Erza and immediately went to her side as he saw her tears.

"Erza, are you alright?" The knight kept staring, eyes wide and glistening with tears, hands shaking and fists clenching as she looked at the woman in the picture, the same eyes, the same kind smile, the same warmth in her eyes. She closed her eyes as memories surged.

A broken home…a destroyed village…and a roar of a dragon…

"Erza!" The memories stopped as Natsu grabbed her shoulders and shook her, pulling her from her trance.

"Erza, are you okay?" The red head noticed most of the guild look at her worriedly and she nodded and wiped her tears.

"I'm fine, I'm okay. Just…had some unpleasant memories." She reassured them before she went to the screen and chose a different picture. This one though had the same effects as the first one.

This picture had Natsu, the red haired woman, a younger Cana, a younger Wendy, a younger Erza and someone who they assumed was a younger Flare. All of them stood around a table with a cake on it with fourteen candles, all kinds of drinks and beverages, some were alcoholic drinks. Cana had a birthday hat on her head with the words 'Birthday girl' on it and smiling happily while Flare hugged her and Wendy had a small present in her hands with Erza holding another one. All of them wore birthday hats and had smiles on their faces, Natsu held a small present in his hand while the red haired woman had a hand on Cana's head and smiled with closed eyes. Around them, the other guild members either danced or chatted with each other.

"Wow, a birthday party." Kagura commented as some of the girls 'awwed' when they saw the younger girls.

"Aww, look at them! Reminds me how Cana used to be before she started drinking." Mira said as Lisanna and Laki nodded at her.

"Hey, if you don't like it, say that to my face." Cana grumbled as the girls giggled.

"Oh shush Cana. You know we all like you." Bisca said, "Even if you drink too much." She said with a shrug.

"Why would Cana celebrate her birthday? She hates them." Romeo asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I don't hate them. I just chose not to celebrate them." The lush replied as she drank another bottle of wine.

"Uh everyone?" Evergreen asked as everyone turned to her "Look at what is written on the birthday banner and the cake." She said while pointing at said items.

The guild did so and many squint their eyes before they all saw it, especially the Dragon Slayers.

"Happy Birthday, Cana Alberona…Dragneel?" Wendy read, putting many in shock at that, especially Natsu and Cana.

"Dragneel? Wait, Natsu adopted her?!" Gray asked as Cana had an unreadable look on her face.

"But-But what about Gildarts? Doesn't he know that Cana is his daughter?" Laki asked while adjusting her glasses.

"Perhaps he doesn't." Laxus said, getting others' attention "Hey I'm just saying." Erza clicked on another picture.

This one though was a bit less shocking. It had Erza, Flare and Cana standing at the guildhall, each of them seemed to be fifteen years old. Flare stood in the middle, her arms over the two girls' shoulders and hugging them while giving a fanged smile. Erza had a confident smile with one hand on her hip and another giving Flare a one armed hug and Cana had a cheerful smile and had one fist raised up seemingly in triumph and was also hugging Flare, all three of them had dragon shaped necklaces. Below the picture, there were words: 'S-class at last!' along with an emoji of a smile.

"Huh, so Cana passed the S-class test along with me." Erza commented as she analyzed the picture.

"That's pretty cool really." Natsu said as Cana smiled at that.

"What do all these pictures mean though? How could these things have happened?" Freed asked while scratching his chin.

"I think I know the answer." Laki raised her hand and everyone looked at her, "You see, I have had a conversation with a local librarian a week ago and we discussed the 'Multiverse theory' which states that there are an infinite number of worlds that are both different and similar to ours."

"That doesn't sound so interesting." Gray said while crossing his arms and standing in only his underwear. Laki nodded and took out a Light pen.

"Well, the theory also states that it is possible to travel and see other worlds and considering the fact that Flare is here looking different and with all these pictures that we are looking at…It's possible that she may be from another Earth Land." Laki finished while showing a drawing of two planets and a line between them. The guild looked at the drawings with some looking at the pictures.

"You know, this sounds plausible." Laxus said as The Thunder Tribe nodded.

"I agree with Lightning Rod here." Gajeel said whilst picking his ear as Laxus's eye twitched from the insult.

"Care to-?!"


A fist crashed on top of his head, sending him to the floor as Laxus groaned from the punch.

"Let's not start a brawl again, especially after that kind of knowledge. Do you agree, Guild Master Laxus?" Mira said with a smoking fist and an angry stare on her face as several people around her shivered in fear.

"Okay Mira. We won't start a brawl." Laxus said after he stood up while rubbing his head, "However we should probably put the holo-cube away. I doubt Flare would like us looking at the pictures or anything else in it." Erza looked at the pictures again before looking at the cube.

"How do we do that? Do I just say 'Lock the holo-cube'?"

"Holo cube locked." A female voice said before the screen disappeared and the cube glowed before it stopped.

"Huh, guess that worked." Natsu said as he took the cube from Erza's hands, "You know? Me and Erza should probably keep it with us until Flare wakes up. When she does, we can give it back to her. What do you guys say?" He asked the guild while throwing the cube up and catching it.

"Sure, you can keep it. Just don't break it." Laxus said as Natsu gave the cube to Erza who then requipped it away. For the rest of the day, people just talked, danced and had some small fistfights and competitions. Eventually, evening came and most of the members went home with some going to the guild's sleeping quarters, leaving four people, one of which was closing the guild for the night.

Mira hummed as she locked the Guild doors and pushed the doors to make sure she locked them and tested the negation runes that would prevent anyone from using magic to bust open the doors.

"Well, everything's in order. Time to go home." Mira said as Laxus put a hand on her shoulder.

"I will walk you back home."

"Laxus you don't need to do that. I can take care of myself."

"I insist Mira." The Take-Over Mage rolled her eyes but smiled nonetheless and held his hand as they went to the Strauss home.

"Goodnight Erza! Goodnight Natsu!" Mira shouted to the two.

"See you two tomorrow." Laxus followed as Natsu and Erza waved at them.

"Goodnight you two!" Erza said as she then turned towards Natsu, "Let's go home Natsu."

A while later, the two arrived at their two story home. The house is made mostly from wood, with an outdoor training area and a separate sauna house. The interior was pretty homey with lots of pictures, flowers, trophies from quests and other such things. The two went upstairs towards the bedroom, took off their clothes as Erza put on her shorts and a black shirt and Natsu put on a pair of dark red shorts as they lay in bed.

"Natsu," The male turned to her, "Do you think that Flare will be surprised to find out she is not in her world anymore?" Natsu looked up in thought before he shook his head.

"I don't know. Maybe she will freak out or just be in disbelief. Either way, we will wait until she wakes up. Until then," He brought her closer as she snuggled up to her brother and he kissed her forehead "Good night Erza."

"Good night Natsu."

A beautiful day, a promising event, a revolutionary device. It was a glorious day for all of them. She stood by her teammates, ready for an adventure. Her parents sat at a different table, discussing things with the Guild Master. Her guildmates, her friends, her family all stood ready as Levy put the last piece on an upgraded technology.

She waited anxiously as Levy pressed a button on a new device. It sprang to life, creating a large, blue, shimmering portal.

They cheered at the scientific achievement, months of research finally bore fruit. The notes left by their visitor were very complicated but they managed to do it.

They went to many worlds, saw many sights, they even helped a different Fairy Tail with Acnologia. It was a glorious age for them and their country. Levy gave all the new technology she created with the exception of the MPC to the government and it spread quickly. They had fun, they helped, they grew stronger.



"No!" Flare sat up, her eyes wide from shock before she winced as she felt her wounds ache. She looked around and found herself in an infirmary of sorts. Recognizing the interior to be that of Fairy Tail's she tried to calm herself.

"How did I get here? What happened?" She rubbed her head and looked around, seeing the torn remains of her clothing in a nightstand beside her.

And then, like a tide, her memories came to her. Her expression turned to horror before it turned to despair as tears started sliding down her cheeks. She covered her face as she sobbed, her body shaking as she remembered everything that happened.

Her world…Her guild…Her friends…

All gone.

"Mom…dad…sisters…brother…" She whispered as she touched the necklace around her neck.

She sat at the infirmary, crying, now left all alone.

Just like before.

Mira opened the guild doors and went inside, breathing in the air and went to the bar to prepare for the orders.

But stopped once she heard crying.

"Huh?" She wondered where it came from, she looked around before her eyes fell on the infirmary doors. Remembering about their unexpected guest, she went to the doors and sure enough, the crying came from the infirmary. She carefully opened the door and peeked inside. To her surprise, she saw Flare sitting up and hugging her knees, her body shaking as she cried. Mira quietly entered the infirmary and left the door open and slowly went to Flare's side. She lifted her hand, unsure whether to comfort the crying girl or not. Ultimately,

"Flare?" Mira softly asked as the red haired girl lifted her face slightly to show her tear stained cheeks and red puffy eyes. Mira was surprised and gently put her hand on Flare's shoulder.

And the girl suddenly hugged her while crying on her shoulder. Surprised by the sudden act, Mira just stood still before she gently hugged Flare and let her cry.

"There, there. Let it all out." Flare cried harder and hugged her tighter, the two alone in the infirmary.


Natsu and Erza arrived at the guild with Erza holding the holo-cube.

"You are gonna look at it forever?" Natsu asked as they stood before the doors as Erza kept looking at the holo-cube.

"I am just curious about the cube, Natsu. I wonder what else can it do?" She asked as Natsu shoved the doors open.

"Good mor-!" Natsu stopped himself when a fork went past him. He looked back and saw Mira at the bar and Flare at one of the tables, wearing a white shirt and blue jeans along with red sandals. She sat nearly emotionless and picked at her plate of food with a fork. Natsu and Erza saw her state and went to her table.

"Hey." Flare looked up at them before looking down at her food again, "Are you alright? You got us worried when you appeared all wounded from that portal."

"I am fine." Flare replied as the two frowned. She didn't seem anything like the girl in the pictures that they saw yesterday. Flare noticed what Erza held.

"My holo-cube. Where did you find it?" She asked while slightly clenching her fists as Erza flinched from the coldness in Flare's voice.

"It fell out of your pocket when we placed you in the infirmary. We wanted to know what it was and learned about something called the Multiverse." Erza explained while giving the cube to Flare, who wordlessly took it back.

"Are you really from another world?" Natsu asked whilst noticing a necklace around her neck that seemed to ooze magical energy.

"I am." Flare replied bluntly as more and more people came into the guild. Many were surprised as they saw Flare sitting at a table with Erza and Natsu and seemingly having a decent conversation with them.

"Well look who woke up!" Cana cheered as she sat at the table with a bottle of alcohol in her hand, "Our unexpected visitor is up and talking! Welcome to our world, wanderer." Cana said while playing the part of a person who met a new life.

"Cana, maybe you shouldn't be so loud." Mira said as Cana scoffed and put a hand on Flare's shoulder.

"Maybe you should stop being such a spoilsport Mira." She then requipped another bottle and put it next to Flare, "Come on, drink up! Don't start a day with that kind of attitude or else you may find out you missed out!" Cana said as Flare had a tiny smile before she slowly took the bottle and drank its contents. Once she drank half of it, she put it down and looked at Cana with a small smile.

"You know, you remind me a lot of my own Cana." She said as a sad smile crossed her face as the lush grinned at her.

"I will take that as a compliment." She took a big gulp from her bottle and tossed it aside once it was empty. She looked at others on the table with a smile.


Before letting out a loud burp that everyone heard as the lush covered her mouth.

"Hehe, sorry for that." She told everyone as some laughed it off and some of the girls sent disapproving glances towards the lush. Flare though giggled at that as Cana smiled at her.

"Thank you for your silent applause, I will be here all week. Please give the tips to the white haired demon at the bar. Even if she is bland as heck." Mira rolled her eyes as Flare kept giggling.

"That was funny." Cana chuckled and brought Flare closer.

"Heh. I like you girl. We are gonna make a pretty awesome team you and I. And we shall be known as 'Drunks on Fire', Fairy Tail's best team." Flare began to laugh slightly as Natsu and Erza gave slight chuckles.

"You are definitely like my Cana. She is just as much of a friendly sister as you are." Flare said as Cana raised a curious eyebrow.

"Say, you haven't told us anything about your world." Flare's eyes widened slightly as many in the guild heard Cana and turned towards their table.

"Cana, maybe you shouldn't-" Mira started to say only to be interrupted.

"Oh come on Mira. We just want to know about her world. Don't be such a bore." Cana replied while Erza and Natsu looked concerned.

"Cana, she is-!"

"No, it's okay." Flare said as the two looked at her, "I will tell you about my world. I mean, I will have to eventually so why not now?" Mira raised an eyebrow at her.

"Are you sure Flare?"

"I'm sure Mira. Don't worry about me." Mira looked hesitant but nodded nonetheless as Fare turned towards the curious guild members.

"So what do you want to know about my world?" Laxus pushed through the crowd and stood in front of her.

"Well, first off: is your guild like ours?" Flare put a finger on her chin.

"It depends on how your Guild operates."

"Well, we have a Guild Codex which has the rules and also guidelines to everything. We accept anyone so long as they are willing to join and we have a set of rules concerning quests." Flare nodded at that.

"In my world, we don't have any Codex or anything like that. We accept everyone but every person who joins needs to get stronger if they are serious about being mages. We have the same rules of 'have an S-class on a dangerous quest' and other such rules. We are also more accepting towards brutal violence against Dark Mages, bandits, rapists and killers." Flare answered as many frowned at the brutal violence part, though some like Gajeel, Erza, Natsu and Laxus weren't fazed as they were the most violent in the guild.

"Is your technology more advanced in your world? Your holo-cube seems to suggest so." Laki asked as she leaned closer.

"Well yeah. We have upgraded a lot of our technology after we had a universe traveling guest appear in our world. We have machines that can give images of a person's skeleton, life support systems, better weapons and other kinds of things."

"Why are you in the guild?" Everyone turned towards Gray and Flare had a pointed stare towards him, "Wait, I meant how and when did you join the Fairy Tail guild? It's just surprising okay?" Flare eased up and nodded at him.

"Well, it's a long story…and I would rather not talk about it." She said as she looked down on the ground. Natsu frowned at that before he snapped his fingers.

"I know!" He stood up from his seat and pointed a finger at Flare "Let's fight, Flare! I want to see how strong you are!" He lit his hand as many in the guild face palmed at that.

"Natsu, you can't just ask anyone and everyone to fight you. For once, can you think about anything other than-"

"I accept!"

The guild all had shocked looks as they saw Flare stand up and light her own hand on fire, "I ain't missing out on any fight. Let's go outside and I will show you how strong I am." Natsu grinned at that as the two went to the training grounds, which is basically an empty beach space, the other mages followed them wanting to see the fight.

Flare and Natsu stood facing each other, both having feral grins on their faces as Laxus climbed atop the podium.

"Alright! I can tell this is gonna be one heck of a match so you all keep an eye as well!" The blonde said to the gathered mages before turning towards the two combatants, "As for you two, this is a friendly match. Don't go too crazy, no lethal moves and no super destruction spells. Am I clear Natsu?" He said while addressing the last part to the pink haired mage.

"Yeah, yeah I got it Laxus. I won't use THAT in a fight. Not that I will anyway." Natsu said while cracking his knuckles and stretching his arms.

"This is gonna be sweet." Flare said while stretching her legs as Laxus nodded at the two.

"Alright then. Let the match begin!"

The two grinned…before they both seemingly disappeared, only to reappear at the center and each swung a fist at each other.

It caused a shockwave, blowing dust and sand around as the two fists collided. The two held their ground as they tried to overwhelm the other before Flare reared her leg back and kicked Natsu on the side. The male winced before he grabbed her leg and pulled the girl in for a straight punch. Flare fell back but stood back up. She rolled to the left to avoid a drop kick and quickly seized the opportunity to hit Natsu in the face with a strong hook. She didn't stop there as she then followed it up with a right jab at his ribs, a straight punch to his chest and another hook to his abdomen. Natsu winced from the punches but recovered enough to stop her last punch and hit her back with his own hook. He grabbed her by her face and brought her in for a head-butt, dizzying Flare before kicking her away with a roundhouse kick. Flare stumbled before she stopped Natsu's kick with her own, causing another shockwave around them.

The two though kept fighting, throwing either a punch or a kick that they either blocked or parried.

"Holy crap. These two see to be equal." Cana said as she kept a barrel next to her.

"Indeed, their combat prowess are pretty much the same and both are monsters in combat." Mira commented as she leaned back on a tree.

Natsu and Flare both threw strong punches and hit each other in the face with enough to throw each back. Natsu wiped a bruise on his face and grinned at Flare.

"You are good. Real good."

"You aren't so bad yourself Natsu." Flare replied before she lit up her arms "But let's see how good you are with magic." Natsu gave a feral grin as his hands lit up with black fire.

"You are on!" Flare crouched and gathered flames in her right arm, Natsu raised his left arm up and covered his hand with black fire.

"Hell Fire Dragon's…"

"Blazing Fire:…"

The two disappeared in a flash before appearing at the center again.

"Iron Fist!"

"Demon Strike!"

The two attacks collided, creating a fiery dome, followed by another shockwave. This time, it managed to push some of the mages back as they covered their faces from the dust and wind.

Flare reared her left fiery arm back just as Natsu reared his right. The two punched each other in the face but each shrugged off the blow and started exchanging blows, each time causing a fiery explosion that both tanked. Nastu dodged a fist before he lit his leg on fire and proceeded to kick Flare away. He then brought his right hand forward and made a fire gauntlet.

"Blazing Fire:" He reared his arm back "Demon Blast!" He threw his arm forward and launched the gauntlet at Flare. The girl crossed her arm as the gauntlet exploded as it hit her. Flare then proceeded to light her legs and jumped up in the air.

"Hell Fire Dragon's Razor Talon!" She kicked her leg in a wide arc, launching a compressed burning blade at Natsu who dodged it by jumping back. The blade hit the ground and created a small trench in the sand as well as a small explosion.

Natsu whistled as he saw the aftermath before he brought his hands up and blocked a flaming axe kick from Flare. The ground beneath him cracked and shattered before Natsu grabbed her leg and covered his arm in fire. He then began to spin her around, his hand turning into fire as it extended. He began to use his arm as a whip to slam Flare into the ground and several trees standing around, before he threw her into the sky. His arm returned to normal and he took a sumo stance. His mouth had steam coming out as he puffed his cheeks.

"Blazing Fire:" He reared his head back "Demon Howl!" A huge torrent of black flames came out of his mouth towards Flare who gathered her fire into her mouth.

"Hell Fire Dragon's Roar!" Hellish red flames came out of her own mouth towards Natsu's own attack. The two attacks collided in the middle, both attacks not giving in as the two mages kept pouring their magic into their attacks. Flare had a glare before she created fire wings as Natsu lit his body on fire. The two flew against each other while still using their roar/howl. They came closer and closer, until…


A huge explosion of black and red fire happened, forcing the mages below to cover their eyes from the bright light as well as the consequent shockwave of the explosion. Trees rustled and sand dusted around, even water in the sea rippled from the blast and the smaller trees all but uprooted.

When the explosion stopped, the mages looked at the training grounds, really messed up by the dust from the sand, which made it hard to see anything.

"Does anybody see them?" Erza asked as she looked around the beach.

"I can't see anything." Mira replied as she tried to wave away the dust.

"Let's wait till this dust settles." Laxus said as he coughed slightly as he got dust in his throat.

Soon the dust settled and they could see two figures at the center of the training grounds. As the dust disappeared, their looks changed to surprise as they saw the two combatants sitting on their knees with Natsu's fist on Flare's face and Flare's fist on Natsu's abdomen. They were panting slightly and had slight bruises.

"So," Flare said as she grinned at him, "You are satisfied?" Natsu grinned back.

"I will admit. You are really good." Natsu replied as they both removed their hands and stood back up, "I can tell, you are going to fit in really well here." Natsu said as Flare smiled sadly at that.

"Thanks." They then turned towards the surrounding mages and all of them had looks of surprise but also smiles on their faces.

"I see that you two are satisfied." Laxus said as he got off the podium, "I guess that means that you are as strong as Natsu here. And that's saying something since he is one of the strongest here." Natsu smiled at that as Laxus turned to Flare.

"You know, you can have a few quests if you want to. You are a Fairy Tail mage even if you are from another world. Plus, you are welcome to live here until you can go back to your world." At the mention of her world, Flare had a look of sadness on her face before she shook her head and nodded at him.

"Thanks Laxus." The blonde gave a small smile

"You are welcome." He turned to the mages "Alright everyone. The show's over, go back to what you were doing." Some of the mages whined at that before they all went back to the guild, leaving Flare, Natsu and Erza in the training grounds.

"You can take a quest with us if you want to Flare." Erza said as the girl looked at her, "A company wouldn't hurt on a quest."

"You sure about that? You seem like someone who would rather take quests by herself."

"We are sure. Besides, Erza never goes on a quest alone, I always go with her." Natsu said as he put an arm around Erza's shoulders and smiled at the girl. Flare looked at the two and smiled back.

"Alright, let's go pick a quest." The three went into the guild where people already started a brawl and towards the job board and started looking for a quest.

"How about bandit extermination at a nearby town?" Erza asked as she showed the paper.

"Nah, too easy. Let's pick this monster hunting job." Natsu brought out a different quest.

"Natsu, the monster is just a mountain walker." At that, Natsu groaned and put the quest back on the board.

"What about you Flare? Have you found any good jobs?" The second red head looked around the board and her eyes fell on a particular quest. She picked it and looked at its contents, her eyes narrowing as she read the contents.

"This one." She showed them the quest.

Help! An unknown cult is terrorizing the town. S-Class mages required!

Reward: 1,500,000 Jewel.

"Hmm, a cult huh? Well, let's go! It's been a while since I beat up some lunatics." Natsu said while cracking his knuckles.

"I agree with Natsu. We can't let them get away with it." Erza replied whilst clenching her right fist, causing the gauntlet to creak.

'A cult. Good, might as well take out my anger on those bastards.' Flare thought before she went to Mira, "Hey Mira, we will take this job." Mira took the quest paper and registered it before giving the paper back.

"Good luck you three." She said as they left and waved at her.


"I really wish we took something else as transportation." Natsu said as he held his stomach, his posture slumped and his face slightly green as he sat on his seat on the moving train.

"You were the one who wanted to get there as quickly as possible Natsu." Erza calmly replied whilst sitting uneasily in her own seat. Flare looked at the two with a raised eyebrow.

"Do you two have some sort of side effects while on a train?" Erza looked at her and fidgeted in her seat.

"Well, for some reason Natsu has motion sickness but only when he is on a train. When he is in other vehicles, he doesn't have it. We don't know why." Erza explained.

"And you?"

"Well, I kind of have dragon blood in me, giving me enhanced sight, smell, hearing and taste. The bad thing is, I get motion sick though not to the level of someone like Gajeel or Wendy." Erza explained while still looking uneasy.

"Dragon blood?" Flare tilted her head before it hit her and she slapped her forehead, "Of course. You weren't really born normally." Flare said as Erza looked surprised before she nodded.

"Say, your Natsu in your world," Erza began as Flare and Natsu listened to her, "Is he your father or something?" Flare nodded with a sad look.

"Yeah, he found me after Atlas Flame, my dragon parent disappeared and took me in. In my world, you, Cana and Wendy are my adopted sisters and Irene is my step-mother." At the name 'Irene', Erza's eyes widened and she seemed to go into a trance.

"Erza. Erza, snap out of it." Natsu groggily said as he lightly slapped her, snapping her out as she shook her head.

"Thanks Natsu." Flare raised an eyebrow at her acting that way but chose not to say anything. For the next several hours, the three spent their time talking, sharing things like differences with time, Magic, some stories and light jokes.

"She really did that?" Erza asked as Flare nodded.

"Yeah, first she put soda in it, then added rum and whiskey, then added some wine and beer before adding vodka. She topped it all off with some hot sauce and magic juice that she found and called it 'Father of all Drinks'. Unfortunately, when she drank it, she vomited it all out within minutes and that was after she got so hammered that she started flirting with Natsu and having a contest with Irene on who would be a better wife. All the while calling her all sorts of names like 'Red head whore', 'Big tit slut', 'Magic Milf' and the funniest of all: 'Mrs. Saggy Breasts Fat Assed hag'." Erza simply blinked before she started snickering, which then turned into chuckles that soon turned into full-blown laughter. Natsu laughed as well in spite of his state.

"Oh that is just hilarious." Erza said after she calmed down.

"You should have seen her after she recovered from the hangover. When she learned about what she did she became so red you would think she was a tomato and had awkward moments with dad while constantly apologizing to Irene and doing work at home for her because she thought she was still mad at her. Irene already forgave her but used the situation and had Cana do all the chores for a few days." Erza chuckled at that as well but Flare wasn't done.

"But the funniest thing is that Irene accidentally ended up drinking 'Father of all drinks' in the process and got hammered as well. She started fights in the guild, punched all the perverts in the guild in their nuts and kicked the females in their boobs and vaginas for some reason. To top it all off: She found some rope, wrapped Natsu up and dragged him home and kicked us out while calling us 'Husband stealing little hussies'. For the next few days, we weren't allowed to enter and only heard how they fucked." Erza had a look of surprise before she laughed again at the absurdity of it all.

"Did-Did she think you were trying to steal Natsu?" Erza managed to ask as Flare simply scratched the back of her head.

"Well, we did take up a lot of his time and he nearly forgot their anniversary so I think she just let out her frustrations on us. And all of that led to her getting pregnant and nine months later we had a younger brother in the family." Flare explained before the train stopped.

"The train has arrived at the town of Lupinus Town. Please do not forget your belongings. Thank you for your attention."

"Well, it's our stop. Let's go." Flare said getting out of her seat as the two followed her out of the train.

"Oh finally. I was getting kinda bored on that train." Natsu said as the three explored the town. Lupinus was well known for its flowers and it was obvious as there were flower decorations everywhere, so much so that the three started to get annoyed by the smell.

"I like flowers, but this seems a bit too much." Flare said while grimacing at the seemingly endless flowers around her.

"There is a point when it gets too much and this town has managed to reach it." Erza said as Natsu nodded at her. However, as they walked, the stench of flowers was replaced by something else entirely.

"Do you smell that?" Flare asked while sniffing and immediately covered her nose.

"I do. It stinks of decay here." Erza answered while waving her hand to get rid of the smell, out of the corner of her eye she noticed decaying flowers, trees and other plants. But what surprised her more were the people in white doctor outfits helping incredibly sick looking people.

"Something's wrong here. It feels like this town is decaying." Natsu said as he looked around. Soon enough they saw a large building at the center of the town.

"Well there is the town hall. Let's go get the mayor and ask for details." The three entered the building, finding a secretary wearing a face mask as they opened the doors.

"Excuse me?" The secretary looked up at them.

"How can I help you?" Flare took out the quest paper.

"We are Fairy Tail mages. We came here for the S-Class quest." The woman's eyes widened before she stumbled out of her seat.

"Excuse me for a moment." They nodded at her as she left to inform the town mayor. For several seconds there was nothing but silence before the secretary came back.

"He will see you right now. Let me show his office." She gestured them to follow and they did, passing many rooms and windows before they stopped at a large door. The secretary opened the door and let them in.

"Oh thank god you are here." The mayor said while sitting at his table. A man in his forties and wearing a normal business suit, he looked like any other mayor or important figure. Though he looked very distressed, taking a handkerchief and wiping at his forehead as he stared at the numerous paperwork on his desk.

"Greetings mayor. We are here concerning the quest. Something about a cult that appeared here. Can you tell us more about this cult." Erza asked as the man nodded rapidly.

"Yes, this cult appeared around three weeks ago. It started out as a group of people who came here speaking about some sort of cycle of 'decay and rebirth' and 'new life'. They came here, showed some tricks and offered us to join the cult before leaving into the forest. Over the next few days, the homeless people here went to the forest to join the cult and whenever the cult came back, they would have more members and would repeat the tricks and words. However, after a week people started disappearing from the town, sometimes almost magically and leaving behind only decay and disease, at times we would even find bodies in people's homes. Soon enough we found out that the cult was responsible for all of that and sent guards to get rid of them." The mayor poured a glass of wine to calm himself.

"I guess it didn't work then." Natsu said as the mayor nodded.

"Worse. The guards joined the cult as well and every time that the cult would come back, they would bring decay to the flowers, plants and disease to people. After several more attempts at sending more guards at them, we finally decided to call mages to help us deal with them. But while we waited, people started getting sick and showing signs of something akin to a plague. The quarter of the population started getting sick with no explanation and the doctors didn't have an answer as to why it was happening. We did all we could to contain the infection and waited for any guild to pick the quest and get rid of the cult." The three frowned as they heard the tale and looked at each other before they nodded and turned to the mayor.

"We will get rid of the cult Mr. mayor. You can count on us." Flare confidently said as the mayor slumped in his seat.

"Oh thank goodness for your help. The cult is situated in the forest, they mostly come out of the north parts so your best bet is to go that way."

"Thank you mayor. We will get rid of this problem as soon as we can." The trio left the office and the building.

"So what do you two think? Any ideas or plans on how to tackle this quest?" Flare asked her companions as Erza turned to see the sun setting down.

"Let's find a hotel and search for the cult tomorrow early in the morning. A little bit of rest wouldn't hurt."

Later that night.

After renting a room in a hotel, the three went over several plans and had dinner before going to sleep. Well, two of them.

Flare lay sleepless on her bed, her memories didn't let her sleep. She sighed and looked at the other bed where Erza and Natsu lay. The scarlet haired woman had snuggled up to the salmon haired man and both slept peacefully. They looked like a couple really.

'I am not surprised if they are dating each other. I've seen plenty of worlds where Erza dated Natsu. Heh, the look on Erza's face was priceless when we went to our first world and saw them fucking in the guild.' Flare thought before she threw off the covers and went to the balcony. She looked over the beautiful city and took a breath of fresh air, trying to clear her head.

'What do I do? I don't know what fully happened to my world. Maybe there are survivors or maybe someone escaped like I did.' Flare thought before she exited the balcony and went to the bedroom. Fumbling through her jeans, she found the holo-cube. Putting her magic into it, she unlocked it before opening the pictures file.

Her eyes started to tear up as she looked at the old pictures. The first was when they formally joined the guild, the second was Wendy's birthday, the dark blue haired girl looked especially happy as Natsu gave her a necklace with a blue dragon spreading its wings. The next picture was a wedding, specifically her father's marriage to Irene, the two looked very happy as Flare, Wendy and Erza stood around them and hugged the two. Following that picture was the one of Erza's birthday as Natsu gave her a necklace of a dragon wrapped around a sword, the scarlet haired girl looked very happy as Irene brought forward a strawberry birthday cake.

The following picture had the family standing next to a New Year tree. Natsu sat on an armchair in his normal outfit, Irene sat on his lap and hugged her husband's neck. Wendy sat on his other leg and happily ate a chocolate bar, Erza stood next to them and wore a winter outfit, finally she herself stood at the edge giving a peace sign as she took the photo. The next one had Cana looking very drunk and holding a bottle of the strongest drink she created and was busy wrecking the guildhall as Flare and Erza had a small brawl with Wendy caught in the middle as Natsu laughed in the background.

Flare kept looking through the pictures, until she came to a particular set of pictures. On the first, Irene had a small smile as she held a pregnancy test with Cana, Erza, Wendy and Flare cheering in the background. Natsu though…lay unconscious on the ground with a happy smile on his face. The next one had Natsu and Irene sitting on a sofa in front of a fireplace with Natsu caressing Irene's pregnant belly. Wendy was there as well putting a hand on her mother's belly and having a look of wonder on her face. Erza sat next to her mother and Cana sat next to her as they all sat around a very happy Irene. The second to last picture had Irene holding a baby in a blue blanket and having a teary-eyed look as Natsu stood next to her, holding her by her waist and wagging his finger at the baby.

The final picture had the entire Dragneel family standing together in the guildhall for Flare's birthday. Flare stood in the center with Erza standing to her right and Cana to her left, both having placed their hands on her shoulders. Behind them stood their parents, Irene held the red haired baby boy in her hands while Natsu had an arm wrapped around her whilst putting his other arm on Flare's head. Wendy sat on his shoulders and gave a peace sign as the Exceeds floated around them.

Flare teared up, her hands shook as she then grasped the necklace around her neck, the leftover magic in it still feeling warm. Her form shook as she tried not to cry. She put away her cube and laid in bed before she started crying softly until she fell asleep.

The next morning. At the forest near the town.

The three mages walked through the forest, searching for any sign of the cult. So far, they haven't found any leads or clues as to where their base was.

"Find anything?" Flare asked as she looked around.

"I don't see anything. No decay, no leads, nothing. What about you Natsu?" Erza asked as she looked up.

"Nah, don't see any suspicious building or any cave from up here." The salmon haired male climbed up a tree and looked around but still couldn't find anything.

"Maybe we are searching for them wrong?" Erza said as Flare looked at her and Natsu jumped down.

"What do you propose then?"

"How about we look for decaying plants or ground? We might find them if we follow the decay as well as the smell." Erza explained as Flare felt like face palming herself.

"Why didn't I think of that?" She sighed.

"Alright, let's try to find anything that is decaying around here. Hopefully it's somewhere around-"

"Found it!" The two turned to see Natsu standing over decayed plants, which also reeked of a horrible smell. Next to him a decayed remains of a tree and patches of ground looked dead.

"That was easy." Flare commented as the two went to the decayed ground and started following it, hoping to find the hideout. As they walked though, the smell worsened and decay could be seen everywhere around them. Hell, they saw several critters, stags, rabbits and wolves dying from diseases or insects with their bodies starting to decay. Erza and Natsu grimace when they see the wolves' guts spill out of their bodies and stags' eyes fall out.

"There is something seriously wrong here." Erza commented as she clutched her nose from the horrible smell.

"Yeah, animals don't die this quickly or start decaying so fast. Something or someone is practicing dark magic." Natsu said as he also closed his nose from the smell.

"And here is the source." Flare replied as she came to a stop, her companions following suit as they looked at an old abandoned building. It looked ready to fall apart at any moment, it didn't help that it emitted some sort of unholy aura that caused everything around it to die.

"Well, we are here." Flare said as she turned to them "Alright, remember. We go in quietly and as stealthily as we can and deal with the cultists in the old fashioned-"

"HeLlO mY fRiEnDs!" Flare jumped back, startled by the voice and when she and the two looked back they had a big urge to throw up as they looked at the unexpected person.

Simply put. He. Was.


His whole body looked like it held all diseases known to man, his face covered in boils leaking pus, zits that had maggots in them crawling out of his face. His crooked teeth smelled horrible with centipedes and bugs crawling aroundand escaping through his torn cheeks. He only wore pants so they had a good look at his torso, his chest had holes, boils, buboes, bruises and blisters, all of them bleeding or oozing out pus, fatty tissue, disease and even maggots. His abdomen had a giant hole with his intestines spilling out, his lower parts are covered by torn jeans but they could see his rotting legs and his dangly arms covered in all manner of disgusting stuff. Yet in spite of all that, his most disturbing feature…

Was the happy smile on his face.

He looked at them with a jolly look, as if he wasn't falling apart or had maggots crawling out.

"I DiD nOt ExPEcT StRanGeRs tO ApPeaR In OuR TeRRItoRy. BuT It iS gOoD To sEe GuEstS AroUnD HeRe. Do yOu WisH To jOiN ThE CulT oF UnclEaN?" He asked with such a joy and happiness that it made the mages shiver in disgust and fear.

"No fucking way! Kill it with fire!" Flare shouted before she sent a torrent of flames at him, the flames burned his body but instead of screaming, he simply laughed like a maniac. Flare stopped the flames and looked at the skeletal remains before turning to her companions.

"You know what? Screw the plan! We are busting in, burning all the cultists and then we get the fuck out of here!" They nodded rapidly at her as Flare then turned towards the building before lighting up her fist.

And blew the door to smithereens.

"Alright assholes! Show your-HURK!" Flare stopped as she beheld the sight before her. Natsu and Erza came behind her and both covered their mouths from what they saw.

The entire interior of the building is a mess of flesh, disease, bones, infection and decay. You can't even see the walls because they are covered in flesh like substance that pulsed and almost seemed living. Bones of animals and humans littered the place with some bones still having flesh on them. Swarms of insects, ranging from mosquitos, flies and bugs flew and crawled around, the scarier part is that all of them are as big as cats!

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" Flare and Natsu shouted before Flare couldn't take it and began to throw up. She had dealt with a lot of stuff as a mage, even in other worlds, but this had to be the most disgusting place she had ever seen.

"oH. WhAt Is ThIs?" a jolly voice said as a cultist appeared "BRoThErS, wE hAvE gUesTs!" Right as he said that, more cultists appeared, each of them as abhorrent, disgusting and putrid as the last. Some had slimy tentacles for hands, some had bone horns coming out of their heads and many of them had organs that kept spilling out. What was once human is simply no longer there and all of them are nothing more than horrid masses of disease, decay and pestilence.

"WeLcoMe To OuR CulT," the one at the front made a sound that seemed like he was slurping back his pus "YoUng OneS. ArE YoU HerE To aCcEpT ThE WaYs Of UnCleAn OneS?" Flare's eyes hardened even if she wanted to puke again from the very sound of his voice.

"I ain't joining a cult full of psychos here! We are here to burn you all to ash so either give up and accept your fate or resist and get burnt to hell!" She lit her hands with hellish fire as black flames covered Natsu's body and Erza created a fire scythe. Flare expected the cultists to get angry and start attacking them.

But much to their shock, the cultists all laughed, their laughter echoing through the building and into the forest as they either held their bellies or spread pus around them as their bodies shook from the laughter.

"SiLlY LittLe GirL!" The leader said before he raised his hand, "GeT ThEm BrOthErS!"

At once, the other cultists sprang into action, all armed with infected axes, swords and machetes. The doorways began to collapse, forcing the three to get away and fight the cultists head on.

Flare punched a cultist away with a burning fist, sending his shoulder parts flying. He though, simply laughed and swung his axe at her. She dodged it and kicked his legs away with a powerful kick. Another cultist ran at her and she threw a small fireball at him, lighting him on fire. The cultist kept swinging his sword at her, ignoring the flames as Flare kicked his head off and pushed him away. Two more cultists charged at her and she had to dodge their axes/machetes. Something grabbed her ankle and she looked down to see the legless cultist holding her leg and about to cut it. She smashed his head with a stomp before she jumped up and pulled off a drop kick that sent the other two cultists back. She lit her body on fire before grabbing one of the cultists and pulled off a German Suplex, driving his head and shoulders into the floor.

"Welcome to suplex city bitch!" She said before she grabbed the second cultist and ripped his head off with an uppercut that also destroyed his upper chest.

Erza cut off the hand of one cultist before stabbing him in the head with his own weapon. She turned around and dodged a swipe from another cultist before she cut him horizontally in half. Another cultist tried to catch her off guard but she cut him in half with her fire scythe. A cultist punched her from behind and she turned around to see the same cultist who she stabbed in the head now attacking her with his bare hand. Erza side-stepped his blows before she made a fire gauntlet and punched his head off.

Natsu kicked a cultist away before dodging an axe swing from another. He covered his hand in black fire before grabbing a by his head and burned it til it turned into a skull. He ripped it off and threw it at another. He then formed fire claws before using them to slice a cultist apart, he turned around and blocked an infected sword before using his claws to destroy the sword and vertically cut the cultist in two. Two more cultists went at him but he used a howl on them to burn them.

For the next few minutes, the three kept fighting until there was no opposition left. The three stood in the now destroyed building, cultists either lay dead or burned.

"Well that takes care of that." Flare dusted her hands and looked around, nodding with satisfaction at the job well done.

"For a cult that scared people, they sure are pretty weak." Natsu said as he rolled his shoulder.

"They were dangerous though. Imagine if they got out of here and into a more densely populated place." Erza said as the two shivered at that.

"Glad we stopped them." A laugh sounded out causing the three to look at a burned cultist. He lay on the ground, laughing happily at their words.

"FoOliSh LiTtlE ChiLdREn." He said as he chuckled some more, "Do YoU ReAllY THiNk tHaT It iS OvEr JuST bEcAusE We ArE DeAd? We aRE tHE FolLoWeRs oF DeCaY AnD RebIrTh. DeAtH iS OnLy ThE BegInNinG fOr uS. AnD WheN He ComEs oUt, AlL ShaLl KnOw ThE WaY Of ThE UncLeAn." He laughed again as Flare marched over to him and planted her foot on his neck.

"Who comes out?!" She demanded as he simply kept laughing.

"SooN, HiS GloRy WilL ShInE UpOn Us AlL." He gave a very happy love before Flare smashed his head with her foot and turned to her companions.

"We gotta find out what he was talking about. If we are quick enough, we might be able to stop it."

"But where do we search for it?" Erza asked as they all looked around the destroyed remains.

"You don't need to."

Suddenly, fleshy vines sprang out and wrapped around their limbs before dragging them through the ground. They dragged them through doors to the building's walls until they found themselves in a large clearing, everything decayed and several human skeletons lay around. But the one thing that had their attention was the hooded figure standing in front of a circle which glowed unhealthy green and had us leaking from it.

"I've been waiting for you." The figure said in a male voice that was oddly familiar to them.

"That voice…Who are you? Are you the leader?" Erza asked as she hung upside down by the fleshy vine. The figure though simply chuckled before turning to look at them.

"Oh you know quite well Erza. Especially since you and the pink haired fucker over there destroyed my tower." The figure shifted his hood, showing a very familiar yet very different face and Flare growled as she saw him.

"Fernandez." Jellal Fernandez stood in shadows, his blue hair still visible and it looked cut in half with the other side of his head being bald.

"Fernandez? As in Jellal Fernandez? The guy who we beat up in the Tower Of Heaven?" Natsu asked as Jellal chuckled.

"I remember that day quite well. I was at the brink of resurrecting Zeref, coming close to bringing the Lord of Darkness back to our world." He raised his arms up before he growled and lowered them, "And then you two put your noses where they don't belong and screwed up my plan, destroyed my Tower and all the years of work that I put on it." He stomped his foot in anger as he said that with Erza and Natsu glaring at him.

"You killed one of the Council members, endangered the lives of innocent, enslaved people until they became nothing more than husks that followed you, forcing us to kill them AND as if THAT wasn't enough, you tried to appear innocent while you kidnapped and raped one of our members! We had all the reasons to come after you, you Dark Guild Bitch!" Erza yelled at him as Jellal gave her a backhand, leaving a red handprint on her cheek as Natsu and Flare growled at him.

"How about you shut up, redhead whore." Jellal said as Natsu looked pissed!

"Hey, don't you dare hit her! I'm gonna fry your ass again when I get out of these things!" Natsu yelled as he struggled to get out of his bonds. Jellal chuckled at his futile attempts before his eyes fell on Flare.

"Well, well, well. Who do we have here?" He went to her and cupped her chin, "What is a beauty like you doing with them?" Flare spat at him, causing him to frown.

"Fuck off you blue haired shit stain! I ain't falling for your tricks!" Jellal wiped away the spit and punched her in the abdomen, causing her to cough up spit.

"Flare!" Natsu shouted as he struggled harder.

"Such a shame. You would have made a good wife along with Erza but I guess that won't be coming true." He sighed before he went back to the circle and started chanting in some unknown language.

"So what now Jellal? What manner of creatures are you worshipping or trying to resurrect? Or are you letting whoever it is treat you as their personal bitch?" Flare asked but Jellal simply kept chanting as the circle started glowing.

"Oh great one. Your faithful servant calls upon you. Return to this world and bring forth the age of decay and rebirth!" The ground started shaking as a green glow appeared from the circle and the pus, blood around them began to bubble. The three captured mages could only look in horror as a shape of…something appeared before Jellal.

"Ah. Flesh, bile and disease. How delicious." A very twisted, very jolly and disgusting voice said as two eyes looked down at Jellal.

"As promised, oh Great One. You are free now." Jellal said as he removed his upper clothing revealing that half his body is now rotten with organs nearly falling out and his face seemingly melted into flesh which then merged with his shoulders.

"Oh, rise little Fernandez. I thank you for your sacrifice." Jellal's eyes widened.

"Sacrifice?" The shape turned into green mist that started darting around, before it slammed down on Jellal's body as he started to scream in pain. His vines started bursting out, his face swelled, his right arm began to expand and his stomach enlarged until it burst out of his body.

"Why? I kept my end of the deal!" He screamed as the mages watched in horror before a blast of magic and decay sent them flying against rocks and knocked them out.

Before she lost her consciousness, Erza saw a giant shape in the shadows.

"Time to spread death and decay to this world." Was the last thing she heard before she passed out.

In a small village far away from large cities, a little girl ran around while giving flowers to everyone.

"God bless you, little one." An old woman said as she took the flower and patted the girl on her head as she left with a nearly empty basket in her hand.

The little girl skipped along and had a happy smile as she looked at the happy residents.

"There you are." A female voice as the girl turned around and smiled at who it was, "Don't go anywhere without me like that, my little scarlet angel." The woman said as the little girl gave her a flower crown that she made. The woman smiled and knelt down so that the girl could put it on her head. After that, the little girl took the woman's hand and began to drag her towards the lake.

"Let's go mommy. We will miss the sight." The woman gigged and caught up to her daughter.

"Slow down Erza." Erza looked back to say something, but was confused when she saw no one, she wasn't holding anyone's hand and the area was empty.

"Mommy?" Erza asked as she looked around.

"Erza. Erza!" the little girl looked around trying to find the voice.

"Mommy!" the girl shouted as fear gripped her heart.

"Erza, Wake Up!" Brown eyes snapped open as Erza coughed up some dust and tried to stand up. She winced as she felt a bruise on her head and rubbed the area.

"Erza, are you okay?" she looked up and saw Natsu looking at her with concern.

"I am fine Natsu." She replied as she stood up.

"Are you sure? You were saying 'mommy' while you tossed and turned." Erza froze but nodded nonetheless.

"What happened?" She asked.

"Some fucking creature appeared! That's what happened." Flare replied as she rolled her shoulder to relieve some tension, "And it looks like it went to Lupinus town!" The two's eyes widened.

"It's gonna put everyone in danger! We need to hurry or else we might be too late to stop it." They nodded at her before they started running towards the town, using the decaying path as a lead to get there.

"I can see the town!" Natsu said as they saw the lights outside the forest. But as they finally came out of the forest, their determination turned to horror as they saw the town.

More accurately, its ruins.

"Oh my god." Erza whispered as she saw the ruined town. The once beautiful and populated town known for its flowers was now ruined and turned into a ghost town filled with disease and decay. Bodies of men, women and children lay around, each having some sort of a putrid green liquid around them. On top of that, a horrid smell that caused the three to cover their noses lest they puke again or they inhale anything dangerous.

"It caused all of this?" Erza asked with horror in her voice as they stepped over the corpses and the pus covered ground.

"Looks like we underestimated it. We need to stop it before it causes more death." Flare said as they went to the train station but much to their despair, it lay in ruins with the train itself nothing more than a wreck with all the workers dead. And as if that wasn't enough, the railroads are torn apart so even if a train came to the station there would be no way that they could go to where the creature went.

"Shit. Now how are we supposed to find it?!" Natsu roared out and punched the broken wall in anger causing it to fall apart.

"We gotta think of another way to get to it. The lead is still there," Erza said while pointing at the decayed ground, "But we need to hurry if we wish to stop it."

"Hey, I found this thing here!" Flare shouted as they turned to her.

And saw a blue portal right next to her.

"A-A portal?" Natsu asked as he saw it, confused as to why it appeared.

"But where does it lead to?" Erza asked as she and Natsu stood next to Flare, "For all we know it could be a trap!"

"But we don't have any other choice Erza! We either risk it and take this portal or go on foot to stop the monster and be too late to stop it!" Flare said as the two looked at the portal with uncertainty in their eyes.

"I don't know about you but I'm taking this risk!" Flare said before she stepped back, "See you on the other side!" before running into the portal. Natsu looked at the portal before he shook his head.

"Screw it! Let's do this Erza!" Natsu said before he went into the portal too. Erza watched him go before she sighed.

"I am not letting that idiot go without me." She muttered before she too ran at the portal "Wait for me!" was all she said before she entered it and after a few seconds, it closed behind her.


Magnolia…was in chaos. Buildings destroyed, corpses littering the streets and

"Lightning Dragon's Roar!" A beam of lightning shot is seen followed by a bright explosion. A distorted, jolly laughter followed.

"Is that all, little dragon?" The voice taunted before a disgusting belching sound followed.

"Take cover!" Laxus shouted to the people around him before they all jumped away as the ground they stood on got covered in a disgusting green slime.

"What do we do?! We haven't even damaged it, Laxus!" Kagura shouted while using her sword to stand up. Her left ankle is broken and her clothes tattered.

"It tanked my strongest attack and is still standing! How the fuck is that possible?!" Mira shouted whilst holding the stub of her left arm. Her siblings stood next to her with Lisanna clutching her chest and Elfman missing a hand.

"It's no use." Laki said whilst hugging her knees as she looked at Yukino's lifeless eyes.

"We need to do something! We can't just give up!" Alzack shouted whilst holding on what remained of his shredded left arm. Bisca sat next to him and applied bandages as Asuka trembled in fear behind her mother.

"We need to think!" Wendy said as she used her magic to heal Juvia's wounds as the blue haired water mage was close to passing out, "We might be able to-"

"Watch out!"

She looked behind and saw a plague-ridden monster charging at her with a sword in one of its hands.

"Get away from her!" Romeo appeared with a fire fist and punched it hard in the face. It staggered but recovered as it swung its sword at him. Romeo dodged it, grabbed the arm and ripped off before shoving it bone first into its head. Romeo breathed a sigh of relief as he saw the monster fall dead. He turned to Wendy and gave her a smile and she smiled back.

Only for it to turn into a look of horror. Romeo raised an eyebrow at her before he looked down and saw a sword sticking out of his stomach. He coughed up blood and looked behind him to see another monster holding the sword. It lifted him up before throwing him away towards a wall, which collapsed on him.

"Romeo!" Wendy shouted before she looked at the monster and gathered magic in her mouth, "Sky Dragon's Roar!" A tornado launched the monster back towards one of the street lamps, which impaled him. Wendy stood up and went to Romeo's body, picking up the debris around him and helping him get out.

"Please, hold on. Everything will be alright." She softly said before she tried healing the stab wound on his stomach. To her shock, the wound healed extremely slowly while also being infected by the monster's sword.

"Please no." She whispered as she poured more magic into him, trying desperately to heal him.

"HAHAHAHA!" The same laughter that they heard since it invaded their town was heard as the ground shook from its footsteps, "Yes, despair mortals! Your suffering gives me more power!"

The creature came to them and they could see all of its disgusting features. It is a giant green blob of a monster, a monster as big as a dragon but instead of being majestic, it was all kinds of disgusting and wretched. Its entire body is covered in buboes, boils and blisters, a giant hole in the stomach with its disgusting entrails spilling out. It seemed to decay but was still alive and jolly. Its head had horns with one bigger than the other and a long tongue. Its flesh, rotting with disease and corruption with maggots and bugs crawling out of various holes.

"What in the actual fuck are you?" Laxus asked with a glare as the monster simply chuckled at them.

"I don't really like giving my name to mere ants like you." It said with a chuckle and checked the edge of the giant sword that it held, "And besides, you all will have enough time to know me after you join me in the cycle." It then reared its head back, ready to puke all over them.


A huge torrent of yellowish red and hellish fire hit it, causing it to grunt and take several steps back. The Fairies took the time to get away to a safer location as Laxus took Wendy and Romeo in his arms. The torrent stopped as the monster waved away the rest of the fire from its body. Several small, insignificant burns on its stomach as its gaze turned to its attacker, a smile on its face as it looked at them.

"Well, it seems like more mortals decided to intervene." It said as Natsu, Erza and Flare looked up at it with a glare, "Ah, I remember you three. The ones who destroyed my entire cult." It then chuckled again, "But no matter, there are thousands willing to replace them. I shall spread the gifts of decay and despair to all of Earth Land and everyone will embrace death as part of a cycle." It gave a hearty laugh as the three glared at it.

"Like hell we are letting you do that you giant zit!" Flare shouted before she lit her feet and rushed at him.

"Hell Fire Dragon's Savage Talon!" The monster simply raised its arm to block her kick, and tried to grab her but Flare used her fire to propel herself upwards.

"Hell Fire Dragon's Meteor Drop!" She lit her hands before doing a dive motion towards the monster. She hit it on the head but it simply swatted her away with a backhand, sending her crashing towards a building.

"Flare!" Natsu shouted before he created wings of black fire and flew up at the monster.

"Blazing Fire: Demon Wave!" His wings enlarged before he sent a large torrent of black fire towards it. The flames covered its entire head but the monster simply laughed them off and swiped at him with its giant infected sword. Natsu dodged it before his mouth started steaming.

"Blazing Fire: Demon Blast!" A large black fireball appeared out of his mouth and towards the monster, causing an explosion as it hit its head. The monster took a slight step back before it launched a ball of puke at him, hitting him head on. The ball launched him back to the ground and sent him skidding through the ground.

"GAH!" Natsu shouted as he felt the puke on his body start to burn slightly, he quickly lit himself on fire to burn it off.

"You bastard!" Erza shouted before she brought her hands together.

"Scarlet Dragon!" A Chinese dragon made of fire went towards the monster before it exploded as it hit its arm.

Erza slammed her fists down on the ground, channeling magic through them as the ground around her glowed red and went towards the monster.

"Scarlet Eruption!" A geyser of fire erupted from beneath the monster before Erza forged fire armor around her and flew up to the monster and forged two large swords.

"Scarlet Blades!" She swung against it only to hit its sword. It swiped at her and she parried it before it punched her hard, breaking her fire armor and sending her flying back. It smiled and readied a puke ball.

"Hell Fire Dragon's Claw!" Until Flare attacked with large flame claws and stopped its attack. The monster growled and tried to swipe at her.

"Blazing Fire: Devil's Rage!" a wave of hellish fire followed suit, stopping its counter attack. It took a step back and glared at Natsu.

"Scarlet Hatred!" Erza flew up at it again and slammed a giant spinning fireball at its head. It took several steps back and tried to swipe at the three.

"Erza, now!" Natsu shouted as he lit his hands with hellish flames as Erza grabbed his right hand as they both concentrated. Laxus saw that and immediately turned towards Flare.

"Flare! Distract the monster!" Flare nodded at him before she brought her hands together.

"Hell Fire Dragon's Purging Flame!" She created several large fireballs before sending them towards the monster, each one exploding as they hit its head, body and arms as she then covered herself in fire.

"Hell Fire Dragon's Burning Tornado!" She started spinning and created a tornado of fire before sending it towards the monster. The tornado burned everything in its path and it covered the entire monster. Flare grinned before she reared her left arm back and covered it in fire.

"Hell Fire Dragon's Firing Hammer!" Fire spun around her arm before she launched them at the creature as it turned into a giant fist. It hit the tornado head on and caused a large explosion.

"Flare get away!" Natsu shouted at her as she jumped away from the monster as Natsu and Erza glowed brightly and prepared their attack. They put their hands slightly apart from each other.

"UNISON RAID! DEVIL DRAGON'S FURY!" A small ball of fire formed at their palms slowly taking the shape of a dragon's skull before they threw their hands forward as the ball turned into a giant dragon, which roared to the skies. The dragon then dove towards the monster, swallowing it and enveloping it in hellish fire. The dragon then turned into a huge sphere that soon turned white and before long…


It exploded, creating a bright light that could be seen miles away, a pillar of fire following afterwards reaching the skies. The sheer heat of the flames burned the buildings, trees and corpses.

"Hold on!" Laxus said as he and the rest of the guild hid behind the ruins of a building, each one feeling the immense heat with some starting to have burns on their arms and legs.

Eventually the flame pillar stopped and started to disappear while the temperature returned to normal. Natsu and Erza panted lightly as Flare stood up and looked at the dust cloud.

"Is it over?" She asked as Natsu and Erza turned to her.

"I think so. That attack destroys everything and everyone it targets. I doubt that it could have survived." Natsu replied as Erza nodded.

"Let's go find the others, if we are lucky they found a safe place that wasn't affected by the blast radius and-"


Suddenly, a huge blast of wind dispersed the dust, showing the monster at the blast radius. Much to the trio's shock, its burns healed as it began to absorb the infected corpses into itself, though the boils and the entrails remained as it gave a look full of anger at the trio.

"You little brats! You think you can best me?!" It howled before it stomped the ground, shaking it before an earth spike sent Natsu flying back towards a building as it collapsed on him.

"I am Ulkair, The Great Unclean One! I have brought down civilization after civilization with all the diseases in the world!" It sent several puke balls at Erza, hitting her head on and forcing her to kneel as she felt the burning puke all over her body.

"I will fill you with corruption and disease and watch as my maggots will feast on your still living bodies!" A green fleshy rope came out of its hole in the stomach. It grabbed Flare and started dragging her towards its hole, several monsters appearing ready to kill her.

"Get the hell away from me!" Flare shouted as she tried to burn the rope only for another to appear and grab her by her arms. They dragged her faster towards Ulkair who had a smile on his face as maggots came out of his boils.

"Soon you shall embrace the cycle and become one of us!" Ulkair jovially said as Flare came closer and closer to him. The girl, now desperate, tried to claw the ground but the ropes kept dragging her.

"Help!" Erza heard her and tried to help but the puke forced her back on the ground as she felt it stick. Natsu removed the rubble around him and tried to run only to fall as he felt his leg break. Looking down he saw that it was broken in several places.

"Yes, yes! Scream in despair mortal!" Ulkair said raising his blade as behind him a tear opened up, "For you shall forever live within my-"

He couldn't finish his sentence as someone appeared and sliced the ropes before grabbing Flare and jumping away from Ulkair's blade. Once she felt the ropes no longer drag her, Flare looked up at her savior and her eyes widened in recognition.

"Traveler?" He nodded at her and put her down before going to Natsu. He pulled out a syringe with a blue liquid in it and injected Natsu's broken leg. The pink haired man looked on in surprise as his bones reattached, his skin healed and the wounds disappeared.

"How did you-?" He wanted to ask but Traveler went to Erza and began to remove the puke around her using a strange spray that destroyed the puke.

"You okay?" Erza nodded at him as Natsu came up to her and helped her up. Flare went to them as Traveler looked at the monster.

"That is one ugly son of a bitch." He said as Ulkair launched a puke ball at him. He burned it with his flames before looking at the three.

"Okay, come here. I have a plan." They made a small circle as hushed whispers were heard and Ulkair raised an eyebrow.

"What's wrong mortals? Discussing your final wishes. Don't worry, I will make sure that your suffering will be as painful as possible." He said as they kept whispering before Flare, Natsu and Erza broke the circle and nodded at him. They looked at the monster and grinned as Laxus looked up from his cover.

"What the hell are they doing?" The rest of the survivors looked at where he was looking and saw a strange new person standing with them.

"Who is that?" Laki asked as she saw him.

"Don't know. He doesn't seem strong though." Laxus said as he looked at the four. His confusion turned into surprise however as he saw and felt the three's magic power skyrocket and his eyes widened," Wait, are they really going to use that?"

Back with the four, Traveler stood back and watched the magic of the three mages skyrocket.

Hellish flames covered Flare's body before they began to heat up in intensity, her arms had cracks from which intense red bordering on blue flames came out and began to envelop her hands, taking the shape of large claws. The flames spread more and covered her legs, the flames took the shape of talons as fire spikes emerged from the knees. Large fiery wings came out of her back as scales started emerging on her face. They soon covered the upper half of her face while flames came out and enveloped the lower half of her face, creating a terrifying flaming maw.

Natsu's black flames slowly began to turn red as he started floating several feet off the ground. Horns came out of his head as his teeth turned sharp and his eyes turned white. Three pairs of black wings came out of his back followed by a spiked tail on his tailbone. His fingers turned into sharp claws with armor plates covering his hands up to his elbows. Black armor covered his ankles as his upper clothing turned into shreds.

Erza's body glowed white blinding those around her before the light disappeared. As it did, one could see Erza wearing armor all over her body. The armor is completely white with several streaks of red in the chest and head. It looked like one of the most finely crafted pieces of armor with its unique design that made it look draconic, the gauntlets are in the shape of dragon claws with the forearms having spikes in them. Her head protected by a headset in the shape of a dragon's head, the feet of the armor looked a lot like talons as red feathery wings came out the armor's back. Lastly, she held a sword in hand with the blade red and the handle white.

Laxus' eyes widened as he saw their changes.

"No way, Flare can use Dragon Force?" He muttered.

"Is that Dragon Queen armor that Erza is wearing? She never uses it unless it's necessary." Laki asked.

"And Natsu is in his ultimate state. What are they planning?" Juvia asked while wondering what they are trying to do.

Back with the three Flare grinned as she took a crouching stance.

"Alright, let's do this!" She disappeared in a flash and Ulkair grunted as Flare punched him in the face and sent him staggering back. She followed up with a kick that knocked out several of his teeth and dodged his grab before sending a torrent of intense flames at his face. He tried to swipe at her but Erza appeared and stopped his blade as she then proceeded to slice at his body with quick strikes, creating deep wounds. The two females flew around him and kept beating him up with Flare using her fists and legs to deliver blows while Erza kept slicing at him and occasionally punching at him. Ulkair grew angrier as he tried to catch either of them but failed every time. Finally he had enough and released a blast of putrid gas that knocked the two away from him. Ulkair brought forth more monsters from his stomach hole in an attempt to overwhelm them.

"Hell Fire: Lucifer's Chains!" Natsu brought forth flaming chains, which ripped the monsters apart. The remains started burning as the chains disappeared.

"Hell Fire: Cerberus' Rage!" a giant three headed dog appeared from behind him before it reared its heads back and shot huge fireballs at Ulkair. They hit him head on, causing burns to appear on him as he roared in anger. Natsu brought his hands forward before a seal appeared.

"Hell Fire: Damnation!" Behind Natsu a hundred seals appeared, all of them glowing before weapons came out and Natsu launched them towards Ulkair. They hit his body head on, causing him pain as Ulkair tried to deflect them. Once the weapons stopped, Erza and Flare went at him again, dealing damage as they kept beating his giant body.

Out of the battle, Traveler stood in a summon stance as he concentrated his magic. His body covered in flames before they compressed into small fireballs that floated around him. The fireballs then gathered into one medium sized ball that floated above Traveler. He removed his mask and looked at the three mages.

"Everyone, get him airborne now!" The three nodded and each spread their wings.

"Hell Fire: Sinner's Chains!" Natsu created several chains with hooks at the end. He threw them at Ulkair and each one pierced his flesh and hooked around it. Flare grabbed the ones that held his head while Erza grabbed the ones that held his arms and Natsu grabbed the ones around the body.

"Let's see how you would like this!" Flare shouted as she, Natsu and Erza spread their wings and began to fly up with the chains in their hands. At first, they couldn't lift him, but then Flare and Natsu used their flames to propel themselves forward, lifting Ulkair up as they kept flying upwards towards the clouds.

"You mortals think you can get rid of me so easily!" Ulkair shouted as he launched puke balls at them, missing them as they dodged. Soon enough, they breached the clouds before they tensed their muscles.

"This is your end!" Natsu shouted before the three of them threw Ulkair up with all their strengths, launching him towards the skies and as he began to fall, the three quickly decided to keep him up as Flare's mouth burned, Natsu gathered his flames to his hands and Erza's wings glowed red.

"Hell Fire Dragon's Raging Fury!"

"Hell Fire: Lucifer's Wrath!"

"Glory of the Dragon Queen!"

Flare launched a huge torrent of intense flames from her mouth while Natsu launched a beam of fire and Erza's wings unleashed a huge beam of magic at Ulkair's falling body. Each attack hit him head on and kept him in the sky as Ulkair roared in pain.

"NO! NO! I WILL NOT DIE LIKE THIS! I SHALL RETURN AND WHEN I DO, YOU WILL BEG ME FOR MERCY!" He shouted at them as he felt his flesh and skin begin to burn.

Down below, Traveler opened his mouth as the fireball compressed more, becoming smaller before Traveler swallowed it. Suddenly, the ground around him began to crack and a crater formed where he stood. His cheeks puffed as steam came out of his mouth and he slowly lifted his head towards Ulkair, light could be seen from his mouth as his cheeks puffed more.

"Fire Dragon's Devastator Beam!" Before he opened his mouth and launched a red beam directly at Ulkair, the ground cracked again and the shockwave of the blast knocked away everything. Natsu saw a beam from his position.

"Scatter!" He told Erza and Flare as they stopped their attacks and separated as the beam went past them and towards Ulkair whose eyes widened as he saw the beam.

"I hate mortals." Was all he could say before the hit him and he began to disintegrate as the beam travelled further past the moon and hit several asteroids. Traveler kept up the beam before it began to die down and became smaller and smaller until it stopped and disappeared completely.

Natsu, Erza and Flare looked at the skies, the clouds parted where the beam hit, putting them in awe of such power.

"Wow, he is…really strong." Natsu said as the two girls nodded before they flew down and landed on the ground. Erza's armor glowed before it disappeared leaving her in her casual clothes. Natsu's wings, horns and tail disappeared as his hands returned to normal and the armor plates turned to dust. Flare turned off her Dragon Force as her form became normal. They went towards Traveler who came out of the crater.

"So what now?" Natsu asked as Traveler turned to him.

"Now," He took out several hazmat suits from his backpack, "You can help your guild mates and remaining survivors disinfect and rebuild this entire city." The rest of the Fairy Tail guild members came out of their cover to look at Traveler as Erza grabbed one of the suits.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go."

A few weeks later.

"Hey, careful! If you don't wrap the corpse appropriately, all efforts will be wasted!"

"I know, I know! I will rewrap it!"

Erza shook her head as she stood in her hazmat suit and watched the survivors carefully wrap up the corpses securely in white cloths, almost making them look like mummies. She turned away and used her sanitizer spray on the ground. Laxus and Laki helped her wearing the same hazmat suits. Near the water supplies, Juvia used her magic to remove the infected water and other wastes whilst covered in water like body armor. Natsu and Flare burned the trees and any other vegetation, ensuring that anything left tainted by Ulkair's presence would not survive, that included animals. The rest helped rebuild the town using their magic to help the workers as other survivors wore protective suits.

"So far this is going well." Wendy said as she approached Erza wearing her own blue hazmat suit.

"Yeah and quicker than we expected, I guess we should be thankful that Traveler came to help us during these times." She replied as several around them nodded at her.

"Say Wendy, how is Romeo? Did he recover?" Wendy sighed and looked at Romeo's direction. Erza turned as well and gave a sigh as well as they saw him wear a hazmat suit and try to help others, but wincing constantly and holding his abdomen.

"His wound hasn't fully healed and the infection is still there. He is getting better though thanks to Traveler's medicine but he refuses to stay put and not help with the sanitization." She shook her head as she saw him lean on a wall and take deep breaths.

"He is really stubborn isn't he? Then again, he has always been stubborn. When he started training, he didn't take breaks like we advised him and kept training until he burned himself out." Laxus commented while continuing to sanitize the ground.

"Not to mention how stubborn he was when he said that he will earn your affection and become strong enough for you." Laki mentioned as Wendy sighed but gave a small smile at that.

"Yeah, I guess that's one of the reasons why I fell in love with him." She said before she saw him trip and went to his side, helping him up and making him sit down with his back against a wall.

"You know? It's funny how they started dating now when they didn't get along in the past." Laki said as she looked at the scene, with Wendy trying to tell Romeo to stay while the purple haired teen shook his head.

"I guess opposites really do attract." Erza replied as Laki deadpanned at her.

"You stole that from a novel didn't you?" Erza ignored and continued to spray the sanitizer as Laki shook her head and continued her work.

"These should be the last ones." Natsu said as he, Gray and Flare carried several wrapped corpses towards a large pit, which had human and animal corpses. They carefully put the corpses in the pit and crawled out of it. The two felt a bit uncomfortable wearing their hazmat suits, but didn't take them off for their safety and the safety of others.

"Say, where do you think Traveler is right now?" Flare shrugged at that

"Don't know. Probably searching for something or someone." She looked at the survivors reconstructing the city, "Man, how did we manage to do it so fast?"

"Traveler gave us the necessary stuff for us to do so." Natsu bluntly replied.

"I know that, but where did the funding come from to do so?"

"Well, half of the funding is from Crocus while the other half came from someone named Lucy…Heartfilia…I think." Gray replied while struggling to pronounce the last name as Flare's head snapped up.

"Heartfilia? You mean the Heartfilia Konzern? One of the wealthiest corporations in Fiore?" She asked as Gray nodded slightly.

"Yeah, I was surprised as well. Apparently, the old owner died and the new owner, who is apparently the heiress, sent us half the money necessary to help us." He said as Flare's face turned sad at the fact that Lucy never joined the guild in this world.

"What's wrong?" Natsu asked as Flare looked up at him.

"Sorry, it's just…In my world, Lucy left her home and joined the guild. She got nearly raped but I saved her and brought her to the guild. She-was-a member of Team Flare and even got nominated for an S-class test." She replied as Natsu and Gray whistled at that.

"S-class test? She must have been really strong then." Gray commented as Flare gave a sad smile.

"She was." she said, before she shook her head and looked at the two.

"Well, let's get back to work." She said as they covered the pit and went to help others.

In the different part of the town, Traveler came up to a large library. He tilted his head before looking at a visit card in his hand.

"Guess this is the address." He put it away and went inside the library. Once he opened the doors, he went to the counter to a sight that he didn't really expect. Sitting at the counter is a 21-year old woman with blue hair cut at the temples and spiking up at the top, and brown eyes. He would have dismissed her as a typical Levy were it not for the fact that she is taller, had a bigger bust, wore goth clothes and most of all, she had abs. The biggest surprise is that she sat playing a game of sorts on a lacrima with a 'Physics' book opened and lying at the desk along with a comic depicting a police officer wearing a strange helmet that looked like a bucket with an X on the front.

"Ahem." She looked up at him and raised an eyebrow at his attire.

"If you are looking for comic books, then I am afraid you are shit outta luck bud. I don't sell any of my comics, so scram." She dismissively said as she focused back on her game.

"I am not looking for comic books." She snorted at that.

"That's hard to believe with your attire of choice and the edginess coming off of you. You look like some edgy villain or hero cosplayer and if you are a fan of Dredd or Cyberofficer then you practically have the shittiest costume imaginable." She told him as Traveler looked at his outfit and raised an eyebrow.

"I am looking for Levy McGarden. Laki told me this is where I could find her." She looked at him again and after several moments of silence, she sighed and put down her lacrima.

"Let me guess," she started as she crossed her arms, "Tree girl decided I needed a boyfriend and gave one of her guild mates the address and told you to dress up all edgy to impress me and hoped I would accept your date? Well, newsflash bud: You ain't the first who tried to get in my pants or tried to impress me and you certainly ain't the last one. I mean, look at you. You smell of depression, self-loathing and all other shit that aren't emotions. Seriously, when did you take a bath?" She asked while crunching her nose as Traveler looked confused before he sniffed at his clothes and grimaced. He definitely needed a bath and clean his clothes.

"Look, you are beautiful, but I'm not here for that. This is very important." Levy looked very skeptical.

"On a scale of 'I don't give a shit' to 'This is important' how would you rate it?" Traveler smiled and took out blueprints.

"I would rate it as 'Defying Physics'." She narrowed her eyes at him, "This is the blueprint for a Multiversal Portal Creator. A device meant to access other universes." Levy blinked before she started to snicker and covered her mouth…and then burst out laughing as she held her sides.

"Oh man! Oh god! I-I can't even-!" She tried to say but couldn't through her laughter, she sat on her desk and beat the desk while still laughing.

"Are you done laughing?" She raised a hand in between her laughter before she eventually calmed down.

"That had to be the funniest shit I have ever heard in my life. I mean seriously, 'Multiversal Portal'? Access other universes? Are you one of those 'Dick & Shorty' fans who watched it too much and thinks you're intelligent just because you watch it? Next thing you're gonnna say is that I wouldn't get it and I am stupid as hell because I don't watch the show." She asked while standing up and leaning on a bookshelf. Traveler simply covered his face and shook his head.

'I fucking hate Rick and Morty fans.' He thought before looking at her.

"Look I am not joking here. These blueprints will help you create a multiversal device. Trust me on this."

"You know how many people told me that and made me look ridiculous in front of others? Let me tell you, they didn't get away with it and unless you drop this whole joke," she took out brass knuckles and put them on, "You can expect to get pummeled within the next 30 seconds." Traveler sighed at that.

"When Laki said that you are a fan of Multiverse Theory I expected you to be a bit more happy to hear about blueprints."

"Oh so Tree girl told you about that too huh? I will give you an A for effort. You certainly look better than the other two idiots who came here after she told them about me. Dumbasses pretended to be smart but I caught them red handed and kicked their asses out. You got 15 more seconds to get away before I pummel you by the way." She cracked her knuckles as Traveler deadpanned at her before he smiled at her.

"Just trust me Levy. I promise that I am telling the truth here." He said softly and she narrowed her eyes at him, fists clenching.

"Fine, but if I find out that this is a scam, I am gonna wring your neck. Got it?"

A few days later.

"It works! It fucking WORKS!" Levy shouted as she stood up on a table in the rebuilt Fairy Tail Guild and began to dance. Many members looked at her weirdly as she proceeded to dance and shake her hips while holding a revolver with a screen on the hammer and wires on the barrel connected to the chamber.

"Well, she is certainly…eccentric." Mira said to Laki while cleaning the bar with her new arm as the purple haired girl looked surprised.

"I have never seen her act like this and I have known her for years. I guess she must be happy that it actually works." She said as Cana watched the girl dance and cheered her on.

"Yeah Levy! Shake those hips!" The lush drunkenly shouted as Levy stopped her dance and got off the table.

"Oh, when I find that Traveler, I'm gonna give him the biggest kiss and fuck his brains out." She said as Flare stared at her wide-eyed.

"Man, I never thought I would see a Levy who acts like her. All the others I met are generally kind and happy bookworms but she is the complete opposite." Levy looked at her at that moment.

"You went through different worlds?" She nodded at that, "I need you to tell me everything you know. Start with my double from your world. Is she a nerd? Is she cool? Is she a crazy who thinks that every man is an asshole and claims to be a feminist but is actually really stuoid?" Flare raised an eyebrow at the last one.

"That's oddly specific."

"Just answer the question."

"Well, she was a bit timid, she was a bookworm and she was kind but she was also science crazy. One time she blew a giant hole because she got ecstatic trying to build something and it failed." Levy had a deadpan look at that.

"I like science but I am not crazy about it." She said before a portal opened up in the middle of the guild as Traveler came out.

"Well, I went to the places where Ulkair was and helped disinfect them, now they are prohibited for anyone, even for royalty." They all smiled at that.

"That's great. The faster we get rid of his remaining work, the better for everyone in Fiore." Laxus said as many nodded, some still had scars of the battle and some had wooden prosthetics until they could afford better ones.

"So what are you gonna do now?" Erza asked as Traveler sighed and looked at Flare.

"I wanted to talk to Flare. You said that you wanted to know what became of your world, right?" The girl's eyes widened at that, "I can take you there but you will need to stay close to me at all times okay?" She nodded as Traveler created a blue portal and took her hand.

"Here goes nothing."

Earth Land: 1852-A.

Flare and Traveler came out of the other end of the portal and into the planet, Flare's eyes widening in despair and horror at what remained of her world.

The entire planet is nothing more than a broken husk, its vegetation dead, its fauna extinct and the earth in shambles with the ground cracked, they could see Fel energy within the ground. Corpses of the dead littered the ground, most now nothing more than skeletons burned by the Fel fires. The broken Moon floated above, its debris sometimes hitting the planet. The atmosphere is no more, destroyed by the army that descended upon this world. The worst part? The portal led them directly to Magnolia.

Flare had tears in her eyes as she looked around, she let go of Traveler's hand as he created an invisible dome around them to help them breathe in the airless world. She walked slowly while looking at every corpse, every destroyed building and every dead tree. Her tears kept falling as she then saw the remains of the Fairy Tail Guild, the building now nothing more than charred wood and metal with corpses inside. Flare walked closer to the remains, Traveler following behind her, his eyes filled with sadness as he looked around.

Upon a sight of the corpses, Flare's tears flowed more as her body shook. She looked to the left and saw a corpse with golden keys next to it and a corpse with a sword necklace on the neck. Looking to the right, she saw three corpses next to each other, the remaining clothes making it clear who the three corpses belonged to. But her breath hitched as she found a corpse with burned cards next to it and a familiar necklace that had a dragon coiling around a card. She slowly walked to the corpse, dropping to her knees as she put her hand on the skull, which had some remains of skin on it.

"Cana." She softly whispered as she caressed the head as she began to cry, Traveler looked at her in pity. After several moments, she calmed down enough and carefully took the necklace and held it tightly. Standing up, she weakly looked around again and walked around. The more she walked, the more her heart broke. Soon enough, she came to a particularly gruesome sight. Before her was an armored corpse impaled with swords, spears and other things at every part of her body. Flare came up to it and put a hand on the chest plate, her body shaking as she clenched her fist before she took a deep breath and carefully took the necklace around the corpse's neck.

"Rest in peace Erza." She said sadly and left the corpse to look for the remains of her family. She left the building and stumbled upon a different corpse. This one had half of its body torn apart with the bottom half lying several feet away. The remaining flesh and hair on it made Flare tremble more.

"Wendy." She dropped down to her knees and picked up Wendy's upper half before she hugged it. Her body shook as her tears flowed faster as Traveler looked away from the sight. For several moments, Flare kept hugging the corpse before she let it go and gently put it down.

"I am so sorry Wendy." Flare said as she then carefully took the necklace around Wendy's neck and held it tight before she stood up and continued to look. As she searched more and more, she eventually found dozens of corpses in the town hall. But one corpse at the center had Flare's attention.

It sat kneeling with one hand holding a bundle to her chest, her face burned with an eyeball left in one eye socket and her red hair remained as well. Flare slowly walked up to the corpse, her eyes going to the bundle and to the woman as she fell to her knees in front of it, her tears stained her cheeks as she lifted up a hand to touch the corpse's cheek.

"Mom." Her eyes then fell on the bundle and her heart filled with despair at the sight of her dead mother and brother.

"Igneel." She carefully undid the bundle and saw a half burned corpse of a baby. She cried as she saw the look of pain on his corpse, her heart unable to handle such a sight. She looked down as her tears fell to the ground, after several seconds she lifted her head up and gently took the necklace around Irene's neck, being careful to not destroy the corpse or make it fall.

"Why? Why did this happen?" She received no answer as Traveler did not look at her. She then stood up, feeling emotionally weak as she stumbled on her feet and aimlessly walked around, no destination in mind and her eyes appeared to be broken as Traveler followed her to make sure she didn't do anything reckless. Soon enough, they came upon a cliff over an abyss. Flare's eyes widened as she saw a corpse at the edge of the cliff, she quickened her pace and went to it. And upon the sight of the corpse, Flare's legs weakened and she fell to her knees right next to it.

"D-Dad." A broken whisper came from her as she shakily grabbed the corpse by the broken neck and hugged it. Her emotional wall fell as she wailed, her tears falling to the ground and onto the corpse.

"Dad." She kept saying as she shook, her wails echoing in the broken remains of her world. Broken wails and sobs came out of her as she hugged the corpse tighter.

"Why?!" She screamed to the skies as she kept sobbing and wailing as Traveler clenched his fists.

'I will find you Abaddon. And when I do, you will regret ever coming to this world.' Traveler thought as he could not deny it. The Fel Etherious are becoming more and more of a threat, one that needs to be dealt with, but with him searching for Draconus and others he will need help.

And he knew a lot of people who could help him.


A/N: Alright, chapter done. I got to admit, this one was a bit harder to write as I had to deal with a lot of things, both in writing this chapter and my personal life. Heck, I once thought that I got Covid-19 but it turns out I just got food poisoning. I am better right now but there are still other things that I need to deal with, so I decided to finish and upload the chapter.

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