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Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Sam rolled over in bed and looked at the time seeing it was too early to get up. He lay there a moment before reaching for his cell to call Ruby again. She had been gone over a week and he was climbing the walls needing a blood fix. He had finished off the blood she had left in two days and was starting to feel the needs and cravings eating at him. He was fidgety, shaky, could not sleep, could not think straight, moody, and he felt like he was losing control of himself.

He dialed her number and swore when it went to voicemail once again and threw the cell on the bed. He tried to draw in some cleansing breaths, but it was not stopping the increased beating of his heart or the anger building in him. She knew he needed the blood and could not understand why she did not call him back. He threw back the covers when he saw there would be no more sleep for him. He headed for the bathroom to get a shower hoping it might help calm him and wash away the sweat that clung to his body.

Sam let the water beat on his face for a moment before turning to wet his greasy hair. He shampooed it and then washed his body. He turned the water off and reached for a rough, thin towel to dry off so he could dress. He knew the diner would be open by now and decided to walk down to it and get some breakfast. He had not eaten much in the past few days and hoped it would help. Sam looked at his clothes tossed in a chair and on his duffle wondering if any were clean. He reached down and grabbed briefs to slip on and picked the cleanest looking jeans to slip up his legs and settle on his hips. He picked up a T-shirt and smelled it before dropping it for another one. Once he had his button up shirt on and dug his jacket from under a pile of clothes, he snagged the room key and headed out the door.

The parking lot was half full and traffic was staring to pick up on the road in front of the motel as people headed out to work to start their day. He hunched down in his jacket when a chill ran down his spine. He kept his eyes downcast and only glanced up to be sure he was going in the right direction toward the diner.


Dean's eyes flew open and he looked around the room and then down at a body that was not his and let his head fall back on the pillow as he sighed in disgust. It was not a dream and he was in a skinny, kid's body in a shabby motel room. He decided to get up and shower and put back on the only clothes he had before going to find some breakfast. Dean went to the window and looked out to see the Impala was still sitting there, but he didn't know if Sam was still in his room or not and he didn't think going and knocking on his door again would be a good idea.

After turning on the water, Dean stripped off his briefs and T-shirt and adjusted the temperature before stepping under the hot spray. He soaked his long hair and picked up the small bottle of shampoo that was provided to wash it. The little cake of soap did not seem as small in his hand and he snorted, loathing his body. Not wanting to prolong the shower any longer, he quickly washed his body, ignoring his privates and rinsed. A rinse was going to be good enough. He figured he was not going to mess with someone else's junk, since he would be out of this 'loaner' in a day or two. He grabbed a towel and dried off before stepping from the tub. Dean put on the clothes he had bought the day before and went to find his boots. Once he had them on and slipped on the thin jacket, he found the room key and headed out to check out the diner down the street.

Dean was almost to the diner when he saw Sam step through the door and walk toward him. He faltered in his steps not sure what to do. He watched closely as a petite, dark headed, young woman headed toward Sam who had stopped when he saw her. He could see the tension in Sam's body and a look of desperation on his face. When the woman stopped by him, Sam grabbed her arm and pulled her between the two buildings, into an alley way, out of sight.

Wanting to see what was going on, Dean hurried toward where they disappeared and quickly looked down it to see the two had stopped midway. Dean slunk quietly down the side, staying in the shadows until he could slip into a doorway out of sight partially blocked by a dumpster. He listened closely when he heard Sam's raised voice.

"Why didn't you answer my calls Ruby? Where have you been?" Sam questioned his voice harsh and demanding.

"You know I'm trying to run leads down and can't always answer my phone," Ruby replied ignoring his tone. She let Sam push her roughly into the wall and looked up into his hungry, bloodshot eyes. Ruby laughed haughtily at him and ran a finger down his jawline as she smirked. She had him right where she wanted him. "I know you like it rough Sammy. And you know I have just what you need, don't I?" she cooed to him. She reached into a pocket and pulled out a knife, letting Sam see it, as she opened it up.

Dean was listening to the conversation, but not sure what they were talking about. He can tell Sam was on edge and wondered just what this Ruby bitch was giving him to make him act this way. He peeked carefully around the corner of his little alcove and saw the flash of something in her hand and realized it was a knife. He pushed from the doorway getting ready to stop her from hurting his brother when what happened next took his breath away and made him stumble back quietly into his hiding place. He saw the woman's eyes turn black for a few moments as Sam seemed to be drinking her blood from a cut on her arm. He peeked again, silently watching what was happening in the alley.

Ruby raised the knife to her forearm and let the blade slice deep, letting the blood run freely. She smirked when Sam grabbed her arm and licked the trail of blood before latching onto the wound and sucking her blood like a vampire.

"That's it baby, take what you need," Ruby encouraged Sam in a soft, enticing voice. After a few minutes, she pulled her arm away, but Sam tried to hold on. "Take it easy Sammy, why don't we take this back to your room where we can get more, comfortable?" She stood on her tiptoes and pulled Sam's head down to kiss him. He ran his hands down her body and moaned softly as he kissed her back.

"Let's go," Sam insisted wrapping an arm around her waist and guiding her quickly from the alley and toward his motel. "I've missed you and your body," he mumbled burying his face into her dark hair.

Dean did not move a muscle as they walk past him, not seeing him pressed into the shadows of the doorway. He did not believe what he just saw. Sam was freaking drinking her blood like a damn vampire. That had to be how she was controlling him, getting him hooked on demon blood and then withholding it from him to make him want it all the more. Den saw red and knew he had to end that demon bitch's life before she completely destroyed his brother. To do that, he needed his body and knew what he needed to do.

He gave them enough of a head start, then with determined footsteps, Dean headed back to the motel and to his room. He grabbed his things and headed to the car. He was going to find his body and get it back before confronting Ruby and taking her out. There was no way he was going to let her live knowing now what she had done to Sam. Dean sped away from the motel and got back on the road heading northwest. It would take him about three hours to get to where Sam had buried him. He knew he would have to hike to the spot, but he was going to get as close as he could by car.


When Dean saw he could not go any further with the car, he pulled off the road onto an unused service access road. He got out and grabbed his pack and the shovel from the back seat before checking the map to be sure he went in the right direction. He entered the forest along the edge of the road and starting hiking toward his grave. It took him thirty minutes to break through the trees and into a small clearing that had a handmade wooden cross stuck in the ground marking the grave.

Dean stood there a moment taking in the tranquil scenery, thinking this would have been what he wanted if could have chosen a place to be buried. Sam had picked a good spot for him, he had to give him that. Dean shook his body to break out of the thought and headed to the grave. He dropped his pack and folded the shovel open and locked it in place. He knelt and began to dig into the soft soil, throwing it to the side. He did not think Sam would have buried the coffin too deep, at least he hoped not.

After an hour of shoveling dirt, Dean felt the shovel hit something hard and started brushing the loose soil away to reveal a wooden coffin. Once he had it uncovered, Dean used the shovel to pry the lid off and push it aside out of the way. He looked down at his true body and smiled.

"You are one handsome dude," he mumbled. Dean pulled the pack over and began to remove the contents. He found the spell to let him return to his body, the ingredients needed, jeans and shirts, boots in his real body's size, and wrapped in a velvet cloth, Crowley had included a knife with sigils and ancient writing along the blade. It had a bone hilt and was very sharp He grasped the hilt and turned it over in his hand looking closely at it and wondered just what it would kill, before sliding it into the black leather sheath provided.

Dean laid everything aside and picked up the paper with the spell. He read it over twice before moving back to the grave. The one good thing was he did not have to kill himself to make the transfer. Dean read the spell and sprinkled the provided mixed ingredients over his body and lastly, cut his palm to press it to the skin of his true body and waited.

Pain coursed through his body and Dean cried out as his soul broke free from the temporary body and his gray soul began to roll from his mouth. The smoke swirled around Dean's true body before making his way into his mouth and down his throat. When all the smoke had disappeared, the body of the kid fell over lifeless.

Dean's lungs sucked in his first breath in almost fifty years, and sat up in the coffin as every nerve in his body fired, making him feel like he was on fire and someone was jabbing needles into his skin, and also tasering him in the chest to keep his heart beating. He coughed hard trying to not let the unbearable pain knock him unconscious. He bent over and fought to keep from throwing up as Dean let the dizziness pass. It took a few minutes before the fire in his body started to cool and he was able to slow his breathing and calm his pounding heart.

Once Dean felt he could stand, he pushed himself out of the coffin and sat in the dirt beside it. He looked at the body of the kid for a moment and decided to bury him in the coffin. Since he had no family, it only seemed fitting that he should have a serene place like this. He stretched the body out in the coffin and replaced the lid before picking up the shovel to start filling in the hole.

Once he was done, Dean stripped out of his shredded clothes and looked his body over not seeing any scars or marks on his skin. Even his anti-possession tattoo was gone which was good since he did not think of it before reclaiming his body. He replaced the ruined ones with the new clothes Crowley had furnished. He slipped on his boots and tied them and picked up the strange knife, slipping it into a pocket for safe keeping. Now that he was in his true body, Dean stretched and twisted trying to adjust to it again.

It was time now to hunt down a demon bitch and gank her sorry ass, he thought as he picked up his pack to leave.

A/N: Dean has his true body finally and has a mission, to kill Ruby before she corrupts Sam more than he is. He is not happy about what Sam has been doing, but he is not going to abandon him. Thank you for coming along on this journey. Reviews would make my day. NC

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