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Reactions Also, Watcher?

Chapter 12! Okay, this time let's do something different. You know reaction fanfics? The ones where characters of a certain show, game or anime are pulled into a room and react to fanfics or some other stuff in a way that seems like narrating? Well, I am gonna do that for this chapter, and ONLY for THIS chapter.

Also, to the reviewers who asked for me to revisit my MHA chapter, sorry to say this but I am probably not coming back to it. However, a fellow author and one of my favorites, UnknownLegion is going to use my cyborg Izuku in his own MHA fanfic called "Not the only Deku". You can go check him out if you want to. He is a pretty good author.

Also, WARNING! There will be lemons in this chapter.

Chapter 12: Reactions. Also, Watcher?

Somewhere in the void of the multiverse.

In spite of the fact that he spent nearly a millennia traveling to other worlds, there were still things that would surprise Traveler. The first was when he came to a world where Romeo was dating Cana and Lucy, the other time was when he first saw another Natsu have a twin sister who wanted to marry her brother, and finally when he found out about Draconus. Eventually he became used to such things and ever since then there were few things that would surprise him.

And yet, here he stood, surprised for the first time in who knows how many years.

Lucy or Watcher as she called herself looked at him with a raised eyebrow. Well, it was hard to know if she was raising an eyebrow since her face had severe burns, which ranged from second degree to third degree, the only places that remained untouched were the lower lower jaw and neck, with her hair cut short and the brown orbs in the place of her eyeballs made it really difficult.

"What's with that reaction?" She asked him and he snapped out of his gaze.

"Sorry, I am in a place which apparently is not in a universe or a multiverse, I am talking to a different version of Lucy who knows who I am and you somehow interfered with my device. I kind of have all the reasons to be surprised." Watcher scoffed at that but gave him a smile.

"Well, I guess I can't fault you for that. This place is surreal when you first come here but you quickly get used to it." She said as she proceeded to sit while in midair and leaned back with her hands behind her head. Traveler looked around the place and noted that it looked a lot like a cinema except it had shelves with cards in them. He looked at the tall shelves and looked at the cards.

Each of them was glowing slightly and each had different patterns, different symbols and different colors, with some having several colors. He took one of the cards and saw an hourglass symbol on it with flames instead of sand. He turned it over and saw the same symbol on the other side. He put it back and took another one, which had a dragon's head with a Fairy Tail guild mark on the forehead.

"Curious about them?" Watcher asked him and he turned to her.

"Well yeah .What are these cards for?" Watcher smiled at him.

Before appearing right next to him.

He jumped back slightly as she did that and saw her take the card.

"These cards aren't your normal cards. They show every possibility, every action, every timeline that ever existed. In short, these cards show ALL the possible universes within the Fairy Tail multiverse." Ten cars floated to her and began spinning around her followed by five more cards before she began dancing like a ballerina. The cards flowed around her as she did so and Traveler stood mesmerized by her dance. Soon she stopped and the cards went to her hands and she began shuffling them, doing neat tricks before she spread her arms wide and the cards stopped, most of them were now above her with only one floating in front of her.

She took the card and smiled as she realized what world it was. She turned to Traveler and held out the card.

"Want to see what kind of world this is?" Traveler raised an eyebrow at that.

"How are we going to watch it?" She smirked and pointed her thumb towards the screen.

"Watch this." She twirled the card and threw it in the air and as it was coming down, she did a backflip and kicked the card towards the screen. It hit the screen and was seemingly absorbed into it. Traveler raised an eyebrow at that as Watcher gestured to him to sit.

"Come on, sit. The screen will project the contents of the card and we can just watch it." He looked skeptical but sat down nonetheless as a bag of popcorn and a can of soda appeared in his armrests. He looked at the objects before raising an eyebrow at Watcher who merely smiled at him.

"Food and drinks will appear whenever you want." He nodded as the screen flashed several colors.

The silent streets of Magnolia, not a soul in sight as morning rays had not come yet. At this time, there would be no point of coming or going anywhere early.

"Is this thing…narrating?" Traveler asked as he turned to Watcher.

"Yeah, these things tend to narrate to tell the whole story. It is easier that way."

And yet, that didn't stop the two Fairy Tail mages from doing so. Who are they? Well…

"Oh fuck, yes! More!" A female voice said coupled with sounds of moans and grunts coming from the back of the guild. The screen changed to show two bodies, one pressed against the wall and was a female with the other being a male pounding into her.

Natsu gave a wolfish grin as he held Lucy by her ass with her legs wrapped around his waist. The girl moaned helplessly, her body covered in a light sheen of sweat, her eyes filled with love and a fucked silly expression on her face.

Traveler raised his eyebrows, not expecting to see a sex scene. He turned to Watcher and saw her have a dopey grin as she watched the intercourse.

"Ahem," She shook her head and looked at Traveler "Any reason why you chose this world specifically? Or did you just want to show different versions of us having sex?" He pointedly asked while eating a handful of popcorn. Watcher shrugged at him.

"Eh, I just chose it because it is fun." Traveler deadpanned at her but looked back at the screen.

"AH! Natsu, harder!" Lucy moaned out as she felt her lover's large member hit her womb.

"You little minx." The horned demon said as he picked up pace "We had done this yesterday and yet you still want more? You are more eager than I thought Luce." The woman wrapped her arms around his neck and screamed loudly as she felt him hit her sensitive parts.

"I-ah-can't help-oh-it. You are just-Oh, right there!-so big! Ohhh!" The blonde held him tighter as she climaxed and Natsu groaned as he felt her tighten around him. She loosened her arms and he brought her in for a kiss, one that she passionately reciprocated, holding his face with her hands. When they broke the kiss, he gave her a grin and grabbed her bare breasts, kneading them while still moving as Lucy moaned at that.

"Natsu." She slurred before she went to his ear and began whispering something. Natsu's face showed slight surprise, before a loving smile followed as Lucy smiled at him with heart shaped pupils.

"What did she say?" Traveler asked while eating popcorn. He could admit, in spite of the porn that he was seeing he was enjoying it.

"You will see." Watcher said while smiling in happiness for her other self.

"I am getting close," Natsu grunted as he went harder, and the blonde moaned loudly "Maybe I should knock you up Luce. What do you say to that? Want to start a family?" He felt her clench down hard on him as he said that, a close up on her hand revealed a gold ring on her ring finger and a bite mark on her neck.

"Y-Yes! Do it Natsu! Knock me up! Let's-Let's have our own little bundle-!" She stopped talking as she climaxed and Natsu groaned as he released inside her.

The blonde wife screamed loudly as she felt her husband cum inside her, a vision of a small bundle in her hands appearing as she had a few tears in her eyes.

"N-Natsu…" The blonde moaned, her hold weakening and Natsu held her up as his wife slumped against the wall. He slowly slid out of her as the busty blonde moaned in response. He gently caressed her cheek as she looked at him lovingly.

"Are you alrightLucy?" She nodded weakly before putting her hands on her lower belly.

"I am Natsu." The salmon haired demon smiled lovingly at her as he then dressed up and dressed Lucy up before he carried her bridal style to their home.

"Well, this is heartwarming." Traveler said as he smiled at the two.

"Natsu?" The man hummed as he felt his wife stir.


"Do you think Romeo will be alright?" he raised an eyebrow but hummed nonetheless as he nodded.

"Yeah, I mean he should be. It's not like Wendy will go crazy during their first time, especially on this day." Lucy smiled at him as he said that.

"I remember you being a monster in bed when you first entered the mating season." Natsu smiled sheepishly at that as he carried his wife home.

The screen stopped as Watcher removed the card and placed it back on the shelf.

"And that's that." She said as she looked at her companion.

"What was the point of showing me that?" Traveler asked and Watcher shrugged.

"Nothing. To be honest I just wanted to watch some free porn with someone. It gets old when you watch it by yourself." She said with a chuckle and with no shame whatsoever. Traveler deadpanned at that and sighed as she took out another card.

"This one is more interesting though." She picked the card and flicked it towards the screen as it flashed different colors.

Kinana stood at the bar with Erza and Cana sitting with her as they watched the rest of the guild start an all out brawl with tables and bottles flying around.

"Say Kinana," the purple haired woman turned to see Chelia sitting on a chair "Have you seen Romeo anywhere?" The barmaid shook her head at her.

"No, he hasn't returned from his mission with Natsu, something about demon extermination." She replied as the pink haired girl pouted at that.

"Knowing those two, they are probably fighting some other creature on the way here." Gray told her as he took a big gulp out of his beer.

"I am just getting worried because our one year anniversary is coming up." Chelia said as she had a dark cloud over her head as Cana looked at the girl with pity.

"So Chelia is with Fairy Tail and is dating Romeo? That's interesting." Traveler said as Watcher smiled an evil smile.

"It's gonna get better." She said while floating in mid-air.

Suddenly the doors opened, some people stopping the brawl as Natsu and Romeo came in. However, the state that they were in was extremely surprising.

Chelia looked at the doors as did the others at the bar and sat shocked at the sight. Natsu and Romeo both looked disheveled and very tired. Their expressions reminded them of people who had no sleep for days, their postures, while still confident were slouched, making it even more obvious how tired they were.

"H-hey." Romeo said…before he fell flat on his face.

"We…We are back." Natsu lazily said as he grabbed Romeo by his hand before dragging himself and the seventeen year old boy's body to the bar.

"Geez, the hell did they do to look like this?" Traveler asked as Watcher snickered a little.

"Wait for it."

"Romeo." Chelia called out as she put him on the chair with the boy slumping forward on a table "What happened to you? You look like you trained nonstop." Romeo groaned as he felt his girlfriend slap his cheek slightly as Natsu slumped his head on the opposite side.

"Mnnm dmnndn wnnh tn nwnn." Chelia raised an eyebrow as she heard Natsu mumble something.

"What?" The Dragon Slayer raised his head and looked at her.

"I said: You don't want to know." He then turned to Kinana "Oi, Kinana. Give me my usual with a burning whiskey." The barmaid nodded and went to get the order as Natsu rubbed his eyes.

"Twenty four hours. Twenty four fucking hours." Natsu mumbled as the others near him heard him.

"What? Did you fight the demons for an entire day?" Natsu groaned and shook his head.

"They kept us up for twenty four hours. I couldn't even rest for a minute." Romeo told them tiredly as he winced while feeling sore all over his body and Chelia slowly started to heal him.

"What kind of demons did you encounter to be awake for three nights?" Chelia asked him as Romeo looked at her.

"They were-" He stopped as he felt a very familiar shiver crawl up his spine.

"Master~" The entire guild stopped as they heard the voice and all turned towards the source and most of them had their jaws dropped at the sight before them.

Traveler looked confused.

"What? What did they see?" He asked the Watcher who simply grinned at him.

"Keep watching~" She gave a perverted giggle as Traveler looked confused at her antics but looked back nonetheless.

Chelia, Erza, Cana and Gray looked shocked as Kinana stood dumbstruck with her tray in her hands at the sight before them. Above Romeo, two females floated with their wings, seemingly appearing out of thin air. However, what stood out the most weren't the wings, but rather their attire. The first unexpected guest had most males in the guild drooling as they looked at the voluptuous woman whose blonde hair flowed down her back. Their eyes fell down towards her very large breasts, barely covered by her white leotard with lots of cleavage shown to everyone. Fishnet stockings covered her legs, emphasizing her ass and thighs, with her feet covered in black high heel shoes. Two large bat wings came out of her back. Her curved horns only enhanced her beauty and sexual appeal, her brown eyes had a seductive glint in them as she looked at Romeo.

Next to her was a shorter dark haired girl whose hair was in twin ponytails. Her bust being smaller than the blonde's, more akin to Chelia's bust size. Her own blue leotard, not as revealing as the blonde's, still made her look sexy. Her own bat-like wings fluttered as she floated down. Her thighs emphasized by her white stockings with dark blue high heel shoes. She had a more innocent appeal and yet her own beauty had them flustered as she looked at Romeo with a blushing face.

"What the?" Gray asked as he saw the two strangers.

The blonde giggled as Romeo lifted up his head to look at the two.

"Oh Romeo~" She said with a seductive voice as most of the men felt their hearts rate rise and felt hot under their collars "Did you think we wouldn't find you?~" She asked as she leaned down towards him while showing more of her cleavage as the boy tiredly looked at her.

"No, not really." The boy groaned out as the blue haired girl giggled and sat down next to him while shoving Chelia aside.

"We told you didn't we?~" The men swooned as they heard her cute voice "We aren't letting go of our Destined One.~" She said while grabbing his arm and hugging it to her chest, rubbing her small horns on his neck as the blonde began to kiss him while she had one of her hands going from his abs down to his crotch.

Traveler's eyes widened as he realized what was going on before he deadpanned as he heard Watcher giggle and turned to her.

"You are a pervert, you know that?" Watcher chuckled at his expression.

"Oh, I know. And we aren't done with this word yet." Traveler sighed but looked back nonetheless. The situation was ridiculous. Lucy and Wendy being succubi and attracted to Romeo? Okay, the latter part wasn't surprising, but the former? Yeah, that' the first time he was seeing this kind of situation.

"Wha? Who-Who are you?! What do you think you are doing with my boyfriend, you hussies?!" Chelia finally found her voice as she glared at the two newcomers who dismissed her as they hugged Romeo between their bodies. The boy groaned tiredly, feeling their boobs from either side. Chelia glared harder while wind started picking up around her.

"Natsu, what's going on?!" Erza asked as she turned towards the pink haired man...

Only for her eyes to widen in shock as she saw the sight before her. Cana dropped her mug as Kinana dropped her tray and Gray turned pale white as they saw what was happening with Natsu.

The pink haired male leaned back on the bar while kissing a blue haired, busty woman wearing a blue leotard with blue water like wings on her back. All the while a purple haired woman with large breasts wearing a red and purple leotard with larger wings,horns and a great ass rubbed his pectorals with one of Natsu's hands fondling her ass. But the most shocking sight were the two white haired women, one with shorter hair and smaller bust and the second with longer hair and bigger breasts, both wearing matching black two piece bikinis, although with different wings and horns, as they took off Natsu's pants and boxers, revealing his large cock and began licking and stroking it. The males stood shocked as they saw the sight with some feeling inadequate and most having erections as they saw the two white haired girls take off their bikini tops and begin to give Natsu a double boobjob. The pink haired male groaned into the blue haired girl's mouth before he broke the kiss and the purple haired woman grabbed his face and began making out with him.

"Natsu~ Do you like that?~" The older white haired girl asked as she kissed his cock and Natsu was unable to answer as the blue haired girl put his hand on her breasts and he instinctively squeezed causing the girl to moan.

'Okay, this is getting awkward.' Traveler thought as he saw what was happening. He looked over at Watcher and saw her blushing face before looking back at the screen.

"Get off of him right now!" Chelia shouted, black wind covered her hands as Lucy grabbed Romeo's face and shoved him to her boobs.

"You like that?~" She asked as Wendy began to take off his pants and boxers, revealing his own slightly impressive cock before she began to suck him off as Romeo moaned at the feeling, causing the blonde to moan from vibrations.

"I will take that as a yes." The blonde said as Chelia now had black clouds forming around her.

"I said GET OFF OF MY-"

"Buzz off." Lucy said before her hand glowed gold as golden ropes wrapped around Chelia, immobilizing her as well as covering her mouth as the pinkette fell to the ground.

"HHMMHM! HMMHM! HMHMHNHM!" The girl struggled to say as the blonde stood up and kneeled beside the dark blue haired girl all the while taking off her leotard top, revealing her large bare breasts before she wrapped them around Romeo's cock as the boy groaned, too tired to do anything before Wendy kissed him.

"Enjoy Romeo!~Because there is a lot that we are going to do~" The blonde said while licking the tip of his cock as in the background, Natsu groaned as he came all over the two white haired girls' boobs and faces.

"Okay, that's enough!" Traveler said as Watcher snickered as the screen stopped and the card came out.

"That was fun don't you think." Traveler looked at her like she was an idiot.

"Fun? You just showed me two worlds and both of them had nothing but sex scenes in them, I thought you said that the worlds are interesting? And what's the story in those worlds anyway?" He asked as Watcher chuckled at him and put the card away while taking out several others.

"Well in the first world, Natsu is a hybrid between demon and dragon and he wasn't born human and had Wendy as his sister. Him and Lucy are married and they are now trying to go for a child. In the second world, Natsu and Romeo went on a mission but found Succubi who had sex with them and found out that that they were their Destined Ones, males who are their soul mates so to speak. It just so happened that Romeo got two of them and Natsu got four." She explained and showed him a different card.

"This one is different, I assure you." He looked at her sceptically

"There are no sex scenes right?" She smiled and shook her head.

"Nope." She threw the card at the screen and it glowed as she sat down.

The scene showed a fog covering a destroyed city of Crocus, once a jewel of Fiore, now a wasteland with all that remained becoming nothing more than a distant memory. Corpses and skeletons lay around, with some corpses missing half of their bodies. The empty streets gave a haunting atmosphere as Natsu moved through them, his left hand firmly holding his pistol. His old outfit was now torn in several places, patches showing on the pants where he had to sew the tears himself. Laden down with a backpack filled with necessities such as several bottles of water, several cans of food, a med kit, some mementos and spare magazines, a machete strapped to his back for close combat. Bandages covered his forearms, scars showing in his biceps and abs, he adjusted the rifle on his back and rolled his shoulder to relieve some of the stress from holding the weight.

Next to him, a ten year old Asuka shivered as she looked around and held Natsu's hand tighter with one hand while holding a small knife with her other hand. A hunting bow strapped to her back and her mother's cowgirl hat on her head along with black jeans and a green shirt with a jacket to cover it. She moved closer to her adopted father as she felt the haunting atmosphere of the ruined city.

Traveler gave a sigh as he saw the scene. Not the first time he saw something like this and definitely not the first time he saw Natsu being Asuka's adopted father. Although he wondered what caused all of the devastation that he saw.

Watcher sighed as well, though hers was more resigned rather than sad.

Asuka's head snapped up as she heard some strange sounds, clutching her knife tighter. Soon the sounds of scuttling and scratching reached her ears and she tightened her hold on Natsu's hand, alerting the pink haired mage. He looked at her and saw her eyes dart around, almost as if searching for something.

"Asuka? What's wrong?" She didn't answer, instead continuing to look around while pointing her knife anywhere she could see. He wondered why she was doing so…

Until he heard the scratching as well.

His eyes widened before he brought Asuka closer and readied his pistol, his trigger finger ready to shoot anything that appeared. For several seconds, there was nothing. The two simply stood in place, looking around before Natsu slowly began to move back, until he heard heavy stomps echoing around them. His finger held firmly on the trigger, ready to squeeze as the stomps came closer and closer. The sounds came from their left, he turned towards the direction, pointing his pistol as Asuka shakily held the knife pointed at the direction.

Traveler leaned forward, his food forgotten as he waited for whatever it is that would come out while Watcher frowned, knowing exactly what would emerge.

"Let's see what caused all this devastation." Traveler said as he readied to analyze the foe.

Soon enough, from the direction that they faced, guttural growls came out followed by heavy stomps, the fog that enveloped the city hid the creature as Natsu steadied his breathing and kept the pistol pointed. The stomps became louder as a large claw appeared followed by clicks and growls before the creature came out of the fog.

What came out could only be described as an alien beast. Its whole body was covered in black armor, from its head down to its claws, four long and powerful limbs supported its body as its segmented head tilted around almost as if searching for something. Sharp spikes protruded from its back, its spiked tail swinging back and forth. Razor sharp claws touched a corpse nearby and its head snapped towards its direction before it opened its segmented head, showing rows of razor sharp teeth. It then drove its teeth into the corpse, eating what little flesh was left, using its arms to tear the body apart.

Traveler looked over the body of the creature, noting several things about it and seeking possible weaknesses within its body. He took note of its head and armored body as well as the claws and drawing up conclusions in his head.

Asuka trembled where she stood as Natsu quietly lifted her up and began to slowly step backwards to try to gain as much as distance as they possibly can while it was distracted. Natsu still kept the pistol pointed at it as he made careful steps back with Asuka tightly holding onto him.

Only to step on a twig.

Fear and terror enveloped him when he saw the alien's head snap up, it's tooth filled maw pointed towards him as it began to growl and step away from the corpse. Its arms left the corpse and stepped towards him, making guttural clicking noises as it did so. It tilted its head around, listening tentatively as drool escaped its mouth. The armor on the back of its head opened up, revealing pink and yellow flesh within, somewhat resembling an ear. It listened in, searching for a prey that was hiding in plain sight.

Natsu stood still, his pistol still pointed in the creature's direction. His heart rate quickened and he began to sweat lightly. Made even worse as the creature began to slowly advance towards him, sometimes tilting its head left or right, making clicking noises and crouching. The pink haired man took a cautious step back, being mindful of the sound of his shoes and keeping his eyes firmly on the creature. He took another slow step back.

And stepped on a glass bottle.

The sound of shattered glass echoed throughout the street as Natsu's eyes widened and the creature snapped its head towards him.


Traveler winced when he heard the creature's screech, which sounded like nails on a chalkboard. He rubbed his left ear and made a note to not focus his hearing so much.

The screeching sound made Natsu wince before the creature charged at him with its claws. He barely dodged in time, still holding Asuka in his arms and began to run away from it. The creature went through the wall of one of the buildings and began to give chase. It leapt to the rooftops and ran after the sound of Natsu's footsteps. As it chased, two appendages came out of its back, resembling tentacles with several sharp spikes at the tips. It screeched again as the tentacles whipped back and launched sharp spikes at Natsu. The pink haired man heard the screech and looked back as his eyes widened. He barely dodged the spikes with one of them grazing his cheek, leaving a large, deep cut. Asuka held on to him tightly while looking at the alien over his shoulder as it began to get closer and closer. Natsu aimed his pistol and shot at it several times but missed as it jumped into another rooftop.

"Papa, it's catching up!"She shouted as Natsu ran faster and he turned around the corner just as the creature lunged at them and missed them again, crashing through several abandoned fruit stands, a lamp post and smashing into a building causing the debris to fall on it.

"Speed and enhanced hearing, armored body that could shrug off high caliber bullets, spikes that can be launched at its enemies, powerful bulk to smash through buildings and a screech to locate and deafen the prey. To top it off, a spiked tail to strike someone when it is attacked from behind. This creature has almost all that it needs to be a perfect hunter." Traveler said listing all that he could see before he frowned "But it can't stop itself midcharge, nor does it have any ways to make a softer landing, the hearing can be hindrance if prey has flashbangs." he stopped as a popcorn bag was thrown at him and he looked at Watcher who raised an eyebrow at him.

"You started sounding like Sherlock Holmes with your words, please stop that. I don't need a Captain obvious here." She kindly asked and he nodded at her.

Natsu stopped running and hid behind a wall, trying to catch his breath. He gently put Asuka down and looked over the cover to see if the creature was around. Seeing nothing, he breathed a quiet sigh of relief. He then squatted down and wiped the blood on his face, Asuka saw the wound and frowned before she took out several band-aids out of her pocket along with wet wipes. Taking one of the wipes out, she cleaned the wound as Natsu flinched slightly before Asuka put the band-aids on the wound.

"There. This should help with the wound papa." Asuka whispered while putting the wipes away as Natsu smiled at her.

"Thanks Asuka." He patted her head making the little girl smile in happiness and pride.

"Aww." Watcher said while smiling as Traveler looked at the two with a smile as well.

The two heard stomps and immediately tensed up as Natsu covered Asuka's mouth and calmed his own breathing. Behind the wall, the creature roamed the streets, searching for its prey again, using its ears to find them. The two stood tense as Natsu looked out and saw it still in the streets as it tilted its head around. The two appendages in the back were out, ready to launch its spikes at the slightest noise.

Suddenly, several loud bangs sounded in the distance and the creature snapped its head up before it ran at the direction of the sound, to find and feast on a new prey. Natsu saw it jump from rooftop to rooftop until it eventually left and he released a breath he didn't know he was holding. Asuka removed his hand from her mouth as they both stood up.

"Is it gone?" She whispered quietly, still afraid as her adopted father nodded at her.

"It's gone." She smiled in relief as the skies thundered above them. Natsu frowned as he saw the black clouds and picked up his daughter.

"Let's make a camp here Asuka. We will need to rest before we keep moving." Asuka yawned and put her face on his shoulder.

"Okay papa." Natsu smiled and went to search for a safe house in the city to hide from the rain. He may have lost many things, but he sure as hell is not losing Asuka to them.

The screen stopped projecting as the card flew out to Watcher before it glowed and expanded in size and showed a picture of Natsu and Asuka walking in a ghost town. Traveler whistled as he saw it and Watcher put it back on the shelf.

"So what's the story with that world?" Watcher sighed.

"In that Earthland, there is no magic. It's a regular world where Natsu was a senior student in a university in Magnolia. He knew Asuka because Bisca was a landlady of the apartment that he lived in and she quickly became his friend, eventually they became lovers. However a few days after his graduation, an alien species came to the planet and began to kill people in mass numbers. Crocus was the first to be destroyed so the government issued a fire bombing and killed many aliens along with many survivors. Soon the continent of Ishgar was overrun and people either live in safehouses or wander around searching for supplies and a safeplace. Natsu took Asuka under his care after Bisca was killed by one of the aliens and they started living as wanderers, searching for a safe city and surviving along the way." She explained as Traveler nodded, while making note to try and find the world to help the two.

"That alien...are there any subtypes of those things?" She nodded.

"There is a type that can see but is much bulkier and serves kinda like a tank. There is a subtype that can spawn little bugs out of their back to find prey, lastly there is a queen which is really big and impervious to any bullet that isn't armor piercing." She told him and he made note of that while she took out another card.

"Alright, let's see the next one." She threw it at the screen and it rippled and started another world.

Fiore, a country that could only be described by one word: corruption. A place where politicians exploit fears of others and drain people of their money, bank workers secretly steal money for themselves, even law enforcement could be paid off to not reveal important information about crime lords. Essentially, if you are not a member of a crime organization or a politician, you are bound to be ripped off or falsely accused of a crime. Made even worse by the fact that the King himself did no good for the people and kept stealing money right under people's noses. And it was time to end it.

Traveler raised an eyebrow, the description sounded a lot like a superhero movie or some gritty cop story. Still, he was interested as he wanted to know what was going to happen. He took a handful of popcorn and a sip of his soda as Watcher sighed, knowing what she was about to see.

In a rooftop across Crocus bank, two thieves wearing clown masks used a cable to the Bank's roof. Once the line is secure, the two start sliding across it and land on the lower roof across the street. Down below, the bank doors were busted open as three robbers in suits and wearing demon masks appeared, all of them wielding weapons. The one on the front shot into the air causing people to scream in panic as one of the robbers hits the security guy in the head. The other two proceed to get the workers off their windows, but not before one of them hits the silent alarm.

Traveler narrowed his eyes, feeling like he had seen this kind of situation before. Though he couldn't really remember as he had gone to thousands of worlds and trying to remember one is like trying to find hay in a needle stack, in other words, it hurts.

The two on the roof open an access panel as one of them proceeds to mess with the wires.

"So, why do they call him The Demon?" His friend asks, his voice being that of Droy.

"No idea, supposedly he looks so scary, it's like staring into a demon's eyes." His partner Jet said as he looked at the buttons as he made some alterations.

"Here comes the alarm," He pressed the button "And there it goes. Huh, it wasn't connected to police, rather to an unknown number."

"Is that a problem?"

"Nah, I am done." He closed the panel...only to fall down as a bullet from a silenced pistol went through his head. Droy picked up the bag and used the roof access door to get down to the bank before going to the basement where he saw a huge vault door.

"I swear I've seen this before. It's at the back of my head, can't really recall." Traveler said while snapping his fingers, this whole situation, the corruption, the heist. It was extremely familiar but he couldn't remember.

"Maybe you should continue watching?" Watcher suggested and Traveler nodded as he looked back at the screen while drinking his soda.

Back at the entrance, the three other thieves started tying up the hostages and gave each one a grenade and removed the pins along the way, scaring them even more. One of the thieves looked at them mockingly.

"Alright, no funny moves, or else," he made a booming gesture.


That was until a shotgun blast hit him and he was blown back with holes in his stomach. The shooter turned out to be Erik wearing a black suit and a shotgun in his hands. He steps out of his office as the other two duck for cover and the hostages scream in fright.

"Do you know who you are dealing with?" He shoots at one of the robbers and misses "You and your friends are dead." He said while firing again and again but missed each time. The one with a red mask went for a different cover and landed right next to the other guy with a yellow mask who looked at him.

"He's out right?" The red masked one looked up before nodding. His partner nodded and went to shoot, only to be shot himself. Erik pumped the action and it jammed as the one with the red mask came out and shot him, causing him to fall down. Red looked at the collapsed worker as the other guy stood up while holding his side.

"Who the hell taught you how to count?!" He shouted while holding his side, his bullet proof vest saved him but it still hurt like a bitch.

Traveler scratched his head before his eyes widened in recognition.

"I remember," he muttered while sitting back "So this is basically that movie huh? Well, I wouldn't mind watching it if it has everyone swapped out." He said while eating his popcorn. Watcher smirked but it quickly went away as she looked at the rest of the cards in her hands. She frowned before looking back at the screen.

In the vault, Droy tried using a drill but was instead launched back when he was hit with electricity. He stood back up and cursed, before he took off his shoes and put them on his hands and began to turn the tumblers. At this point the yellow masked guy walks up to him.

"The entire thing is wired up with a lot of electricity. Who in their right mind does that?"

"The mob that's who. Guess what they say about The Demon's craziness is true." The vault doors opened as he looked around.

"Where's the other guy?"

"Boss told me to get rid of him once we're done. One less share."

"Funny, he said the same thing to me." Droy's eyes widened "Wait, don'-" Too late. He was shot in the head as the yellow masked guy went to the vault and began to fill the bags with Jewel. Once he was done, he dragged them back into a pile near the entrance. He looked at his red masked companion who was looking around the place.

"We are gonna need a bigger car for all of this." He then pointed his pistol at his fellow robber who simply tilted his head, his arm shaking "I bet The Demon told you to get rid of me right?"

Traveler rolled his eyes at the sight. Not the first time he had seen people double cross each other from paranoia and greed. And if his voice was anything to go by then this was undoubtedly Laxus. Watcher, while amused at what was going on, also rolled her eyes, she had seen enough to know when people would try to stand each other in the back, both literally and figuratively. Though the situation could have been worse.

The red masked one simply moved to the side while taking out a pocket watch.

"No," he said before he looked at the time and closed the watch "I wait for the bus."

Laxus looked confused while also moving to the side "The bus?" He stopped moving "What bus?"


A yellow school bus went through the doors, running over Laxus and killing him. The red masked one took Laxus' weapon as the bus door opened and another masked robber came out.

"Yep, really familiar." Traveler said as he waited for the inevitable reveal.

"School's out, time to go."He said before looking at Laxus's corpse and chuckling "not getting back up huh?" He asked as the red mask took the bags and threw them at him. He caught them and put them in the bus before he looked around.

"Where are the others?" He asked...and received bullets to the face courtesy of his fellow robber who took the ast bag and dragged it to the bus and loaded it inside.

"Think you are so smart?" He looked back and saw Eric crawling on the ground "You know he is going to kill you as well." The robber just tilted his head before walking towards him "The criminals in this city used to believe in something...Honor, respect. What do you believe in?" The robber pulled him up before taking out a grenade "What do you believe?!" He was shut up as a grenade was placed in his mouth as the robber pulled him closer to his face.

"What I believe in is that whatever doesn't kill you, simply makes you…" He pulled off his mask, revealing his horrific visage. His eyes are onyx pools full of madness, burned flesh visible on his face, the corners of his mouth had burns that stretched to the ears, making a twisted smile. His hair is black with several streaks of his original pink, and when he smiled he showed his sharp teeth. Perhaps the most distinguishable feature was the hornlike bump on his forehead "...Stranger" This was The Demon.

Traveler's eyes widened slightly, not expecting that kind of look. In a way, it looked disturbing, yet also ironic considering what most Natsus were.

"Another demented Natsu." He said while sighing and Watcher sighed as well. Not the first time she saw an evil Natsu but there was just something more terrifying when it came to this Natsu.

As Erik's eyes widened in horror, The Demon smiled again and stood back up and walked towards his bus, all the while a thread dangled by his suit to the grenade which Erik immediately noticed. The Demon went into the bus and started the engine before driving out and the thread pulled the pin out. Erik tensed, waiting for his head to blow up...only for smoke to emerge. He relaxed while pissing himself and gave a squeak.

Meanwhile, The Demon drove the bus out and melded with other busses and chuckled.

"This should get their attention."

The screen stopped, but not before an insane laugh echoed in the room with the occupants narrowing their eyes. The card emerged and expanded again to show a picture of a figure holding a gun while a pile of money burned behind him. There was a writing on the bottom of the card that said 'Some just want to watch the world burn.'

Traveler winced at the words, being reminded of all the insane, evil Natsus that he encountered, nearly all of them embodied those words.

"Why do Natsus end up being so scary when they are insane?" He asked as Watcher shrugged.

"Eh, who knows? Maybe because they are always noble at heart? Or maybe it's because it's hard to imagine an evil Natsu? Or maybe the plot doesn't allow him to be evil?" She whispered the last one out as Traveler looked at her confused.

"What? What plot?"

"It's nothing. Don't worry about it."

"But you just said-"

"I said: Don't worry about it." She emphasized with a glare and he nodded after some time. She took the last card and put it away before looking through the shelves and came upon a particularly strange one. Mainly because it was glowing.

"Ohh, this should be interesting." She said while taking it out before kicking it towards the screen. It went right through it as the new started showing.

"So there's a genius Natsu out there?" a weirdly naked 9 foot tall, muscular man said as he stood in a pose with two more equally naked and tall men standing next to him. Next to them were Fairy tail mages along with some other ones. But the most surprising were the additional Mira, Erza, Kagura, Levy a...watermelon along with several more unknown people.

Traveler had a look of surprise, both at the sight of the three naked Custodes but also at the sight of McGarden, Scarlet, Strauss and Mikazuchi.

"What the hell are Custodes from the Imperium doing in a Fairy Tail world?" He asked Watcher who turned towards him.

"Well, you see they come from a Kingdom called Varolia. It's a weird Fairy Tail universe which has elements from 40K. Natsu of that world is the Emperor's son and he has multiple lovers. Those three were his caretakers." Traveler shivered at that. He had an unfortunate run-in with the Imperium and the Grimdark future of 40K when his gauntlets malfunctioned. He had no good memories of that universe, all those daemons, all those aliens, not to mention the Imperium itself with all their Astartes, Sororitas, Primarchs and Custodes, the worst of all being Tyranids, the world devouring bugs that made Xenomorphs, Reapers and Locust look like ants in comparison. The only good thing is that he managed to get weapons like the Boltgun, Bolter Rifle, StormBolter, Plasma Gun, Assault Cannon, a chainsword, a chain axe, power sword and even Tau guns for good measure.

"I fear for their sanity if they are really merged with 40K lore." Traveler said "Though I wonder what their Kingdom looks like. Do you have any idea?" He asked Watcher who nodded at him.

"Yeah, it's a pretty great place. Humans are living, society is thriving and the Emperor is pretty good all things considered. They also have this barrier of sorts that doesn't allow for anyone to come to them but I can see through it and they have been none the wiser about it." She told him and he nodded at her.

"Sounds like the one that that Traveler fellow is allies with but less crazy." One of the Custodes said in a nonchalant manner.

"What?!" Said person said as he stood up "They know about me?! How?!" he turned to Watcher.

"They have advanced technology that allows them to see and travel to other worlds, they were aware of you when you appeared on the radar after you came out of the unknown parts of the Fairy Tail's multiverse. Needless to say, they monitored you but decided to leave you alone." She explained and he nodded at her before he sat down.

"Who's Traveler?" Nicole Brennon asked.

"No one you need to worry about. Just someone who is capable of traveling through alternate realities. We managed to bypass the blockade that this genius Natsu had set up around his planet to get a look of what he's like and his world. Well...not us three exactly but someone from Varolia. I think it was Izrail now that I think about it." The one named Samael replied.

"I believe it was. We don't know what transpired between the two, only that when our brother returned, he apparently made a promise to that other Natsu that we wouldn't interfere or get involved with his world and any problems that may arise in agreement to keep the existence of Varolia a secret from all of his allies, including Traveler." His brother Adriel informed them.

Traveler sighed at that.

"Well, there is no point in keeping that promise anymore. I mean, I know about them right now so I guess him keeping his promise is irrelevant now."

"You aren't angry at him are you?" Watcher asked him and he chuckled at her.

"What for? For wanting to keep his world safe and giving a promise? Hell no. I am his ally but I am not gonna start asking him to say every little secret that he has." He replied and she nodded at him.

"Anyway, getting back to the topic at hand, what other worlds did you appear to once the female version of Prince Natsu was dropped off?" He asked as the 137-C females had dark looks in their faces.

"The next world was fucked up. It was another Earth Land where we appeared inside some Dark Guild base of operations. The vile sons of bitches there who called themselves Outcast Rats or something stupid like that were tormenting and raping another Natsu like another Dark Guild previously did. I cut off their leaders' cocks and stuffed them into their mouths, then Levy cut off their hands and feet. After that, we turned them over to Fairy Tail and the other Light Guilds where they delivered justice for Natsu." Strauss explained with hate present in her tone at what happened to the other Natsu.

Traveler narrowed his eyes at that, clenching his fists.

"Let's skip some parts." Watcher said as she waved a hand and the screen sped up for a couple scenes.

"And stop." She closed her hand into a fist and the screen stopped fast forwarding.

"So...there was that Earth Land, what was the other one you all went to before you arrived here?" Scarlet asked after hearing about a Nastu who had multiple wives and a hundred kids.

"A...hundred kids?" Traveler asked with a raised eyebrow as Watcher giggled.

"I remember that one, it was one where there was some sort of war that happened, the population around the world suffered heavy casualties and there were only several million left. Natsu of that world has many lovers and all of them are perverted." She explained as Traveler still looked shocked.

"Still, a hundred kids? Who would even have the patience to raise them? Imagine trying to raise one child but then his hundred siblings want your attention too and when you don't spend enough time with them, they become resentful towards you or become rebellious teenagers. That's not including his lovers who all want equal attention and good dates and you can't just repeat a date to satisfy them. I am not even gonna talk about stamina needed to satisfy them or the various kinks they have." As much as Traveler liked seeing different Natsus with harems, it always bugged him how very few of them fell to logic and the not so bright future of bickering and dates. Hell, several Natsus had their harems broken because the girls either felt neglected and cheated on him with other guys, couldn't handle being with and broke up with him, him leaving him with only one girl in the end or just didn't want to share him and would eventually start wanting him to themselves causing the harem to collapse and for Natsu to be left with no one and the worst part is that they were the examples of how harems would be like in reality.

"Don't think too much about it, Traveler." Watcher told him and he nodded while relaxing.

"The last one was more boring! That world's Prince Natsu was a chick named Natsumi and she, along with Lady Erza, Lady Lucy and the blue haired woman over there were dating a slightly older version of that boy over there." Adriel said while jabbing his thumb towards Romeo.

"WHAT?!" Romeo, Natsu, Erza, Lucy, Scarlet and Juvia shouted in horror at what they heard, McGarden burst out laughing. Mikazuchi found Scarlet's expression funny as Strauss snickered. Wendy, Chelia and Lindsay were also shocked and horrified before they glared at the Dragon Slayer, the water mage, the blonde and the two Requip users.

Traveler blinked from what he heard...Before he burst out laughing at both the concept and the expressions on people's faces.

"HAHAHAHA! I knew it! I knew there was a world where Juvia is dating Romeo!" He said in between laughter as Watcher sweat dropped as she saw him laugh his guts out. He just heard that Natsumi and a few other females were with Romeo and he laughs?

"I didn't think you would find Juvia dating Romeo to be funnier than a female you dating him." Traveler calmed down after several minutes and sat back on his seat.

"Well, I saw many worlds where Romeo is dating older women, heck one of the worlds was one where he had sex with Layla, another one had him dating Kagura, hell I found a world where he is dating Dimaria, Brandish, Minerva, Ultear, Sorano and Meredy and he is still alive!" He explained and she nodded while knowing that Romeo having a harem shouldn't be surprising as the multiverse is unpredictable.

"HAH! YOU ARE ALL WITH THAT LOSER IN THAT WORLD?!" McGarden shouted while continuing to laugh with Normal Face having an amused smile.

"Hey, I am not a loser!" Romeo shouted, annoyed by what she called him.

"Yeah, no need to be a jerk to him!" Chelia said while glaring at her, Wendy and Lindsay did the same as McGarden simply rolled her eyes.

"Oh, please, he totally is! Do you have any idea how many evil versions of him are out there in all of these different realities, how many that I have killed?" McGarden said while wiping a tear from laughing so hard.

"The number of them is miniscule compared to the amount of evil versions of the Prince that are out there. Those tainted echoes of will not be allowed to taint his image so we strike down any vile version that we come across." Adriel spoke up as the others looked at him in shock.

"Oh boy, I know that quite well." Traveler said while rubbing his face.

"Well, technically speaking, there is no true amount of how many evil Natsus or Romeos are out there. I actually find McGarden's words here funny when she said she killed a lot of evil Romeos." Traveler turned to her as she said that.


"Simple. You see the more evil Romeos they kill...the more of them they create." Watcher told him with a wave of her hand as Traveler looked surprised.

"How? How would killing them create more?" She turned to him.

"Well you know how unpredictable the multiverse is?" he nodded at her "See, it turns out that when we think about 'what ifs', say like 'what if there is a world where robots could reproduce?' The Multiverse actually takes our ideas and creates many worlds where robots can procreate with humans, monsters and all other nasty stuff. When McGarden and 137-C kill evil Romeos and talk about them to the others, they actually end up giving those people ideas or make people wonder as to what that evil Romeo would be like. And wouldn't you know it, mere seconds later, there are now worlds where those evil Romeos exist." She explained as Traveler blinked from the information.

"So basically, if they think about something, that something becomes reality in the multiverse?" He guessed and she nodded at him "But that would mean that all those evil Romeos and Natsus that they killed, all the effort and time that they wasted trying to save worlds from slavery and destruction, it would all be for naught as the multiverse would just re-create and create more of those worlds as well as remaking those evil versions. All of their efforts would lead them to nowhere as they basically create more evil versions the more they think or talk about them." Traveler said while pacing around as Watcher sadly sighed. When she found out about this piece of information, she was basically horrified as it would mean that all the effort would be wasted if a new threat were to appear seconds later.

"It's not something that can be stopped really. It's just one of the ways that the multiverse keeps expanding. As long as there are any ideas or people wondering with what ifs, there will always be more worlds." She stopped the screen as the card went to her before going to the shelf as Traveler took time to process all the information.

"I went through all this trouble yet now I find out that no matter what I do, the multiverse will always keep screwing with me." he muttered while pacing around.

"But at least you did something right?" He turned to Watcher "I mean, you saved many worlds, helped many more and killed many evil versions. Heck you helped Midoriya become a hero even though you didn't have to. You are a good person, don't fall into despair just because you learned this piece of information." She tried to comfort him while putting a hand on his shoulder. He looked at her before looking at the ground and took deep breaths and began to slowly nod.

"Yeah, yeah you are right." he said as Watcher smiled.

"That's the spirit!" She said as she looked at the cards and scratched her chin.

"Wait! Why were McGarden and others from 137-C with them?" He asked.

"Well they were going through a portal but things went haywire and they started shifting through different worlds and Levy is trying to stop it. They actually went through a dozen worlds before appearing in that world."

"And what about 137-C? Do they know where they are?" Watcher shook her head.

"They are going through their own crisis now and their world is kinda unreachable, unless you use your gauntlets. I can see them because of my own powers here so I know what is going on." She explained as Traveler narrowed his eyes at her.

"Say, what are you exactly?" He asked and she stopped looking through the cards "You managed to get me here and now you are telling me that you can see through many worlds at once, you are telling me that you can see Valoria when you said that they have this barrier on their own reality, not to mention the fact that you are here by yourself with no one else finding out about you. So what are you?" She lowered her head before she looked at him with a sad smile.

"Let's just say that I am someone who was given the job to watch over Fairy Tail's multiverse." Was all she said before her eyes narrowed as she looked back at the shelf. She noticed the many cards start to turn dark...before they turned to dust leaving empty spaces in their place. Traveler noticed it as well and came to her side.

"Why are they disappearing?"

"Those worlds are being destroyed. Someone or something is responsible." In the place of the old cards, new ones appeared as the screen started flashing as new cards spewed out towards the shelves as Watcher grabbed her head and winced.

"Are you alright?" Traveler asked and she nodded.

"I am fine. Just, all of this new information can give headaches." She said as Traveler looked around the place.

"Say where is this place located? Some pocket dimension or something?" She shook her head.

"We are in the void." Traveler stopped dead in his tracks when he heard that. He slowly turned to her with a shocked look.

"The void?" at her nod his eyes widened "How? The void is a place where everything gets deleted. It's a place where everyone, no matter how strong, is erased from existence within a single nanosecond! How are all of these things here?" He asked, shocked at what he heard. Hell, the only reason he can go to the void is because of his gauntlets protecting him from its effects. Yet an entire place was within it.

"I will explain later. Now let's watch another world." She told him as she held up a different card before throwing it at the screen as the two sat down.

Seilah clutched her book to her chest, her clothes torn as several midget figures with green skin and horrible faces stood before her. The horned demon glared at them especially as they began to take off their clothes and looked at her lustfully.

"Well, well, would you look at that. Another female tries to escape. Get her." The one on the front said as they leapt at her with cruel intent. She dodged some of them but was still caught as they tore off the rest of her clothes. Around her, other female mages such as Fairies, Mermaids, even Chelia and Wendy are being raped by the green skinned freaks. Some of the male mages are being killed as the freaks tore at them with their claws. Some females had tears in their eyes as they couldn't even use magic because of their rapists' magic neutralising nature.

Traveler and Watcher glared at the screen as they what was happening.

"Goblins." Watcher growled out as Traveler stood ready to open a portal to that world.

The book flew out of her hands and landed into the ground, it opened revealing a strange symbol with an eye. It started glowing…

Before black ooze started crawling out, catching everyone's attention. The black ooze then started to form a skeletal shape before it was covered by more of the black ooze, creating flesh and hair. Soon clothes appeared followed by pink hair and onyx eyes. The goblins stopped what they were doing as they saw a mysterious figure stand before them. He was six feet tall and fairly muscular, his clothes were all black with bits of red and green, he wore a black trench coat with a cosmic like interior and black pants which looked torn in several places. He was holding a book in one hand with a dagger in the other. He reeked of death and blood as the goblins felt fear when they were standing close to him. The being looked up from his book towards the goblins frowning as he saw what they were doing. He then looked towards Seilah and saw her have a hopeful look in her eyes at the sight of him.

"Four hundred years and this is what I see when I come out?" he said as a goblin charged at him.

Before it stopped in mid air, it looked at the ground in confusion. The stranger looked at the goblin and tilted his head to the right. The goblin started screaming as limbs started twisting unnaturally, the bones snapped and pierced through flesh, its body started twisting as well, the bones shattering before the goblin was silenced when its head was twisted. Several more goblins then died in unnatural ways, such as bursting into flames, having their bodies cut off, bursting into blood, being choked to death by their own arms, being eaten by their fellow goblins or getting swallowed by a black void. All around the world, goblins die painful deaths as Natsu stood in his place while his eyes glowed before they stopped and he looked over at the mages.

"You are welcome." was all he said before he disappeared back into the book leaving horrified mages in his wake.

At the room Traveler and Watcher stood shocked at what they saw. The other Natsu, he didn't feel like a normal demon Natsu. He felt...He felt as if they were staring at the infinite abyss, like they were looking at nothing yet at everything. It felt like…like a Lovercraftian horror was staring at them.

"We will never speak of that Natsu again." Traveler said as Watcher nodded and pulled the card out and placed another one.

Natsu coughed up blood as he sat near his destroyed throne. His blood stained his armor and the floor as he tried to stand up, only to fall back as his legs were crushed under the rubble. He looked up when he heard scratches and he glared at the person responsible for everything. His enemy could not even be called human in spite of his humanoid appearance. His attire was mostly black with no visible armor. Old weary pants covered his lower parts and a blood covered long sleeve greenish brown jacket coupled with a grey sweatshirt and a dark blue shirt underneath. The skin was completely dark grey with numerous spots of green tainted fire. A metallic mask hid his bald head and face, allowing only for crimson eyes to be seen. A large black blade in hands, dripping with blood.

Traveler narrowed his eyes at the sight of the Fel fire. Only two factions used that kind of power, but one would have no interest and the other is already making a move.

"Fel Etherious." he said with an edge in his voice while clenching his fists. Watcher narrowed her eyes at the sight of this particular Fel Etherious.

Natsu looked past the Etherious towards the corpses of his wife Hisui and their twin children. His heart broke at the sight of their lifeless eyes and cut up bodies. He coughed up when a heavy boot fell on him and he looked up and glared at the one responsible. He raised a hand that was burning with red fire.

"H-Hell Fire-"

He didn't get to finish as his head was smashed to the ground by his opponent's boot, his soul going to the Etherious' Master. Natsu Killer removed his foot as he proceeded to open a portal.

"Well, well, well." Only to stop when he heard a voice and looked behind see Plague Bearer looking at him with amused eyes. The Blood Dragon Slayer gave a chuckle as he looked at the devastation around them.

"I come to a new world looking to infect it but I find some servant of E.N.D causing a rampage." He said while moving around as Natsu Killer looked at him with his crimson eyes.

Traveler narrowed his eyes at the sight of Plague Bearer, seems like the infector was still alive, then again everyone from Draconus's group are extremely powerful. Though he raised his eyebrow at the one called Natsu Killer and wondered if it was intentional.

"This should be interesting." he said as he waited to see what would happen.

"Say, Etherious," Plague Bearer said as drained the remaining blood from all the corpses "What exactly are you and your kind are trying to-"

Natsu Killer appeared before him and cut off Plague Bearer's head, blood spurting out as the head fell behind the body. The Etherious scoffed at the seemingly arrogant Natsu-

Only for a hand to go through his stomach. He coughed up blood in surprise as Plague Bearer's headless body grabbed him before throwing him through the castle walls to the next room. The decapitated head chuckled at that as the body grabbed the head before reattaching it to the body. Plague Bearer cracked his neck and sighed as he looked at where he threw the Natsu Killer. The demon stood up and saw Plague Bearer with his head reattached as the Dragon Slayer looked at him mockingly.

"Is that all that you can do?" He asked as Natsu Killer growled under the mask.

Traveler cursed as he saw what happened.

"Shit he can regenerate. That explains why he didn't die in space. And Natsu Killer? That means he kills all the Natsus, meaning he will target me soon if he finds me. I will need to be prepared." He said.

"That's not the worst of it though." Watcher told him.

Natsu Killer crouched slightly as Plague Bearer raised an eyebrow...before he made a blood axe and stopped Natsu Killer's blade with ease. The Etherious narrowed his eyes at that as he made for another slash but it was stopped by Plague Bearer who looked bored. The two began to clash blades, a slash became ten, ten became twenty slowly becoming more and more. Their movements turned into a blur as both clashed their weapons, the castle around them began to shake and fall apart due to the intense speed and strength that the two were using as stone, metal and wood were cut apart by the shockwaves. Plague Bearer began to push forward while also creating a blood sword and increasing his speed as Natsu Killer was starting to get pushed back. Soon enough, cuts started appearing on him as drops of his green blood landed on the rubble of the destroyed castle. Natsu Killer growled under his mask before he gave a strong strike and shattered Plague Bearer's weapons. The Dragon Slayer didn't even look bothered by it as Natsu Killer made a horizontal slash…and cut Plague Bearer's upper body from his lower one.

The Etherious went for another strike...only to receive a roundhouse kick from the legs, causing him to stumble and received an uppercut from Plague Bearer's upper half which now had blood wings on the back. The Etherious was sent flying before Plague Bearer came up to him and punched him hard enough to send him back down, where the lower half then proceeded to do a drop kick to his face. Natsu Killer recovered and flipped back as the legs ran at him, he prepared his blade and as the legs burst into black flames and came closer he struck at them. And missed.

The legs jumped up...before they started to bicycle kick him like Liu Kang. Natsu Killer grunted as he was repeatedly kicked by a pair of legs, each one causing a small explosion, before Plague Bearer flew at him with a blood Warhammer. The legs kicked at him again and reconnected to the upper half as Plague Bearer flew at him.

"Eat this!" he shouted at him and slammed the hammer into his chest. Natsu Killer felt his ribs shatter as the hammer shattered as well.

Before he was sent flying back away from the castle and into the city of Crocus where he crashed through multiple buildings and created a trench in the ground as he landed.

Although he hated anyone aligned with Draconus, Traveler had to admit, the whole fight was entertaining, especially with the bicycle kick that the legs pulled off. He wasn't the only one as Watcher giggled when she saw a grown man get hit by a bicycle kicking disembodied pair of legs.

Natsu Killer stood up and emerged from the trench as Plague Bearer landed in front of him. The Dragon Slayer simply dusted his clothing before stopping a black blade with blood caws coming out of his arm. He grinned at Killer who growled at him under his mask. Killer swiped his blade in a wider arc at his legs only for Plague Bearer to avoid it and he brought down his claws on The Etherious throat, piercing through flesh and bones as the blades came out of the other side. He brought forth blood and made a spinning drill with his other hand before driving it to the Etherious's abdomen, the drill tore through, flesh, blood and bone. The green blood sprayed around and Killer growled before he grabbed the claws and used his strength to break them before using his blade to cut off Plague Bearer's arm. He then grabbed the drill arm and broke it before kicking the Dragon Slayer away. The claws that remained in his throat turned to liquid and washed over his body as his wounds healed.

"So they can both regenerate." Traveler said as he put his hand on his chin "I wonder how much they can heal though."

Plague Bearer simply fixed his bones and licked the demon's blood left on his arms, making a disgusted face as he did so.

"Man, your blood tastes awful." Was all he said before Killer charged at him and began to cut and slice him apart. First his flesh, then his organs, his arms followed suit then his torso before Killer cut off his legs, leaving only blood, organs, bones and skin. However, it would be for naught as behind him everything turned into blood and began to quickly assemble back into Plague Bearer who made chain blades out of blood before launching one of them at Killer, piercing through his chest.

"Come here!" He pulled The Etherious towards him before grabbing him by his neck and slamming him to the ground. He stabbed him with one of the blades and then proceeded to use the chains to throw the Etherious around like a yoyo puppet, hitting buildings, trees and pavement as he laughed maniacally.

"Having fun yet?" He asked the demon who was starting to get increasingly annoyed at this. Plague Bearer then threw him again and Killer used his blade to break the chain as the blade was stuck in him. He cracked his neck before he bulked up his arms greatly and charged at Plague Bearer who made a blood sword and stabbed him with it. Killer paid it no mind as he grabbed his opponent by his neck before he threw him right towards the sun, causing a sonic boom to happen due to the force of the throw. In space, Plague Bearer saw the sun getting closer and closer...before he smiled.

"Huh, what a fucking idiot." He said before he was burned by the sun.

Traveler made a note to try to use the same method on Killer if he ever saw him.

"Well there goes one of them. Good riddance though." He said as Watcher shook her head.

"Not really." The sole male turned toward her.

"Why not?" She pointed at the screen.

"You will see."

Back on the planet, Killer looked up, turning his arm back to normal, the blades in his body turned to liquid as his wounds healed up. He expected to sense the soul of that Natsu to be sent to his master. But as he stood and looked at the sun, he felt that something was off. Why couldn't he sense the soul. It should have gone to his lord when Natsu died. It should have-

A red arm burst from his chest causing his eyes to widen as he coughed up blood. Another arm came out and ripped his chest cavity open, his organs spilling out, his eyes widened more when he saw a skinned body come out of him. The skin healed up revealing the body as spiked blood chains came out of the blood puddles left from the fight and wrapped around his limbs. The spikes dug into his flesh and began to pull him apart, not enough to tear off the limbs but enough that he wouldn't be able as the muscles were close to tearing out. Killer growled as the bloody figure made a spear and stabbed him in the neck with it, digging it into the ground before turning it into an anchor as more chains wrapped around Killer's neck and tightened around the anchor causing his head to be pulled back. The body grew legs as it emerged fully...revealing it to be Plague Bearer who simply cracked his neck when he got out.

"Ah, what a relief." He said as he looked up at the sky.

Traveler's eyes widened when he saw what happened. His mind unable to comprehend what happened.

"How? He was just burned to nothing. How did he?" He muttered as Watcher sighed at that.

"It's one of his abilities." She explained as the male turned towards her "Plague Bearer is capable of regenerating his entire body from a single drop of his blood. If you were to burn him and turn him to ash or disintegrate him then he will simply regenerate from the remains of his blood. If you do get rid of his blood and him, he will simply use the blood that he left in other worlds to regenerate himself." She explained as Traveler frowned more and more at that before looking at his gauntlets and wondering if it could work.

Plague Bearer looked behind him and chuckled as he saw the chained Killer. He walked towards him and looked at his face.

"Tell me, did you really think I would be that easy to kill?" he asked him as he then dipped his blood in Killer's and brought it to his face. Killer watched as the Fel corrupted blood turned to normal red blood, shocking him.

"Surprised?" Plague Bearer said "I used the blades and the liquid blood to get inside you and regrow my body. But you are too fun for me to kill, so I will do something else instead." Killer tried to get out, but additional mini chains dug into his nerves and stopped him doing so. Plague Bearer then looked at the sky and spotted the moon and his smile widened. He then made a portal before creating a large claw and shot it towards it.

"He can't be serious." Traveler said as he realized what he was about to do.

In space, a portal appeared on the moon and a giant claw grabbed the surface. Plague Bearer then pulled the chain with all his might, pulling the moon towards the planet. He retracted the claw and looked back at Killer who was close to getting his arm out. He smiled at him before creating a blood red portal as the moon came closer at a fast speed and broke the atmosphere.

"See you later, Etherious." Was all he said before he went through the portal and closed it just as the moon impacted the planet and destroyed it, turning it into rubble.

The screen stopped and the card came out before it turned black and became dust. Traveler cracked his neck and stood up before looking at Watcher.

"Well this was fun, I learned a lot of things but I am afraid I need to go Watcher." She nodded at him as he proceeded to tear open a portal.

"Hey," He said as he looked at her "We will meet again right?" Watcher smiled at him.

"We definitely will, Traveler." He smiled at her, put on his mask and left the place, Watcher sadly watched him go before she put on her mask and hood again and left the room to train for a while.

Meanwhile. Random World.

A green portal opened up in the alley of Magnolia before a figure fell through it to the streets. The light of the moon showed the figure to be Natsu/E.N.D Killer who stood up after grabbing his blade and regenerating his chest cavity. He looked up and growled as he recalled what happened.

A version of Natsu was able to escape him. HIM. The one created to kill them in the name of his Lord! An inferior version not only escaped him, but he made it look like he could not be killed! He would not let that slide. He is a Natsu Killer and he will find that Natsu and give his soul to his Lord.

But first, he needed to kill Natsu of this world.


A/N: And there goes the chapter! A bit shorter compared to my previous one though. Man, I had fun writing this one. Sorry if I didn't update sooner, I just had my finals on my hands. Like I said, this is mostly a react fanfic, sorry if you are disappointed. Also, Watcher's origin will be revealed much later.

Now, about the worlds, the first two are purely lemon with barely any plot. The third and fourth are just inspirations. The third, is kind of a mix of Quiet Place and The Last of Us. The fourth is basically The Dark Knight. The fifth is UnknownLegion's SAVoE fanfic's latest chapter which he let me borrow, the sixth is just me thinking 'what would happen if E.N.D was kinda like a Lovecraftian horror. Also, an idea that is basically 'what if goblins from Goblin Slayer were in Fairy Tail world.' The final one though is something that I think needed to be shown. Natsu/E.N.D Killer is UnknownLegion's character in his 'Battle for the Multiverse'. You should check it out. It's a good fanfic all things considered.

The last one is something that the reviewer Redrangerlegacy pointed out. He said that Plague Bearer could be killed with disintegration, I realized that he made a point and made the last one to show that while you CAN disintegrate him, you can't kill him fully unless you destroy his blood, which is like in MANY worlds. So thank you Redrangerlegacy for your logical review.

Now onto one of the things that was said here. The part where Watcher says that thoughts can create worlds is something that I always wondered. Think about it, if we create worlds by having ideas or wondering about 'what ifs', who is to say that the characters talking and thinking about evil people or about other things wouldn't create worlds where those people exist or their thoughts are a reality? I mean, the Multiverse is unpredictable so why wouldn't that idea be plausible? Who is to say that killing evil versions wouldn't create more evil versions? What do you think about it? Write your thoughts in the reviews.

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