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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Dean stiffened his body and was waiting for the blunt force trauma he was about to receive from being shoved into the rock wall ahead of him when his body suddenly passed through a barrier, taking his breath away as he fell to the ground. "Stupid, ugly, pushy, mutt," he grunted.

He lay there squinting his eyes tightly shut from the sunlight that shone around him because it hurt his eyes. He had not seen sunlight in nearly fifty years. He fisted his hands into the dirt and sand that he was lying on, feeling the coarseness and warmth of it. He turned his head and drew in several short breaths, breathing fresh air and listened to all the forest sounds around him. Even in this body it was amazing and brought tears to his eyes.

When he was able to open his eyes enough to see, Dean saw he was in a small clearing surrounded by trees and there was a rocky outcrop behind him. He carefully pushed up from the ground and used the rocks to help him stand on rubbery legs. He brushed the dirt from his clothes and face and wondered where the hell he was.

Dean shouldered the pack and looked to the right and left trying to decide which way he should go. Deciding left seemed to be leading downward, he chose that way hoping to run across a trail or path that would lead him to civilization. He reveled in the warmth of the sun that shone on his face, thinking it was the best feeling he had felt in an exceedingly long time.

He cursed this weak, out of condition body he was in when he tried to move faster and could not do it. It took him nearly two hours before he stepped out onto a hiking trail and saw a sign a few yards further down the trail. He walked down to it and read the names on the pieces of wood. He was in Kentucky in the Daniel Boone National Forest and a long way from his body and he had no idea where Sam was. After contemplating his choices, Dean decided to find the nearest town and Wi-Fi so he could use the burner cell Crowley had given him to track down his brother. If Sam had not turned off his GPS on his cell, Dean knew he could track him that way without him being the wiser.

Crowley was very mysterious about what Sam was doing and he wanted to see for himself before going to retrieve his body. With this body, Sam would not know it was him and he could find out the truth for himself. He turned to head down the trail hoping whatever town was near had a thrift store so he could get some jeans, t-shirt and long sleeved shirt instead of a suit. And definitely a pair of boots. He felt stupid being on the trail dressed like he was, but he had no choice. It was not until he was almost to the trailhead that he saw other people hiking.

There was a parking lot at the trailhead, and he looked around to see if there was anyone that looked promising, he might could bum a ride from. He had to remind himself he was in a teenager's body and could not put on the charm to win over women, not like he could in his true body.

"Excuse me," Dean asked a middle aged couple that looked like they were leaving. "I got separated from my friends and was wondering if you could give me a ride to the nearest town?" He gave his best innocent look in hopes they would think him nonthreatening.

The woman looked at him for a moment and smiled.

"Sure dear, why don't you get in back? We'll be going by Somerset and can let you off there. Will that be okay?"

"Yes, thank you so much. I'll call someone to come and get me. I really appreciate this," Dean replied climbing in the backseat of their SUV and settling down.

They made small talk during the drive and Dean thanked them once again when he was dropped off at a gas station at the outskirts of Somerset. He went in to use the restroom and glanced at the newspapers stacked on the counter. Dean was shocked to see the date and that only five months had passed since he had died, not the fifty years he had experienced in Hell. He thought about it and figured time must run differently in other planes of existence. At least now he knew Sam would not be some old dude barely able to get around.

He made his way deeper into the town and looked around for either a clothing store or thrift store. It did not take him long to find one and went inside to buy comfortable clothes and some boots. He refused to wear the god awful sandals any longer than he had to. When Dean came out of the store, he felt better and looked better. He blended in with the crowd and went in search of a café or internet cafe where you could buy time on a laptop. He had to walk several blocks before finding a street that had what he was looking for.

Dean walked into the café and ordered a sandwich and drink and bought an hour's time on a laptop. He waited for his food and took a seat at a laptop away from the other patrons. He read the instructions on how to login and got online pulling up a map to see where he was. He opened another search engine and pulled up a program to track a cell number. After typing in Sam's number, he sat back and waited as it located the cell.

He took several bites of his sandwich and looked at it in surprise. He never remembered food tasting this good. Not having to eat for fifty years really made an impact now as he devoured the rest of the sub and guzzled his drink. He looked up at the screen when it dinged it was finished. Sam's cell showed he was in Springfield, Illinois, in a motel. He pulled out the paper that had the coordinates for his body and typed them in to see where it was. They pointed to a small area about two hundred miles northwest of Springfield, in the middle of nowhere.

After bumming a pen from the cashier, Dean jotted down the information and sat there trying to decide his next move. Sam was closer and the need to see him won out over his body. He estimated he was about eight hours from Springfield and weighed his options on how to get there. There had to be a bus heading that way, but it would take forever for him to get there with the stops it would make, or he could steal a car. After thinking about it, Dean headed out and went looking for a car.


The late model Chevy was banged up and had a few rusty spots, but at least it ran. Dean did not think it would be missed for a while since it was sitting in the back lot at a garage that was closed for a couple days. He switched out the license plate with another vehicle and made sure it had a full tank before leaving Somerset.

Traffic was traveling at a steady pace and Dean fell in between some truckers. He stayed there until he needed to pull off to have a restroom break and fill the car. So far, the credit card Crowley had given him was working and he was going to take advantage of it. After what he had endured at the hands of demons, he thought it was only fitting. He also realized that he was going to owe this Crowley demon a favor for getting him out of Hell. Maybe he would try it at an ATM and see if he could get some cash to use. That would give him some time before having to scrounge more money.

Dean ran into two small rainstorms in his travels and was happy they did not last long. It was getting dark and he still had another two hours of driving before reaching Springfield. He stopped one final time to get gas and something to eat. Dean checked his cell to see Sam was still in the same place and was going to head there first. He had written down directions to the motel once he got to Springfield. He was starting to get anxious and nervous about seeing Sam again, but had to pull it together. If Sam was in trouble, he needed to help him.

As the outskirts of the town came into view, Dean started watching for the street he needed to take to the motel that was on the other side of town. Traffic was light and he made good time getting there. He looked at the motel and thought it was a couple steps down from what they had been staying in and wondered why Sam had downgraded to something this rundown. Dean decided to get a room there too, so he could watch Sam and try to determine his mindset. He parked at the office and went inside to get a single room for a couple of nights.

As Dean moved the car to the back where the rooms were located, he saw his Baby parked at the end and a tightness settled in his chest. His room was at the other end and he found a parking space near it. He got out and went to the door to unlock it and flip on the lights before going in. It was sparse and rundown, but it would suffice his needs. Dean dropped his pack on the bed and decided to take the chance and see if Sam was in his room.

After locking his door, Dean walked down the walkway toward the other end of the building and stopped at the door staring at it. He drew in a slow breath and raised his hand to rap on the door. He listened to noises coming from behind closed door and waited until it was jerked open and a disheveled Sam stared at him.

Sam looked at the kid standing at his door and looked out onto the parking lot for anyone else but did not see anyone.

"Can I help you?" he asked his voice grating and rough.

"Sorry man; got the wrong room," Dean replied giving his brother a once over. He could tell there was something wrong with him. He seemed anxious, jerky, sweaty, and was not doing good with hygiene from the faint smell of body odor coming off him. His eyes were bloodshot and had the start of bruising under them from lack of sleep. Dean did not know what Sam had been doing, but it was not anything good. If he did not know better, he though Sam was going through some type of withdrawal, like a junkie would. He looked around Sam but did not see anyone else in the room behind him which was messier than he remembered Sam being.

"Yeah, no problem," Sam told him as he looked out into the parking lot again.

"Have a good night," Dean said stepping away and looking into the lot wondering what Sam was looking for. He heard the door close behind him and pinched his lips into a tight line. He was going to keep an eye on Sam for a couple of days to see what he was doing. Dean opened his door and went in and to the window checking if he could see Sam's room from there. He moved to the other side and took a seat so he could watch out the window. He could see the light was on in Sam's room and could watch if anyone visited him.

The hours ticked away, and Dean saw the light go out in Sam's room. It was getting late and Dean waited another couple of hours before getting up and grabbing the key and going to the door. He opened it and stepped outside to look around before strolling through the parking lot toward the Impala. He kept looking around as he stopped and reached to get the spare key, he had hidden in a wheel well.

Dean moved to the trunk and unlocked it to look inside. He used the outside lights to see the contents and grabbed a handgun and extra ammo, spare silver knife and a collapsible shovel from the back. He quickly clicked the trunk lid shut and hurried back to his room with his items. He did not think Sam would miss the items if he even bothered to check. He closed the door behind him and dropped the gun and shovel on the table. He went to the bathroom and got ready for bed deciding that was it for now. He would pick back up the next day and tail Sam if he left the room.

He was going to get to the bottom of what his brother had been doing since he had been in Hell and what was wrong with him.

A/N: Dean has found Sam and knows something is wrong with him, but he does not know what. Things are going to get interesting and there will be a few twists thrown in for good measure. Thank you for taking this journey with me. I do like reviews. NC

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