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Welcome to the warzone

Alright! Time for an entirely different chapter! Where we don't look at an alternate Jaune, no. We are gonna read about how Jaune is handling himself in another world and if you read where he was the first time, you know what world will be first.

That's right soldier. It's time for Modern Warfare 3!

All jokes aside, I'm not sure if I will do a good job in writing how he handles himself in other worlds. It's quite different to writing other worlds but I will do my best to make sure you all enjoy the chapter.

Chapter 9: Welcome to the warzone (Modern Warfare 3)

Ruby sat content in her seat, her stomach full from the holiday food that Watcher gave them to celebrate Christmas and New Year. The two teams ate up the food he offered them, especially the desserts. The silver-eyed girl wondered if there were any other holidays and how they are celebrated, but shook off that thought as she relaxed.

"You know, that has to be the best buffet I have ever been in." Yang said as she used a toothpick to clear out anything stuck in between her teeth. The blonde bombshell sat with feet planted on a table that she wished for and lounged in her chair.

"I agree. It was better than all the other banquets I would go to." Weiss said, wiping the remains of food with a napkin. A cup of tea next to her as she adjusted her dress and put the napkin away.

"I'm glad you all liked it." Watcher said as he put their presents away for a time being.

"Are there any other holidays like Christmas that we can learn about?" Pyrrha asked to which Watcher nodded.

"Quite a lot really but I don't think you need to. Besides," he polished the screen to make sure no cracks were left after Nora's sugar induced…accident, "It's time to see how your Jaune is doing."

NPR sat up straighter, eager to see their leader, while RWBY adjusted themselves and cleaned their seats.

"I wonder what kind of world he is in right now." Blake muttered, her bow removed as her partner shrugged.

"Like I said before, he is probably in some paradise island with babes who look like Weiss…or us." Her teammates gave her looks and she shrugged, "Hey, I'm just trying to lighten the mood."

"Shh! It's starting!" Nora shouted as the lights dimmed and Watcher went to his seat. That is sitting on air behind and above them.

Within a normal office in a building, everything was quiet. Though the outside is roaring with noise, the offices are empty, the tables and chairs abandoned after an evacuation.

"Evacuation? From what?" Weiss asked, wondering what was so bad that people had to evacuate. Especially in such a large office if the windows were anything to go by.

"You will see." Watcher said, waiting for the sign of a portal.

Suddenly, the papers in the office started flying out from a strong wind force, but the windows remained closed. The space close to the windows began to warp and bend, lightning arching over the walls, the floor and other objects. The electricity in the floor flickered and the light bulbs exploded as space continued to bend.

Eventually, with the loud sound of a bass, the air began to contract, seemingly sucking itself in. Until…

The area flashed as the empty space imploded and launched something out at high speed. The object in question flew through the office, tumbling on the floor, breaking many tables, chairs, going through a glass door and through a stone-wall to the next office before it went through the next wall and landed on the floor close to the windows. The bent space restored itself as the object-or person-groaned as he tried to stand up.

"Wha? What happened?" Jaune Arc asked as he tried to stand up from the painful ride.

"He is alive!" Nora cheered as her team smiled.

"Thank goodness." Pyrrha said, as she looked at her partner, glad that he was at least alive and well.

"Seems like he had quite a painful collision." Weiss commented, noticing the destroyed walls.

"Eh, he will be fine. He is a huntsman and we usually can take worse than that. I mean, a Paladin punched me through a concrete pillar. Compared to that he probably received less than half the damage, maybe even less." Yang said, rolling her shoulder and wincing as she recalled the pain.

"It's actually more than that really." Watcher said, the seven looked at him confused, "From what I've seen, Jaune has been launched out of a portal at enough speed to break through a stone wall and still have force to break through another one, not to mention the glass door before them as well as the chairs and tables. If a normal person went through that, they would be a heap of broken bones and most likely even a corpse. His luck that he has aura otherwise he would have half of his bones broken…Although he may not have had it active, meaning that he is even more lucky...Imagine if he wasn't…" he ominously said, leaving the seven shocked. NPR especially had looks of mild horror.

The teen felt pain all over his body as he stood up on shaky legs. His head rang as he tired to orient himself, but kept stumbling back the moment he stood up. He leaned himself on a wall and tried to balance himself while his vision gradually went back to normal. Once it did, Jaune looked around him, seeing himself in some office building.

"Where am I?" He wondered as he stood up, legs no longer as shaky. His eyes went to the destroyed wall and broken chairs and tables. He whistled as he saw the damage done.

'Holy! I went through all of that? No wonder I was in so much pain.' He thought as he then felt a sharp pain in his forearm. Raising it up, his eyes widened as he saw a small piece of wood stuck on his forearm, right between the bones with the sharp part visible on the other side, a bit of blood visible. He wondered why he didn't notice that but theorized that his prior injuries numbed him.

"When you punch someone on the head, they don't feel the pain for the next several seconds. Remember that when you want to interrogate someone." Watcher told the seven who nodded at him.

'Gonna have to take it out.' He thought as he gripped the piece of wood and began to slowly pull it out. The pain from doing so wasn't much but it did make him change his plan. He flexed his fingers, firmly grasped it…and quickly pulled it out.

"Fuck!" he swore as he felt a sharp pain from the action. He looked at the piece of wood, blood dripped from where it stabbed him before he threw it away. He looked at his arm and grimaced as he saw a hole on his forearm the size of a thumb. He quickly gripped the wound to prevent any more blood from escaping and saw his aura glowing as it tried to heal his wound.

'I don't think that will be enough.' He thought as he looked around for a first aid kit. Luckily, he saw one lying on a counter and went to it. Once in his hands, he opened it and smiled as he saw the contents inside.

"Wait, does he even know how to use a first aid kit?" Weiss asked, wondering if he knew how to use it.

"Jaune has been on camping trips with his family on several occasions. One of the important things to learn during those trips is how to apply first aid on a wound." Watcher explained.

"Oh, I remember he told us about it before the Breach." Nora said.

'Perfect.' He took out an antiseptic and some cotton balls. Letting go of his hand he pulled the sleeves of his sweater back, opened the antiseptic and doused the cotton balls before using them on his wound. He winced as he felt the sting of the antiseptic as he cleaned his wound. He then took out a gauze and bandages, first he put the gauze on the open wound before he took the bandages and wrapped them around the gauze, making sure to wrap it tightly. The process wasn't easy as he couldn't wrap the bandage alone but eventually he managed to do it.

'So glad I learned how to dress wounds from those camping trips.' He thought as he stood up and put the first aid kit away. He rubbed his forearm and then pulled the sleeve over it, 'Now…what do I do now?'

He looked around, seeing the ruined office and the unfamiliar space.

'Think Jaune, think. How did I get here?' He thought back on the events. He found some strange device, brought it to his friends and then they got launched into a wormhole of sorts where he got separated from them.

"If only we knew where he was to get him out." Ruby said with a frown.

"He will be okay, probably." Yang comforted her sister.

"Let's just hope he isn't in some death world." Ren said before he thought over what he said, "Well, worse than Remnant that is."

"This looks normal though." He muttered aloud as he looked at the surroundings before his eyes fell on the window where he heard the noise of outside.

"Maybe I'm still in Vale?" He wondered as he looked out the window and his eyes widened at the sight before him.

In front of him is a large city that put Vale to shame with how big it was. Its buildings are tall, nearly reaching the clouds with one being taller than any building he had seen in his life. But that wasn't what got his attention. It was the smoke and explosions outside that made him curious.

"Is there an invasion or something?" If this was Remnant, did that mean that Grimm were attacking or was it something else. Whatever it was, he couldn't leave people in danger.

"You idiot! Don't rush outside with no information!" Weiss shouted at the screen.

"I mean, I wouldn't blame him but I wouldn't just rush at the battle like that." Yang said.

"He is gonna get himself killed if he does that." Blake commented as she nibbled on her sandwich.

Walking away from the window, he went to search for a door or an elevator. He managed to find one but the button is broken.

"Damn it! Guess I'll take the stairs." He muttered as he went to the door that said 'Exit' and began to walk downstairs, Crocea Mors ready in his hands. Unfortunately, as he walked downstairs he saw that debris blocked the rest of the way down.

'Now what?' He thought before he spotted an open door. He went to it and was just about to enter, until he heard a voice.

"Держи периметр, не дай Американцам забраться на башню." A male voice said in an unknown language, confusing Jaune.

"Приказ понял. Они не заберутся, а если смогут, мы им головы пристрелим." Another person replied in the same language.

"What kind of language was that?" Ruby asked, not understanding a word they said.

"Russian. That world has many languages, some are different variations of one language and some are similar but have subtle differences. Do you want to know how some of your names sound like in different languages?" he asked and they looked at each other before they nodded.

"Alright, here it goes. Weiss's name in German sounds more like Vice Shnay, the funny thing is that it also can be translated to 'snow white'. Yang's name sounds like Yayng Shao Long and it translates to 'sun dragon'. There are other examples but we would be wasting time if I were to say all of that." He explained as they refocused on the screen.

Jaune stood confused as he cautiously approached the door. Peeking over the frame he saw another ruined office with a giant hole where the windows are supposed to be. Looking further and approaching the ruined office, Jaune saw someone sitting next to the giant hole, a weapon in front of him.

Jaune quietly approached the man, hand on his weapon in case the man tried to kill him. His footsteps nearly silent as the noise from the outside made it hard to hear.

"Ну давайте Американцы, покажитесь. Думаете вы такие сильные раз уж убили наших? Посмотрим какого вам когда убивают ваших." The man muttered in his language as he held his sniper rifle steady and took deep breaths as he saw his targets approaching. He sat ready to pull the trigger…until he heard something shatter behind him.

He quickly turned around and saw Jaune standing behind him, looking like he was stalking on him.

"Uh…hi?" Jaune said and that ended up being his mistake.

"Run, you idiot!" Blake shouted, realizing that Jaune might have made a mistake.

"Maybe the soldier won't hurt him?" Ruby suggested.

"Besides, Jaune can handle himself!" Nora said, fully confident in her leader.

"Руки вверх!" The man shouted as he took out his submachine gun and pointed it at Jaune, "Я сказал руки вверх!"

"Hey, hey listen!" Jaune said as he held his hands in front of him, "Look, I'm sure we can come to an agreement. Just…p-put your gun down." He tried to reason taking a step back as the man held his handgun pointed at him.

"Я предупреждал!" The man said as he pulled the trigger several times, hitting Jaune in the chest plate three times and once in the right shoulder. The teen fell on the ground with a shout, his hand going to his right shoulder where the bullet hit him. The man came up to him and pointed his gun at his face.

"No!" Pyrrha shouted, "Get up Jaune!"

Jaune looked up and saw the pistol aimed at his face and at the last second tilted his head and kicked the man in his leg and grabbed his hand. The man staggered from the surprisingly strong kick before nearly stumbling as Jaune grabbed his arm holding the submachine gun. He growled at him and tried to get him to let go. Jaune however held his ground as the man then punched him in the face several times, causing him to bleed from his nose and daze him. The man then wrenched his hand free, kneed him in his stomach and shot him in his chest three times as Jaune fell on his back.

The Russian soldier looked at the still breathing blonde teen before he approached him, put a foot on his chest and sneered at him.

"Ну что? Доигрался Американец?" The Russian asked Jaune who simply stared back at the man with blood running down his nose, "Вы сами это на себя навлекли когда вы убили наших в аэропорту. Это все лишь месть за невинных." He said as Jaune didn't understand a word that the soldier said as the simply spat on his face.

The Russian smiled under his mask before he kneeled and put his hands around Jaune's neck and began to strangle him. Jaune's eyes widened as he grabbed the man's hands, trying to wrench them free from his neck.

NPR sat nervous as they saw that with Pyrrha clenching her seat's handles tightly.

'Come on, break free Jaune.' She thought as she saw her leader choke and struggle.

"Come on Jaune! Break free!" Ruby shouted as she saw her best friend choke, trying to breathe.

Jaune choked and tried to breathe as his aura tried to save him, he channeled his aura to his hands, trying to break free. The Russian expected to see a look of despair but was shocked as he saw a white glow surround the supposed American.

"Это что еще за хрень?" He asked as he tightened his grip as Jaune subconsciously used his Semblance on himself as his aura strengthened and his hold on the man's hands began to grow stronger and stronger. The man felt the teen's grip strengthen gradually as Jaune tried to remove the hands.

A few moments later, just as Jaune's face turned red and his veins bulged, his strength began to match the Russian's as he began to slowly grip the hands until the men felt it hurt and his grip began to loosen. The teen then began to remove the hands, allowing him to breathe, his hands holding them tightly as the Russian stared shocked when he felt the boy grip his hands with enough force to nearly break them and after a moment Jaune got the hands off his neck, but continued to use his Semblance until…

He broke the man's left hand as the Russian screamed in pain when he felt his bones break.

"Yeah! Go Jaune! Break his arms and legs!" Nora shouted as she stood up with the rest cheering on the blonde.

"Come on Arc! Beat his ass!"

"Show him what you got Jaune!"

Jaune let his hands go before he punched the man in his face, his hands still augmented by his Semblance. He hit the man on the cheek with enough strength to get him off him, the punch dazed the Russian and he stumbled back as Jaune stood up and pulled his weapon out of the sheathe and rushed at the Russian. The soldier, still dazed, looked up just as Jaune swung his weapon with a battle cry.


And slit the Russian's throat through the clothes, blood coating the sword's edge as the Russian grabbed his throat while blood sprayed out of his neck, some of it hitting Jaune. The blonde teen watched in shocked horror as the dying man looked at him before he fell to his knees, still clutching his neck and trying to take a breath, before he fell forward as life slowly left his eyes.

The death onscreen stopped the seven, their eyes wide as they saw their friend/leader/partner kill a man. They had seen deaths before but not at the hands of one of their own, especially Jaune.

"I-I-Shit, I don't know what to say." Yang said as she slumped.

"He did it in self-defense…he just wanted to defend himself." Pyrrha said, gulping as she forced down an urge to vomit.

"I mean, I guess but still…" The blonde replied as she looked at the screen.

"You know, I'm surprised that you are like this," Watcher said as they turned to him, "Considering how many you injure in your fights Yang." He said as Yang raised an eyebrow.

"What does that have to do with the situation here? I was trying to defend myself, besides they weren't really good people." She asked as Watcher chuckled.

"Tell me, when you fought the entire club who was the one who actually acted in self-defense? Them who wanted to protect their boss and club? Or you who started it when you threatened the boss by grabbing his balls and then punching him away?" he asked as her team looked at her while Yang tried to answer but couldn't.

"I-I. Look can we not talk about it? It happened and I admit that I went overboard." She said as Watcher looked at her.

"Acknowledging it doesn't really help the fact that you provoked an entire club, used live ammunition on people who had no aura, endangered civilians, and nearly killed the owner by punching him in the face with your Semblance powered fist. All because he gave no information on someone who isn't even worth looking for." He stated, as Yang looked down in shame.

"I'm sorry okay? What else do you want me to say?" She asked him and he pointed at her.

"For you to control your temper and stop recklessly charging at enemies because they angered you. That's how you lose a limb in the future." He said, making them frown at the memory of the prosthetic as he then pointed at the screen, "And that's how you can take someone's life by accident. Do you have any idea of the injuries that you caused to the people in that club fight? Trust me, it could have gone worse than what actually happened." She nodded at him and looked back on screen.

Jaune looked at the corpse, his eyes wide, his hands trembling as he realized what he had done. One of his hands went to the blood on his cheek and he felt nausea hit him.

"Oh Gods." He said before he threw up on the floor. Once he emptied his stomach's contents, he began to wretch for a moment before managing to control himself.

"Oh gods, what have I done?" he began to freak out as he looked at his bloodied sword. He looked down and noticed that his chest plate had blood-stains on it along with the bullet holes so he quickly took it off and threw it away. He looked at his hoodie and noticed that it had five holes in it now, ruining it as sadness came to him. So much cereal boxes were spent and so many times his mother refitted it for him since it was one of his prized possessions.

"I would laugh…but I don't think it would be a good idea." Ruby said as she clutched her cloak.

"So that's what he was hiding under the armor. I should have recognized it when I saw the circle under the armor." Pyrrha said as she shook her head at the hoodie but had a small smile on her face.

Yang gigged slightly while Weiss looked unimpressed at the hoodie but shook her head while Blake raised an eyebrow.

"How is he not dead?" her question brought her questioning gazes, "The armor is flimsy and if the bullets pierced through it why is he not dead? Shouldn't his Aura have stopped it?" Their eyes widened in realization and they turned to Watcher who hummed in thought.

"It must be from the difference in weapons." He sat up and summoned a SR-2 Udav pistol to his hand, "The guns in that world aren't mecha shift but the bullets and gunpowder used may have had enough force in it to pierce through his Aura. And if pistols in this world can do that, imagine what an assault rifle or a shotgun would do." He said, horrifying them.

"And Jaune is in a warzone where any bullet might kill him." Ren said, worrying them.

Jaune patted his chest and felt pain where the bullets hit him. He grabbed his hoody by the hem and lifted it up to reveal his abdomen and chest, which now had five red spots where he had been shot. Feeling pain in his shoulder, he completely took off his hoodie and looked at his shoulder where he saw his aura had half healed a deep wound.

Nervously, his hand went to the wound and he winced as he felt pain.

"They said that aura protects from bullets, yet a pistol bullet pierced it. Shows my chances here." He said as he looked at his wound and focused his aura on it, thinking it would heal him faster. To his surprise, he saw his aura glow brighter as his wound healed faster. After several seconds, his wound finally healed, and a bullet came out of the wound, falling to the ground leaving only a small scar where it hit him.

'How did it heal so fast?' he wondered as he touched the scar, feeling slight irritation but nothing more, 'I know Aura heals fast but not this fast…was it my Semblance?' he thought as he looked at his hands, glowing with Aura.

A loud explosion right near where he sat snapped him out of his thoughts as he stumbled back. He quickly stood up and put on his hoody before cleaning his sword and sheathing.

'No time to wonder, I gotta get out of here.' He thought as he went to the exit before he stopped, 'Wait.'

"Why did he stop?" Blake asked, wondering what Jaune would need to do.

"Wait and see." Watcher told her.

'My armor is busted,' he looked at the discarded armor, 'and my Aura won't be of much help if they have these kinds of weapons, not to mention my sword won't be of much help either. I need something else to protect myself.' He looked at the corpse and felt sick at what he was about to do.

"I can't believe I'm about to do this." Jaune muttered as he went to the corpse and turned it over. A sick look on his face as he saw the dead look on the corpse's face before he began to remove the soldier's vest as well as the armor beneath the vest, fumbling with the zippers and laces. He removed the helmet and made sure to wipe away the blood in it before putting it on. He did the same with the armor and vest and put them on, having trouble with the zippers and small bags before taking the pistol.

'Alright, how do you use this thing?' He thought as he checked the weapon. This was the first time he wielded a firearm and the funny thing was that he didn't even know how to use or even handle a gun.

The revelation surprised his team and Ruby who thought back on all the previous fights and talks.

"Oh, so that's why he uses Crocea Mors. He just doesn't know how to use a long ranged weapon." Ruby said and then frowned, "Why didn't he just ask us to teach him?" She turned to Pyrrha, "Did he ask you to help him use one?"

The redhead champion shook her head.

"No, at the time he wanted to be better with a sword and shield and I think learning how to use a gun would have eaten up a valuable time…not to mention what kind of firearm he would need." She told them while noting to herself to get him to look for a gun.

"That's a big problem then if he is in that world." Blake said, seeing the trouble he would be in.

"I gotta agree. If he doesn't know how to use one when he needs to use one, he might be toast." Yang added

"I'm sure he will learn soon enough." Nora said, confident in her leader's abilities.

Jaune fumbled with the pistol, trying to guess which part did what. He only had limited knowledge and that was via the video games that he played. Except few of them were shooters and they didn't really help much.

'Okay that rules out video games.' He looked at the handle before he had an epiphany.

'What would my team and RWBY do when using a gun?' He thought back on all the times he saw his teammates and sister team use their weapons, mainly the gun part and decided to replicate what they did.

The team smiled at his observations, happy that they were of help even when they weren't with him.

'Okay, so the closest I have to equivalents would be Ren and Blake's weapons. What would they do?' He looked at the various parts before deciding to try out the most obvious one.

'Pull back the slide.' He pulled it back and saw bullets within the clip, which made him smile, 'Alright that's obvious. But how do I reload?' He looked at the magazine part and saw a small button on the side. He pressed it and to his surprise, the clip fell out of the gun.

'Okay, so the button removes the clip.' He picked it up and put it back on the gun, pulling the slide back. He had seen several times how Ruby would do it when reloading her weapon. A bullet sprang out of the gun when he pulled the slide all the way to the back, surprising him.

'So pulling it back full force also removes the bullet in it, that's good to know.'

"You know I think there is one plus about this whole thing." Yang said which got the others' attention.

"What plus?" Pyrrha asked.

"He will learn how to use firearms faster and by himself, plus handling things on his own." Blake replied.

"Huh, I guess there is a plus on his situation." Ruby said, taking a sip from her drink.

He saw a small switch on the back of the gun and out of curiosity, flipped it wondering what it did.

'Alright, now comes the hardest part.' He held the weapon in front of him with one hand, aiming at the wall, his finger on the trigger. He took a deep breath and braced himself as he slowly pulled it back.

He expected to hear a bang, but all that he heard was a 'click' as he pulled the trigger. Confused, Jaune pulled the trigger again and again he heard no 'bang', only the same 'clicks'.

"Did I do something wrong?" He wondered as he looked at the pistol. He checked it again and looked at the switch, remembering how he flipped it.

"He switched the safety on." Blake deadpanned. The rest had deadpan looks as well with Yang face-palming and Ruby frowning.

"Let's not judge him too fast. He is using a gun for the first time." Pyrrha reasoned.

'Is it because of this?' he tried to remember if any of his friends had something like this, but instead he remembered how none of them used the guns until they transformed and how some of the students in the library and teachers talked about safety.

'This must be the safety switch then.' He switched it again and held the pistol in front of him. Once again, he braced himself and pulled the trigger.

A loud 'bang' accompanied with a mild recoil was his answer as Jaune looked from the smoking gun to a hole in the wall that he made.

"Wow, so that's how it feels like to shoot a gun." He muttered to himself, feeling a slight tingle in his hand from using it with one hand.

"Alright, he's got the basics." Ruby smiled on the progress, "If he doesn't get in too much trouble, he might make it."

"Ruby, I don't want to be a pessimist but I highly doubt that he won't stay out of trouble. You've heard that soldier talk and you saw that world. Staying out of trouble might be impossible for him." Weiss told her partner whose smile slightly dimmed.

"Besides, even if Jaune learns how to use a gun, what makes you think that will save him?" Blake told her. The moments she said that, the two teams turned to her, giving her somewhat surprised looks.

"What? Don't tell me that you think learning the bare minimum will help him here. From what I have seen before we got here he only knows the basics of sword fighting and you think he is gonna be alright now that he knows the basics of firearms? If the prior fight is any indication, he will probably be heavily wounded or shot before he can even pull the trigger." She reasoned as Pyrrha narrowed her eyes at the faunus.

"I know that he can and I'm confident that he will. You would have more faith if you were to try to know him better." Blake raised an eyebrow at the champion's words.

"Know him better? Pyrrha this isn't a matter of being friends with him, this is me being realistic about him. He is in a world where Aura won't help him, his opponents wield weapons that can kill him with no problem, his gear barely helps him and to top it all off, he is just no good as a fighter!"

Blake didn't know why she was like this, maybe the revelations by a version of herself changed her. Maybe being talked down by an edgy, pessimistic world killer angered her or maybe she just couldn't believe this whole 'Jaune is a survivor' thing they had to watch as much as the others, not helping matters that the boy himself dragged them here even if it was unintentional. But she just had enough of having her faults shoved in her face over and over again, not to mention the seemingly fangirl like attitude that Pyrrha started having towards possibly the weakest person she had ever met!

And yet, she and her team are seemingly at fault now because they never bothered to know or befriend the unimpressive fraud who is lucky to have the best fighter of their generation training him! Not to mention the looks of shame from her leader!

Just what do they find so special in him aside from his Semblance?!

The metal around them began to bend and warp as Pyrrha glared at the faunus, fists clenched and covered with aura.

"You-! Don't you dare talk like that about-!"


An immense pressure slammed down on them, forcing them to hold on to their seats' handles while those standing-Pyrrha-fell down on their knees. Their limbs shook and they had difficulty breathing as Watcher looked at them with his glowing eyes.

"Listen, you are here to see your friend. Not argue among each other just because R managed to piss you off. I will not tolerate any pointless arguments or fights just because some of you learned something bad about one another. You are supposed to be friends, but if someone you don't know can so easily turn you against each other then what kind of friends are you?" He turned towards Pyrrh.

"Pyrrha, just because someone talks bad about your partner doesn't mean you have to act like this. Some things need to be said and in this case, Blake is partially right. You may have faith in him but he only knows the basics, basics that he, in many futures, never goes beyond and simply keeps being stagnant. If you want him to succeed you will have to accept that Jaune right now is weak and is nothing special in the eyes of many." He loosened and she nodded as he turned to Blake.

"As for you Blake…don't judge someone whom you barely know. You aren't really any better, skilled yes, but as a person I would argue that you may be worse than him in some cases. Just have some faith in him. Who knows? Maybe you will be surprised later on."

Watcher removed the pressure, allowing them all to breathe normally. Pyrrha stood up and went to her seat but not before giving Blake a hard look. The faunus herself frowned but didn't say anything and sat down on her seat.

'Looks like I was right.' Watcher thought looking at their interaction, 'being here is affecting them…and not in a good way most of the time.' He snapped his fingers and made a mental force field to protect them.

Jaune pocketed the pistol in one of the vest's pouches and saw that they had extra clips. He then checked if the soldier had anything else and found the second gun. A submachine gun, PP-19 Vityaz, of course he didn't know that.

"I don't know how to use you but I will improvise." He muttered before he stood up and left the room while putting the harness over his shoulder. The problem was that the stairs were broken all the way down and no way he is jumping down from this height.

"He needs to work on his landing strategy." Weiss bluntly said.

"Maybe he will learn how to do it?" Ruby asked.

'How did anyone get here?' he looked around, searching for another way out. After several minutes, he found a way down, a very long and quite possibly busted fire escape. Still, Jaune decided not to complain since it was the only way out.

He started a long descent down, jumping over the broken parts of the fire escape while also ducking from any gunfire, keeping his Aura active. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean he didn't get spotted.

"Sir, I see an enemy coming down the fire escape!" An American soldier said to his superior.

"Shoot him then."

"Roger that, sir!" The soldier aimed his assault rifle at the descending Jaune, aimed down the sights and pulled the trigger. Jaune jumped down from another destroyed part before he felt something painfully slam into his chest. He cried out and stumbled back, rubbing the place where it hit him. Looking at where it came from he saw soldiers aiming at him.

And gulped.

"Oh shit."

"Run Jaune! RUN!" Pyrrha shouted at the screen, with some wincing from the volume of her voice.

"Target's still alive!"

"Kill him then!"

Jaune began to run down the fire escape, evading the bullets and stumbling some of the time, several times he got hit in his leg or shoulder and stumbled down the stairs. His luck would run out as the soldier, deciding to stop using the bullets, put his hand on the trigger of his M-203 grenade launcher.

He pulled the trigger, launching the grenade right at the fire escape predicting Jaune's next move. The grenade arced in the air and hit the fire escape shaking it and causing a part of it to start breaking apart. Jaune stood at said part and stumbled as it shook, he looked at the soldiers and saw him still aiming at him. Looking to his left, he saw a roof and decided to do what Nora would do.

"Go on Jaune! Jump!" Nora cheered on him, proud of using her tactic.

"Nora no." Ren said.

"Nora yes!"

"This is gonna hurt." He muttered as he ran to the broken part of the fire escape. As soon as the fire escape broke, he jumped onto the roof, flailing his arms as he screamed in midair. Unfortunately, he miscalculated his jump and ended up landing on the glass part of the roof, which shattered as he landed on it, causing him to fall inside the building.

He still kept screaming right up to the moment that he landed on the floor, back first. Pain shot through his body from the fall, his head ringing as he rubbed the spot where he landed. His aura protected him, but it still hurt like a bitch!

"I think I landed on something." He softly muttered as he rolled to the side and saw what he landed on: his submachine gun. As a result, it broke.

"Wow, one misfortune after another." Yang commented at the events.

"At this rate, I wonder how he will even survive." Weiss said, still unsure of this whole thing.

"He just made a mistake, everyone does." Pyrrha said.

"Damn it!" He cursed as he saw the broken gun, "I need to look for another one and-Holy shit!"

He looked behind and saw the destroyed interior of the building, every wall had holes in it, every glass item shattered and he even saw what appeared to be craters, presumably from grenades. Bullet cases littered the ground, with some larger and even remains of grenades and pins.

There were also dead bodies. Lots of dead bodies, some having the same outfit, others different. To his horror, he saw that some didn't even have any military outfits, only civilian clothing.

"Just what the hell is going on here?" He wondered as he stood up from his place.

"It's either a war or a terrorist attack." Weiss analyzed.

"But who is the invader and who is the defender then?" Ruby wondered.

"In this case, the ones who shot at Jaune are the ones who are fighting back. They are the 'Americans' while the ones attacking are the 'Russians'. In this world, their countries have half a century of tension, mistrust and rivalry. One that nearly destroyed the world at one point, but neither of the two have actually invaded each other's countries." Watcher explained.

"Did something happen to cause this invasion?" Blake asked and he nodded.

"Americans suspected that a Russian terrorist named Makarov wanted to start a third World War-yes there have been two World Wars in that world-so they sent one of their own agents as an undercover Russian. They were proven right in their assumptions when their target along with a few others…launched a terrorist attack at a Russian airport, killing hundreds of Russian civilians." Their eyes widened in horror. Hundreds of innocent people killed by one of their own?

"Why did he kill his own people? Why not Americans? They are his enemy." Pyrrha asked as Blake's eyes widened in realization.

"The American agent," She said getting their attention, "This 'Makarov', he knew that the agent was among them, so he killed hundreds of his own, presumably killed the agent and left him to be found by Russian authorities who would see it as a sign of war by the Americans. This would guarantee a war since the countries distrust each other, in short he tricked both sides and succeeded in what he wanted to do." Their eyes widened at that and they looked towards Watcher.

"Sadly, Blake is right. Makarov outwitted his opponents multiple times, ensuring that each plan that he made would bring him closer and closer to a war between the two countries. His plan came to an end when the leaders of two countries proposed to stop the pointless war and he himself ended up killed by the person he hates the most." He said, leaving the seven shocked.

It was all a bit much for him. A place so similar yet so different from what he had seen in his life, people who spoke different languages, not to mention the conflict he was in right now.

'How the hell am I supposed to get out of this warzone?' He thought as he looked over the rails from the second floor and saw a giant hole leading to the outside.

"Well that answers that question." He muttered as he walked downstairs towards it. Distant chatter reached his ears and he ducked behind cover as he saw soldiers entering the building. Getting his pistol out, he switched the safety off while listening to the conversation.

"See anything?" The presumed leader asked.

"Clear on my side, sir."

"All clear on mine as well."

"Keep your eyes open. He couldn't have gone far."

Pyrrha gripped her seat while her teammates leaned in closer to see how their leader would deal with this situation.

RWBY also paid close attention, whilst Ruby was confident her fellow leader would come up with a good plan, the other three looked a bit skeptical as they waited to see what would happen.

Jaune cursed under his breath as he heard them, leaning out of his cover, he saw them enter the building.

'Gotta think fast.' He thought as he looked around, searching for anything that might help. He saw a corpse of a nearby soldier and silently crept up to it, being careful not to make noise and stay out of sight. Once he got near the corpse, he searched for guns or equipment that might raise his chances.

'Come on, come on.' He kept looking and found something. A smile on his face as he saw what it was: grenades, multiple in fact.

'This will definitely help.' He looked to the left and saw a gun. A submachine gun, one that looked more like a small assault rifle with a switch on the side that pointed to a marking of a single bullet and the other looking like many bullets.

'Must be a switch and I guess those mean auto and semi-auto.' He assumed as he picked it up and slung it over his shoulder.

"If you are curious, the weapon is called MP5 short for Maschinenpistole 5, made in Germany. One of the world's best submachine guns and a standard issue gun in both America and Russia. It has many variants but they are well known for good quality and selective fire between semi and full auto." Watcher explained while summoning one to his hand.

"I assume Maschinenpistole means submachine gun then?" Weiss asked and received a nod in return.

"I should also inform you that many weapons in that world have bullets travelling at speeds well over the speed of sound and the MP5 is one of them. Come to think of it, that can explain why Aura can be pierced by those guns. The sharpness of the bullets and the speed at which they travel might be a bit much for it to handle. It might take some shots at long rage but point black may mean death." Watcher theorized, causing their eyes to widen.

"So Jaune needs to avoid gun fire, in a warzone?" Ren asked and Watcher nodded.

"He is quite unlucky here."

He heard the footsteps approaching and tensed.

"Nothing on the first floor sir." Jaune heard and picked up a grenade, his hand going to the pin. But then, he stopped, looked at the other grenades and had a different idea in mind.

'What if?' he thought as he decided to do it differently. His gaze then went to his shield, a realization in his head.

"What's he up to? I bet it's something funny!" Nora said, seeing the thoughtful look on his face.

"Check the second floor."

The soldiers were just about to go upstairs, when something rolled over the stairs and landed in front of them. The soldier on the front had his eyes wide as he saw what it was.

"Grenade!" He shouted as his team all ducked for cover, waiting for the explosion. When nothing happened after four seconds, the leader looked up from his cover and approached the grenade. Tipping it over with his gun's barrel, he nearly face palmed.

"False alarm, squad. The pin is still on." He told them as they got out of the cover.

"Who the hell throws a grenade with its pin?" One of the soldiers asked incredulously.

"The kind of person that probably failed the training." Another answered and some chuckled.

"Are you serious?" Weiss asked face palming.

"He nearly gave away his position to throw a grenade without pulling the pin?" Blake deadpanned as Nora whined in disappointment.

As they gathered, something else fell down the stairs and they looked down to see two more grenades.

Without pins.

"SHIT! TAKE COVER!" The leader shouted as he ran for cover and the rest did as well a second too late. The grenade exploded and as luck would have it, caused the other one to explode as well, amplifying the damage and blast radius. Some of the soldiers got caught in the blast, shrapnel hitting their legs and even killing one of them and crippling another.

"Yeah! Go Jaune!" Nora cheered again, seeing the explosion.

"Oh, so he wanted to gather them in one place, knowing they would run for cover if he threw one." Ruby realized.

"That's…kinda impressive." Blake commented.

Jaune took advantage of the confusion and ran downstairs. MP5 in hand, finger on the trigger and ready to shoot. Once he got to the first floor, he saw the soldiers getting up.

"Enemy in sight!" one shouted as Jaune shot at him, the recoil lightly throwing him off, but he managed to hit the soldier on the knee. He ran for cover as the other remaining soldiers aimed at him and shot. Once in cover, he cursed as he ducked from the debris throwing around.

"He is behind cover! Flush him out!" The leader said as Jaune heard a soldier coming at him from the right. Equipping Crocea Mors, he got closer to the edge of the cover as the soldier appeared.

"Got you!" Jaune activated his shield and hid behind it while the soldier shot at the shield, trying to pierce through it. Jaune took a deep breath, braced his left hand and once the soldier stopped firing, he transformed his shield and started shooting at the soldier, hitting him in the chest and shoulder. The man fell as Jaune went to him and kicked him in the head, knocking him out.

"Looks like his shield can still help him." Pyrrha noted, relieved that at least it could help him survive.

The others aimed at him, causing him to redeploy his shield to block the bullets before he focused his aura and charged at one of the soldiers. A bullet hit his leg and hurt like hell, but still he endured it and collided with the soldier, knocking him down before shooting him point-blank in the chest, killing him.

He saw a man getting up and Jaune pointed his gun at him and pulled the trigger.

The 'clicks' were all that he heard, surprising him.

"Not good. He should have checked the clip." Ruby stated, mildly panicking.

'What the? Come on!' He thought as he panicked when he saw the soldier take his gun and aim at him. Panicking, Jaune pulled his sword out, focused his Aura on his hand…and threw the sword at the man just as he shot at him. Three bullets hit him in the chest and shoulder and he cried out in pain as he grasped his shoulder.

The sword hit the man in the head with its hilt, the force behind it dazing him. Jaune endured the pain and sat up, his eyes widening when he saw the man recover. Rushing forward in panic, he picked up a fallen soldier's assault rifle, pointed it at his enemy and pulled the trigger.

The stronger recoil threw him off slightly but the bullets hit the target right in the head, killing him and he fell on the ground like a sack of potatoes.

They grimaced as they saw another death happen but chose not to say anything.

Jaune stood wide-eyed as he saw the blood begin to pool from the man's head, the crimson liquid made Jaune sick. He looked at the other soldiers and saw that most either lay crippled or dead, bar one who tried to reach for his gun.

"Damn you, Russian." He heard him mutter as he reached out for his gun, "You damn commies think you are so great?! We will never give up our freedom and our country to the likes of YOU!" He said as he grabbed his gun and Jaune's eyes widened as he quickly pointed his assault rifle, aimed and shot at the soldier. The bullets hit him head on, killing him as Jaune calmed down and looked at the damage he had done.

'Shit, what have I done?' He knew he defended himself, but these were living people! They probably had families waiting for them and he just killed them! His hand trembled as he sat down on a broken piece of stone. His thoughts jumbled as he tried to recollect himself.

"I wish we could comfort him." Ruby said, wishing she could help her best friend.

"I wish we could as well Ruby, especially since we are his team." Pyrrha said as Nora and Ren nodded alongside her.

"We can't really help him much while we are here Ruby. And since this is the world he was in, it's likely he is somewhere else already." Yang told her sister who sighed at her words.

"I know, I believe in him, it's just…I can't sit by and let others suffer, especially my friend." She said looking at the screen sadly.

"You will have to learn that some things have to be done Ruby." Watcher said as the silver eyed girl looked at him, "Your wish to help and save others is admirable but in many futures…it sort of leads to worse situations. Sometimes, you just can't save someone no matter what you say or do. In those cases, it's better to think of the many rather than the few." He ominously said as Ruby looked to be in deep thought.

The teen sat at his seat, until he felt a buzz in his pocket. Taking the object out, he saw his broken scroll, the screen full of cracks and flickering. He sighed as he saw its damaged state, forgetting about it but figuring that it broke the moment he came here. He tapped the broken screen several times and it flickered to show him the picture of him and his team before breaking completely and falling to the ground in pieces.

Jaune stared at the broken scroll, the picture of his team flashing in his mind. Determination burned in his eyes as he stood up, took his sword, sheathed it and grabbed the assault rifle.

'No time to think on that, I gotta find a way home. To my team…to my family.' He thought as he took several deep breaths and readied his rifle before going outside.

"Go Fearless leader! We believe in you!" Nora shouted from her seat.

"You can do it!" Pyrrha joined in as well.

"Don't give up." Ren calmly cheered.

"That's the spirit Jaune!" Ruby joined while Blake and Weiss silently cheered.

"Go for it Arc!" And Yang is cheering as well.

Things weren't any better outside though, rubble and barriers stood in his way. Bullets flying through the air, explosions in the distance and everything just falling apart.

'Okay, let's do this!' He took a deep breath and began to run to the nearest cover. Once in it he crawled behind it to a safer spot, laying low to make sure no one saw him. Of course, he wasn't as good as Blake or Ren were at this kind of job, as a result…

"Enemy in sight!" The soldiers saw him.

"Damn it!" He ducked behind cover as they shot at him. Sitting up crouched, he activated his shield and prepared himself. He then stood up, shield raised to protect himself and began to run from his cover, the bullets hit the shield, nearly missed his legs but one caught him in the shin stopping him and making him fall. He quickly hid behind a large stone, rubbing the spot where the bullet hit him and cursed under his breath.

"I got him!" He heard from his left and quickly raised his gun before firing as he saw the soldier approach. He managed to hit him in the shoulder, incapacitating him before shooting him in the head.

'Forgive me for this.' He thought as he crouched and moved to the next cover.

"Looks like he is getting used to killing." Blake commented which made his team frown.

Sitting up, he looked out of his cover and saw several soldiers of both sides firing at each other from cover. Looking to the right, he saw the next cover, but there were several soldiers behind it. Putting the gun over the cover, he aimed, took a deep breath and pulled the trigger. The bullets hit the first target and he began moving it to the left to hit the others.

The 'clicks' resounding from his gun stopped him and he ducked back.

'No time to reload.' He thought as he tossed it away and saw a corpse with a submachine gun in its hand. He quickly took it and then ran to the next cover where he shot at. Dodging the continuous fire, he managed to reach the cover. Unfortunately, one of the soldiers was still alive and tried to tackle him.

He quickly got his sword out and stabbed the man in the chest, falling forward with him. Feeling nauseous and slightly sick, he kept moving eventually seeing a building with a metal barrier in front of it. The problem was the distance.

"Man at this point he will be lucky if he gets there with no injuries." Yang said, sipping her soda.

"Let's just hope that he does." Pyrrha said, still nervous and worried.

Seeing no other way, Jaune took a deep breath and ran for the building as fast as he could. Bullets hit him in the back and he winced, an explosion nearby sent shrapnel flying around some of which hit his leg. He stumbled but kept running, eventually reaching the barrier and dove behind it, breathing a sigh of relief as he slumped slightly.

Standing up, he decided to go into the building to seek cover until this whole mess stopped.

Suddenly, a strange sound resonated behind him and he quickly turned around, shooting his gun at whatever or whoever came up behind him.

It turned out to be the Displacer…and one of his shots hit it in one of the vital parts causing it to spark.

"Wait, so he was the one who shot it?!" Weiss practically shouted.

"I guess he must have been trigger happy." Ren said, shaking his head at the misfortune.

"Oh, no." He muttered under his breath as the Displacer exploded in a bright blue light, enveloping him and part of the barrier. When it subsided, there was now a spherical crater and the barrier had a giant hole in it.

With Jaune and the Displacer nowhere to be seen.

The lights came back on and the screen spat the card back out. It expanded, showing Jaune holding a gun while running from soldiers with a fearful expression on his face.

"That explains how the Displacer ended up like that." Pyrrha stated seeing what happened to it.

"And Jaune blew his only chance of going back home." Blake said with narrowed eyes.

"And if what Watcher said is true, he is now covered in it and invisible to the device." Weiss concluded, "Wait a minute, why didn't it kill him. Didn't you say that the multiversal energy would kill us if it covered us?" She turned to Watcher who shook his head.

"I said, it will tear you piece by piece but your consciousness will still be intact. You won't die, you will just have to live with the fact that your many parts are scattered around while you can still feel them. Besides, the Displacer came back in one piece rather than torn apart so that means that Jaune is still in one piece as well. If anything the energy covering him will simply teleport him from one universe to another at the most random of times."

His explanations relieved them but not that much.

"Will he be okay in whatever place he ends up in?" Nora asked and he shrugged.

"I don't know. I can't see him because my vision keeps dancing between realities. One of the downsides of being a Watcher of universes really. Well that and others." He said as they raised their eyebrows.

"Being an all powerful entity has downsides?" Weiss asked and he nodded.

"Having omnipotence and other reality bending powers is salivating for most living beings…but the reality is much harsher. We and by that I mean me and the other Watchers can't really leave our fortresses." he gestured to the entire place.

"And even at the times we can leave are just for meetings that need our immediate attention or if the Grand Watcher himself calls us. All other times…we just live in the fortresses, watching these worlds, eating, training, spending centuries or even millennia sitting in this room and simply…watching. No ambition, no desire, no goal or a plan with only one thing that reminds us of our past lives." He touched the scarf around his neck as the seven looked at him with pity.

"Is…is that the same with R?" Ruby asked and Watcher nodded.

"Kind of worse though…but let's not get angsty here." He said as he pulled out an album of photos, "Want to watch cute photos of kittens and puppies for a while?" They looked confused for a second.

"YES!" Nora, Weiss and Ruby shouted as Watcher threw the album at them and the two began a fight trying to take it. They ended up dragging others into the fight, kicking up a cloud of dust.

"Let go Ruby! I got it first!"

"No I did, get away Nora!"

"Hey, calm down!"

"Give me the album!"

"Someone stop this!"

Watcher chuckled as he saw the fight, deciding it would be a good idea for them to see something cute before moving on to another world.

'At least they know that Jaune is alive.' He thought as he went to look for a new world to watch.


A/N: Alright first of all: that was really fun to write. Second: let me explain everything regarding armor and Aura: I watched videos where medieval armor was shot using pistols, shotguns, assault rifles and even muskets. Most of the time, the armor either dented or the bullets punched through them. Jaune's Vol 1-3 armor looks worse than his later armor so it wouldn't really stand a chance against real life guns. Regarding Aura: many of the guns that we have shoot bullets faster than speed of sound and unlike Remnant's Dust bullets, they seem to have superior piercing power. I watched how Dust bullets work in the show and even the trailers and I couldn't help but notice that they do damage on impact rather than try to penetrate through armor. By that, I mean most of them explode when they hit the target rather than try to penetrate the target. Maybe I am wrong here but what do you think?

Also, Jaune going hand to hand against trained soldiers wouldn't really be in his favor. Sure he has physical strength but that can easily be countered with close combat experience that they have.

The Russian words aren't translated from English, Russian is one of the languages that our country teaches due to Russia being our neighbor. I know English and Russian really well but if you want translations, here they are:

"Hold the perimeter, don't let the Americans get to the tower."

"Got it. They won't, and if they do we will pop their heads."

"Come on Americans, show yourselves. You think you are so great that you killed our people? Let's see how you like when yours are killed."

"Hands up! I said, hands up!" "I warned you!"

"So? Had enough American? You brought this on yourselves when you killed ours at the airport. This is just a payback for the innocent."

"What the hell is this?"

I noticed that many didn't like R which is understandable and someone thought that R is a fiction of me which is stupid. Believe it or not, R is someone who I planned to have since the start. You don't know it but back then, an hour before I posted the first chapter of the story, I decided to change it and made other changes to the plan.

For starters, there would have been two hosts instead of one. One would be an optimist who knows that things can and will go bad but won't let that stop him and the other would have been a pessimist who would tell the cast that all they fight for is pointless but would acknowledge that there is hope for the future. Essentially, Nobledark and Grimbright and you can guess who the Grimbright one is. When I reread the chapter I realized it would have been way too complex for me, especially given my experience so I cut down to having only one host and made him a True Neutral.

The other one though, I decided not to throw away but rather have them do something else, made her a world killer and made her have a kind of Grimdark personality. That's right, R would have played a bigger role in the story had I not changed it. If you read chapter 7, near the end you would see that I foreshadowed her appearance so her appearing in 'Deck of heroes' chapter isn't me making up some new character but rather using a planned character in a different way. There are other changes made to the first draft but I will tell you about it at a later date.

Also, about the room affecting the cast. It's one of the things that made me wonder whenever I read a reaction fanfic. If you think about it, the cinemas, rooms, whatever place they are in are like libraries of infinite knowledge. The thing is, the human mind should not be able to comprehend them and the area they are in might start affecting them mentally, say change how they act or amplify their emotions. It's a concept that I thought was neat when I started writing the story. If you look at some of the chapters, you might notice it happening.

Anyway, thank you for reading this chapter and I will see you all later.

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