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Chapter 5: Hunt the Kaiju (Pacific Rim)

"So, is it coming back soon?" Ruby asked as she looked at Watcher. Said being simply shook his head.

"It's hard to say." Watcher said as he floated above them, "Multiversal Displacers are unpredictable due to how they are built. Each time it is used there is a risk that it might malfunction and send something or someone to another place." He started walking on walls with his hands behind his back as Blake raised an eyebrow.

"Wait, if they are so dangerous why did you use it in the first place?" The students looked at him as he looked back before he appeared right in front of them.

"I didn't really have a choice when it comes to using portal technology. The Displacer was the only object that we Watchers can use to bring someone or something here."

"But why though?" Weiss asked as she stepped forward, "You are a being who can see through worlds, why not teleport to the place you need and just take it or them with you?" Watcher looked at her with his glowing eyes.

"That would mean breaking many rules." He vaguely said as he looked at the cards, "I already broke one when I allowed you all to stay instead of sending you back home and I broke another one when I showed you these worlds. If I keep breaking them I am at risk of going to retirement." The seven had confused looks at his words.

"What's so bad about retirement?" Yang asked as she crossed her arms.

"For you humans and Faunus, retirement is simply not doing the job and enjoying the rest of your life. For us, Watchers…well, let's just say that it isn't pleasant." He ominously said with a shudder, confusing them. He smiled at them and went back to the shelves.

"Well, until it comes back with Jaune, let's watch another world." He scrolled through cards as the seven sat down in their seats. Suddenly the screen glowed, getting their attention. Suddenly, tens, no hundreds of cards came out of the screen like a tidal wave. They all flew towards Watcher with said being waving his arms as he sent them to the shelves, his arms moving like blurs, putting the seven in awe as the cards went to the shelves. However, they noticed that amidst his card shuffling Watcher left several cards floating next to him.

Soon enough, the card wave stopped as the screen stopped glowing ad Watcher put the last cards in the shelves. However, there were still cards left in the air, approximately sixteen cards, all of them glowing with either light colors, dark colors or somewhere in between. Watcher took about seven dark purple cards, his mask hiding his frown but the seven could see his eyes shift.

"Is there something wrong?" Ruby asked as Watcher snapped his fingers, creating a blue portal before throwing the seven cards into it and closed the portal. He looked at the other cards before sending five of them to the shelves while the other four stayed in the air. Watcher went to look for a word to watch, leaving the seven to look at the floating cards with confusion. Ruby stood up and went towards the cads, curious as to why he would leave them there.

From below, she could see some sort of a letter on the lower parts of the cards, however she couldn't see it properly.

"What are you doing?" She jumped back and saw Watcher giving her a quizzical look whilst holding a card in his hand.

"Um, well-I-I was curious about these cards so…" She trailed off as Watcher gestured her to sit and she did whilst the others saw him stack the four cards.

"If you are curious, these cards are for later viewing. Right now, let's watch this one." He threw a blackish red card at the screen and watched as it glowed before the card went in it and the lights dimmed.

The screen showed darkness before words in green appeared:

Kaiju (怪獣, kaiju, Mistralian) Giant Beast.

Jaeger (ya'gar, Atlesian) Hunter.

"That's strange." Pyrrha said as she looked at the words, "I've never heard of a word like that before." For as long as she knew, a word like Kaiju did not exist. Beside her Ren nodded at her words.

"And that word is strange as well." Weiss said with a raised eyebrow, trying to recall if she ever heard a word like that but couldn't remember anything that resembled it.

"Who cares about the words guys? Don't you get it? We are about to see a giant monster right now!" Yang said as she prepared a popcorn as did Nora and Ruby.

"Wait, who said we would see a giant monster? The word probably means something the size of a Goliath or that Deathstalker that we faced during the initiation." Blake asked as she looked at the three.

"Let's just watch and find out before we make any assumptions." Ren told them as they all focused on the screen.

Darkness, several lights showing up, almost to imitate stars.

"When I was a kid, whenever I would feel small and lonely, I would look up. To the stars, wondered if there was life up there." Jaune's voice said as the screen kept showing what appeared to be space.

"Well, now we know that there is life up there. And it's dangerous as hell." Yang commented as they all frowned, remembering the Yautja and parasitic thing.

"Maybe there is some friendly life? After all, it's not like all aliens are bad right?" Ruby said before looking at the Watcher "Right?"

Watcher looked at her before giving her a shrug.

"Technically speaking, not all alien lifeforms are bad. Many are neutral and many are quite friendly. There is a race of benevolent blue-skinned female aliens with unique abilities and a race called Turians who are exceptionally good at war but they are mostly peaceful. It's just some races are hostile either due to the environment or their own nature. And sometimes, their reproduction systems require that they do pretty sick stuff in order to survive." He explained while seeing them have looks of wonder and conflict.

"But why don't they do it differently? Why can't they find another way to survive?" Ruby asked as Watched shook his head.

"It's not that simple Ruby, sometimes in order to save an entire race from complete extinction, you need to be willing to sacrifice some of your own." Ruby had a conflicted look on her face as if she wanted to argue but didn't know how. Ultimately, she sat down and looked back at the screen as Yang put a hand on her shoulder.

Suddenly, sparks of lightning appeared, lighting up the area showing that it is actually the bottom of the ocean.

"Turns out I was looking in the wrong direction. When alien life entered our world, it was from deep beneath the Ocean. A fissure between two tectonic plates." A fiery tear appeared above the fissure, taking the shape of a crack.

"A portal between dimensions." The water around the tear started to get absorbed, the tear glowing.

"The Breach."

RWBY and NPR had looks of surprise at that.

"Wait, it came out from under the ocean?" Nora asked as they still looked surprised.

"Sometimes, foreign life attacks not from the sky but from the underground." Watcher said as he looked at one card that had a red skull inside a gear.

"This sounds just like the Breach in our world." Blake said a she noted many similarities.

"I was fifteen when the first Kaiju made land in Argus."

The seven braced themselves for whatever alien life they would see.

The tear flashed before the scene changed to show a massive bridge under attack…by a giant scaled monstrosity with four eyes, sharp claws, and a horn like extension on it forehead. It started tearing the bridge apart with ease, causing cars to fall to the ocean, killing the drivers in them.

Bullheads flew at it, shooting from their guns, but their bullets did no damage as the monster simply destroyed effortlessly.

"By the time tanks, jets and missiles took it down, six days and thirty five miles later, three cities were destroyed."

The screen showed people running in panic, the leftover bridge seen from the helicopter as well as blue substance in the ocean.

"Tens of thousands of lives were lost." The scene changed to show, buildings falling apart, people trying to run away.

Out of all the things that they could have seen, this was not one of them. The sheer size, strength and the overall destruction, along with the death toll that the alien left stunned them to silence.

"Three cities." Pyrrha whispered at the amount of destruction they heard.

"Tens of thousands of people dead." Ruby whimpered, her heart breaking as she saw the dead bodies, feeling helpless that she couldn't save them.

The rest all looked on in horror, this Kaiju was far more destructive than any Grimm in Remnant.

"At least-At least it's dead right?" Weiss said as she took out a handkerchief and wiped her forehead.

"We mourned the dead, memorialized the attack and moved on."

Sightings of people helipng others next to the corpse of the beast, followed by news showing officials assuring the populace. It then showed many graves with the symbol of Mistral before finally showing a lab with the beast's skull in a container.

"It is gone, but at what cost?" Blake asked as they all frowned, but remembered Watcher's words from before.

"To save the many, some must be sacrificed." Ren morbidly said as the seven bowed their heads.

"And then, only six months later…"
A roar of a monster as the camera showed a different Kaiju attacking another city, people ran as buildings shook.

"The second attack hit Vacuo." News screens showed the footprints of the beast, followed by the Kaiju standing over the burning city. The news reporter talked about the acidity of the Kaiju blood and Kaiju blue.

"T-There is more." Weiss whispered in horror as they saw the second beast.

"How are they supposed to fight this one after the last?" Yang asked, not expecting to see this much death and destruction.

"And then the third one hit Vale…" a scene of a ship carrying Kaiju remains and scientists covered in blue liquid.

"And the fourth…and then we learned." The scene showed children holding hands and looking over at the burning remains of ships, boats and buildings.

"This was not gonna stop. This was just the beginning." The scene again changed showing people running away before showing the monster roaring at the city.

"At this rate, if the attacks keep coming…" Ren trailed off.

"They will all be extinct." Pyrrha finished.

"We needed a new weapon."

The scene changed to show people rioting and throwing stuff at the police.

"The world came together. Pooling its resources and throwing aside all the rivalries for the sake of the greater good." The scene showed representatives all talking and a person proposing an idea.

The seven calmed down somewhat as they heard that.

"That's good. They might survive if they fight together." Weiss nodded as her friends nodded.

"Desperation can cause even the worst rivals to form alliances in the face of danger." Watcher said whilst spinning the floating cards which had letters 'Y3000' on the corners.

"To fight monsters, we created monsters of our own." Factories hard at work, creating pieces for giant machines.

"The Jaeger program was born." A man is shown with wires connected to him. He held out his arm and clenched his fist, the robot arm behind him moving in response.

"Awesome!" Yang, Ruby and Nora shouted as they saw that. Ruby especially wanted to see how it would work.

"Impressive. Very impressive." Weiss commented as Pyrrha and Blake nodded.

"There has to be setbacks for something like this though."

"There were setback at first." Several scientists carried a man to a chair. He bled from his nose and the scientist looked at his eyes and saw horrible scars as the man continued to bleed, "The neural load to interface with the Jaeger proved to be too much for a single pilot."

"Well that's unfortunate." Yang said with a disappointed sigh.

"That's gonna be a major problem."

"A two pilot system was implemented. Left hemisphere, right hemisphere pilot control." An interface showed a single pilot before splitting into two pilots with each having their respective hemispheres glowing.

"Looks like they fixed it." Ren said as they saw the improved design.

It then showed, a Jaeger carried by cars and soldiers marching in the front.

"We started winning. Jaegers stopping Kaijus everywhere." A night vision camera showed a Jaeger fighting a Kaiju and beating it up.

"Yeah! Kick that alien's butt!" Nora cheered as the rest did as well, relieved to see a good thing amidst all the bad ones.

"But the Jaeger is only as good as the pilot, so Jaeger stars turned into rock stars." The sene showed twin adult men on a talk show.

Pyrrha winced as she saw it, being reminded of her own celebrity status.

"Danger turned into propaganda." A scene of a straw Kaiju burned by people as they sang around it.

"Kaijus into toys." A child played with toys that looked like Kaijus and Jaegers. It changed to sneakers modeled with scales and metal, to a woman wearing a Kaiju get up and a Jaeger standing over the remains of a Kaiju.

"We got really good at it. Winning." The camera showed people living peacefully, with some cities having Kaiju remains as tourist attraction.

"And then. Everything changed."

Pyrrha kept wincing as she saw the many merchandise, toys and everything else that came out after people became celebrities.

"So where is Jaune in all of this?" Ruby asked as she ate a popcorn.

The scene changed to show a bedroom, a screen blaring at the lower bed.

"Crocea Mors, report to bay 08. Level A-42. Kaiju, Category 3." Jaune woke up, saw the screen and was instantly up.

"Hey Ren! Wake up. Movement in the bridge!" He stood up, shirtless and trying to wake up the person in the upper bed.

Pyrrha smiled dumbly as she checked out Jaune's form. Ruby had a confused look, not sure what to say of the shirtless Jaune.

"Well, he certainly looks good." Yang said as Nora scoffed.

"Nah, that's how he always looks like. Trust me we've seen him, not much difference here between this one and our Jaune." Pyrrha nodded beside her, relishing in the rare chance to see her crush without his shirt.

"Really? I always assumed he was a noodle under his clothes." Ruby said as Nora raised an eyebrow at that.

"Who told you that?"

"Well, he always looked scraggly so we didn't think he had any muscle underneath." The blonde girl responded as Nora chuckled at that.

"Just because Weiss sad so, doesn't mean he is."

"Hey come on. We are being deployed!" Jaune told Ren who slowly stirred awake.

"Right," He pushed Jaune away, "Good morning."

"Morning." Jaune replied as he took out an orange juice, "Kaiju is a category three. Biggest one yet. Codename: Nuckelavee." Jaune said with a deeper voice at the name.

At that name, Ren's eyes widened and he clenched his fists. Nora placed a hand on his as he took a deep breath and calmed down. The others gave them confused looks but chose not to say anything.

Ren groaned as he rubbed his neck.

"What time is it?"



"Yup." Jaune said as he took out his shirt as Ren shook his head and rubbed his face.

"What do you say? Best notch on the belt?" Jaune asked as he held up a fist and Ren sleepily bumped it before going to the bathroom.

"Come on you two. It's time to go." A person said as they knocked on the door of their bedroom. Jaune put on his shirt and went to drink his juice.

"Hey kid." Ren said as he stood at the door.


"Don't get cocky." Ren said with a smirk as he closed the bathroom door.

"Wow, you two are acting like brothers here." Yang said as she looked at Ren who gave a smile at the bond.

"It seems like we are." He said with a smile.

"Jaune seems more confident here." Blake said as she saw the Arc act a bit more cockily.

Jaune and Ren walked towards the gearing part, wearing jackets with the words "Crocea Mors" in the back. Ren is walking calmly while Jaune is a bit cocky.

"Years before, we wouldn't have picked my adopted brother Ren and I for heroes. No chance." The two entered a room with many electronics and engineers working.

"Alright, let's suit up and kick some ass."

"Definitely cockier than ours." Yang said as she smiled at his enthusiasm.

"A bit too cocky maybe." Weiss said as she raised an eyebrow at his cockiness.

"We were never star athletes, never at the head of the class, but we could hold our own in a fight." Jaune and Ren both started suiting up as the engineers put the different contraptions on them.

"Turns out we had a unique skill. We were Drift compatible."

"Drift? What the hell is a Drift?" Yang asked as she looked towards the Watcher.

"It's what helps the pilots use the Jaegers to the fullest extent. You will see in a few minutes."

"Sounds like something from a racing movie." Nora said as she sipped on her drink.

The two fully suited up before entering a giant machine. Jaune stepped into the center as two claps fixed on his feet, same with Ren as the two engineers with them connected all the wires. They then grabbed the controllers, Jaune on the left, Ren on the right, as the straps on their arms locked onto them.

"Now that's awesome." Yang said as the rest nodded at her words.

"Good morning, you two." A familiar voice said over the radio.

"Sun," Jaune replied, "What's happening, bro?"

"How'd that date with Blake go last night, Mr. Wukong?" Ren added with a smirk.

Blake looked surprised at that.

"What? A date?" Her partner gave her a sly smile.

"Something you are not telling us Blake?" The faunus girl deadpanned at her partner.

"No." As much as she liked Sun as a person and as much as she appreciated his help, she only considered him a friend and nothing more.

On the other side, Sun sat at a computer and pushed some buttons.

"Oh she loved me. Her boyfriend not so much." Sun said with a smile.

Blake narrowed her eyes at the 'boyfriend' part, having an idea as to who it could be.

"Blake?" She looked towards her team and saw them looking at her with concern, "You okay?" The black haired girl simply nodded at them.

"I'm fine."

"You are gonna get your ass kicked." Jaune said as Ren chuckled beside him.

"A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, brother." Sun replied as he relaxed in his seat.

"Engage drop, Mr. Wukong."A sudden voice said as Sun sat straight and started tying on the computer. The person is revealed to be James Ironwood, wearing the usual Atlesian military outfit.

"Who's that?" Nora asked as she looked at the man.

"General James Ironwood, Headmaster of Atlas Academy and the general of the Atlesian Military." Weiss explained, recognizing the man from her sister's stories.

"How do you know him?" Ruby asked as Weiss raised an eyebrow.

"My sister is in Military and told me about him, plus it's hard to not know him when you live in Atlas." She said as Ruby nodded at her.

"Yes, sir." Sun said with a more serious voice, "General Ironwood, on deck." He flipped several switches before typing again.

"Securing the Con Drop, getting ready to drop."

The two engineers went out of the pod and locked the door, stepping back as the bridge retracted, revealing the pod to be a giant head.

Inside, Jaune and Ren almost finished preparations.

"Release the drop." Ren said tiredly.

"Crocea Mors, ready for the big drop." Jaune said as the two stood straight.

The clamps holding the pod released it and almost immediately, it fell like lead weight. The clamp on its neck held it in course, the rush from the free fall hyped Jaune up and brought Ren to full consciousness. The head landed in the neck section, performed a full 360 rotation and locked in place.

"And that's even more awesome." Yang said as she could imagine herself in one of the Jaegers.

"Coupling confirmed, sir." Sun said to the general.

"Engage pilot-to-pilot protocol." Ironwood ordered.

Inside the robot, Jaune flipped a few switches as the nuclear engine roared to life in the Jaeger's chest. The concrete doors of the bay opened as the people below began to move the Jaeger towards the gates and towards the horrible, stormy weather of the outside.

"Crocea Mors, ready and aligned, sir." Jaune said.

"Rangers, this is General James Ironwood. Prepare for neural handshake."

"Starting in fifteen seconds." Sun said, while typing furiously into his keyboard.

"Neural handshake?" Weiss asked, confused as to its meaning.

"Oh, maybe their brains will come out and do a handshake?" Nora said as the rest looked at her as if she was crazy.

"What?" They all asked as Watcher chuckled from his place.

"You will all see."

"Ready to step into my head kid?" Ren jokingly asked.

"After you old man." Jaune joked back as the two closed their eyes and took deep breaths.

A series of visuals appeared, showing a family of three sitting at a table, before it showed an orphaned Ren and a meeting with young Jaune. The next set of images had a family of nine with Jaune playing with his sisters before it showed the family adopting Ren. The two boys played around, sometimes getting into fights, applying for Beacon and helping each other.

"What the hell? What is all this?" Yang asked as they saw what appeared to be memories. Ren had sad eyes at the memory of his parents before he shook his head.

"Drift." Watcher said as they looked at him.

"What is that?" He simply pointed at the screen.

"The drift." Jaune said, "Jaeger technology. Based on jet fighter neural systems. Two pilots melding through memories with the body of a giant machine. The deeper the bond, the better you fight." The images faded and the two sighed as the link is established.

"So they fight better when they see each other's memories?" Blake asked as Watcher nodded at her.

"Basically yes, it's kind of like how you fight in teams. The stronger the bond that you have with your teammates and partner, the more effective you all are." He said as they all blinked at that comparison.

"Wow, seems like we are Drift compatible then, right girls?" Ruby asked as her team nodded at her. NPR looked at each other and smiled, confident of their bond as a team.

"Neural handshake strong and holding." Sun reported to Ironwood.

"Right hemisphere, calibrating." Ren said as he raised his right arm.

"Left hemisphere is calibrating." Jaune said, raising both arms. Ren raised his left arm, both extended their arms and quickly brought them back, as if pumping a shotgun. They then raised them to head level, flexed their fingers before bringing their fists to their chests. Crocea Mors copied them, doing a fist on palm with a loud sound.

"Awesome!" Yang, Nora and Ruby said.

"Amazing machinery. I doubt that even Atlas could come up with something this good or advanced." Weiss said, marveling at the seemingly flawless copying that the Jaeger did.

"Very impressive indeed." Pyrrha commented.

"Crocea Mors, your orders are to hold the Miracle Mile outside Vale, copy?" Ironwood said over the radio to the two brothers.

"Copy that sir." Jaune replied, eager to beat up the monster. However as they looked at the map, Ren saw a disturbing sight.

"Sir, there is a civilian boat in the gulf-" He tried to say as he saw the boat in the map.

"Soldier," ironwood interrupted, "You are protecting a city of two million people. You will not risk those lives for a boat of ten. Is that clear?" He asked coldly to his subordinates.

"Yes, sir." Ren said.

"Holy hell, that guy is cold. Is everyone in Atlas a coldhearted bastard or a bitch?" Yang asked as Ruby looked shocked at Yang's words.

"Ahem." Weiss coughed as Yang turned to her and saw her ice cold stare.

"Aww don't be like that Weiss Cream. Of course you are an exception." Yang said as she brought Weiss for a hug, "You are our cold hearted Ice Queen." She cheekily said as Weiss tried to get out.

"Let me go, you punch happy brute!" She shouted in indignation as Ruby hugged her as well and Blake just sat next to them and gave her a tiny smile.

"Oh, come on I am just messing with ya." Yang said as she let Weiss go, the heiress 'humphed' and straightened her dress.

"Don't do that again." She said as she sat down on her seat.

"Man, those four sure act like they are sisters." Nora whispered to Pyrrha and Ren and the two nodded.

"They might as well be, considering the fact that they are one of the best teams around." Watcher said while appearing next to them, scaring them. He chuckled though and went to his own seat.

"Man that's cold." Jaune said as he looked over at Ren, "You know what I'm thinking."

"I am in your brain. I know." Ren replied as Juane gave a smirk at him.

"Then let's go fishing." Ren grinned at him as the two began to move towards their destination, "Come on bro, put some muscle to it!"

"Worry about yourself Jaune." Ren replied with a grunt.

The Jaeger started moving towards the surf, eventually submerging.

"There are things you can't fight, acts of God. When a hurricane comes, you have to get out, but when you are in a Jaeger, you can fight the hurricane. You can win."

"Man, I wish I could ride one of those Jaegers. It looks like a ton of fun!" Yang said as Ruby and Nora agreed with her.

"I could break so many legs with that robot." Nora said, imagining the level of destruction she could bring if she were to pilot one. Next to her, Ren and Pyrrha shivered as they saw the look on her face.


In the middle of the storm, a fishing boat is tossed around by the raging sea. The men inside fought to stay in it, stacking cages while their captain barked orders at them.

"Get them tied down and go down below! Now!" he went to the wheel house, "How far to the mainland?"

"Seven miles off Mantle, sir!" The helmsman reported.

"But we won't make it!" The first mate said.

"What about that island, three miles east?" Captain asked while pointing to the radar.

"No, it's two miles sir." The helmsman corrected, and then radar beeped again, "One mile sir! It's getting close!"

"How the hell can an island get close?!" The first mate yelled. The captain though, knew the answer.


Out in the sea, a Kaiju began to rise out of the water, causing the captain to start yelling orders at his crew. A massive grey beast, bigger than any Grimm that they had seen emerged from the waters. The strangest thing is that it looked like two bodies in one body. One was a horse like beast and the other was a limp humanoid body, on top with spines on its back. It had horns on its head and its mouth is sewn shut.

Ren had a look of anger in his face as he looked at the creature, clenching and unclenching his fists as Nora put a hand on his shoulder.

The rest saw his reaction and had worried looks in their faces.

The beast saw the boat and raised its front legs to crush it, but the waters below began to churn followed by light coming out under it. Soon, Crocea Mors emerged from the depths, drenching the crew in water, the Jaeger used the momentary surprise and scooped the boat with one hand and cradling it to its chest.

"Adjust the torque!" Ren yelled while holding the boat.

"I'm on it!" Jaune pressed a few buttons before taking a fighting stance as the Jaeger mirrored it. The Kaiju swiped its claw at it, but the Jaeger turned its shoulder, the claw scratched the armor as Crocea Mors put the boat safely back on the water. The mech turned back, ready for a fight.

"Alright! It's time for a giant monster fight!" Yang cheered as the others shared her enthusiasm.

"I am glad they saved those fishers." Ruby said with relief.

The two men in the head started the fight with a right hook to the upper head, followed by a left hook disorienting it, they then lifted their arms up and delivered a two-handed over-head slam to the horse head, dunking it in the waters. The Kaiju recovered though and its horse half charged at them, the Jaeger stopped the head with one hand, though the teeth started biting the metal plating. The two pilots pushed it off before grabbing its horse head. The upper head came alive, roared and tried to swipe at them. The Jaeger tanked the hit as its right hand started turning into some kind of a weapon.

"Plasma cannon engaged." The computer onboard said.

'Penny?' Ruby though, recognizing the voice.

"Shoot him!" Jaune said as they tanked another claw swipe and struggled to hold the horse head, "Come on, blast him!"

"I'm on it! I'm on it!" Ren shouted back, aiming the cannon at the top half. He fired three times, the first blast ripped off one of its arms, the second tore its side apart and the third destroyed 70% of its head. The blasts stunned the Kaiju and it fell back into the water, its blue blood coming out.

"Wooh! Now that's what I call a beating!" Yang cheered followed by others, Ren and Nora were especially satisfied seeing the beast fall.

'And soon,' Ren thought as he caressed the hidden dagger in his pocket, 'That will be true in our world.'

"Man, with these Jaegers, Kaiju are basically no threat." Ruby said as Watcher winced knowing what would happen next.

"Plasma discharge seven miles off the coastline, sir." Sun told Ironwood.

"Crocea, what the hell is going on?!" Ironwood asked over the radio.

"Job's done, sir." Jaune said, breathing heavily along with Ren, "Lit the beast twice, bagged it."

"You disobeyed a direct order!" James yelled.

"Hey, they saved those fishers and killed the beast! What do you want douchebag?!" Yang yelled at the screen.

"The General has a reason to do so Yang." Watcher said as Yang looked at him, "He gave them a direct order and basically told them to think of the many rather than the few and in their world, the lives of the many outweigh the lives of the few. On top of that, if Crocea Mors disobeyed the order and brought down the beast, who is to say that another pair of pilots wouldn't do the same and have far worse results?" His words earned him a reluctant nod from Weiss but Yang narrowed her eyes.

"Oh come on, what's the harm if one team decided to wander off? We did that twice and we saved lives!"

"Did you really?" He asked as he sat up, "What about those at the highway bridge who either lay dead or are currently in a critical condition near death when it collapsed due to your fight on it?" That caused them to recoil in surprise and horror, "Or what about White Fang members who were still in the train when it crashed?" Blake's eyes widened at that.

"You may think it won't matter if you decide to disobey an order, but when people do that, half of the time the results are disastrous. What if the next pair of pilots decided to do the same as Crocea Mors and ended up dead because they underestimated the Kaiju? Humanity would lose a Jaeger and in this war, losing even one of them can turn the tide in Kaiju's favor. So do consider the General's point the next time you try to disobey an order." He said as Yang frowned and crossed her arms but sat back nonetheless.

Meanwhile, Ruby had a bit of mental break as she realized that they fought Roman on public highway with many people. What if they caused their deaths? Or brought them to near death because they didn't consider the environment around them? Such thoughts kept floating in her head before she took a deep breath and tried to calm down.

"Respectfully, sir." Ren interjected, "We stopped the Kaiju and saved everyone on the boat."

"Return to your post now!" Ironwood turned away, not sure of what to say.

"Sir, Kaiju signatures are rising!" Sun reported as he saw the Kaiju life sign, "The thing's still alive."

Ironwood immediately went to the com, "Crocea Mors, the Kaiju is still alive!"

The two scanned the area with the blue blood, "Grab the boat and get out now!"

Suddenly, out of the water, Nuckelavee re-emerged with a speed that deceived its size. They stopped the horse head's jaws from trying to get to the cockit as it snapped its jaws at them.

"Kill it, Jaune!" Ren shouted.

"Got it." Jaune said activating his own arm cannon. He moved it into position, but the upper body used its left over brains to grab the cannon with its remaining arm and gripped it. The horse head used that to bite down on the upper arm with all the strength of its jaws, tearing through metal, circuits and hydraulics.

Jaune screamed in pain, grabbing his left upper arm, as he felt like something is chewing on it.

"HQ, we've been hit!" Re shouted to the radio but it did not function.

"Left arm's gone cold, sir." Sun reported with worry in his voice as alarms blared around them.

"This is bad." Blake whispered as she saw it happen.

The horse head bit down again, tearing off the arm cannon as the top half flung the arm away. It fell in the waters next to the fishing boat, falling to the depths.

"This is REALLY bad." Blake whispered, as the seven looked worried now.

"Let's hope they will make it." Pyrrha said as she looked at the increasingly worrying battle.

The Kaiju began to claw at the head with its remaining arm at the Jaeger's head. The two inside were rocked by the impact, as the head started getting damaged and soon enough several teeth appeared in the ceiling.

"It pierced the hull!" Ren said as he turned towards Jaune, "Jaune listen to me. You need to-" he didn't get to finish as the horse head ripped off the sizable chunk of the head.

A chunk to which Ren was connected, but now only an empty place remained.

"NO!" Jaune cred as he saw it happen.

In the theater, Nora gripped Ren's arm, the man himself looked shocked at his other's death.

"Sometimes," Watcher said, "Our actions can backfire on us in the worst ways possible."

His words brought little comfort to the seven who bowed their heads at other Ren's death,

Jaune wanted to mourn, but he couldn't, not right now. His sorrow turned to rage, as he knew what he needed to do. He felt the Drift separate, giving him a slight shock as he struggled to move his controller to his other hand, trying to operate the remaining arm.

Outside, the Kaiju pushed him back into an iceberg and continued to wail on him using both its horse head and its remaining arm to continue tearing it apart. Jaune readied the plasma cannon and put in position as the Kaiju used the horse head to tear into the mecha's chest. Its teeth tearing through circuits and metal as Jaune screamed in pain but kept charging the cannon. The beast started tearing at the destroyed arm as the cannon made a charging sound.

"AAARGGHH!" Jaune let out a battle cry as he aimed the cannon right at the center of the beast, before firing it one last time. A flash of white appearing and blocked the sight.

The light blinded them, as some covered their eyes before they looked back again.

In the control room the map was empty.

"Damn it! The second discharge cut off all communications. I can't get anything from them, sir." Sun reported as Ironwood walked away. He knew that from this moment, everything would change and he was sure that it isn't for the better.

"Like it was said before, everything changed. Now with one Jaeger short and the reasons for it being direct disobedience, how would the others see this incident? A heroic sacrifice or a foolish attempt that wasted a weapon? And the repercursions that follow are even worse for this world." Watcher cryptically said causing the seven to frown.

"And what about Jaune?" Ruby asked worriedly and he pointed at the screen.

"Keep watching."

The next day on an icy beach of Mantle, a boy and his grandfather walked around with a metal detector.

"Now, keep an eye on the gauge." The man said to the boy, "I want to find an old ship, that what I'd like to find." The metal detector beeped rapidly, "Wait, wait, wait." They found the source and the dug it to find a toy much to their disappointment.

"We never find anything good here," The boy said to his grandfather, before the detector began to beep rapidly.

"Listen!" The old man said as he tried to find the source. He couldn't find it on the ground and looked up. His eyes widening in amazement at the sight.

There in front of him, the badly damaged Crocea Mors made its way through the icy beach. It stopped though, fell to its knees before finally collapsing in the snow. The two people went to the damaged Jaeger to see if anyone was in it, but stopped as they saw Jaune crawl out of the head section. His gear torn in several places, the helmet is broken and a blood stain on the right side of his gear.

NPR breathed sighs of relief at that as did Ruby when they saw him.

"He is alive." Pyrrha whispered.

Jaune stood up and stumbled around.

"Can I help you?" The old man asked but Jaune did not hear him, instead all that he could think about was his brother, Ren. The one person who stood beside him, the one he was closest to was gone. He felt his wounds burn and he collapsed in the snow, exhausted mentally and physically as the old man told the boy to bring help.

The lights came back on and the screen stopped. The card came out before expanding, showing Jaune holding a helmet to his side in front of Crocea Mors, an unknown person standing next to him.

Watcher took the card and placed it back on the shelf. He looked back and saw most of the students have more serious looks.

"Are you all okay?" He asked and they nodded at him.

"Yeah, just…shocked really." Yang answered as Watcher was about to say something.


Before a flash of light got their attention. They looked over and saw the Displacer come out of a hole in reality. Watcher appeared next to it and picked it up, seeing sparks of lightning come out of it. A small hole on it as it kept sparking.

"Shit. That's not good." Watcher said as he looked over it.

"What's not good?" Ruby asked as she used her Semblance to get to him as the rest went to him. He showed the device.

"The Displacer is damaged, nothing I can't fix but the damage it did is concerning." He looked around, "And judging by the lack of Jaune, it seems like it sent him from one world to another. And that's even worse." The group had worried looks as he sad that.

"What do you mean worse?" Pyrrha asked as Watcher sighed.

"In short? Displacers are extremely dangerous when damaged. They explode when they do so and in the process, send anyone or anything next to them into an uncontrollable journey through the multiverse." He then pointed to the hole, "And it looks like it punctured the part where it uses the Multiversal energy so Jaune is gonna be travelling nonstop." The group ow looked very worried, especially Pyrrha and Ruby.

"Can't you do something to stop it?" They both asked as Watcher turned to them.

"Look, I told you I can't. I broke several rules when I allowed you to stay and watch other worlds, if I go after Jaune, I risk breaking even more rules and then that will be the end for me. Not only that, but Jaune will get stuck in whatever world he is in and you will have your memory erased." He told them as they gave him confused looks.

"What are these rules that you are talking about?"

"The rules that every Watcher must follow, lest they face retirement. I can't do anything right now so we will have to hope for the best for Jaune." He said as he threw away the Displacer, "Chances are he will make it if he ends up in normal worlds."


Jaune coughed up dust as he tried to stand up from where he lay. He groaned as he felt his body hurt.

"Ow, that hurt." He said before he looked up…

And found himself in front of a sign.

'Welcome to Paradise, Arizona'

'Population 4,312.'


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