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Who to trust?

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Chapter 2: Who to trust?

The group looked at Watcher then at the cards floating in front of them.

"You mean, you are going to let us choose?" Ruby asked as Watcher nodded.

"Yes, occasionally I will let one of you choose one of the cards. The other times, I will choose, because you might pick something that will give you nightmares for life. So, go on, choose." He said as he gestured one of them towards the cards.

The teens looked at each other, expecting someone to go pick a card. That is, until Ruby came to the cards and looked at each of them.

They all had different patterns and colors but two had her attention, one card looked like it was made out of metal scales and the other was white and red had a weird weapon on it. She thought on which one to choose…

"This one." And ultimately, chose the white and red card. The other cards went to their place as Watcher picked up the card and frowned slightly. The group shivered slightly, although, they couldn't see his frown, they could see his eyes glow slightly, which unnerved them.

"Is something wrong?" Weiss asked and Watcher simply hummed before he looked at them and sighed.

"I hope you are prepared for what you will see." Was all he said before he threw the card at the large screen. The white screen flashed as the card went into it and the group all sat back to their seats as the new world was shown.

A science base outpost located in Atlas was seen, the interior looked damaged by both fire and infighting as the remaining men were paranoid.

"Geez, the place looks wrecked." Yang commented.

"What could have caused it?" Weiss asked as she calmly sipped her tea.

"You will see." Watcher said while preparing the buckets.

An older Jaune with longer hair and a beard, wearing winter cloths was seen tossing rope onto a chair, his colleagues were watching him warily.

"What do you have in mind Arc?" Dove asked him, wearing a cap and a beard on his face.

"Huh, Dove is here too?" Blake asked as she looked at the screen.

"Does that mean the rest of CRDL is here as well?" Weiss asked, turning towards Watcher who nodded at her question.

"These universes may have a bit more focus on Jaune but the other versions of you and to extent some other people will be shown. Some of these versions directly affect other versions of Jaune as well." Watcher explained to them, the group nodded and made sure to remember that.

"Is it just me or does Jaune look a bit weird with a beard?" Ruby asked the others with some humming in thought.

"Nope, I think it suits him." Yang said as she ate her popcorn.

"I think so too. Though I think his hair should be shorter." Pyrrha replied while making a note to have her crush grow a beard.

"Still, what is he doing?" Weiss asked, confused as to why he would need a rope.

Nora meanwhile was imagining Jaune having a beard and shorter hair and giggled slightly at that, unknown to the group, one of the cards in the shelves glowed and Watcher saw that and raised an eyebrow but chose to look back at the screen.

"A little test." Jaune replied while securely holding his flamethrower "Sun, you and Neptune tie everybody down real tight."

"What for?" Ren asked, standing next to Russel.

"For your health." He took out more ropes and held his revolver tightly.

Sun and Neptune began to reach for the ropes as the rest looked at him suspiciously.

"I don't know about you all, but he sounds a bit paranoid to me." Ren said as he narrowed his eyes at the other version of his leader.

"I think the others look a bit paranoid as well." Ruby replied while wondering what had them all so spooked.

"Why? I mean, why would they be so paranoid? They look like they are about to tackle Arc at a moment's notice." Weiss asked with curiosity in her mind. The rest frowned at that with some turning towards Watcher, the man though simply pressed his finger against his lips in a 'hush' manner and pointed towards the screen.

Ozpin, who was standing behind Sun and Neptune didn't like Jaune's idea in the slightest, especially with the blonde being so close to dynamite.

"Come on let's rush him!" he shouted as Sun and Neptune stopped in their tracks "He is not gonna blow us all up." Neptune looked at Jaune intensely as the others looked at Ozpin.

The students had looks of surprise as they saw the alternate Headmaster Ozpin, they were even more surprised to hear him not be calm.

"Wow, I never saw Headmaster Ozpin lose his calm before, not even when we did the food fight." Yang commented taking a sip out of her soda.

"Indeed, it is weird to see such a thing." Pyrrha agreed as the rest nodded.

"And hey, he looks a bit younger as well. What is he doing in the base though?" Ruby asked, tilting her head slightly.

"Ozpin is an outpost commander, though due to some events that happened before, he gave the control to Jaune." Watcher answered her question as Nora gave him a questioning look.

"What does Leader do in this world anyway?"

"He is a chopper pilot." He answered bluntly.

The entire crew began looking at each other with suspicion, not knowing who to trust. A moment of silence follows as Jaune readied his revolver.

"Damn, I can practically feel the tension in the atmosphere right now." Yang said as she put her popcorn down.

"Now wait a minute." Dove suddenly spoke getting their attention "Let's, let's do what Arc says." He slowly walked closer to Jaune while looking at both him and the crew.

"I mean, he killed Sky pretty quick didn't he?"

"That's close enough Dove."

Blake frowned at what Dove said.

"That doesn't sound like a good reason to follow his command." She commented as the others frowned at what they heard.

"He doesn't look like he genuinely wants to do that either." Pyrrha noted as she clenched her soda tightly.

"He ain't tying me up." Ren spoke up as he walked over to stand next to Sun. Jaune looked at the man with a hard look…

"Then I will have to kill you Lie."

The group were surprised at what he said.

"He He. He is bluffing right? It's not like Jaune would do that right?" Nora asked as she looked at Watcher, but he didn't respond.

"Then kill me." Ren said without hesitation, confident that Jaune was bluffing.

"See? Ren gets it. Jaune is not going to kill him." Ruby said, relieved.

Until Jaune then slowly walked over to him and pointed the revolver to his head, with Ren looking a bit afraid.

"I mean it." Jaune said as he held the revolver tightly.

Watcher chuckled slightly as he saw the students have looks of surprise.

"Rule number 1 in world watching: Never assume anything when viewing other worlds. Especially when you don't know how the events started." The students slowly nodded at that.

A shot from a different angle showed Dove holding a scalpel in his hand as he gripped it tightly.

"That's not good." Blake commented, remembering how she turned her back on her enemies and was nearly killed as a result.

Jaune cocked back the hammer and put it closer to Ren's face who took a breath to calm himself.

"I guess you do." Ren said as Dove chose to attack…

"Watch out!" Pyrrha shouted, forgetting for a moment that this was a different Jaune.

Only for Jaune to whirl around-


And shot Dove in the head as the man fell dead on the ground. The rest looked shocked by what Jaune did and quickly did as they were told.

Ruby flinched as she saw Jaune kill Dove. The sight of her best friend-even a different one-killing someone, even in self-defense, was…disturbing to say the least.

"I don't know why, but the sight of Vomit Boy killing another person is just…wrong." Yang said with the others agreeing with her. Watcher scoffed at that and leaned back on his seat.

"You will have to get used to it. Because there are tons of worlds where he kills people." He said as Ruby turned to him.

"We are not gonna see any evil Jaunes right?" She asked hopefully and the others looked at him with the same question in their minds.

"No," he said as they released sighs of relief "Not now at least." They recoiled at that as Watcher looked at one of the cards in the shelf, specifically, the joker card with a bloody 'Ha-Ha' on it.

The scene changed to Dove's corpse being tied next to a corpse of Cardin, whose hands looked like they were bitten off.

The students recoiled at the sight of another corpse, the fact that it was Cardin brought them little to no comfort.

"I know that Cardin is a jackass but I don't want to imagine having your hands bitten off." Yang said as behind her Watcher chuckled silently.

'If only you knew Yang.'

Neptune finished tying up Dove and wiped the sweat from his brow.

"This is bullshit Arc." The blue haired man said as he looked at the blonde who only replied with:

"Finish it Neptune."

"They're dead, Arc!" Neptune told him, not believing what was happening.

Weiss perked up a little as she saw Neptune on screen, something that Yang picked up.

"Happy to see your boyfriend Weiss?" She teased as Weiss had a tiny blush on her face.

"Quiet Yang." Watcher only shook his head.

'She is not gonna like what will happen next.'

Jaune was using a knife to sharpen a piece of wire and looked over to Sun.



"Tie up Neptune to here." The monkey faunus did as he was told, tying up his friend and making sure that the ropes were tight. He looked up at Jaune as the blonde began to speak.

"We are gonna draw a bit of everybody's blood," the crew looked at him with suspicion "cause we are going to find out who is the thing."

"The thing? What thing?" Nora asked Watcher.

"A few days ago, they encountered an extra-terrestrial being in their base. One that killed several of their members and is hiding as one of them right now." They looked confused at that.

"Why draw blood then? I mean, couldn't they just find the body of the person it is replicating?" Yang asked, thinking that he meant that the creature disguises itself while hiding the real body somewhere else. Oh how wrong she was.

"That's not how it works in this case Yang. In fact I would say that what he is trying to do is completely necessary." Watcher replied to her as Ruby looked like she understood something.

"Oh, I get it. He is going to see if their blood color changes, right?" She said, only to slouch when Watcher shook his head.

"Rule number 1, remember?"

"Watching Sky gave me the idea that…maybe every part of him is alive." He continued to sharpen the wire with the rest listening to his reasoning "Every little piece is an animal, with a built in instinct to protect its own life." Some in the group looked a bit afraid of a creature being capable of doing that.

"You see when a man bleeds, the blood's just a liquid." He explained while looking at them "The blood of one of you things won't obey when it's attacked. It'll try and survive. Crawl away from hot needles for an instance.

"Wait, so whatever is attacking them can split itself apart?" Blake asked to which Watcher nodded.

"But, wouldn't that mean that it would attack anyone the moment it starts bleeding?" Weiss asked but Watcher shook his head at that.

"Not really, see when it bleeds, the blood isn't attacked directly. One of their members had a heart disease and only revealed himself to be an alien when the body died. We are not really sure as to how it fully works, but we assume that it only attacks when the target is alone or when it is revealed to be an alien. It also depends on the size, the larger pieces are more intelligent and will try better to hide, while the smaller ones will immediately act violently." He explained as they nodded.

"But how can it control each individual piece?" Ruby asked drawing his attention "I mean, they are all part of the alien, so wouldn't that mean that it needs to focus to make sure each piece works in order to gain them back?" they looked back at him for answers.

"It doesn't need to. See, every piece ripped away from the alien gains its own conscious, and thus every little piece is independent once split from the main body. Say a pint of blood is spilled from it, instead of going back to the body, the blood itself will try to survive, in order to ensure that it lives on."

The students frowned at that, understanding that every little piece would need to be destroyed.

The scene cut to Sun taking a blood sample from Russel, giving the man a cotton once he was done. He took the dish back to Jaune who pointed a flamethrower at him gave him another dish.

"Now you." He said as he took the petri dish and put it on the table. Sun simply took the dish and wiped the scalpel on his trousers. He then brought it to his thumb and slowly, but methodically cut it open. His blood dripped into the it and he squeezed his thumb to get more blood out.

"That's good." Jaune said, nodding to the faunus "Now move back. Over there." Sun slowly moved back, not taking his eyes off Jaune for a second.

"I feel like we are watching a thriller movie right now, cause I can see the tension in the air." Yang commented.

"You are not the only one Yang." Blake replied to her partner as she took a bite from her tuna sandwich. The scene reminded her of some of the more paranoid members of White Fang who were not hesitant in pointing their weapons towards anyone they found suspicious.

Jaune took the sharpened wire and placed it over the flamethrower's muzzle. The low flame began to heat up the wire as everyone else watched Jaune with narrowed eyes, Sun in particular. The bearded blonde though, kept heating the wire and once it was hot enough, he put the flamethrower down and slowly put the hot wire into Sun's blood dish, the faunus could feel his heart rate speed up, his palms sweating and Jaune was ready to pull the trigger.

The wire touched the blood…

The students leaned in to see if anything will happen.

Only to sizzle, a small smoke came out with no apparent effects. Sun breathed a sigh of relief. He was okay.

They leaned back as they saw what happened, with some being confused.

"Was there anything that was supposed to happen?" Nora asked with curiosity as she slowly ate her pancake. Her friends didn't answer.

Jaune gave a small sigh as he looked at Sun.

"I guess you are okay." He said as he then gestured towards another flamethrower "Put that on and watch them." Sun wiped his hands on his shirt and took the flamethrower as Jaune put the wire over the muzzle again.

"Now I will show you what I already know." He said as he put the wire on his blood.

It sizzled and just like Sun's blood, did nothing.

Ren looked at him with a hard stare, not trusting him.

"This is a crock of shit."

Nora giggled slightly at hearing Ren curse as did Pyrrha.

"Are we missing something?" Yang asked as Nora shook her head.

"Sorry, it's just funny hearing Ren curse when he is always so calm." The ginger said as Ren smiled slightly at that.

"That aside, I think I will have to agree with alternate Ren on this test. It doesn't seem to work well." Weiss said, understanding the need to test, but not a test that had several flaws in it. Such as the fact that the alien would try to hide even when being attacked.

"Let's just keep watching." Blake told her.

Jaune ignored Ren and put the wire over the muzzle again.

"Let's try Doc and Dove." Russel turned to look at the two corpses.

"Hold up. Cardin was a doctor?" She asked as Watcher nodded at her. She processed the answer…then started giggling at the thought of Cardin in medical attire, as did the rest at the absurd thought.

Cardin being a doctor and helping everyone? Yeah, that is not likely to them.

Jaune put the hot wire on Cardin's blood. Nothing. Jaune gave a look at the corpse before heating the wire again.

"Now Dove." Sun had the flamethrower pointed at both corpses, ready to pull the trigger at a moment's notice.

Jaune slowly put the wire to Dove's blood…


The students looked surprised

"I have a feeling that this test is not gonna work, no matter the logic." Weiss stated as she took another piece of her cake.

"Why is that?" Nora asked as Weiss turned to her.

"It has its flaws, something that could be exploited by the alien creature to hide itself."

Ren gave a small smirk at that.

"So Dove was human huh?" he then frowned at him "Which makes you a murderer, doesn't it?"

Ren opened his mouth to speak, only to stop as he considered what the Ren on screen said.

"I…can't argue with that logic." No matter how you spin it, killing someone still makes you a murderer.

Jaune looked at the corpse then to Ren before turning away from them.

"Neptune's turn now." He said as he reheated the wire, Neptune himself looked bored, quirking an eyebrow as he sat silently in his seat.

Ozpin though looked afraid, seeing as how none of the tests proved anything yet.

"This is pure nonsense. It doesn't prove a thing." He said, trying to make Jaune stop.

Yang whistled at that.

"Man, I never thought I would hear Ozpin sound so afraid and paranoid." The blonde said as she put popcorn in her mouth.

"Well, this a different Ozpin, but still, I agree with you on that Yang." Ruby replied as the other students nodded slightly.

'I wonder, what is Headmaster Ozpin afraid of? Maybe of some Witch who controls Grimm and is someone he personally knew!' She thought as Watcher sighed as he could read her mind.

'To this day, I still don't understand how all the Nora's think.' He probably never will and he didn't think he wanted to know.

"I thought you would say that Ozpin. You were the only who had the key to our back up blood." He said as Ozpin looked away.

"We will do you last." With that said, he put the wire on the blood…

"It's not gonna work." Weiss said, doubting that anything would happen after several tries as the rest relaxed in their seats.


Jaune dropped the blood dish as it reacted violently to the wire.

"Holy shit!" Yang said, nearly dropping her popcorn to the ground. The others recoiled at the sight, not expecting that kind of reaction.

Jaune dropped his flamethrower, damaging it as the blood began to move as if alive.

On the couch, Russel began to scream and Ren tried to break out of the ropes as Ozpin looked at Neptune whose body was twitching and the couch shook slightly.

"Arc, burn him!" Ren shouted as Jaune tried to use the flamethrower only for it to malfunction as he hit the handle slightly to make it work.

Over to Neptune, his face began to blister in what could only be described as body horror. His eyes began to swell, blood dripping off them and from his ears as well. His cheeks began to swell as more of his began to bubble. His mouth was wide open as he let out a guttural roar.

The students looked on in horror and covered their mouths so as to not puke at the sight of that. Some like Ruby and Weiss were already turning green. Yang and Blake struggled to hold their vomit as Ren could feel his vomit reaching up.

The others tried to break free as Neptune's face became a blood bubble, a seemingly unending stream of blood was pouring down the open orifices before it finally broke open, letting his blood coat his body.

"BLEH!" Ruby and Weiss held their buckets and puked in them, Ren, Nora and Pyrrha were not far behind with their own buckets. Yang tried and failed to hold down hers and was already puking up in her own bucket.

Neptune-Thing bust out of the ropes and jumped up to the ceiling, putting its hands and feet through the wood, lifting up the couch slightly.

Jaune tried to make the flamethrower work, but to no avail.

"Sun, blast him!" The monkey faunus nodded and aimed his flamethrower at Neptune-Thing. Only for the creature to drop right in front of him, showing its horrific looking face. It then split its head open,

The students were once again puking up as they saw that, even Blake couldn't hold down her lunch and ended up puking it in her bucket. Watcher waited for them to stop vomiting and when they did, he un-paused the screen.

And a slimy tongue came out and grabbed his neck tightly before bringing his head to its teeth and biting him painfully. The blonde faunus dropped his flamethrower as Neptune-thing lifted him up and began swinging him around, knocking the lightbulbs as he did so. His blood dripping on the floor as Jaune tried to make his flamethrower work again. Sun kept screaming until Neptune-Thing tossed him away unceremoniously towards a shelf, the bloodied monkey faunus had a portion of his head chomped and was covered in blood.

The students winced at that with some still looking and feeling queasy from the sight.

Jaune stood behind the creature before he pressed a trigger and had the flamethrower work again, lighting Neptune-Thing on fire. The creature roared in agony before it turned around and walked towards the blonde, its split head bobbing as it walked. Jaune simply used the flamethrower more and Neptune-Thing roared in pain as it began to move towards the wall, breaking it down as it went outside. It didn't make far before it collapsed to the ground, its body still burning before Jaune came out and threw a stick of dynamite at it.


The body was blown to pieces, its remains burning and falling around as the bearded blonde looked at the remains.

The students slumped in their chairs as they saw the body explode.

"It's dead." Yang said as she put a hand on her forehead.

"Thank gods, I don't think I would have liked to see a minute more of that thing." Weiss said as she wiped her brow.

"I am gonna have nightmares for weeks now." Ruby said as the others nodded with her. Watcher cleared his throat to get their attention.

"Hate to break it to you, but it's not over yet." They groaned as they heard that and focused back on screen.

Inside the base Sun's bloodied body began to move oddly and the crew inside nticed it.

"Arc, quick. Get back here!"

"Come on Arc. Burn it!" Jaune came back inside, picked up Sun's flamethrower before pointing it at him and pulled the trigger.

A wave of fire was unleashed upon the monkey faunus, the body twitched and made some noises before it fell dead.

"Why did they burn him? They could have saved him." Blake asked as she turned towards Watcher.

"That is because," he paused and looked towards them "He was being assimilated." That shocked them with some being confused.

"Assimilated?" Ruby asked, confusion clear in her voice, Nora had the same look as Watcher looked at them and sighed.

"In this case Ruby, assimilation is a process in which is something is absorbed by something else. The alien creature is capable of mimicking other people…by completely absorbing them, taking all the information and then imitating them." Their eyes slowly widened in horror.

"You mean, if that creature comes in contact with one of us…" Blake trailed off as the Watcher nodded.

"You will be completely absorbed, becoming nothing more than a skin to be used as a hiding spot. You will have no will of your own, you will simply die and your body will be used by that creature…with none of your friends or relatives knowing that it isn't you, until the last moment where they are killed next. In a way, this is a fate worse than death." Watcher told them and they slowly processed the horrifying thought.

The thought of becoming a skin to be worn and then targeting the ones they loved, turning them into skin to be worn as well. It sent terrifying chills down their spines.

"I am gonna have nightmares for the rest of my life about that now." Yang said as she slowly got over the shock.

"I am so glad that the Grimm do not do that. Because I am not sure if I can take it if one of my friends ends up being an alien." Ruby said with fear in her voice at the very thought of her team or her family being turned to the horrifying creatures that she saw on screen. The rest nodded at her words, the psychological horror from having your friends turned into monsters and trying to kill you is, well terrifying.

"Either way, we are not done with this world yet." Watcher said and the group looked back at the screen.

Jaune held his flamethrower aimed at the rest of the crew while holding hot wire over Russel's petri dish and slowly put it on the blood.

Nothing. Russel breathed a sigh of relief, the scene then changed to him holding the flamethrower with Jaune heating the wire while holding Ren's blood dish. The man himself was nodding and lightly spooked by the whole thing.

"Let's do this." He said as Jaune slowly but methodically put the wire onto the blood while still keeping an eye on Ren, breaking eye contact only for a split second.

Ren leaned in to see what will happen as did Nora and Pyrrha.

Nothing. He was okay.

NPR released sighs of relief at that as did RWBY.

Ren released a breath that he was holding, glad to be okay. Soon though he began to try to get out.

"Get me out of here! Cut me loose!" He began to say as Ozpin looked at him, freaking him out as he tried to get away.

"Come on, get me out of here! Cut me loose, dammit!" He said, struggling harder, the longer he was with Ozpin.

Were it not for the serious situation the other Ren was in Nora would have laughed, but chose not to do so.

The scene once again changed, this time showing Ozpin to be the only one sitting at the couch Ren and Russel had their flamethrowers aimed at him as Jaune held the petri dish.

The blonde put the wire on blood.

And it only sizzled in response.

Ruby slumped slightly in her seat.

"Well, at least all of them are human." She said as she put a strawberry in her mouth.

"Guess they are safe now." Yang said while sipping the soda, the other nodded with Weiss and Ren sipping their tea and Nora drinking her syrup.

"I know you gentlemen have been through a lot." Ozpin told them as he looked at them "But when you find the time…I would rather spend this winter TIED TO THIS FUCKING COUCH!" He screamed at the top of his lungs, emphasizing his situation.

Yang spat out her soda and began laughing at what she heard, Ruby giggled as Weiss and Ren choked on their tea, Nora comically spat out all the remaining syrup before starting to laugh as well. Pyrrha covered her mouth and giggled as well and Blake lightly chuckled.

"Oh my gods! I-I can't even! Hahahahaha!" Yang said in between her laughter, the sight of Ozpin, even a different one, losing his temper so hilariously was something that they would remember for a long time.

Watcher chuckled along with them and prepared them for what will happen next.

The scene changed once again to show Ren in winter clothes, holding a flamethrower and looking out the window.

"Ren." The man turned to see Jaune standing on the doorframe "We are going out to get Oobleck the test. If he tries to get back here and we are not with him…burn him." Ren nodded and looked out the window again.

"Professor Oobleck is here as well?" Weiss asked Watcher who nodded.

"DOCTOR!" a loud yell was heard around the room as the students were startled and looked around before looking at Watcher.

"What the hell was that?" Yang asked and he sighed at that.

"That was the combined yell of all Ooblecks in the multiverse." They all gave him looks that said 'Are you serious?'

"I am serious, somehow they all seem to hear when they are not addressed as Doctor, and I am still not sure how they do that."

The cold weather of Atlas was merciless as Jaune, Russel and Ozpin went to a watchtower where they detained Oobleck when he went crazy after discovering the alien's abilities. The blue guiding lights barely offered any lighting as the men used a guiding rope instead and held up flares to get better sight. When they got to the door though, Russel saw something that should not be possible.

"Jaune, the door's open!" The three men entered the opened watchtower.

"How did he get out? The door was bolted from the outside." Russel asked both of them as they began looking around. Jaune looked up and saw a noose hanging from the ceiling.

"I am tempted to make a pun on that noose, but I feel that it would be a bad idea." Yang said as her friends nodded at her.

The three looked around trying to find any clues.


Jaune looked down as he felt the floorboards get loose under his weight. He looked down at the floor, as did Ozpin and Russel. The three looked at each other before they began to take off the loose boards, revealing a large hole on the floor.

Wordlessly, they all began to go down the hole, lighting up flares and taking dynamite with them. What they discovered was a small tunnel.

"Hey Oobleck? You down there? We got something for you." Russel shouted as the three went deeper and found a small workshop with an alien vehicle within.

"Wait, how did he make that hole? The freezing temperature and the ice should make it impossible to dig a hole that big, nevermind the tunnel and the space for whatever it is inside?" Weiss asked, not believing what she was seeing. From what she understood, Oobleck was put in a tower for a few days, for him to dig that much in such a short time shouldn't be possible.

"The alien creature had assimilated other aliens before and seemingly learned their abilities, one of which included digging. We are not fully sure how it did that though." Watcher replied, not taking his eyes off screen.

"Oobleck's been busy." Jaune commented as they looked at whatever was being built. It looked very complicated and probably something they won't be able to understand.

"What is it?" Russel asked.

"It's a ship of some kind." Ozpin repled before he looked closer at the parts "he stole parts from the helicopter." Jaune narrowed his eyes at that.

"Smart S.O.B. Put it together piece by piece."

Ruby looked confused by the words.

"Um, what does S.O.B mean?" Yang was hesitant to tell her.

"It means: son of a bitch." Watcher nonchalantly replied to her getting other to look at him in shock with Ruby looking shocked at such words.

"What the hell?!" Yang shouted at him and he looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

"What? She asked and I answered. Plus, she would have learned it later anyway."

"Where was he trying to go?" Russel asked the two.

"Any place but here." Jaune replied to him.

The scene switched to the base again, it is completely silent with no one around. The camera then showed a main entrance…with the door open and no Ren around.

That had the students alarmed.

"Where is the other Ren?" Nora asked fearing the answer.

"I think he went outside." Blake answered her.

"Or he was captured." Weiss gave her own answer and they all tensed at that possibility.

Ozpin held dynamites as Jaune used tape to wrap them into a bundle while Russel was on a lookout. Suddenly he saw a shape stumble out of the base and he took off his goggles before turning to the other two.

"Hey you guys. Come here." He beckoned them and the two stood up to see what was going on. Russel turned back around and saw Ren run out of sight.

"I think I saw Ren outside the main entrance."

"What is he doing outside?" Ozpin asked.

"I have no idea."

Suddenly the power in the entire base went out. The blue lights did as well before they lit up again. The three went inside again.

"Got a flare?" Ozpin asked as Jaune took out the flare and lit it.

"He got back inside to turn off the generator." He then looked out of the window before looking back at them "In six hours it will be a hundred degrees below zero."

"But that's suicide."

Yang whistled at that kind of a temperature.

"Hey Weiss," the white girl turned to her "Is it really that cold in Atlas?"

Weiss hummed in thought before replying.

"Well, yes. During winters, it can reach that temperature. During other seasons, the temperature is close to a normal winter." The others were quite shocked at that.

"Wow, no wonder you were so cold when we first met you." Nora said as the others looked at her weirdly.

"What?" She asked as the others turned away from her.

Jaune shook his head "Not for that thing. It wants to freeze now. It's got no way out of here. It just wants to sleep in the cold and wait for a rescue team to arrive here." He explained to them. Ozpin and Russel shared a look before the older man looked at him.

"What can we do? What can we do?!"

Jaune paused for a moment before he spoke.

"Whether we make it or not, we can't let that thing freeze again. Maybe, we'll just warm things up a little around here." Ozpin and Russel understood what he meant. They needed to blow up the base to ensure this thing died.

"We are not making out of here alive. But neither is that thing." The two nodded at him and committed themselves to their unavoidable fate.

The group's eyes widened when they heard what he said.

"They are sacrificing themselves to prevent it from destroying humanity." Blake quietly said as Watcher nodded.

"This is one thing that stays with every Jaune in the multiverse: they are always willing to sacrifice themselves. Whether it is for a good intention or a bad one, you would be hard pressed to find one that didn't do so." Ruby looked confused at that.

"But I thought you said that he always survives."

"I did and he does. But there are few worlds in which he doesn't and it is almost always is either through sacrifice or some other thing."

The group considered what he said and NPR frowned at that, taking note to help their leader make sure he didn't need to resort to that.

Jaune lit a dynamite bundle and threw it in the tunnel, it rolled right under the alien ship as the three men ran from the tower. A few seconds later, it exploded, destroying everything.

The men then used a tractor to knock down tower walls, getting out they began to look for gasoline while Ozpin used an axe to puncture the fuel tank.

"Gasoline? What is gasoline?" Weiss asked Watcher.

"Gasoline is a fuel of sorts. In this world and the previous one, gasoline is used to power vehicles and machines. Like Dust, it is found underground, and is extracted from a resource known as petrol and is highly flammable. In fact, it is used to ignite fire in their flamethrowers. This resource is something that the people in this world have been using for around 7 decades after they ran out of Dust. One major advantage over Dust is that it can leave the planet's atmosphere, enabling space flight." He explained to them while showing them a few pictures of petrol and space ships.

The students were shocked, Weiss most of all. Remnant running out of Dust? A resource that could allow them to send a ship to space where Dust could not? It sounded extremely useful, but they couldn't help but feel that there was a drawback.

"Are-Are there any disadvantages?" Weiss asked again wanting to learn more about it.

"There are. First, it is hard to find, you would need to dig deep in order to find it. Second, the search for it is expensive. Third, while it is reliable, it is dangerous to the fauna and flora around it, some animal species are suffering extinction because of its constant use. But the biggest issue is that it affects the atmosphere. The many chemicals within the oil make it dangerous. The people in that world have been using it for so long that the planet's temperature increased, which led to draughts, shorter winters, lack of crops in some areas, hotter summers and finally melting some of the ice in Atlas, leading to the rising water levels and floods that devastated some of the cities. Plus, it also caused a shortage of oxygen in some of the cities due to the fact that it pollutes the air." He explained and they all paled at the kind of damage that it brought.

"Aren't there different alternatives to it?" Blake asked and he nodded.

"Well, before oil, people used coal, but even it was dangerous and nowadays some countries use wind generators or solar batteries in favor of oil." Weiss wrote that down, making sure to take note of anything that could function the same way that Dust does. The resource may or may not exist in their world, but in the event that Dust does run out, they would need something to replace it.

Jaune and Russel filled bottles with gasoline and put rags on the bottle necks to make Molotov Cocktails. Russel threw a dynamite into the room and Jaune lit the rag on fire before throwing the Molotov Cocktail. Room by room, they began throwing the dynamite and Cocktails, making sure to destroy everything. The barrels of oil and some explosive stuff in the rooms made sure that they were destroyed quickly.

Jaune stoo in one place, looking at the destruction as Russel put down his flamethrower and Ozpin was behind him.

"Generator room." Ozpin said as Jaune nodded and lit up a flare before they all went to the generator room, located under the base.

When they got there, it was a mess, ice melting from the heat, some pipes were rusting, and the part of the room that had the generator was on fire. Ozpin went to the generator and slumped on a frame as he saw the state of the generator.

"The generator's gone." He told Jaune.

"Is there any way we can fix it?" Ozpin looked at him like he was an idiot.

"It's gone Jaune."

"Damn, looks like they really have no way out." Yang cursed under her breath in her seat.

"I was hoping they could fix it but it seems there is no hope in doing so." Weiss said with a frown.

Jaune put down a detonator that he carried with him and held up his lamp, before addressing the other two.

"Alright, we gotta bring this whole place right down to the ice." The two nodded at him "Oz, you plant the charges in the old storage room. Russel, you plant them by the generator." The two nodded and went to work, putting dynamite under the pipes, under the wood, next to the barrels and everywhere else. Jaune meanwhile was connecting the wires to a detonator as Ozpin went to a different room and began planting the dynamite bundles. As he planted them though, he felt his skin itch and sweat under his winter mask and took it off to cool himself and scratch the itch.

"I wonder, where is the alien? This scene right here is a perfect way to attack him." Pyrrha asked as she looked at the screen closer.

"Maybe, it just decided to hide?" Ruby offered an answer.

"That seems unlikely." Blake told her as they all relaxed in their seats.

Suddenly, Oobleck appeared,

The students were startled at his sudden appearance.

Ozpin looked back and went to shout…only for Oobleck to grab his face and dig his fingers deep into Ozpin's face. The elder man tried to scream, but Oobleck's hand was covering his nose and mouth making it hard to breathe. Furthermore, he felt great pain as he felt the fingers assimilate his flesh. He let out whimpers and looked at Oobleck's expressionless face before death claimed him.

Yang winced and gulped.

"I am not sure about you guys, but seeing the completely calm look on Doctor Oobleck's face while he kills someone is…well it's really disturbing." Her friends all had the same looks.

"You are not the only one Yang." Blake told her partner, scared of both how Oobleck looked and how he killed Ozpin. Asphyxiation is perhaps the scariest way to die.

Oobleck-Thing looked around to make sure no one was looking as Ozpin's body dropped limb to the ground.

Russel planted another dynamite and went to plant another one, only to stop as he saw Ozpin's body and his face stretched by a hand. Before the body was carried off. Confused, he went to investigate, leaving Jaune all by himself as he continued to connect the wires.

Russel followed the trail and found himself standing in a silent corridor, with only his light on hand and several dynamites. He began to slowly walk forward, pointing the flashlight forwards, looking for any sign of Ozpin or Oobleck. Lights from the fire flickered as he went further.

"I don't like where this is going." Ruby said, preparing herself for a jumpscare as did the rest.

Jaune finally finished connecting the wires.

"How is it coming in there?" he asked his two friends, receiving nothing but silence. Figuring they couldn't hear him, he repeated his question.

"I said, how is it comi-"

Rustle! Crash!

He stopped as he heard noises coming from the tunnel. He removed his winter hood and looked towards the source, he saw no one. No Russel, no Ozpin, nothing. He lifted up the detonator switch silently and quietly stood up, holding a stick of dynamite in his hand.

The students leaned in, waiting to see what will happen. Some were ready for a jumpscare, others for a slow reveal.

Jaune took several cautious steps forward, holding a lighter and a dynamite in his hands, staring at the dimly lit tunnel from which the sound came from. Slowly and quietly, he used the lighter to light the fuse of the dynamite and looked back at the detonator for a brief second before looking back at the tunnel.

Nothing, only silence, the eerie glow of the fires putting him on edge. He waited, still nothing, the sound of the lit fuse being his only comfort.

Suddenly, an old closet fell.


And the ground exploded in a wave like fashion, coming towards him as Jaune jumped to the side and hit his head on a barrel, his dynamite falling out of his hands.

Tentacles came out of the ground,

'Aw hell no! Not this shit.' Blake thought as she looked at the tentacles. She once read a book which had tentacles as part of its smut and burned it moments after reading it, swearing to never read anything like that ever again. Also, keeping away from Grimm with tentacles.

And grabbed the detonator before dragging it down. A moment later its full form emerged and it was all kinds of horrible. Its head had a face on the side, with its large mouth and sharp teeth, its fleshy and slime covered body being twisted and horrific, little human arms coming out of the shoulders as it roared with a guttural sound.

The students grimaced with some turning green at the sight of it.

"That…is the scariest fucking thing I have ever seen in my entire life." Yang said while swallowing hard.

"I would rather take on Grimm any day than face this…this…whatever this monstrocity is supposed to be." Weiss said with a look of disgust on her face.

"I don't want to see any more of this." Ruby said with fear in her voice.

A hole appeared on its side and a corgi with a without fur appeared, its body covered in slime and bits of flesh as it flailed its legs.

"ZWEI?!" Ruby shouted before she took her bucket again and puked in it. Weiss did the same with Yang and Blake following not far behind.

"This is messed up." Yang said, to see a version of Zwei be a part of the monstrous creature? That was horrifying.

"I agree." Blake said, she may not like the dog, but that didn't mean she wanted it to be hurt. Especially in a manner like this.

"Doggy! NO!" Nora screamed as Ren held her down and used his Semblance to calm her.

"Poor Zwei." Pyrrha said as she looked at the dog's state.

Jaune looked at the creature before he stood up and went towards his stick of dynamite. Picking it up, he did a roll forward and looked back at the creature who roared at him.

"Yeah, fuck you too!" He said as he threw the dynamite at it before he ran away from it. The creature looked at the dynamite as it fell next to it.


And gave one last roar as it exploded,

"Take that, stupid alien!" Nora cheered as did the rest at the supposed victory.

The base began to explode, the tower, the basement, everything exploded in a glorious fashion. With one last fireball, the entire base was no more.

Yang whistled at the explosion while Nora was giddy.

"Man, look at that fireball." She said as she saw its size.

'Bow to that fireball. It is your god now.' Watcher said in his mind, chuckling once he did.

"I hope Jaune is alive." Ruby said and NPR nodded at that.

"With that kind of explosion he is bound to have some burns and injuries." Ren said as he looked at the devastation caused by the explosions.

Jaune walked through the remains of the base, a blanket draped over him, he found a nice to spot to relax and sat on the cold ground. He took his bottle of scotch and was about to drink it.


But stopped as he heard a noise behind him. He looked back and saw Ren standing behind him, holding the flamethrower and looking at him suspiciously.

"Ren? Where did he come from?" Blake asked, confused and slightly suspicious of his sudden appearance.

"Maybe he got lost?" Nora offered an answer.

"Or maybe he is another one of those things." Weiss said with narrowed eyes.

"You are the only one who made it?" Ren asked him.

"Not the only one." Was Jaune's reply, emphasizing the fact that the two of them were alive.

"Did you kill it?" Jaune paused slightly.

"Where were you Ren?" He asked his friend, last he knows, Ren went outside and the power went out.

Ren simply stepped to a different sitting place, across from Jaune.

"Thought I saw Oobleck," he began "I went after him, got lost in the storm." He explained as he sat down. Jaune considered his explanation and could see the plausibility, the power went out and Ren probably wandered off without any guiding lights. The problem was, he should have seen the light from the explosion of the ship and came back immediately, the fact that he only emerged after he blew up that thing with no injuries was still suspicious.

"I agree with Jaune here. The lights from the explosions should have showed him the way." Blake said as she also took note of the flaw.

"Which probably means he is the alien." Weiss said.

But there was also a flaw in his own logic. If Ren was the thing, why isn't he attacking him. He is defenseless, tired, and vulnerable. By all means, Ren should have attacked him when his back was turned. Instead, he is sitting with him and talking.

"Fire raised the temperature all over the camp." Ren said as he looked at the fire before he looked at him "Won't last long though."

"Neither will we." Jaune added.

"How will we make it?"

Jaune paused at the question.

"Maybe, we shouldn't." if the creature was still alive, they couldn't take it with them to the civilization.

Ren though understood the hidden meaning.

"If you are worried about me." Ren trailed off.

"If we have surprises for each other, I don't think we are in any shape to do anything about it." Jaune told him and Ren gave a nod at that logic. He hadn't seen Jaune and vice versa. Probability of either one of them being an alien creature was high.

"Well…what do we do?"

"Why don't we just…wait for a little while. See what happens?" Ren nodded and slumped in his seat as Jaune handed him his scotch and Ren drank it slowly.

"Isn't that one of the bottles that Jaune used to put the base on fire?" Ruby asked and her friends looked at the bottle and realized that she was right.

Jaune watched him and then chuckled at the futility of their distrust of each other. He let his head rest as the camera showed the burning base from the distance before it faded to black.

The screen stopped showing and the lights lit up as the card was extracted. Like the previous one. It expanded, showing Jaune in a winter clothing, holding a lantern and a shotgun with the silhouette of the creature behind him. The group looked at the eerie image before it shrank and went to the shelf.

"Now, do you realize what I meant when I said that you will probably have nightmares if you were to always choose?" Watcher asked them and they nodded at him.

"I have a question." Ruby said and he turned to her.

"Very well. Ask."

"What happens to that Jaune? Does he still survive?" Watcher rubbed his chin as the others waited for his answer.

"Well, there are several outcomes. First is that the Atlesian military squad finds him and saves him, but the creature follows no matter where they go. The second is that he escapes the burning base and is captured before he escapes again and helps a soldier destroy the alien. Right now, all that we Watchers can do is speculate." He explained and they nodded at him.

"Are all the universes this dark and gritty?" Weiss asked him and he shook his head.

"No, there are light-hearted ones with a bit of violence in them. Ruby was just unlucky in her choice." He said as Ruby pouted at that.

"Maybe you would like to have a little break? I can show you a training room and a game room." They had looks of surprise at that.

"You have a game room?"

"With all sorts of games, be they board games or video games. So come one, I will show you." He floated down and gestured them to follow him out of the viewing room. They looked at each other before they followed him, unknown to them, The Multiversal Displacer began to spark and glow slightly, before it disappeared again.


A/N: Alright! This chapter is done. The Thing is one of my favorite horror movies and I am glad to have written a reaction to it. Also, before people ask, I don't believe that MacReady or Childs is the thing. For one, Childs doesn't attack him when Blair-Thing attacked Garry when he was alone. Childs drinks gasoline? Mac was about to drink from the bottle, so that doesn't make sense too. Difference in mist? That could just be a perception and being close to the flames. Plus, Bennings-Thing still had mist coming out of his mouth, and just as much as a normal human. Its just two people relaxing after an experience they would never forget, stuck in a deathly environment with no way out.

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