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Chapter 4

A/N: There is torture in this chapter

Chapter 4

The halls were empty as Crowley made his way down them to sneak in and see Dean Winchester. He had waited and listened to the other demons who tortured the souls to know what area Dean's soul was being kept and what the demon had planned for that session. He glanced into rooms until he found Dean and checked to be sure no demons were in there or nearby. Crowley slipped into the room and over to the rack.

"Winchester," Crowley whispered lightly slapping his face to get his attention.

"What?" Dean's dull voice answered.

"Listen carefully, do you want out of here?"

"Yes," Dean replied turning his head to see a well dressed demon he did not know who had an English accent.

"Hold on for a little while longer, I am working on a plan to do just that. I have to get some pieces in place to make it happen. Don't say yes whatever you do."

"Why would you help me?" Dean questioned wondering if this was a sick trick to trap him, to give him hope only to shatter it.

"I have my reasons. But you should know your brother is being used and not in a good way. Remember, don't say yes. I better go before anyone comes," Crowley insisted before scurrying away leaving Dean with unanswered questions, but with a seed of hope growing again in his mind.

After Crowley left, Dean weighted the pros and cons of the weird conversation he just had with the demon he had never seen in all his time in Hell. Could he believe him? Could he get him out of here? What was his motivation behind it? And what did he mean his brother was being used? Could his luck have changed, and freedom was close at hand? Dean quickly hid the spark of hope in his eyes when Alastair walked into the room and let his eyes go out of focus and glaze over.

"Hello Dean, happy to see me?" Alastair asked him, his voice soft and droning.

Dean remained stoic and cringed as his sing song voice grated on his last nerve. The meatsuit Alastair was using did not match the sadistic personality of the demon. He remained silent not wanting to give him the satisfaction of conversing with him. He knew it got under the demon's skin when he would not talk, even to insult him. He watched Alastair snap his fingers and two demons brought in a portable fire pit and sat it near the table. They started a fire getting it hot before sticking irons into the flames to heat. Dean was not having a good feeling about this and tensed his entire body as he watched Alastair turn the irons getting them red hot.

"So," Alastair said. "Where shall we start?" he asked Dean taking a hot iron and pressing it to the soles of his feet.

Dean could not help the cries of pain that suddenly poured from his mouth as Alastair picked up another iron rod from the fire and pressed it to the top of his leg leaving a raw, ugly burn across it. He did not give him time to catch his breath as he laid it across his stomach, blistering it. The air filled with the stench of burnt and scorched flesh as Alastair retrieved another hot poker and moved it slowly in front of Dean's teary eyes before pressing it to his groin and holding it there, making Dean arch his back and keen a high pitched wail as his breath was taken away. He jerked on his bindings, breaking a wrist, and dislocating his ankle. Every nerve in his body was on fire with pain like nothing he could ever imagine. He did not know there could be worse pain until Alastair pulled another red hot rod and dug it into his balls, twisting it back and forth.

"You can stop this Dean, just say one little word and your pain can end," Alastair offered as he leaned close to whisper into Dean's ear. "Three little letters, one syllable and all this pain and agony can end for you."

"You can eat shit," Dean hissed through his clenched teeth. The sickly smell of his burnt flesh filled the air making his stomach churn and roll as he fought down the bile building in his throat.

Dean tried to suck in his stomach to pull away from the hot iron but did not have much movement. Tears dripped from his eyes as he bit his lip so hard, he tasted blood in his mouth. He was panting hard now, as Alastair continued to cook and burn his skin with the iron rods. When he poked one in his eye, Dean lost consciousness and sent his mind to his safe place so he could endure the torture until he died. His brain was on overload and something popped in his head sending Dean into a cloud of darkness where there was no pain or suffering.

When Alastair saw Dean had disappeared into his mind again, he cussed and stabbed him angrily in the heart with a hot rod to end his life once again.

"Look what you made me do. I had hoped to get a few more hours of fun out of you before letting you die. Guess we'll continue this tomorrow. I'll make it last longer next time. You'll be saying yes very soon, you can count on that." Alastair dropped the irons back into the fire and tossed water over the coals making steam and ash fill the room. He left yelling for the demons to clean up the mess.


"Sir, I have some deals for you to go over and sign," one of Crowley's minion told him as he hurried to him. "Would you like to do this in your office?"

"Today, I am going topside to check on my demons. Seems deals have been slacking off lately and I want to see if it's the demons or the human's fault. Leave those papers on my desk and I will get to them," Crowley told demon waving him off with his hand.

"Yes sir, of course sir," the demon replied bowing to Crowley and scurrying off. He knew what kind of moods Crowley could have and did not want to get on his bad side. He knew Crowley would just as soon smite you as listen to your excuses for not getting the job done.

Once the demon was out of his sight, Crowley made his way topside. He used a spell his mother had taught him to find the younger Winchester who was holed up in a cheap motel in Illinois. Crowley followed him when he left the motel to walk down to the diner to get his dinner. He studied him and saw he was anxious and jittery, like he was coming down from a high. He thought that was peculiar and stored that tidbit away for future use.

Crowley stood in the shadows of the motel building, watching and waiting until a small two door sports car pulled into the lot and eased in beside a black Impala. He knew Ruby would be showing up to join Sam since she had left Hell. He watched as she went to a door and knocked, waiting for it to be opened. The youngest Winchester jerked it open and his eyes lit up when he saw the demon. He quickly stepped aside for her to enter.

After the door to the room closed, Crowley walked casually across the parking lot toward the sports car, glancing around to be sure no one was around. He stopped on the side that had a window cracked and dropped a coin into the car. Now, he would be able to track Ruby when she left. He gave a quick look into the motel room and saw the two in bed together and shook his head. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.


"Where have you been?" Sam questions Ruby, anger, and desperation in his voice. "I've been calling all day and you didn't answer."

"I was tracking down a lead on Lilith," Ruby replied ignoring his agitation. "You have to be patient."

"I've been out for days now. I need more." Sam grabbed Ruby's shoulders and pushed her to the bed where she fell back on it, stretching out to look up at Sam with knowing eyes. He covered her body with his and kissed her frantically. His body was trembling, and he can feel the need, the craving as he takes in her scent. He pulls a knife from his back pocket and flips it open, looking into her eyes for permission. She holds up her arm and lets him draw the sharp blade down her flesh opening a gash that started to leak blood. Not able to wait, Sam dropped the knife and grabbed her arm to press it to his mouth as he sucked the blood from her, relishing the coppery taste and then surge of energy it gave him.

Ruby laid still and smirked as she stroked his head knowing she had him right where she wanted him, addicted and willing to do anything for the blood.

"That's right Sammy, drink all you want," she mumbled softly.

When he felt the hunger subside, Sam turned and pulled the demon's head toward his and kissed her hard and long. It was not long before clothes were shed, and another desire was sated. Sam fell asleep afterwards and Ruby quietly slipped from his arms and got dressed. She took a small vial and cut her palm, letting the blood drip into it only filling it halfway before stopping. It would be enough to last him a couple of days and he would be begging for more. She grabbed her jacket and leaned down to kiss Sam's cheek.

"Let's see how long you can go without me before you're climbing the walls," she whispered as he slept. "You are going to be perfect for my master when you release him."


It was an hour later, the door opened, and Ruby stepped from the room and hurried to her car. She drove away into the night leaving Sam alone. Crowley waited until it was after midnight and snapped his fingers appearing in the bathroom of Sam's room. He moved silently to the door and looked into the room to see a mound lying in the bed asleep. He could smell the scent of sex wafting off the sleeping form and something else. He stepped into the room and sat down in a chair before smoking from his body and entering the sleeping form. Being a demon, he did not have to ask for permission to possess someone, so it made this step of the plan easy. It only took him a few moments to get what he needed and left Sam's body to go back to his own. Sam snorted and rolled over but did not wake.

Now Crowley had the information he needed as well as learned the demon's hold over the younger Winchester and smirked as he thought of how the older Winchester was going to take the news. That is if he told him. Maybe he would let him find out for himself and just give him a hint to mess with him. With a snap of his fingers, Crowley was in a clearing in a forest where Sam had buried Dean's body after the hellhound attack. He studied the ground for a moment to find the right spot and performed a ritual that would heal the dead body and stop it from decaying until Dean could return to claim it. He noted the coordinates to relay to Dean later so he will know where to find his body. With that done, Crowley disappears to set in motion the next part of his plan, to free Dean Winchester from Hell.

He preened at how easy his plan was coming together.

A/N: Crowley's plan is coming together, and we see what Sam has been doing with Dean gone. The plan is in place and Dean will be free soon. Thank you for reading this story and I hope you are enjoying it. I do like reviews. NC

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