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Hunter vs Hunter

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Chapter 1: Hunter vs Hunter. (Try to guess where the inspiration came from.)

"What do you think the first world will be?" Nora asked with excitement in her voice as she looked at her friends, a plate of pancakes on her lap along with a syrup.

"Let's just wait and see Nora." Ren replied as he held his own plate of food.

The quiet and lush jungle of Mistral, one of the most dangerous places on the planet. If the numerous bugs, snakes and other creatures don't kill you, then the poisonous flora certainly will.

"But wouldn't Grimm be a threat as well?" Pyrrha asked as she looked at Watcher who kept looking at the screen.

"In this world, there are no Grimm, no Dust, no Aura and no Huntsmen or Huntresses. Only regular humans and faunus." His answer had all of them looking at him in shock.

"No Grimm?" Ruby asked with a shaky voice as Watcher nodded at her. She looked at her friends and saw that all of them had the same reaction. Shock, disbelief and somewhat joy.

"Unbelievable." Ren said after a short moment, to think there was a world where humanity did not have to fight the creatures of Grimm, it sounded like a paradise to be honest.

"If you think that a world without Grimm is a good one, think again." Watcher said as Ren looked shocked "Just because Grimm do not exist, doesn't mean everything is sunshine and rainbows."

They frowned at that before focusing on the screen.

The sounds of struggle was heard as an older, short haired, muscular Jaune appeared. Sweat dripping down his ripped body as he helped a wounded Russel move, next to him was Ruby wearing a pair of civilian clothes and holding a pistol in her hand, followed by a muscular form of Ren who was holding an assault rifle.

Yang whistled as she saw their forms.

"Damn, I like what I am seeing here." Blake rolled her eyes at her partner's behavior.

"Of course you would Yang."

"Hey, don't tell me that you don't like what you see Blake." Blake simply snorted but looked back on the screen.

"Hey, I am older." Ruby commented as she saw her older self and ate her bowl of strawberries.

Pyrrha and Nora blushed and smiled as they saw Jaune and Ren's muscular forms.

"Do not take a weapon with you." Jaune told Ruby as they moved through the jungle. They are being hunted by someone or something that was hiding in the jungle. The unknown enemy had already taken Dove, Sage and Sky, now they were next. Sun and Neptune went after it, but had not returned, causing them to assume the worst case scenario.

"Why?" Ruby asked as she walked with him.

"He didn't touch you because you didn't have any weapon. It is not hunting us for food." Jaune said "It is hunting us for sport."

"Hunted? Hunted by what?" Weiss asked as they turned towards Watcher who simply pointed at the screen.

"Keep watching and you will see."

They stumbled upon a log bridge as Jaune carefully moved so as to not drop his squad mate. They were halfway across when suddenly-


A bloodcurdling scream had him and Ren look back as he realized what happened.

"Sun." Was all he said before he kept moving, Ren though stayed on the bridge as he dropped his bag and faced the direction of the scream. Jaune finally moved through the bridge and looked back, only to see Ren standing still while looking back.

"Ren! Let's go!"Ren simply threw away his gun in response.

"What is he doing?" a scared Nora asked as she stopped eating her pancakes.

"Why is he just standing there?"

Ren didn't stop there as he took off his jacket with Jaune realizing what he was about to do. He looked at his friend, before he turned away and moved.

"No." Pyrrha whispered as she realized what he was doing. Nora did as well and grabbed Ren's hand for comfort.

Fed up with running away, Ren took off his dog tags before taking out a hunting knife. He made a slight cut on his pec as he waited for his opponent.

The screen suddenly became blue as an ultra violet image of Ren appeared and the sound of trilling was heard, showing it to be from the perspective of the unseen assailant.

"Is that what is hunting them?" Ruby asked as Watcher nodded at her.

"What's with the colors?" Yang asked as she raised an eyebrow.

"Thermal vision." Nora turned towards him.

"What's that?"

"It's like night vision, except instead of seeing things better in the dark, you instead see the heat patterns of everything around you. It is better than night vision because you can see people even when they hide in the jungle." They all looked intrigued at that before the turned to the screen.

Jaune and Ruby moved quick, trying to gain as much distance as possible. They suddenly stopped as they heard a scream coming from behind them, enough for them to know what happened to Ren.

Nora winced as she heard the screen and held Ren's hand with said boy looking a bit shaken.

Jaune raised his submachine gun as he waited. His hand shaking as held it, his trigger finger ready to shoot.

Ruby heard a noise and looked up to see a distortion in the trees.

"LOOK OUT!" it was too late, a plasma blast was shot, straight at Russel's head, blowing it off, killing him as Jaune stumbled to the ground.

"It's invisible?" Weiss asked with wide eyes as she saw what happened. Being followed was one thing, being followed by something invisible, which also was hunting you? That is scary.

"What kind of weapon was that?" Ruby asked. It fired what looked like Ice Dust at Russel.

"Plasmacaster." They all turned to Watcher in confusion.

"Plasma?" Ruby asked as Watcher nodded.

"In simplified terms: Plasma is the fourth state of the matter. When a gas object is super-heated, it turns to plasma. It is extremely hot and in every universe, it can cut through most objects. Here it is less powerful, but a full powered blast from that weapon can destroy a vehicle like the Bullhead." They looked shocked at the existence of that kind of weapon with Ruby looking excited at the prospect of that.

Ruby looked down upon a weapon that Russel had and Jaune saw her take the weapon.

"NO!" He shouted before he stood up, knocked her weapon away and began firing at the tree with his assault rifle. His enemy simply moved away and fired another blast at him, which destroyed his weapon and wounded him as he fell to the ground.


"He is in trouble now." Yang said.

Jaune screamed as he held his shoulder before he looked up at Ruby.

"GO! RUN!" He shouted at her as she stood frozen.

"GET TO THE CHOPPA!" He shouted at the top of his lungs and she turned and ran as Jaune stood up and began to run through the jungle.

"Wait, what is a choppa?" Blake asked.

"He meant to say chopper. As for what it is, you will see later."

"Sounds like some sort of a guillotine if I am being honest." Yang commented as she ate her popcorn.

Jaune ran from his pursuer through the thick leaves and trees, hoping to lose him, no such luck. The perspective changed to blue again, as the creature was following Jaune's heat signature through the jungle. Just as it was about to catch him though…


Jaune slipped on mud and began sliding down the dirt, straight into a cliff where he fell into the water below. Under the water, Jaune struggled to breathe as he emerged from the water and was now floating down the river and over a waterfall.

The group held their breaths as they saw it happen and wondered if he was alright.

"Come on Jaune." Pyrrha whispered as she clenched her fist.

Jaune emerged from the water and began swimming towards the shore, the cold water doing little to stop him. Once he was ashore, he put his face on the muddy bank, waiting to rest after that kind of a chase.

"Looks like he is safe now." Ren said as he drank his tea.


A splash had Jaune look back and his eyes widened as he saw a figure in the water. He began crawling back, his face and body covered in cold mud as he tried to escape, tired as he was.

"Or not." Yang commented as some cursed under their breaths.

The waters moved slightly as Jaune kept crawling back until he hit branches and had nowhere to go. The shape began to move, first showing black quill like objects, as Jaune tried to reach out to a knife in his thigh pocket, but realized that he lost it and simply grabbed the branches behind him and held his breath.

The water moved again as black quill-like objects appeared, before the creature's head appeared out of the water, its cloak short-circuiting showing its flickering body as t moved to the shore to look for his opponent, amking a trilling noise as it did so. As it moved out of the water, its full appearance was revealed as it looked around.

The sight of the creature full form had everyone staring in shock as they saw it. If the weirdly shaped head and dreadlocks weren't disturbing enough, then the strange skin color, body build, feet and hands convinced them that what they saw was not human in any way.

"What is that thing?" Ruby asked, slightly scared as she saw its form

"It can't be human. It can't be faunus either." Blake said as she saw it and analyzed it. As far as she knew, no faunus had limbs like those, nor a head shaped like that.

"It looks like some sort of mutated human." Weiss commented as she looked at it.

"An alien." Was all that Watcher said as he waited for their reactions.

"ALIEN?!" The group screamed as they heard his reply. Watcher nodded at them.

"Yes, see aliens do exist. In this case, this one is a member of an alien race called Yautja. These aliens are best at one thing: Hunting every creature they can find in the universe. This isn't the first time they appeared on that world."

"Still, an alien?" Yang asked as Watcher chuckled at her.

"I said no Grimm, but I didn't say there wouldn't be anything else that is dangerous, be it on Remnant or beyond it. When watching other worlds, you should always be prepared for anything that happens." They all nodded at him and looked back at the screen.

Jaune stood absolutely still as the creature moved towards him and he thought that he was done for. Only instead, the creature started looking around, searching for him. At times looking directly at him but doing nothing and looking away.

The scene changed to the alien's once again, only now everything was blue and black with Jaune's heat pattern unseen anywhere. It saw a slight heat pattern and aimed his plasmacaster at it.

The tense scene had everyone holding their breaths with all of them praying that it wasn't Jaune that he found.

"Please no, please no, please no." Pyrrha whispered as she clutched her spear tightly. Nora and Ren holding each other's hands as they watched.

Jaune sat staring as the creature was facing away from him and aimed something at the ground before a plasma blast was shot and destroyed the branches. It kicked them away as a rat scurried off, the alien growled before looking up again and looking around as jaune moved slightly. The alien stopped and growled before walking away, searching for the prey that escaped as Jaune slumped in relief in his hiding place.

The group collectively breathed sighs of relief as well with NPR slumping in their seats.

"Thank gods. I thought that he was dead for sure." Yang said as her team nodded.

"Me too. Looks like he is safe." Ruby said with a smile.

"But for how long? That alien went looking elsewhere. How long will he be safe from it?" Blake asked as their eyes widened from what she said.


Jaune then looked at the mud on his body and wiped mud from his shoulder and looked at the alien's retreating form before looking at the mud as realization dawned on him.

"You couldn't see me." He muttered quietly to himself.

"Why did that work?" Weiss asked as she ate a cake.

"Thermal vision is good, but when the target is covered in cold mud or snow, they are basically invisible." Watcher said as he twirled a card in his hand.

"So, if we were chased by this thing but on Atlas," Ruby trailed off as Nora snapped her figers.

"We could hide and make it lose us."

The scene changed again, now showing Jaune walking around, still covered in mud as he came across a large tree with a narrow walking path in it. He walked through it and looked at the large tree before looking at the narrow path, his eyes full of vengeance as he had an idea.

"Heads up. Montage time."

The scene then showed Jaune taking out a machete as he began sharpening wood to make and tying the spikes to a branch, he put his machete aside and began making a rope, before tying it to a large log that was lying around. He threw the rope over the tree and began lifting up the log, grunting as he did so. Once at the proper height he tied it to a small stick and put the stick in between two rocks, making sure to hide it and the other trap with leaves.

He took out a piano wire on the machete and some branches to make a make shift bow along with some arrows. He then got out two grenade rounds and used the tip of his machete to open he tip, he took out a leaf to pour the explosive content along with some magnesium he found on his machete.

"What's that powder?" Nora asked as she turned towards Watcher.

"Nitroglycerin, a reactive chemical in powder form. It is used in every explosive; be it grenade, explosive round, missiles or even in some bullets in that world. It is like Fire Dust, but a bit more reactive and is also a bit more complicated than Fire Dust, and has a potential to be far more explosive than Fire Dust could ever be. Although, it has other uses aside from being an explosive." Watcher explained as he sat in his seat.

Ruby and Nora had stars in their eyes at the thought of that kind of firepower to add to their weapons. Yang whistled as she imagined using it for Ember Celica and Weiss looking very interested in the chemical.

The scene then changed to the bloody corpse of Ren, his eyes lifeless as he lay against a tree.

Now everyone had looks of horror as they looked at the corpse. Ruby covered her mouth so as to not puke, as did Weiss. Blake looked slightly less horrified due to her past as a terrorist and Yang had a look of horrified disgust. NPR wasn't much better, Ren looked shaken, Nora was covering her mouth in horror as did Pyrrha.

An alien hand appeared and tore through muscle on the corpse's back to reach the spine, once they did,


The Hunter tore Ren's spinal column and skull from his body, roaring loudly while kicking the body away.

That did it, Ruby puked on the floor as did Weiss, Ren, Pyrrha and Nora with Yang barely holding her vomit. Blake looked completely mortified now, as Watcher sighed and removed the puke and waited for them to calm down. Once everyone calmed down, they all turned to him.

"Why the fuck did it do that?!" Yang screamed at him with red eyes.

"The Yautja take the skulls of their prey as trophies, as well as skinning their opponents alive and hanging them upside down." They all looked sick at that with some having looks of horror.

"Who the fuck would want skulls of their prey as trophies?!" Weiss screamed at him.

"And who would ever want to skin their enemies alive?!" Pyrrha screamed at him as well and he raised an eyebrow.

"Do you really believe that other races across the multiverse would not do that Miss Schnee? You would be surprised how many do this kind of thing, and many more actually do even worse to the body than what that hunter did." Blake looked angry at that.

"What could possibly be worse than that?!" Watcher sighed at that.

"How about being a host to an alien parasite that lives in you while you are alive and kills you once it bursts from your body?" Now they looked disgusted at that "Or how about having your body turned to machine with no free will of your own as you kill your fellow humans and faunus?" They had looks of horror at that image "Or how about being a breeding sow to an alien race that eats their young?" They looked ready to puke again as he said that.

"Believe it or not, the Yautja are honorable and them taking skulls is them proving that they are worthy of their titles as Hunters. Besides, you would do the same if the Grimm did not turn to dust after they died. Professor Port and other Huntsmen pretty much prove that."

"But we don't take skulls of our fellow Humans or Faunus." Weiss stated with a frown and he looked at her.

"You shouldn't put your world's standards to other worlds Miss Schnee. It usually ends badly. You wouldn't know how many Remnants have Huntsmen who hunt other humans or faunus or fellow Hunters just for fun." They all frowned at that but chose not to think about it and focused back on the screen as buckets appeared next to them.

The Yautja put the head on the tree and began to get rid of the blood on it. Once it was clean, he put it next to other skulls, one of which had a hole in its temple.

The students looked sick as they saw the other skulls.

The scene then changed to Jaune who was covering himself in mud again and prepared his weapons for a battle.

It was now nighttime as Jaune looked at the sky before he took out matches and lit them. He then used the matches to light a torch that he made before taking a deep breath and raised the torch in the air.


His yell echoed through the jungle as he challenged the Yautja to a final hunt.

"Okay that was awesome." Yang said as she gave a thumbs-up with the rest agreeing with her.

The Yautja heard the yell, repaired its cloaking device and sharpened his wrist blades, ready to hunt his prey, a trilling noise coming out of it.

Jaune threw the torch towards a pile of leaves that he made, lighting them on fire before he went to one of the trees to hide, knowing that while it hides, he doesn't stand a chance. Seconds passed as he stood still in his place, until he felt a presence behind him. Slowly he turned his head and saw slight distortions in his vision, coupled with the trilling sound, his opponent was right next to him.

Pyrrha held her breath as she saw that, hoping that the alien would not see Jaune. The rest did as well, with some clutching their seat handles.

Thankfully, the alien did not see him and went towards the fires, once it was on the log bridge Jaune jumped out and grabbed the liana hanging off the tree and used it to get on another tree and hugged it tightly so as to not fall. The alien still did not see him as Jaune pulled out his bow and an explosive arrow. He notched the arrow and pulled it back, aimed it and fired it.


The arrow hit close to the alien, but the explosion destroyed its cloak causing it to spark wildly and the Yautja was covered in arcs of electricity.

The students cheered on that.

"Alright, no more of that stupid cloak!" Yang shouted as she pumped her fist.

"Now Jaune can get him!" Ruby said with a raised fist.

"Impressive." Weiss calmly said.

"Go Jaune! Kick that alien's butt!" Nora cheered while standing up as Pyrrha and Ren smiled.

Enraged, the Yautja began blindly firing at his surroundings, creating bright explosions as his plasma blasts hit the trees but not hitting his target. Jaune fell out of the trees towards the ground and landed with a groan. He stood up, took his weapons and began to run as the Yautja spotted him and fired several blasts at him. They missed as jaune jumped to the side to avoid the last one.

The Hunter then looked at his wrist where his cloaking device and turned it off, as the lightning arc disappeared.

"So that's what it used to stay invisible." Weiss said as she held her chin.

"The Yautja, despite their appearance, are an advanced race that build many weapons of for hunting and war. The cloak is among the best and the plasma cannon is one of the most deadly, but nothing compared to their ultimate weapon." Wacther said causing them to look at him.

"Really? What is their ultimate weapon?" He simply pointed to the screen

"Keep watching."

Jaune limped as he wounded his side when he fell, going towards another hiding place. The screen turned blue again as the Hunter began searching for Jaune. Its hulking physic shown as it hopped on some rocks and down a cliff, looking for Jaune. Said blonde was now on a log bridge and halfway across when he heard its sound and stopped as he saw the Hunter in front of him. He looked down and had an idea as the Hunter looked around for him.

Unbeknownst to him, Jaune was hiding under the log, hearing the trills that his opponent made. Slowly, he let go of the log and began to make way towards a large rock, his explosive spear in hand.

"What is he planning to do?" Weiss asked as she ate her food.

"Let's wait and see." Ruby said as she ate another strawberry.

Jaune stopped near the rock as he saw his opponent waiting in the trees. He looked down and saw a small rock, he picked it up before throwing it into another boulder. The sound of the rock had the Hunter looking at the direction of the sound. It aimed its plasmacaster at the rock and fired it, creating a blinding explosion. Jaune looked up from his hiding place, holding his spear steady as the Hunter kept looking for him. Its thermal vision trying to find him and found a moving blue pattern.

The red triangle appeared as the Hunter aimed and fired, but ultimately missed as Jaune got out of the cover and threw his spear in the direction of his enemy.


An explosion was seen and the Hunter was heard crying out and it fell from the tree.

"Yeah! Our Fearless Leader gets a hit!" Nora cheered, as did the rest for the successful hit.

Jaune seized the moment and began to look for the Hunter, he stumbled upon green glowing blood. Slowly, he began following the trail that it left, coming to find that it stopped in a small space where he hid some gunpowder along with dry leaves.

Suddenly, he heard a dripping sound behind him as his eyes darted back, but he kept his cool and slowly towards matches he had tied to his neck. He lit them and threw them towards the gunpowder.


An explosion followed by a bright light blinded the Hunter for a few moments as Jaune left his spear behind and ran towards a branch. The Hunter aimed the Plasmacaster and missed again as Jaune jumped towards a branch and grabbed it.


Only to fall to the water below it as the branch broke due to his sheer weight.

"That's not good." Blake commented as she ate her tuna.

"How so? Nora asked as she ate another pancake.

"The water is gonna wash away all the mud, making him visible to its thermal vision." Pyrrha replied as they all frowned at that.

"He is not gonna die is he?" Ruby asked as she turned to Watcher who raised an eyebrow at her.

"Didn't I tell you before that he always survives?" They all nodded and looked back at the screen.

The cold water washed away the mud, making him visible as he swam to the shore and tried to get up.

Only to stop when wrist blades held him down by his neck. The Hunter retracted the blades and grabbed Jaune by his neck before pinning him against the tree. As he did, their full height difference was shown, as the Hunter was taller than him by a foot. Instead of killing though, the Hunter tilted his head from side to side, the screen changing to his perspective.

"What is it doing?" Ruby asked, scared for what might happen next.

After a few seconds, the Hunter let go of Jaune and walked away from him for a few feet before turning around to face him. Jaune looked confused as the Hunter then reached towards his mask and removed a cable connected to it. He then reached out to his Plasmacaster and removed it from his shoulder, along with the armor. He then took his mask with both hands and began to remove it, showing its mandibles. The screen turned red as he did so and the mask was dropped as Jaune stared at the creature's face.

The students leaned forward to see what kind of a face it had by the time it removed the mask. But upon seeing the face all of them had looks of disgust as they saw it with some sitting back.

"What…the fuck…is that?" Yang finally asked as she looked at the face, her friends having the same question in their minds.

For what they saw was the ugliest face they had ever seen in their lives. The mandibles aside, the numerous quills on the cheekbones and above the eyes, the absence of the nose, the fleshy dreadlocks and the overall head shape made it hard not to gag in disgust at its appearance.

"It looks like a crab mixed with an ass cleft." Blake commented as she tried to keep her lunch down.

"It looks like someone was trying to sculpt a face and ended up with a butchered result." Weiss said as she sipped her tea.

"It looks as if someone tried to imagine a cool alien and made this horrible face." Pyrrha commented.

"It makes Grimm look nice by comparison." Nora said while holding a pancake on a fork.

Watcher shrugged at that.

"Meh, I've seen worse. Besides, you should see what kind of a face the Yautja sub-species have. It's even uglier than this one." All of them had looks of disgust at that.

"I'll pass on that."


"I don't want more nightmares."

Jaune stared at the face for a second.

"You are one ugly motherfucker." Was all he could say, and honestly? No one could blame him.

"That's a pretty cool one liner. I am gonna use it when I fight the Grimm now." Yang said as she wrote it down.

"Me too!" Nora exclaimed and wrote it down as well.

The Hunter stared at him before it roared and put itself in a warrior stance, looking at Jaune with its infrared vision.

"Wait, is it challenging him in a hand-to-hand combat?" Yang asked as Watcher nodded at her.

"Like I said before, the Yautja are an honorable race. Should they find a worthy opponent, they will remove their plasmacasters and masks and engage their opponents in an equal melee combat." They all looked at him at that.

"So if a Yautja were to appear in our world, we can just beat it in melee?" Yang asked as Watcher turned to her.

"Assuming you are not killed initially by its plasmacaster-as that weapon is capable of breaking your aura in several shots-, being trapped by its other devices and being ambushed, yes, you can beat it. But you need to prove that you are worthy first."

Jaune took a few steps back as the Hunter approached him. He found a large branch and as the Hunter got closer, he swung it at him.

Only for the Hunter to effortlessly block it with its arm, breaking the branch in two.

"Bad idea." Ruby commented.

"Bad idea." Jaune said as he looked at the broken branch.

"Coincidence." Watcher said as he knew what they were about to say.

The Hunter swung his hand back and back-handed Jaune hard, sending him flying back towards a small puddle of water. Jaune emerged from it, fear in his eyes and began crawling back as the Hunter followed him. Jaune crawled over a log and narrowly avoided a claw swipe from the Hunter. He took a chance and hit the Hunter in the cheek with a strong punch.

"Got him!" Nora exclaimed.

Sadly, it barely fazed the Hunter who looked at him mockingly.

"Or not." Yang commented.

In response, the Hunter punched Jaune in the face causing the blonde to stumble back as the Hunter gave a clawed swipe before sending him back with an uppercut. The screen changed to the Hunters perspective as it went after Jaune, who was trying to get away from it. He threw another punch at it, only to receive a blow to the gut, causing him to double over in pain. Jaune tried to punch him again but was beaten up, several shots showing him being punched as blood flew from his mouth.

The group all winced as they saw what was happening.

"He looks like he is in peak physical condition, yet he is still getting beaten by it." Pyrrha said as she clenched her fists.

"Yautja aren't easy to kill. For a normal human, a close combat fight with it usually ends in death." Watcher told them as they all frowned at that.

With another punch, the Hunter had Jaune fall to the ground and the blonde tried to crawl away as the Hunter stalked him slowly. Jaune found a place where he hid the sharp trap and crawled in it, his back hitting the tree. The Hunter followed after him and looked at him with a sharp gaze as Jaune waited.

"Come on, just a bit closer." Pyrrha whispered as she clutched her seat handle.

"Come on. Come on, do it. Do it!" Jaune said trying to get the Hunter to get him. It was about to do so, but stopped as a leaf fell and exposed the sharp sticks, causing it to stop in its tracks.

"He knows." Ruby said as she waited tensely.

"Shit, that failed." Yang said as she saw what happened.

"COME ON! I AM HERE! KILL ME!" Jaune shouted trying to get it to cross as the Hunter touched the sharp tips.

"It's not gonna work Arc." Weiss said while face palming.

"KILL ME! I AM HERE!" The Hunter looked at him like he was an idiot.

"COME ON! DO IT NOW!" Jaune shouted, to no avail as the Hunter simply stood in place.

"Oh for crying out loud. It's not gonna work!"

"He is dead." Blake said as she ate her fish.

The Hunter raised an eyebrow before looking to the right and stood up as Jaune's grin faded and was replaced with terror. The Hunter was going around the trap and right next to him as Jaune looked at the Hunter with calm hate. His eyes however trailed up and he saw his second trap.

Ruby face palmed at that.

"We forgot about that trap."

"That means,"

"He can still win!" Nora said as Pyrrha had hope in her eyes.

His eyes went to the stick and he kicked it as the rope loosened and the log fell. The Hunter looked up and was immediately crushed under the log's weight.

The group began cheering as they saw that.

"Yeah! Go Fearless Leader!" Nora said while spilling her popcorn over her team who smiled at Jaune's victory.

"Huh, I guess he really did survive." Yang said as she drank her soda.

"It's not over yet." Watcher said as they turned to him.

"What do you mean? He won." Blake said as Watcher pointed at the screen.

"Remember how I said that the Yautja have an ultimate weapon?" That had them shocked as they realized what he meant.

"You mean,"

"Keep watching."

Jaune sighed in relief as he slumped in his seated position, his body ached and he was tired, his enemy was defeated, his squad was avenged. Finally, he could-


His eyes snapped open as he heard the log move, he looked over and saw that it was shoved away, his enemy was still alive. He found a rock nearby and stood up to deliver the final blow. As he went to him, he stopped. The Hunter was barely alive, its green glowing blood on its safe as it coughed up more. Jaune discarded the rock in his hand and looked at the Hunter, curious as to what it was.

"What the hell are you?" He asked as the Hunter looked up at him.

The screen turned infrared for a second before turning normal as the Hunter spoke.

"WhAt ThE HeLl…ArE YoU…?" was all that it said towards him and Jaune did not understand.

"It can speak?" Weiss asked, shocked at this revelation.

"The Yautja can mimic what their prey can speak in order to lure them. They don't really understand what their language means though. Although, some Watchers believe that just as Jaune is looking at the Hunter like he is not human, the Hunter asking the same question could be seen as him acknowledging Jaune as not a human, but as another hunter." They all gave him looks of confusion and he smiled at that.

"Yeah, I didn't get it either."

The Hunter then looked at his wrist device and opened the compartment where there four slots could be seen. The Hunter slid his nail over a long line before pressing several buttons as Jaune watched him carefully. After a few button clicks, the device showed weird red shapes in all of its four slots.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

"Is that what I think it is?" Blake asked as she looked at everyone.

"Yes, the self-destruct device. The Yautja's ultimate weapon, one used only in the direst situation. They use it to destroy themselves when they commit honorable suicide and make sure they and their technology never fall to the hands of others."

The reacting audience were shocked at what they heard.

"Wait, but Jaune is still," Ruby's eyes widened as she realized it.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

Jaune looked at beeping device, not understanding what it is supposed to be, that was until the Hunter started laughing.

"Jaune, RUN!" Pyrrha screamed at the screen.

"hnhnhnhahahah…" Jaune immediately started running as the shapes in two slots disappeared and the third was close.

"HNHNHNHaHaHaHah!" The Hunter laughed, his laughter sounded suspiciously like Ren's as Jaune ran as far as he could from the Hunter.

"AHAHAHAHAHA!" His laughter was cut short as the beeping continued before it was followed by the sounds of small explosions. Arcs of lightning began to surround his body and bouncing off the trees. A small orange fireball was seen, and as Jaune jumped away, the beeping stopped.

Before a bright flash was seen, followed by a very loud explosion.

The students jerked back with some shielding their eyes at the bright explosion, once it died down they immediately leaned forward, wanting to know if Juane survived.

The scene changed to show a pilot on a helicopter s it shook from the force of the explosion. Some of the machinery began to spark.

"Holy shit." The pilot commented as another man on the helicopter began to use the fire extinguisher to put out the sparks.

In the cabin, Ruby covered her face from the sparks as she tried to stand up.

"Hey, I am alright." Ruby said as she looked at her other version.

"What is it that they are riding on? It doesn't look like a bullhead." Weiss asked as she turned towards the Watcher.

"That is an aircraft known as a helicopter or as Jaune said: chopper." They looked surprised at that.

"Why is it named like that?" Yang asked.

"Simple, unlike bullheads, helicopters are rotorcrafts. They take off with the help of rotors that spin at high speeds on top and the back. This allows them to hover, spin and fly. Because these rotating blades are so dangerous however they are known as choppers most of the time."

One of the pilots looked out the window and was confused.

"What the?" the person in the back came to his side and saw it as well.

"My god." In front of them was a giant mushroom cloud, covering an area worth 300 city blocks.

"Holy shit." Yang whispered as she saw it.

"What kind of explosion was that?" Nora asked with wonder and curiosity.

"I am not sure, their self-destruction can be inconsistent." Watcher replied to her.

The scene changed to the destroyed part of the forest, ash, soot and dust covered the land. Soon it began clearing due to the winds created by the helicopter and Jaune was seen, wounded, tired, but otherwise okay.

"He survived." Pyrrha said, a bit relieved as they all smiled at that.

"Of course." Watcher said as he eyed his cards.

Ruby had a small smile as she saw him alive. The man next to her looked shocked at his appearance as the helicopter lowered itself.

Jaune got into the helicopter and slumped in his seat as the aircraft began to lifting up. His eyes and face showed his fatigue, and paused to let what happened sink. They were not alone in the universe, the government that sent him and his squad here are aware of what is going on. His best friends were killed, he barely made it out alive and what's more: the trauma of it all left him with questions that will probably never be answered.

He looked at the jungle as he finally could rest, knowing that he at least survived the encounter to live another day.

The lights came back on as the screen glowed and the card was out and Watcher grabbed it and showed to others as it expanded and became as large as a door. It then glowed before displaying Jaune holding an assault rifle with an infrared background, while a sniper cross hair was focused on him. The others looked awed by the image before the card became normal and went to one of the shelves.

"So what do you think?" He asked the group and they all had varying expressions.

"I guess you were right when you said that he always survives." Blake answered, finding it to be impressive that he survived that alien.

"Jaune-Jaune was pretty cool." Nora said as the others nodded.

"Indeed, it was impressive how he was able to fool the alien." Ren said with a nod.

"I admit, he was good in that world." Weiss said, only to receive looks of surprise from others.


"Nothing, it's just strange to hear you praise Vomit boy, Weiss Cream." Weiss frowned and crossed her arms.

"I can admit when he is being impressive Yang. I may dislike him, but that doesn't mean I won't give him credit where credit is due." Weiss said and the other nodded at that as Watcher smiled at them.

"Good, because it's time to watch another one. Now," twelve different cards flew to his hands and he began shuffling them, doing tricks as he did so before they all spread out and floated before him.

"Who would like to choose?"

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