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Chapter 15

Chapter 15

"Sammy, hey man!" Dean called to his brother as he reached for his trembling, bent over body. "Sammy you okay?" He rested a hand on Sam's back and began to rub in for a moment before reaching higher and massaging his stiff neck. He did not ask any other questions because Dean could tell Sam was going through something and it was not withdrawal. Dean was patient as he let whatever Sam was experiencing pass. He could hear and feel Sam's struggle to breath as he clutched his head between his hands, moaning in pain.

Sam could not stop the soft moans that escaped from between his lips as he dug his fingers into his hair, tugging at it. He had doubled over in the seat, his head pressing into the dash trying to let the vision come so the pain would pass, and he could tell Dean about it. He focused on what he was seeing, trying to get the details of it in his mind. The pain started easing and he drew in some longer breaths and slowly leaned backward into Dean's arm, feeling the other hand brushing his hair from his face and cupping his cheek, turning Sam's face so he could see his eyes.

"Hey bro," Dean said softly. "You okay?"

"We need to go back Dean," Sam ground out through clenched teeth. "There's someone else in danger from LeFonte's ghost."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, the ghost killed him. I don't know who he is, but I have an address," Sam said opening the glove box to get a pad and pen. He scribbled down the address and details of the vision before leaning back and closing his eyes for a moment, his face pinched in pain.

"Alright Sammy, I trust you," Dean said cranking the Impala and looking both ways before turning around to head back to Ames. "Talk to me Sammy, what else did you see?"

"The guy looked in his late thirties, white, the house was nice, seemed in a good neighborhood. Take the bypass around Ames," Sam replied pulling the address up on his cell to get the location. "He lives in a housing developing on the eastside of town."

"Okay," Dean replied glancing at the traffic around him as he found a place between the other vehicles. "Are you okay Sammy?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," Sam offered too quickly for Dean to believe him. He was still trembling and a trickle of sweat dripped down Sam's face that he aimlessly wiped away as he stared out the window.

"So how is this ghost back?" Dean asked.

"There's got to be something else tying the ghost here," Sam mumbled as he tried to get his mind working again. He still felt like he was in a fog and tried to push it aside so he could clear his head. Sam knew he was getting worse and could not hide it much longer.

"Sammy, after we take care of this ghost, for the second time, we are going to talk," Dean told him when he did not continue.

"I know," Sam whispered looking down at his twitching fingers that he clenched into fists to stop them.

They drove in tense silence back to Ames and Dean took the bypass around to the other side of town and let Sam give him directions to the housing development. He drove slowly down the street and pulled to the curb in front of the two story house Sam said was the address.

"It's getting late, should we wait until tomorrow?" Sam asked his voice a bit shaky.

"Nope, we're going to see what this guy's connection is with LeFonte and try to get him out of his house before he's attacked." Dean got out of the car and went to the back to open the trunk and get out a sawed off shotgun and loaded it with rock salt bullets. He dug more out and dropped them into his jacket pocket before waiting as Sam took a gun too. He put the guns in a bag, so no one would see them. Dean closed the trunk and walked across the street to the walkway, striding purposefully up to the front door.

Sam was several steps behind Dean and saw him knocking as he started up the steps to the porch. By the time he reached his side, Dean was knocking again, louder this time. It was not long before noises could be heard on the other side of the door and locks were being disengaged. The door opened a crack and the guy from Sam's vision peered through it at them.

"Hello sir, can we speak with you?" Dean asked trying not to seem threatening.

"Who are you?" he asked suspiciously. "It's late, can't this wait until tomorrow?"

"No, it can't. Do you know a Silas LeFonte?" Dean asked slipping his foot in the door crack so it could not be closed on them.

"Sir, we really need to talk to you. Your life may be in danger," Sam added hoping to convince him to let them in.

"You guys are nuts, LeFonte was a distant relative of mine if it's any of your business."

"You need to let us in," Dean stated firmly and strongly.

"If you don't lea…" he started but was suddenly forced backward as Dean gave the door a sudden shove so he could step inside.

"Dean," Sam hissed at his brute force with the guy. He looked around outside before stepping into a foyer and closing the door behind him. He watched Dean steer the protesting guy into the living room and into a chair.

"Look, we don't want to hurt you, we're trying to help you," Dean insisted standing in front of the seated guy.

"I'm Sam and that's my brother Dean," Sam introduced them. "We aren't here to hurt you."

"What do you want?" the man asked.

"What's your name?" Dean asked.

"Oliver," he replied eyeing the two brothers with uncertainty.

"Well Oliver, this is going to be hard to believe, but LeFonte's ghost is coming to kill you," Dean stated.

Oliver's eyes got wide as the stared at them like they had suddenly grown two heads. He opened his mouth to say something but snapped it shut because he did not know what to say.

"Listen buddy, we don't have time to sugar coat this; do you have anything belonging to LeFonte in your house?" Dean asked.

"You're…You're serious, aren't you?" Oliver stammered before glancing left and right to see if he could get away from these large strangers. "Is this about the old house and rumors of it being haunted? Why would you be here?"

"Don't think about it," Dean told him shaking his head when he read Oliver's thoughts.

"Oliver, honest, we only want to help you," Sam assured him. "Did you inherit any of LeFonte's personal things?"

"I didn't, but my grandparents did, and it got passed down to me. I got a couple of boxes of junk that's in the garage."

"Show me," Dean told him stepping back so Oliver could get up. He followed him into a dining room and on through to the kitchen to a door that led into the garage. He went over to some shelves and looked around before pulling down a box that Sam took and then another that Dean took. They went back into the house to the living room and sat the boxes beside the fireplace.

Dean looked around and saw the controls for the fireplace. He looked at it for a moment before pressing a button and watched as the flames came on in the fireplace. Dean nodded as he sat the control aside and reached down to open his box. He pulled out some papers and tossed them into the fire causing it to flame up for a moment as they started to burn.

Sam was opening his box and found photo albums on top. He laid them aside thinking they would not be what was holding the spirit here. He pulled out a couple of books and turned them over and shrugged, tossing them into the fire too.

Oliver watched them not sure what to do when suddenly the room grew cold as a chilly breeze swept through sending loose papers flying around.

"Dean," Sam called to him when he felt the chill on the back of his neck and turned. "We've got company."

Dean did not hesitate as he grabbed what few little items were left in his box and tossed them into the fire. He grabbed Sam's box and threw the entire thing in causing flames to flare out making him fall back from the smoke and fire.

"What's that?" Oliver cried out as the ghost of Silas LeFonte flickered in and out for a moment before becoming solid. He glared at Oliver and then turned his gaze to the brothers.

Sam dove for a shotgun but was tossed backward into a chair and fell over it. Dean pulled his gun, but was tossed into the wall, having the wind knocked from him as the gun fell onto the floor six feet from him. He sucked in a hard breath as he slid down the wall.

"Oliver! Is there anything else you have of his?" Dean gasped out. He froze when a fire poker came flying at his chest to stop mere inches away.

Sam had pulled himself up and saw the poker flying directly toward Dean's chest and would have imbedded in it if he had not thrown out his hand and stopped it inches from Dean. He held it there with a trembling hand as the poker wavered.

Dean sucked in a sharp breath and when he saw the poker hang in midair, threw his body aside hearing it hit the wall where he was.

"Oliver!" Dean yelled at him seeing him frozen in the corner watching in horror what was unfolding in his living room.

"Th—The pocket watch…Wall…" he squeaked out pointing to a shadow box on the wall that held an old fashion pocket watch.

Dean saw his gun and reached out a hand willing it to come to him. He concentrated hard when the gun wavered and started to slide toward him. He never saw Sam watching him with surprise as he pulled the gun to him with his thoughts. Dean grabbed it and rolled several times as he took aim and shot the glasse framed box, putting three bullets into the watch. The frame broke and crashed to the floor sending pieces of the watch across the floor.

Silas LeFonte wailed as his cardinal form began to burn, flames licking up his legs and destroying his body. As the last of the wails died away, Dean lay back on the floor panting hard.

"Sammy?" Dean called to him turning his head to look for his brother. He saw long legs from behind the chair but did not get a response. "Sammy?" he called again. Dean got up and stumbled to his brother, looking down at his still form before dropping to his side. "Hey man, talk to me, are you okay?" He reached a hand to feel for a pulse in Sam's neck and let out a breath when he felt it.

Sam moaned as he rolled his head toward Dean. There were streaks of blood under his nose, and he could barely raise his hand because he overextended himself using his powers to stop the poker and saving Dean's life. He tried to speak but could only grunt and gurgle for a moment before coughing hard and trying again.

"I'm…I'm…" Sam tried to say.

"Don't bother, I know you're not okay. C'mon, we need to get out of here," Dean told him moving to help Sam sit up slowly and made him sit there for a moment to be sure he wasn't going to pass out. Dean noticed Sam was pale, shaky, and his breathing was too fast. He gathered their weapons into the bag and hoisted it over his shoulder before moving to help Sam.

"Is it over?" Oliver asked them as he pushed himself to his feet. "Was that a ghost?"

"Yeah, it's over. Sorry about the mess," Dean told him looking to the fireplace and the shards of glass and broken watch on the floor. "We should leave now. You're safe."

"Thanks, I think," he offered watching the older brother help the younger to his feet and guided he toward the front door. Oliver hurried ahead of them and opened it to allow them to leave.

"Easy Sammy, one foot in front of the other," Dean told him trying to offer encouragement. He got him to the car and in the passenger seat before hurrying to the driver's side to get in. "I'll find us a place to stop once we get out of this town."

"'kay," Sam tried to nod but stopped because the movement made him dizzy and lightheaded.

"Are you going to be alright until we can stop?" Dean asked him as he started the Impala and headed back the way he had come toward the interstate. Once he hit the main highway, Dean picked up speed and fell in with the fast moving vehicles wanting to get away from Ames and to find a place for them to stop for the night.


The exit for Jefferson, Iowa was a few miles ahead, and Dean signaled to change lanes so he could exit. He saw signs for several motels and restaurants, deciding on one that would suit their needs, plus, he wanted to get Sam into a bed where he could rest. He was not looking good and that worried him.

Sam had not spoken or hardly moved since they started driving and he was leaning against the side window with his eyes closed. He kept looking at him to be sure his chest was rising and falling. Dean picked a decent motel that advertised free hot breakfast and stopped at the building with an office sign in the window. He got out and went inside to get a room for them for the night.

"Hey Sammy, I got us a room, you need to wake up," Dean called softly to him as he parked in front of the room.

"Wh…" San slurred rolling his head and trying to open his eyes. He grunted as he moved his sore body trying to sit up finally realizing the car was not moving. Sam licked his dry lips wanting nothing more than to curl up somewhere and shut the world out.

"C'mon buddy, let's get inside," Dean cooed to him getting ahold of his legs to lift them out of the foot well. After getting a good grip under Sam's arm, he shifted him to his feet. He was glad he had the extra strength so he could almost carry Sam inside. Sam wobbled on shaky legs as Dean got him around the waist, holding tightly to his jeans as he got him walking toward their room. Dean got the door opened and Sam inside, moving him to the bed to lie him down. He went back out to get their bags and stopped at the vending machines for a couple of waters and a soda for himself before heading back into the room.

"Let's get you more comfortable and you can try to rest," Dean told Sam as he took off his boots and then his jacket and outer shirt. He got out some pain meds for Sam and opened a bottle of water.

Sam groaned with the movements and tried to bat Dean's hands away from him so he could curl up on the bed. He knew Dean was talking to him, but it was far away, and he couldn't make out what was being said.

"Here, Sammy, takes some pain meds," Dean encouraged lifting his head and pressing two pills to his lips. "That's it bro, sip a little water to wash them down." Dean held the water to Sam's mouth and let a little drip into his mouth. He waited to be sure Sam was not going to choke before doing it again until he was sure Sam had swallowed the pills. "That's good Sammy, you can rest now." Dean pulled the covers from under his body and covered him. He let his hand rest on Sam's sweaty forehead to see if he was hot. He did feel warm even thought he was shivering.

Dean sat at the table and sipped on his soda knowing Sam was in no shape to talk to him tonight. Maybe he would be better in the morning, but he did not know since each day he seemed worse. He pulled his cell out to call Bobby and let him know they were heading his way, but it might be a day or so before they got there. He did not want him to worry any more than he already was. After finishing his call and his soda, Dean went to the bathroom to do his routine before dropping on the other bed and listening to his brother's nasally breathing. He did not sleep because he wanted to keep an eye on Sam during the night.

A/N: I hope you liked the twist I threw in. Sam is getting worse and Dean's not sure how to help him. He knows they need to get to Bobby's. Thank you for coming along for the journey. Reviews would be great. NC

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