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Beware the Bunny and the Cracks

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Chapter 6: Beware the Bunny Knight and the Cracks.(yoshi3000)

"I have a question."

Watcher looked away from the shelves, his gaze settling on Ruby whose raised hand made her look like a student with a question for a teacher. He raised an eyebrow under his hood and nodded at her.

"What is it?" Ruby looked at the cards before looking at him.

"Well, earlier you said that the rules of…something prevent you from going after Jaune." He nodded at her, "But how about sending us after him?" The other students had looks of surprise at that.

"I mean, if you can't go after him, why not have someone else look for him? The rules don't apply to us in this case do they?" She asked as Watcher crossed his arms and hummed in thought for a second, before looking at her.

"No way."

His response drew looks of shock from them.

"Why not?! We can go after him and save him! If you can't, at least let us save our friend!" Nora shouted at him as her teammates nodded beside her as Watcher turned to her.

"Do you really think it's so simple?" He appeared before her, causing her to step back in surprise, "Do you really think it's as easy as bribing Ruby with cookies or convincing Blake with fish?" The two women in question had looks of indignation with Ruby having an embarrassed blush. Nora snorted at him.

"Oh come on! How difficult can that be? We will just use this thing here," She brought out a Displacer from…somewhere as they all raised an eyebrow at her, "And then we coat ourselves with the energy that powers it and boom! We grab Jaune and get out of whatever place we ended up in." The hammer maiden said as she threw the device up and down, Watcher deadpanned at her and caught the Displacer in mid-air.

"And whilst you are at it, the unstable energy will tear you piece by piece and send them across the multiverse, with your consciousness remaining as your various pieces lay in many different worlds." At that horrific image, they all paled.

"Multiversal energy, in its purest form, is not like Pancake Syrup or sap that you can use to attract Ursa Grimm or Wasps to kill them. It is REALLY unstable and you have more chances of constant teleporting or being torn apart than the chances of you traveling where you want." Watcher then brought the device as it levitated before seemingly breaking apart.

"Displacers are created to stabilize the energy and use the rougher form of it to travel but even then, it is still dangerous to use." He pointed at several parts to emphasize their importance, "Besides, the part which uses the energy is busted, so the chances of using that energy are gone."

"Why not fix it then?" Weiss asked as Watcher sighed.

"I can fix it, but the chances are Jaune himself is coated in the energy, so even if it searched for him…well, you remember how the first Jaune you saw covered himself in dirt and escaped the Yautja?" They nodded at him.

"Well this is the same kind of situation. The multiverse energy covered Jaune's own energy signatures, making him invisible, so the Displacer would just randomly jump around and not find him and in the worst kind of scenario, gets destroyed with no chance of it returning." Ruby frowned, trying to think of anything to try to find her best friend.

"But what if we use it to try to find him? Could it work?" She asked as Watcher sadly shook his head.

"Even if you did use it, the Displacer mainly uses random transportation and with the kinds of universes there are, at best you would return horrible mutilated or taken hostage and made to suffer the worst kinds of fates at worst, especially you six." He pointed at the females as Yang narrowed her eyes at him.

"Out of curiosity, what kind of horrible fate are we talking about?" Pyrrha asked as Watcher looked at her.

"One word:" They leaned forward as he held up an index finger, "Daemonculaba."

His answer left them confused, with all of them raising their eyebrows.

"Daemon-what now?" Nora asked as Watcher turned away.

"You don't want to know." Weiss stepped forward.

"It can't be that bad right?" He looked at her before appearing next to her, causing her to jump back.

"Trust me, Weiss," His blue eyes glowed ominously, "You don't want to know." With that, he disappeared again before reappearing with four cards in his hands.

"Anyway, let's continue with our viewing." The four cards floated, one was a light color with several black spots and the others were dark with several light spots. Interestingly enough, there were letters that spelled Y3000 on the bottom of each card.

"What's with the letters?" Yang asked as Watcher looked at them.

"Oh, these cards are labeled, which means that a writer created those worlds." Weiss raised an eyebrow at that.

"A writer?" he nodded at her.

"Yeah, imagine you wrote something, be it a poem, a book or even fanfiction. These works become worlds and in order to ensure they aren't lost, they are labeled so that the writer can either delete them or rewrite them. Writers themselves aren't gods though, they are just normal people whose works become worlds." The student looked very confused at that as Watcher sympathized with them.

"Yeah, I am kinda confused as well, but let's not worry about it ok?"

"Are we gonna watch four worlds at once?" Blake asked as Watcher shook his head.

"No, these three cards are one world, for some reason they were separated. They are also relatively short compared to others so get ready for double viewing." He took the light card, "Let's start with this one."

He threw the card into the screen and as it sank into it, the seven went to their seats.

It was obvious that to be a huntsman, you needed to have resolve.

"Well that's obvious." Yang remarked whilst drinking up her soda as her friends nodded with her. A huntsman or huntress without resolve is like a regular pistol with no bullets.

That was something Jaune Arc had.

NPR nodded at that whilst WBY looked kind of skeptical.

You also needed money, and sadly, Jaune did not have much of it. Money may have been the root of all evil at times, but you needed Lien to survive.

"Can't argue with that." Ren said as he exchanged a glance with Nora, she took his hand as the rest looked their way and gave them looks of confusion.

"Do you two have some financial problems or something?" Weiss asked as they shook their heads.

"We did back then, not so much these days now."

"You could ask us, you know. We would be glad to help you." Pyrrha said as the rest agreed with her. Ren had a thoughtful look on his face before nodding at his teammate and friend.

So, Jaune took up a job as a limo driver, but it was a thankless job…

Weiss raised an eyebrow.

"Limo driver? Why would he be a limo driver when there are other jobs that pay better?" Watcher shrugged at her look.

"Reasons. Also, I should warn you, there will be times when something really unbelievable happens so I ask that you all hold your disbelief, cause questioning will only make things even more ridiculous." They looked confused before they all shrugged. They have seen aliens and giant robots, so they doubted anything new would happen that would surprise them.

-Late Evening, an Apartment in Vale-

Jaune did not want to get out of the bed for many reasons, but the young brunette snuggling him was the top of those reasons. Her rabbit ears were so cute, as he could gaze upon them for hours. The two were resting up after a stressful week at Beacon. Begrudgingly, he shook her awoke gently as her brown eyes fluttered.

The seven students did not know what to say as they saw the scene, most of them having looks of surprise.

"Huh, Arc and Velvet? I didn't expect that." Yang said as she put her drink down.

"It's even more surprising when you realize they didn't speak much. How are they a couple here?" Blake asked, turning towards Watcher.

"In this case, it's a "What could have happened if…?" situation. There are many cases where a single choice changed the very course of the future for some worlds. Jaune met her during the first day and sort of befriended her and then they became a couple." He explained as they processed his words while Pyrrha suppressed her jealousy at seeing the couple.

Weiss thought back on the initiation and wondered if she could have been a leader if she decided to take Jaune as a partner instead. She then looked at Ruby and shook her head at the thought.

'She deserves her position.' She thought with a smile as she sipped her drink.

"Vel, we got work." Jaune said as Velvet sighed.

"I really wish you didn't have to work that lousy job. I could support you. You know I'd gladly do so."

Jaune could only smile mirthfully at her. She was the light of his life and he would fight through a horde of Grimm for her. They had been dating for close to a year, but Jaune was adamant of supporting himself. Velvet did have money to spoil Jaune, but Jaune wanted to prove his worth like every Arc before him.

"Aww, that's cute." Nora said as the girls, including Pyrrha nodded at her, whilst Ren smiled at his leader's resolve, though it turned into confusion as he thought of something.

'He never told us about his family. Do they even know he is at Beacon?'

"I know, but I can't let you support me like that." Jaune said springing up out of his bed.

Ruby felt her face heat up as Yang whistled in appreciation at the sight. Blake and Weiss nodded at what they were seeing.

Nora smiled as she thought of a way to get her leader muscled up, Pyrrha had a red face as Ren had a deadpan expression.

All the training Pyrrha, Velvet, and the rest of Team CFVY did wonders for his body making him a fit tapestry of muscle. Velvet got up as well, stretching her body a bit. The apartment was a rather small and compact one, but Jaune did not complain about it. The price was good, and it was a rather quiet area of Vale. Jaune looked like the window to the streets of Vale. One woman on a bicycle ending up gawking at Jaune before crashing into a pile of trash cans.

The seven snickered a bit as they saw that.

Jaune closed the blinds, remembering he was still naked and needed to get dressed. He looked over at Velvet taking her sweet time to get dressed and Jaune was appreciative of every bit of her body. But he could not waste time, and thus got on his chauffeur's outfit. The atypical black suit with yellow tie, and the driver's cap. Velvet's chauffeur outfit was quite similar to the likes of Mercy Graves; a short black dress buttoned up on the left side, black flats, gray pantyhose, and the hat with holes for her ears as the two left to get to work.

"Gotta say, they look good." Yang said with a grin.

As Jaune drove the limo with Velvet in the passenger seat, the two had a quiet night. Jaune hoped for this as he pulled aside to get frisky with his lover, sadly, the carphone rang, interrupting them.

"Heh, cock blocked." Yang remarked as her team deadpanned at her with Ruby not really understanding what she meant. Ren sympathized with Jaune, knowing how it felt to have the moment interrupted.

"Must you be so vulgar Yang?" Weiss asked as the blonde looked at her.

"Must you be so boring Weiss?" The heiress rolled her eyes as she refocused on screen.

"Damn it." Jaune and Velvet muttered as he picked up.

They had a job tonight. Apparently, they were going to drive seven people around as a favor to the boss's son. Some lost bet apparently.

Jaune drove up to Junior's and lowered down the window only to pale at who he was carting. Cardin and his team were waiting for them and fairly drunk.

"Oh great, it's Cardin." Nora muttered as the rest sighed.

Cardin had made Jaune's life a living hell in Beacon from his bullying and tugging on his girlfriend's ears. The lowest point came when he blackmailed Jaune and Pyrrha offered herself up to spare Jaune. Jaune could not look at Cardin in the eye with the things they had her do.

Blake sneered as she remembered how Cardin acted towards Velvet as Weiss focused on one word.

"Wait, blackmailed?" Weiss turned towards Pyrrha, "Is there something that you are not telling us Pyrrha?" Her team along with Ren and Nora looked towards the champion who fidgeted under their gaze. She squirmed, not sure what to say.

"You will see later. For now just leave her alone." Watcher said as the others looked skeptical before they turned back to the screen and Pyrrha inwardly sighed in relief.

Velvet really wanted Jaune to drive away from them. Jaune noticed they had company. Cardin and Sky had a girl with their shoulder around. Jaune recognized them as the Haven transfers, Cinder Fall, Emerald Sustrai. The third member of the Haven team was standing on her own, Neopolitan.

"Well, if it ain't Jauney boy and his pet rabbit." Cardin said with a snigger.

"I want to slug the guy." Yang said as Blake nodded.

"You aren't the only one."

"Just shut the fuck up and get in, I don't have all night." Jaune thought, but he said, "Good night, sir. We're arrived to take you to your destination."

The seven piled in and Velvet took the complimentary photo with a camera only to get belched in the face by Russel.

"Wonderful." Velvet said dryly.

"Gross." Ruby said.

"Rude." Weiss said as she had a look of disgust.

"I can't imagine enduring that kind of behavior for long." Pyrrha added as she munched on her chocolate.

As they drove away with the happy seven, Jaune and Velvet were considering if this was worth the pay. While Velvet had to deal with Russel tugging her ears, Jaune had to grind his teeth at the practical orgy going on the backseat. It seems that, under the influence, Cinder was a lot more open as Cardin and Sky double-teamed her.

"Cinder, you better watch out. I'll be next." Emerald thought, fingering herself to this "lovely" scene.

Ruby dropped her strawberries and stared in shock as Yang silently covered her sister's eyes as Weiss had a disgusted look with Blake being a silent observer.

"Dear Gods." The heiress said as NPR had awkward looks on their faces.

"I swear, if anyone tries that while on Bumblebee…" Yang trailed off as she clenched her fist while covering Ruby's eyes with another.

Neopolitan might have been the only pleasant passenger as at least she stabbed Russel's shoulder to get him to stop pulling on Velvet's ears.

"Thank you, miss." Velvet said as the mute nodded.

"At least there is one good passenger." Ren said as Yang narrowed her eyes at the midget on screen.

'Why does she look so familiar?' She thought as she saw the black haired midget.

By the time they reached the destination, the limo was a mess. Puke, liquor, and genital fluids were all over the leather seats and windows. Jaune and Velvet were crying on the inside as they knew they had to clean that up. Cinder was adjusting back on her dress and Emerald was on cloud nine.

Ruby removed Yang's hand as they all gagged at the mess, Pyrrha clutched her spear tightly and the rest pitied the couple on screen.

"At least they are getting paid for this." Blake said as she ate her tuna.

"Now that the moment is over, that'll be…." Jaune said before Team CDRL along Cinder and Emerald bolted out of the limo. "…fuck!"

"Oh, you gotta be kidding me! They get their sorry asses to where they wanted and this is what they get?!" Weiss said as she yelled at the screen.

"What a bunch of assholes." Ruby said as her team agreed with her.

Neo at least left money before vanishing, but it was not enough to calm the boiling rage Jaune and Velvet had.

"Oh ho ho. I want to see what Jaune is going to do here." Nora said with an evil grin while rubbing her hands as her teammates looked at her.

They looked up to see Cardin walking away from the hotel that the group were supposed to go to. With twisted grins, Jaune hit the gas and mowed Cardin down before driving away leaving his mangled body behind. Velvet had taken up that photo he took and marked Cardin's face with an X.

The group stared in shock at the merciless kill that Juane just did. Even if it was an asshole like Cardin.

"It's always the nice ones who snap the hardest." Watcher said as he looked over at the shelves, noticing several light in the shelves up.

(A Few Days Later)

It was a cloudy day of apathy as mostly everyone from Beacon showed up to attend Cardin's funeral. Ozpin was only there because he was the headmaster, but he really did not care for the funeral as he would rather be at home. Teams RWBY, NPR, SSSN, and CFY were seated as Cardin's team, Cinder, and Emerald carried the casket with his body.

"I can't believe Cardin's dead." Sky said a bit sadly.

"I can't believe you banged Cinder on top of the casket before we walked it out." Russel said.

The moment he said that, the group's jaws hung wide open. It stayed that way for a second before Ruby stood up.

"Are you serious?!" She shouted as the rest recovered.

"They can't be serious." Weiss muttered as she made sure that she heard them clearly.

"I can't believe I watched." Emerald said.

"Oh, you did more than watch." Sky said suggestively.

"Okay, these guys deserve to die." Yang said as her eye twitched, "They not only don't care about their leader but they also desecrate his coffin!"

Mercury was sitting in the crowd with the others actively flirting it up with Yang Xiao Long. The Brother Gods let him have a little luck, as he was the only one not to go on that night-out.

'Where's Jaune?' Nora thought.

"I don't think this Jaune is going to attend the funeral." Pyrrha said, whilst leaning back on her chair.

A loud blaring Dixie horn broke the quiet, as out of nowhere, a familiar limo sped up running over both Russel and Sky. Sky had his throat crushed while Russel had his legs crushed under the wheel. Nora was laughing over this and while everyone had mixed reactions. The casket shattered, sending the body on top of the driver's window. Jaune coolly activated the wipers to remove the trash off his windshield before Velvet revved the engines sending blood splatter all over the place before taking off.

Nora opened her mouth before she considered her words and sat down. Ren and the others looked at her and raised their eyebrows.

"You are not gonna say anything?" Her partner asked as she shook her head.

"I don't think it would have been appropriate for me to say what I wanted to say."

Neo looked down at those corpses and decided that maybe she could get the hell out of Vale for a while. Roman did say he had a cousin in Patch who runs a spa, she thought.

"Wait, Roman? Roman Torchwick?!" Ruby shouted as Watcher nodded at her.

"Yep, that woman is his subordinate." He said as they all paled at that.

"We have a criminal in Beacon. We let a damn criminal into Beacon!" Weiss shouted, panicked before Blake put a hand on her shoulder.

"We are going to the headmaster and Miss Goodwitch after this." They all nodded.

(A Few More Days Later)

At a local restaurant, Cinder and Emerald were having lunch. Emerald was terrified and shaken up after all this. The last of CDRL was killed just yesterday in an unexplained death.

"Probably ran over like the rest of his teammates." Yang said.

"Listen Cinder, I'm freaking out. I don't want to die." Emerald fearfully said.

"You could have avoided this if you paid your limo driver." Weiss said as she face-palmed at the stupidity of the two.

Cinder slapped her.

"Calm down. Remember, we have a plan. If we are to succeed with the invasion with Salem, I can't have you acting cowardly." Cinder said in a low tone. "Now get your shit together."

"Wait, hold up! Invasion?" Yang turned towards Watcher, "The hell are they talking about?"

Watcher scratched his neck as he sat up straight.

"I will explain later, okay?" Yang narrowed her eyes at him but nodded and turned back.

Emerald got up to use the restroom. As she sat to use the toilet, she heard a noise that should not be in the ladies' room, the squeak of a car tire. She looked down to see a wheel of a car roll up alongside the stall door and it was stained in blood.

Emerald's eyes widened in horror. It was a good thing she was already on the toilet because her bowels pretty much emptied themselves in fear. Then the car went on its way getting Emerald to sigh in relief.

"Oh, thank the Brothers." Emerald said getting up to hike her pants up before flushing.

"You know, when they say 'get your shit together', they don't really mean it literally." Pyrrha said as the seven had slight looks of disgust, Weiss though seemed to focus on something else.

"How did Jaune and Velvet fit a freaking limo in a bathroom?" She asked with disbelief as Blake raised an eyebrow at her.

"Are you really asking that after what we have seen so far Weiss?" Blake asked as Weiss wanted to speak but then stayed quiet.

"Seems like Emerald is going to get out alive." Yang said as she threw a popcorn into her mouth.

She could have questioned it, but she opened the door. She was a deer caught in headlights as the car light shined on her. The horn blared again as the limo drove up crushing her lower body against the wall smashing the toilet.Death was swift for Emerald as her blood poured down the drain in the stall intermixed with the filthy toilet water as Velvet marked another X.

"Now only one remains." Ren said as he didn't feel an ounce of pity for Cinder.

"How are-How the hell are those two getting away with it?!" Weiss asked again, no longer able to suspend her disbelief.

(A Few Hours Later, TEAM CENM's Room, Beacon Academy)

It may have been late at night, but Cinder was packing her bags. No way, she was staying here any longer. Salem be damned. She frantically packed her clothes completely ignoring Mercury playing video games with Yang. She ran for the bullhead to Vale before getting to the nearest airport. She paid for her ticket and boarded before the plane took off. Leaning back on her comfortable seat, she thought she got away scot-free. She looked out the window not expecting anything at all, but her hot blood ran cold at what she saw.

"Who the hell is Salem?" Yang asked, receiving no answers.

"Oh, I can't wait to see what is on the wing! Let me guess, Jaune and Velvet flying on a winged Beringel?!" Weiss sarcastically asked whilst getting frustrated.

On the wing of the plane WAS THE LIMO! She could see Jaune and Velvet waving at her before blaring that horn both having slasher smiles that would convince Salem to take a few steps back. The limo was speeding towards Cinder as she frantically tried to get her seatbelt off to run. She did not get far as the limo drove through the plane mowing her down in the process as she screamed in agony. The passengers screamed frantically before the plane blew up a massive explosion ironically putting out the half Maiden. Unknowingly, Velvet and Jaune had saved Amber's life.

Weiss's eye twitched and she stood up, opening her mouth, taking a deep breath, ready to unleash a string of curses.

"Weiss." Ruby whispered.

"WHAT!" the heiress shouted as she looked at her partner who merely pointed at Watcher. The white themed girl quickly turned around about to yell and her anger quickly turned to shock as she saw Watcher's head slowly turn full 360 degrees, the clothes seemingly unaffected. He only waved at her and she saw mini versions of her team appear out of his arm and wave at her.

Slowly, the heiress turned around and sat down quietly, not saying a word.

"Who is Amber?" Nora asked as Watcher gave them a look.


Floating down were a happy Jaune and Velvet who had parachutes. Velvet had Jaune cross out the last face leaving only Neo left.

"We got our revenge. Now what?" Jaune remarked.

Velvet had a dirty look on her face.

"You. Me. On the kitchen table." Velvet thought.

It goes to show you, beware the nice ones. When they snap, they snap hard.

Pyrrha blushed with jealousy at the implications but calmed herself down.

"They sure do snap the hardest." Watcher said, wincing at the memory of certain worlds.

"So was that it?" Blake asked as Watcher took out the card and showed the picture, which had Jaune and Velvet sitting on a limo with their symbols crossing and murderous looks in their faces.

"Well, we are done watching this world." He brought out the three other cards, "Time for these ones." The three cards glowed with dark light, putting the seven on edge.

"Are they supposed to be glowing like that?" Ruby asked while feeling something…strange coming from the cards, like a feeling of dread and negativity.

"These cards are among the more special kinds of cards. This time however, it will NOT focus solely on Jaune." That surprised the group.

"Really? I was under the impression that everything focused on Jaune here." Yang said as Watcher shook his head.

"No, I only showed you cards that centered around him. This time it's about all of you." He said and threw the first card into the screen, the lights dimmed as the seven sat back down.

"Before I forget, this world will also show future events that might happen." Watcher said receiving looks of surprise from them, "MIGHT happen. You can still change the future."

Ruby knew what loss was. She had lost her mother at an early age, but Ruby admitted to herself later on that she was glad she did not have to see her die.

Ruby's silver eyes started to water slightly, her sister put a hand on her shoulder. Sadness in their eyes and faces as the others gave them looks of sympathy, especially Ren and Nora.

"It will be alright Ruby." Yang said as she brought her sister in for a hug.

Unlike recent events…

"Recent events?" Weiss asked as Watcher gestured to her to keep watching.

All she wanted was to go to Beacon and get out as a Huntress to take on the world like the hero from her books.

Ruby wiped a tear from her eye and smiled slightly, her dreams were naïve yes, but that won't stop her from being a hero like her mother. Yang smiled at that and ruffled her sister's hair, to which the silver haired pouted and tried to swat away her hand

Well, reality could be cold. She watched everything all apart around her. She watched Pyrrha kill Penny, her sister crippling another student, and ultimately Beacon's fall.

"Wait, What?!"

Weiss's shout summarized all that they felt right now and they all agreed with her.

Pyrrha killing another student?

Beacon falling?

Yang crippling someone?

Well, the last one didn't really surprise them that much, considering the fact that it was Yang they were talking about, the other two however surprised them to the point they didn't know what to say.

The aftermath would have shattered Ruby's worldview. Cinder Fall played everyone like a fiddle, and she could only vomit at the thought. That same girl had spent time with her. Ruby remembers the sleepover she and that illusionist had invited her too. Cinder seemed so nice…and it was all a lie.

"Okay, what the hell is going on here?! What do Cinder and her teammates have to do with anything we heard right now?!" Weiss asked Watcher as she stood up from her seat. The group's eyes on Watcher as he sighed and looked at them before creating an image of Cinder Fall, this time wearing a red dress.

"You remember the Breach and how Roman and White Fang worked together?" They all nodded at him, "Well, here is the news: She is the mastermind behind it all." He said while pointing at the still image of Cinder. The seven had several moments to process what he said and like responsible adults they acted in a very calm and refined-


Okay, never mind that.

"What do you mean 'she is the mastermind behind it'?! Are you saying we had a fucking terrorist in our school?!" Weiss asked as she stood up, shocking others at how she seemed so angry, but they could understand her.

"Like I said, she is the one who convinced Roman to do all the Dust theft and is the reason why he worked with Adam and the White Fang. Why do you think they would work together in the first place? Roman has a vendetta against Ruby and White Fang or at least the current White Fang follow an unstable psychopath bent on genocide of the human race. It's more likely they would try to kill each other than work together." He explained while showing images of Cinder and Roman agreeing on a plan and someone with red hair and horns on his head agreeing to Cinder's deal.

Blake noticed something strange in the images.

"He is scared," She said bringing others' attention, "Notice his expression: Roman is seemingly scared of what happens if he disagrees." They looked back and they did notice that Roman looked nervous.

"And the leader of White Fang, he doesn't look like he wants to work with her." Pyrrha said as she noticed the frown on the red haired faunus' face, Blake secretly winced as she saw Adam's image and tried to look inconspicuous.

Ruby never considered herself the type to take a life. The heroes she looked up to never did…it was a code to not kill. However, Ruby had thoughts. A part of her wanted nothing more than to shove Crescent Rose's gun as far down Cinder's throat as it could before she pulled the trigger, and maybe even dismember the man who took her sister's arm.

The silver-eyed girl had a look of shock as she heard those words. Her team also looked very surprised and for good reasons. Ruby was someone who wouldn't intentionally want to hurt someone, even when they angered her. But this? This was something different.

She felt horrid for thinking such thoughts, but there was that voice asking her why she was hesitating.

"Why the fuck are you even hesitating? Go hunt those fuckers and put them in dirt!"

The voice sounded like her, but harsher and meaner.

Ruby winced as she heard those words, the feeling that she had when she first looked at the cards returned.

"Okay, whatever voice that is I do not want to hear it." Yang said as she clenched her fists.

"Me as well, it sounds so…wrong." Weiss said.

She did not want to stop being the hero and her innocent mind did not want to bear the stress. So, a simple solution was made. Deny it. Deny the trauma, the desire to murder.


WBY and NPR exchanged looks before looking at the scythe wielder, who looked to be squirming in her seat, her hands clenching and unclenching and her silver eyes seemed to glow slightly.

Then came when she left home to team up with the remnants of JPNR to go to Mistral. She played her part being the beacon of hope. But when she slept:

Ruby was in the midst of her usual dream, Beacon. However, everyone looked squishy, bite-sized, and super-deformed. There was that air of innocence to it. Ruby and her team sat around wondering what fun thing to do next.

"You guys want to shoot some hoops with me and Pyrrha?" Yang asked.

"If you're playing shirt or skins, the answer is no." Weiss remarked.

"I need some fish." Blake whined.

In spite of the shocking situation, the group couldn't help but find the dream to be really cute, especially the little team RWBY.

"Aww, that's really cute." Weiss said as she looked at the chibi RWBY, especially chibi Weiss, Yang smiled at her version whilst Blake had a slight frown on her face.

"I wonder if they really exist?" Pyrrha asked as she turned towards Watcher, "Is there a world where they exist?"

Watcher nodded at her.

"Yeah, several in fact. In one they look like this, in another they are so small they could fit in your hand and another one are like the second but they all have animal ears and tails. They are all really cute." Nora wanted to know what they looked like as did the rest, "I will show them later."

Before Ruby could speak, she got a chill.

"You can't lie forever…"

Ruby froze with her heart thumping and her eyes wide.

"Uh, sis? You all right?" Yang asked.

Ruby turned to her sister only to see she was missing the arm. She screamed and ran off to the comforts of their team dorm room. Her safe space.

"Nothing bad happened…ever." Ruby said to herself as she sat on her bed.

"That's…not a very good move. Scratch that, it's a really bad idea." Blake said as WBY looked at their leader and saw her having a conflicted look on her face.

"In some cases ignorance is bliss, but in this case Ruby is practically going to go crazy." Weiss said observing the almost childish behavior that Ruby had.

She repeated it as her mantra, but she was interrupted with the door to her bathroom being kicked open. In walked Ruby Rose, but different. She wasn't chibi, her silver eyes had darkened circles around, her clothes were more ragged, she had a lit cigarette in her mouth, and a bottle of firewater in her hand.

"How much longer can you live in denial?" Rose said coldly. "How long will you continue to pretend everything's fucking dandy?!"

All seven students had looks of shock as they looked at 'Rose', she looked like Ruby but she was practically a complete opposite of Ruby. Whereas Ruby was energetic, always willing to help and almost naïve, Rose seemed more like someone who had no enthusiasm, no interest in anything good, cynical and borderline apathetic. The drink in her hands reminded Yang and Ruby of their drinking uncle, though he was always drunk, at least he was fun to be around, Rose seemed like a void that sucked out anything fun and happy.

Weiss and Blake looked from Rose to Ruby, the former glad that she had a partner like Ruby rather than Rose and the latter not knowing what to even say.

NPR for their part were glad that Ruby, or at least Ruby on screen, did not act like that.

Watcher looked at Rose, his eyes glowing, his hands clenching as he touched the red fabric around his neck, he saw several cards glow out of the corner. His eyes narrowed as he saw the rotting Rose symbol on one of them and a card that spun with no stop with a symbol of infinity on it.

"Go away. Nothing bad ever hap-"

SLAP! Rose had slapped her other with an open palm before grabbing her by the throat, so they are eye to eye.

"How much longer can you live like this! I'm tired of all the cute and innocent shit! Pyrrha's dead, Penny's dead, your sister's a cripple, and all of Vale burned to the fucking ground. And you're acting like everyone's fucking dandy!" Rose said, shaking her.

The words "Pyrrha's dead" and "Vale burned to the ground" drew gasps of shock from the entire group. Nora and Ren sat closer to Pyrrha. Ruby had slight tears in her eyes at that as her sister and teammates looked at her in worry.

Trying to think positively in hard times is good…but never acknowledging that something's bad? That brought concern from them.

"I don't know what you're talking about. Everyone's fine. Nothing bad happened…ever." Ruby said as Rose screamed profanities at her. "Language."

"FUCK YOU! Where's your empathy? Oh right, that would require acknowledging that nothing's fine. But no, you insist on this façade that's turning you into an uncaring sociopath. I want out here! I want to let out the turmoil! I want to kill that fire bitch! Stop denying me the ability to grieve!" Rose roared with tears spilling her face.

Rose looked to see Ruby had tuned her out by wearing headphones listening to music on her scroll. Rose screamed and smashed the bottle on Ruby's face.

"Okay, I don't know what the deal is with Rose but she needs to lay off!" Yang said as she glared at the screen.

"It's not that easy Yang," Watcher said, drawing their attention, "Rose is a result of Ruby putting her emotions aside, never really dealing with them. The mentioned deaths of Pyrrha and Penny as well as…other stuff led to her having a sort of mental breakdown, resulting in the creation of Rose, who is all of Ruby's grief, anger and hatred rolled into a package that might as well become victorious in her internal battle with Ruby." Watcher said as his eyes seemingly dimmed, and he clenched his right hand around the red fabric.

His words caused them all to look at Ruby, the young girl had a hood over her head and rocking back and forth, as though trying to hide from someone.

Yang put a hand on her sister's shoulder as did Weiss and Blake. The blonde girl looked at the two of them and they all understood the message.

'We need to talk to her after this.'

Ruby woke up screaming and a sweaty mess panting as she felt her face for injury. Jaune, Nora, and Ren all stood around her concerned as Ruby got up to her feet shaking.

"Ruby, are you all right?" Nora asked.

Ruby wiped it off her face and gave her trademark grin.

"Yeah, nothing's wrong. Just some dumb dream." Ruby said, waving it off.

"But…" Nora said only for Ruby 's face to darken as Ruby repeated her mantra.

They would continue their travels all the while Ruby ignored the sounds of screaming at the back of her mind. Nope, nothing was wrong at all.

'Yeah, we are definitely having a talk after this viewing.' Yang thought.

From a young age, Weiss was taught that drinking was not a healthy habit to have. Not from her mother or her father…but Winter.

Weiss winced at the mention of drinking and her parents, her team looking at her now.

Winter had been the parent in the early days before she escaped to military school. Weiss could not blame Winter for leaving. Part of her wishes she had not left her behind too.

'I really wish she did.' Weiss thought remembering her not-so-pleasant father and drunkard mother. Winter had been and probably will always be the only family member that she loved.

'But what about Whitley?' a voice said in the back of her head and she shook her head.

But Winter used the discipline to deal with the stress and became stronger. Maybe if Winter was here, Weiss would not have found herself sitting in the hot tub nursing a glass of her mother's wine, but she needed to cope.

At the state of her-possible future-self Weiss gaped, not expecting to see herself to fall to her mother's habit. Her friends would have laughed were it not for how serious this whole thing was.

She always had regrets, which only grew. One was thinking the path to be a huntress was easy, and the other was thinking she was leader material. She laughed at that and wished she could smack her past self. Here she was, living it up in her fancy home while Vale burns. She wondered what Velvet was doing. She grew to self-loath that she didn't do anything for her when Cardin was picking on her. She claimed to be better than her father…only to repeat similar habits.

Hearing that, Weiss winced, very aware of how she acted back then towards Ruby and everyone else. But the part about her being no better than her father hit her harder. For as long as she knew, she wanted to prove that she was better than her father and was certain that she IS better than him.

But remembering the situation with Velvet and Blake as well, a question whispered in the back of her mind.

'Am I really no different?'

Blake put a hand on her shoulder, trying to comfort her teammate but didn't manage to do much.

"Can I even see myself taking over the business?" Weiss thought, pouring herself another glass. "Can I even see…myself as a huntress?"

Her losses haunted her. Her losses humiliated her. Her losses were what got her to push the glass aside and drank from the bottle directly. She always felt like the weak link in the team despite her powers putting them to shame.

Winter would not have loss like that…she would have beaten them all out with ease and not be a total joke.

"You aren't a weak link Weiss." Blake said as she and the rest of her team sat next to her trying to comfort the heiress,

NPR didn't know what to do in this situation, sitting next to their sister team and letting them help each other's issues.

Watcher looked at them then looked at the other two cards, seeing their dark colors light up, illuminating the cracks in them. His eyes widened as he realized what was going on.

She quashed that thought with another swig as the door to the tub opened.

"Father will be displeased that you're using his hot tub, sister." Whitley said, crossing his arms.

"Don't you have anything better to do? Don't you see I'm brooding?" Weiss said, trying not to slur her words.

"Oh yes, sitting in a tub of hot water contemplating what exactly? Your losses or your lack of growth?" Whitley said only to get hit with Weiss's glass. "I assume the latter."

"Is that your brother?" Pyrrha asked, guessing from his white hair and blue eyes.

"Yes, yes he is." Weiss answered as she looked at her brother on screen. On regular days she would have been annoyed to see him, but this time she felt…relieved for some reason.

"What right do you have to criticize me? All you've done is brownnose father!" Weiss snapped.

"I'm sorry. You claim you want to run the business yet you're training to be a huntress and not a businesswoman. At least I'm in business school busting my brain to try to know how to ethically run a business. Sorry about making fun about your lack of growth." Whitley said, a bit drained.

Whitley took up the glass with a sigh.

"Pot calling the kettle black. I bet you don't even have pubes." Weiss said crassly.

"Regardless of that, please don't reduce yourself to what mother has become. Our mother has chosen to waste away while father is running our business with a lack of morale. I lied when I said that you being a huntress was silly. I did that to kiss up to dad." Whitley said which got Weiss to pay attention. "I really thought you were so brave."

Weiss's eyebrows shot up in surprise. For as long as she knew, her brother always tried to antagonize her, but hearing his words had her look back on all the times she had interacted with him.

'Did he really lie when he said that?'

Weiss's anger softened and Whitley stepped out for a second coming back with another bottle of wine, two glasses, and swim trunks on him to join. He slipped in and Weiss was a bit sheepish.

"What? I…oh please don't tell me you're naked in the water." Whitley said facepalming.

"I thought it was a good idea." Weiss said awkwardly.

Weiss blushed at the implications, and then her face got slightly green as she realized how the scenario looked like.

"You do know that mom and dad fuck people in this tub?" Whitley thought to say, but actually said, "Forget it. Look, you think I want to be like my old man. Fuck no. He's a "good" businessman, but a shitty father and human being. I've seen and watched him ruin lives while treating everyone around him like trash. He cheats on mom so much to where Mom is cheating as much. You think I want to grow up to be some pompous asshole or depressed limp-wristed drunk?"

"Never thought you'd be so passionate about wanting to make change to the company." Weiss said with a hint of guilt. "I'm sorry for brushing you off as a suck up."

"I have to suck up and tolerate it just to ensure he doesn't disown me like he did with Winter and what he plans to do to you eventually." Whitley said quietly.

'Whitley.' Weiss thought as she put her face in her hands, 'All this time I thought he was a suck up when he was just like me. I never paid much attention to him.' She then thought back on all the times she and Winter spent.

'Come to think of it, we never had any good memories of Whitley nor of any times we tried to spend some time with him. And since mother is a drunk who stopped paying attention…' her eyes widened once she realized the problem, the problem wasn't in her father getting a hold of Whitley, the problem was they, his sisters and his mother, left him with a bad father.

'So you are starting to see it don't you?' A voice said in the back of her mind, 'He is just as much of a victim as you are and if you don't help him, it will only get worse.' Weiss considered the words and put another goal in her list.

Make up with her younger brother.

"And there's another reason."

Whitley took up his scroll and opened it up to show Weiss a picture of him and a familiar raver.

"You're dating a faunus?" Weiss said with mild shock.

Blake and Weiss looked shocked as well, the former not expecting that and the latter surprised that he managed to find a girlfriend.

"She's helped in making me realize that I did not want to be my father. You know how we met? She threw herself at me when I made a move because she thought I was going to get her dad fired. When I realized this, I made an effort to apologize and things lead to us becoming a thing. It's about to be a year now." Whitley said putting it aside. "And you and Klein are the only ones that know. Not even her huntsman team knows about this. Or my endeavors to donate to minority causes."

"Wow…and here I thought I was the white sheep of my family." Weiss said, downing another glass. "But you put me to shame."

"Don't beat yourself up." Whitley said as Weiss downed another glass. "You're willing to change. Even if you've lost plenty of battles. You've got a good team backing you up and you're still breathing meaning you can get better. Just promise me you won't end up like our parents."

"Only if you promise me the same." Weiss said as they clinked glasses.

Both teams looked at Weiss and saw her have a determined look on her face, a plan in her mind, one that she would make sure won't fail.

"Looks like you got a lot of family issues Weiss." Yang commented as Weiss nodded with a sad smile.

"I do and I intend to fix them after we get Arc and get out of here." She said as she sat up straighter in her seat.

The moment was ruined when Willow Schnee pushed open the door, wearing just a robe and already plastered.

"Perfect…I left bottles and glasses. Perfect to spend the afternoon with my Vinny." Willow said tossing off her robe and walking over to the drawers to get something.

The two Schnee kids scrambled out not seeing to have any more of this burned into their brains.

"Ok, I got my scroll and you…are naked." Whitley said, covering his eyes.

Weiss covered herself and bolted for her room just praying no one else had to see. She already had her own body issues, and she did not want anyone else pointing that out. Whitley was off to his room hoping to avoid a similar issue.

This time the group didn't hesitate to laugh, wanting to enjoy a funny moment after seeing something as depressing as Rose and Weiss grieving. Weiss herself had an embarrassed blush and covered her chest with her hands before she looked at her team.

"We are never talking about this again." Her team smiled at her but assured her they would not.

Regrets. Guilt. Shame. Loathing. The token faunus of Team RWBY was a bundle of negative emotions on the ship she was sailing for home. She was terrified of seeing her parents knowing she shamed them. Would they even accept her back, she thought. She wouldn't even accept herself back.

And just like that, the good mood went away as it was Blake's turn to look down in shame. More than anything, she feared her parents' reaction after she returned to Menagerie. What would her father say? What would her mother think of her? Would they disown her? Would she still be their daughter? Or would she be a rebellious, ungrateful brat who shamed their family name because she followed a madman? Did they have another child to forget her?

Questions such as those made her afraid to meet them again.

She thought back to Beacon and it all played like a bad memory. She fashioned herself as a Faunus Revolutionary, but she could only realize she was nothing more than a former terrorist with bouts of hypocrisy and cowardice. Velvet would have hated her guts if she knew she was a fellow faunus just letting a bigot walk all over her.

Blake looked at herself in the mirror and flinched at seeing a reflection of her with his blood on her hands with Adam behind her. Blake flung herself back in fear slamming her back against the bathroom wall.

In her seat, Blake brought her knees to her chest, the memories of her time with him and all the other things slowly creeping into her mind.

'Am I really a Revolutionary if I allowed all those things to happen?' She thought as her partner put a hand on her shoulder, she didn't look up and only continued to look down.

"No…no…no…you're past that. It's behind you." Blake said to herself to calm herself down. "You repressed those."

Like Ruby, she was no stranger to repressing. However, Blake knew she had done things in the name of White Fang. Terrible things she did in Adam's name. She recalls how she met Adam and what led her down her path.

"I was so naïve and spoiled…" Blake thought. "I let myself get enamored with him and watched him slowly become a monster."

"And you stood by and did nothing!"

Blake's face changed to that of shame as she heard the words.

'I didn't know any better.' She thought as she recalled all the times he was a monster, at first it seemed self-defense but the longer she remained, the more she could see the signs. And the more she blamed herself for running away and not stopping him sooner.

"Blake." Yang said, her partner did not respond.

The reflection fogged and she was no longer seeing herself by Yang who did not look very happy.

"Where were you? I fought for you and you left me to bleed out! I give up my arm and my peace of mind for you!"

"I didn't ask for it!" Blake screamed before running out of her cabin.

She stumbled into the deck retching her lunch over the rails from the stress of what she just saw. She felt sick to her stomach as tears spilled down her face.

"I just had to fall for his words and be a fucking idiot on top of them. I've done so much wrong and I've been nothing from a hypocritical coward." Blake said, tearing off her bow and throwing it into the ocean. "I…I.."

Blake winced again as she looked at the screen. She always ran away, always avoiding conflict, letting others suffer because she chose to run…like a coward.

"Blake?" She gave a glance at Yang, her partner looking concerned for her as did her team.

NPR though looked confused. Why were they acting like this? Was there something that they were missing?

She felt a chill, only to feel someone putting their cloak on her. She turned to see Sun who looked quiet and concerned.

"How long?" She asked.

"I was just getting some air and I heard you rush out before tossing your bow. If it helps, you look better without it." Sun said in a near whisper.

"You didn't need to give me your cloak. I had my o…oh I left it in my cabin." Blake said with a sigh.

"Look, I don't know all about your past and your struggles, but you need someone to talk to. I'm here for you and I'm sorry for following you. I was worried when I saw you freak out after you left Yang behind." Sun said having a supporting hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry about my team, I left them with orders to ensure Yang was all right."

Part of her was peeved that he followed her, but the other half was glad for it. Sun actively reminded her that for all the mistakes she made, there were a few good things that came out of them. Right then and there, she made a promise to herself. She would beg for forgiveness for parents and her team and leave her cowardice behind. She was not going to scurry away like a kitten, but roar with the heart of a lioness.

Though still depressed, Blake smiled at that as she glanced at her team. She made mistakes, but she was glad that she left White Fang, otherwise she would have never met her team.

"You okay there Blakey?" Yang asked as the cat faunus nodded at her partner.

"I am okay…just conflicted really."

Yang Xiao Long saw many things. Nightmares, sleepless nights, and phantom pains. But the two things that drove her to get more in the morning was anger and revenge that festered within her soul. In secret since she was at home, she was training her body driven to compensate for her missing arm. Unlike Ruby, Yang was not keeping the rage repressed. Yang was not one to take lives either, but she had a few ways she wanted to execute Adam and several others. So far, she made good progress keeping all this under wraps and Dad's nose. At least, until the day her father brought the mechanical arm home.

Yang looked at the screen at her possible future self, more importantly on her arm. She suddenly felt her arm tingle, her team looking shocked at the fact that one of the best fighters in Beacon lost her arm. Blake though frowned knowing just what or who exactly would cause her to lose her arm.

She had no idea why Ironwood would even bother to give her such a valued piece of technology. At first, she passed on it and felt it to be a crutch. The arm sat in her room looking at her as a reminder of what she lost. That night she sat on her bed staring at the metallic appendage like it insulted her sister. A part of her called it a crutch and a weakness. Another part of her just wanted two arms to dress and drive again…to be independent again.

Though surprised at the arm, Yang felt relieved that her screen self wasn't so…depressed. Her team though were glad that at least Yang didn't act like how they did and also glad that the energetic brawler remained mostly the same.

"Damn it. Why did I have to lose my arm?" Yang said to herself before looking at a photo of her and Summer Rose. "I guess I should go see her."

She got up and put the arm down, quashing down the thought of it as a crutch. She flexed it and just felt glad to have two arms. She left her room walking downstairs seeing her dad bemoaning a lack of milk.

"I'll get it." Yang said getting her keys. "It's not late enough for them to close."

"Yang, I…oh you're wearing the arm. I'm glad for it." Taiyang said as Yang walked to the door. "Think you'll be able to drive?"

"Yeah, I will." Yang said leaving the house.

It felt good to rev up Bumblebee again and even better to drive it. She had gotten the milk but had made one more stop. She needed to see her. Parking her bike, she slowly came up to that lonesome grave.

"You know I never did really visit you after you passed like Ruby did. I didn't think it was my place. You gave birth to Ruby and I was the reminder of a failed relationship. But you didn't see that…you took me up and loved me like your own. I just wanted to know why my bio mom couldn't bother with me." Yang said fighting not to spill tears. "You always had a good word about Raven, but you were just protecting me….from the real asshole she was. I wasted four years of birthday wishes for that cunt to come back, and I swear I'm going to make…"

In her seat, Yang thought back on Summer, all the good times she had till the Huntress's unexpected death, all the stories and all the cookies that she made.

'Summer.' Yang thought back on her mission to find her birth mother, all those times she believed that at least with her they might at least be a family again. That mistake nearly cost her both her life and her beloved sister's if not for her uncle. All those attempts to find at least one lead and when she saw who she assumed was her mother at the train, she thought she was one step closer.

But now? After looking back on everything, a thought entered her mind.

'Is it really worth it? To look for someone who would probably never return?'

She was interrupted by the howls of a lone Beowolf approaching. Yang's eyes flashed red as she turned around to see it, only she was grinning mad.

"Oh, fan-fucking-tastic." Yang said cracking her knuckles. "I can't wait to wear down the metal on this knuckle."

It snarled and slowly approached trying to scare Yang, but she threw dirt in his eyes before tackling it. Taking a page from Nora's book, she supplexed it before grabbing it by the throat.

"You think you can just come here and ruin my life? Huh? You lowlife piece of a shit!" Yang said repeatedly slugging Grimm's face.

She unloaded all she had on that Grimm before punching it into dust. Panting, she looked to Summer's grave.

"Mom, thank you for loving me. As far as you were concerned, I was all yours." Yang said walking back to her bike taking off for home.

As she rode home, Yang mostly felt at peace. Of course, the desire to strangle Adam, maul Raven, and put Blake through a wall was there. But a Xiao Long powers through.

Yang smiled at her other's resolve, she looked at her sister before bringing her for a hug, which the young redhead returned. Weiss and Blake smiled at their respective partners before Yang brought them in for a hug as well.

Nora, Pyrrha and Ren smiled at the team, glad that they weren't sulking anymore.

If there was anything that racked Jaune's mind, it was guilt and regret. He regrets having his own head up his ass for so long. He wished he had accepted Pyrrha's help sooner, and there was the thought of his action to fake his way to Beacon. He had thought of the other people that he had denied their dream.

The hug and the smiles stopped. Surprise in the face of the six and a worried look on one.

"Wait, what?! Fake his way?!" Weiss shouted before she turned towards Watcher, "What is he talking about?!" Watcher looked at Weiss's face and at the surprised looks before looking at Pyrrha's worried expression. He sighed, closing his eyes before reopening them.

"Cardin blackmailed him for a reason. Jaune Arc never went to a combat school so he faked his transcripts. Currently the only ones who know are Pyrrha and possibly Ozpin and Glynda." He said as six people out of seven looked surprised.

Weiss recovered though and a frown appeared on her face.

"You are telling me he is a fraud?" Watcher nodded at her as Weiss took a deep breath, her eyes closed before she looked at Pyrrha.

"When did you find out Pyrrha?" The redhead champion hesitated for a moment.

"A few days before Forever Fall, on the rooftop." She confessed as Nora and Ren looked at her in surprise.

"I am…wow, this is a rollercoaster of news." Yang said, on one hand she was glad that Ruby at least made a friend and she could admit that at least Jaune had what it takes to be a huntsman. On the other hand…she wasn't really sure.

Blake seemed very surprised, for as long as she knew Jaune, she always thought it was weird that he got into Beacon given the little skill he had. This though?

'Perhaps we aren't so different.'

Nora and Ren seemed conflicted, their leader lied to them the entire time, but as they thought more about it, perhaps they shouldn't judge him so harshly considering what they had to do to get to Beacon.

Ruby was dizzy from all the information dumped after just one viewing, her thought jumbled as she thought on everything.

"So let me get this straight." Weiss said as she crossed her arms, "We have a fraud who is also our friend, whose near lack of fighting skill nearly cost us our life and his as well in the initiation and Breach and neither Headmaster Ozpin or Miss Goodwitch decided to do anything about it or even kick him out?" She asked as Watcher tilted his head at her.

"Well, ask yourself this: Why didn't they kick him out way sooner, back before initiation? Why does Ozpin still keep him even though he is one of the weakest students around? Perhaps he wanted to see what would happen. Perhaps he saw potential in him or perhaps Beacon isn't like Atlas where you are judged by your past actions." He glanced at Blake, Yang as well as Ren and Nora, with the three out of four having looks of shame.

"Ozpin is a man who had seen a lot in his life, he learned a lot from past mistakes, after all he once let two bandits into the school and they both came out very skilled." That surprised them, especially Weiss who thought only the best were allowed in Beacon.

"Whether you think he should be kicked out or that he should stay is up to you, but do remember that sometimes the former option leaves a lot of consequences." He ominously said, gesturing to her to sit down.

Weiss looked skeptical before she sat down.

Angry he was at the likes of Cinder for killing Pyrrha, but he just could not well it up to go after. He doubted he could even put a scratch on her after last time. All he could do right now is build himself up and keep the team together. He used his chances traveling from village to village learning combat from the locals. One had given him a bit of advice.

"Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water. You put too much force in your force leading to a hard grip. You need to relax before focusing your aura right before the attack. Do that and your strikes will punch more than if you force it."

Pyrrha took note of that and decided to use that for their training sessions.

It was how he discovered his semblance or at least how to actually use it. The realization hit him that he literally was sitting on a semblance that could make him a powerful force of nature and the only reason he was not, was because of his shoddy aura control. Ruby, Nora, and Ren respectfully tried not to say anything other than support, but Qrow laid it on him thick. So now, here Jaune was…outside of the inn of the village they were staying in.

As he practiced through stances and mediations, his mind was on better times. He could not help it as his memories were now clearly showing that Pyrrha was hinting she wanted him.

"I'm just as dense as Saphron was with her realization." Jaune said with a humorless chuckle. "Maybe, I should call them."

Jaune got out his scroll and made some calls. He knew what was going to get into, but he did not care. He just wanted to hear them again.

Pyrrha perked up as she heard that, maybe she could make him realize after all.

As the lights came back on, Watcher pulled the card out quickly, the image stretching to show RWBY and Jaune in a mirror with cracks all over them, Ruby having the most, Weiss cracks shaped in the form of a jagged snowflake, Blake's being on her bow and eyes and Yang's cracks severing one of her arms.

Watcher looked at the card before putting it and the other cards in a deck.

"We will watch the rest at a different time. With the nature of the three of them, you might as well not last." He said as he pocketed the deck, the seven felt all the negativity leave, confusing them.

"Why did those cards make us feel depressed?" Yang asked.

"Like I said they were special, but I didn't think they would cause this kind of effect." Ruby raised her hand and he nodded at her.

"What is Jaune's Semblance?" Ruby asked as Watcher chuckled.

"Aura Amplification, the ability to amplify his aura's power, making its defensive capabilities stronger and turn the minor healing into regeneration. With enough focus, he can amplify his aura to the point that all attacks would bounce off and survive being stabbed through the chest, when pushed to the extreme, amplify his own Semblance to accumulate enough power to heal an entire army of Huntsmen and Huntresses. Not only that but he can use it to amplify the aura and Semblances of others, strengthening them and allowing others to push them beyond their limits." He explained as he showed them multiple images of Jaune healing a stab wound through the chest, shrugging off rockets, healing people and a final image of Jaune amplifying Weiss, allowing her to create a Beowolf the size of a two-story building.

The seven students sat slack jawed as they saw the images, the sheer potential of the Semblance was something that they all could understand.

'Is this why Watcher said he is a survivor?' Blake thought, the words coming back and with the reveal of the Semblance, she could see how he could survive. Though the prospect of an amplified Semblance did occur to her, could she make her clones fight without disappearing? Could she have them more durable with Jaune's Semblance?

Ruby and Nora thought of all the possible ways they could use their Semblances with Jaune's help, Yang thought of the amount of power she could dish out, Weiss thought of the limitless possibilities she could do with her Glyphs amplified.

Pyrrha though, seemingly beamed with pride, glad to know that she was the first to see potential in him and with his Semblance unlocked she considered how powerful he could be.

"You can talk about it amongst yourselves later, right now I gotta go somewhere. Stay here and don't go anywhere okay?" He asked.

"Don't worry, we aren't going anywhere." Ren said.

"Not like we can anyway." Weiss added as Watcher nodded and disappeared.

In a dark room, lit only by a TV set, a lone figure sat. A pillow covering their face as they slept peacefully. Various foods and drinks, ranging from junk food to other stuff like alcohol, beer, a few medications and what looked like weed.

A portal appeared, waking the figure on the couch, seven cards came out and the figure caught them in her hands. Looking over at each card, the figure then sighed and placed the seven cards in a device on her arm. Standing up and stretching, they took out a hooded cloak, putting it on before taking a small metal stick on the ground.

"Another day, another world to end." They said before they snapped their fingers, creating a portal and disappearing through it.


"I fucking hate this place!" Jaune shouted as he kicked open a door and ran out of the house, an assault rifle in hand. Running after him were several consisting of a police officer, a brown-skinned man wearing a white clothing, a woman wearing an orange shirt that said "No violent games" and a man wearing a green shirt that said "Burn the book".

Jaune avoided their fire, his aura taking several hits as he then rounded a corner, waiting for an opportunity. As his enemies came to the corner he opened fire, killing all of them, making them fall. He went to the bodies and shot them in the heads, not wanting to take any chances.

That done, Jaune turned to find an exit out of this town.

"Paradise my ass. This town is a fucking nightmare." The blonde muttered under his breath as he tried to reload the assault rifle, for the first time in his life. How the fuck did everyone in the town have firearms? Did the weapons shop have a sale or something?

"No time for that, gotta find some more ammo and another melee weapon just in case." He looked at his sword and shield, both weapons having blood stains on them.

"And here I thought I saw everything." A voice behind him said as Jaune turned around and saw a black haired man in his thirties wearing a black shirt with a blue alien head on it. A pair of dark jeans, dark brown shoes and a black trench coat, the final touch were the sunglasses on his eyes. The man had a shovel in his hand and a pistol making Jaune wary of him.

"Who are you?" Jaune asked, his finger on the trigger.

"Name's Postal Dude and you are?"

"Jaune Arc. You know a way out of the town?" Postal Dude chuckled.

"Well, you are in luck, cause I was about to blow it up to smithereens."


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