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Chapter 14

A/N: The brothers work a case and Sam is getting worse. Will he tell Dean? Thank you for coming along on this journey. I do like reviews. NC

Chapter 14

Dean gathered his trash and tossed it and waited for Sam to do the same so they could finish discussing the case. He wanted to get all the information available so they would know where to go from here.

"So, you ready to continue?" Dean asked once Sam threw away his trash.

"Yeah, as I was saying, the original owner was a guy named Silas LeFonte. He had the house build in the fifties when he married his wife, a Lucy Shores. He wanted a big family, thus the size of the house. They had three kids over a period of nine years. LeFonte was accused of murdering fifteen young women during the sixties before he was found out and had a shootout with the cops and was killed. The wife and kids couldn't stay in the house and they left the area. You know how cruel people can be over something like that. The wife sold the house to one of LeFonte's siblings and the brother lived there for about a year before he left because I quote, 'Silas wouldn't rest in peace,'. He claimed he saw his brother in the house and he was very angry. There were others who rented the place, but none stayed for long because of the weird things that happened in it. Things being moved around, strange noises in the walls, lights flickering on and off, all signs of spirit activity."

"So where is this guy buried? Please tell him he was buried and not cremated."

"Yeah, there's a family graveyard at the back of the property where he was buried," Sam told him.

"Great, then we're digging up a grave tonight," Dean stated leaning back in his chair satisfied with his plan.

"Since we have a little time to kill, think I'll get a shower and maybe a nap," Sam told him.

"Yeah, nap does sound appealing, think I'll get one too." Dean moved back to his bed and settled where he could see the television. He flipped through the channels until he found something to his liking and pretended to ignore Sam as he found clean clothes and headed for the bathroom. He could see the tremble in his hands and the sweat starting to shine on his forehead. He was not sure how much longer Sam was going to be able to hide what was going on with him.


Sam closed the bathroom door behind him and leaned back against it as he drew in some deep breaths trying to stop his body from shaking. It was getting harder to hide his symptoms and he knew it. He was going to have to decide one way or the other if he should tell Dean, but he would wait until after the hunt. He had to pull it together for now and hoped Ruby got in touch with him. Maybe he could hook up with her and get what he needed without Dean finding out about it. He knew he would not react well to her and what he had been doing, drinking her blood, having sex with her, and it scared the hell out of him. Especially after what Dean had endured under the hands of demons. He just got Dean back and didn't want to lose him again.

After sitting his clothes by the sink, Sam turned on the water and let it heat before stripping out of his clothes and stepping into the tub. He pulled the curtain in place before stepping under the spray and letting it wash over him. He adjusted the shower head as high as it would go, so he wouldn't have to duck so low to wet his hair. Sam squirted shampoo into his hand and began to massage it into his hair, rubbing his scalp with the tips of his fingers. It felt good and helped with the dull ache behind his eyes. Once he had rinsed his hair and applied conditioner, Sam soaped his body good to rid it of the smell of sweat. He rinsed and turned off the water before sliding the curtain out of the way to grab a towel to dry off. Once he had his body dry, he towel dried his hair and stepped from the tub. He dressed in clean clothes and wiped a hand across the moisture on the mirror so he could see. Sam turned his head looking at his face and decided he could wait another day or two before shaving. He didn't trust the steadiness of his hands right now and didn't want razor nick all over his face.

He gathered his dirty clothes and rolled his shoulders trying to calm himself before stepping back into the other room and facing his brother. He had to put on a neutral face and keep it together for a little longer. Sam drew in a deep breath and opened the door to step into the other room. He dropped his clothes on his duffle and walked to his bed to lay down, not looking at Dean in the process. He punched the pillow to make it comfortable before settling his head back on it. Sam let his eyes drift over to his brother who was almost asleep with his eyes barely open watching some random show on the television. His eyes shifted to the television for a moment but wasn't really seeing it as he forced himself to relax and not think about Ruby and what he needed from her.


Sam felt like he had just closed his eyes when someone was shaking his leg and calling to him.

"Wake up Sammy," Dean said. "We need to pack and see if we can find this family cemetery. This couple, are they staying at the house?"

"I'm up," Sam grunted wiping his face and sitting up as he stretched his body and yawned. "No, they're going to do some remodeling before moving in."

"Good, then we don't have to worry about them seeing us. You know Sammy, if you give me ten minutes and a pair of scissors, I could trim your hair… "

"You're not cutting my hair Dean," Sam stated giving him a bitch face. "Let me use the bathroom and I'll be ready." Sam got up and headed for the bathroom first and then he would get his clothes packed to leave.

"Okay," Dean replied folding up a shirt and putting it in his duffle. He closed it and sat on the bed waiting for Sam so they could leave.

Sam stepped from the bathroom and to his duffle to put his bathroom bag in it before closing it and shouldering the bag. He looked to Dean who stood and got his own bag.

"I'm ready."

They headed outside to the Impala and dropped their bags in the back before getting in and heading for the house to find the family graveyard. There was no traffic on the streets as Dean drove across town to the house. He pulled up the driveway and off to the side where the car couldn't be seen from the road. The brothers got out and went to the trunk to get what they would need, shovels, salt, gas, and weapons with rock salt rounds.

"It should be back behind the house in the trees somewhere," Sam said as he looked the place over for a moment before taking a flashlight to guide them around the house and through the trees toward the property line.

Dean shone his light around as he followed Sam into the darkness.

"We need to watch for LeFonte's ghost. I don't think he'll be happy when he realizes what we're doing."

"Got it. I see something up ahead," Sam replied speeding his pace when he saw an iron fence. "This is it. We just need to find the grave."

"I'll go this way," Dean told him heading to the right as Sam moved to the left to let his light roam over the tombstones.

Fifteen minutes later Dean called out from the back part of the cemetery.

"Over here, found it."

"Coming," Sam replied heading toward Dean's voice. He saw Dean's light ahead of him shining on a marker and stopped beside him to read the name, 'Silas LeFonte' cut into the stone.

"Let's get digging," Dean huffed putting his flashlight on the marker for light before sitting down his pack and taking the shovel. He drove the point of the shovel into the ground and used his foot to press it deeper. He shifted a shovel full of dirt to the side, starting a pile and continued the process with Sam doing the same on the other side.

After nearly two hours, Sam's arms were beginning to tremble and sweat was running down his face that he wiped on the sleeve of his shirt as he paused for a moment to get his breath. Sam kept looking around for any sign of the ghost as he started shoveling again. He was slowing his pace and finding it hard to breathe, but kept on digging, hoping he would not pass out.

An hour later, Dean shoved the shovel back into the ground and felt a solid clunk, letting him know he had hit the coffin. Sam stopped digging and began to rake the soil away, uncovering more of the coffin. He moved out of the way so Dean could break the lock and open it to reveal the bones of LeFonte. He jumped out and grabbed the salt to pour over the bones while Sam poured the gas.

Dean took out a book of matches, but before he could light one, he was thrown backwards away from the open grave and fell over a small tombstone, landing hard behind it, knocking the air from his lungs. Sam looked around and tried to grab a shotgun but stumbled and lost his grip because his hands were shaking so hard and his legs gave out, making him start to fall. Sam felt himself being tossed away and felt the hard edges of a tombstone digging into his side making him groan in pain. He tried to push himself up to look for Dean but could barely move and the world began to spin for a moment before shaking his head to clear it. He heard Dean cry out in pain and was more determined to get to him.

Dean wheezed and tried to suck in a breath of air as he turned his head to see Sam fumble the shotgun and start to fall, only to be tossed back into the dark. He rolled over onto his stomach, before pushing up onto his hands and knees. He looked around for the fallen matches trying to find them as he crawled toward the open grave. Before he could find them, Dean felt an invisible force tighten around his neck and lift him from the ground. LeFonte's spirit flashed in and out for a moment before becoming corporal and glaring at him as he squeezed harder. Dean latched a hand onto the spirit's arm and used his extra strength to try and break his hold on him. Just when he thought he was going to pass out LeFonte's ghost let go and stepped back as his body suddenly started burning and turning into ash. Dean stumbled to his knees, coughing, and sucked in lungs of air and looked around for his brother.

Sam pushed with his last ounce of strength and got closer to the open grave. He saw the matches laying by the grave and held out his hand, pulling on his powers to bring them to him. He concentrated as hard as he could until he saw the matches move his way. One final pull, he had them in his hands and rolled toward the grave. Sam got a match out and with trembling hands finally got it struck and threw it into the grave setting the bones on fire. He watched Dean fall to the ground, coughing and trying to breath.

"Dean, are you okay?" Sam asked in a weak voice. He felt wetness under his nose and swiped at the blood before trying to get to his feet and almost fell into the grave that had flames dancing around in it.

"Watch it Sammy," Dean croaked out stumbling his way and pushing him back from the grave. They clung to each other, holding each up until they were stable. Dean looked to the grave and huffed, "Guess we need to fill it back in now."

"Yeah, probably a good idea," Sam agreed. He carefully reached down for his shovel while Dean went to the other side and picked his up.

It didn't take them as long to fill it in as to dig it up and they gathered their things to head back to the car. Dean pulled out and headed back through town toward the interstate to head for Bobby's. He had been driving for about thirty minutes, sipping on water to ease his sore, raw throat before trying to talk.

"What happened back there Sammy? You suddenly turned all butterfingers and tripped over your own feet…I've never seen you like that before. Is there something you need to tell me?" Dean asked, his voice hoarse and raw.

Sam could feel the heat in his face as he clenched his hands into fists in his lap. He swallowed and licked his lips knowing he should tell Dean what was going on. He almost got them killed taking out that spirit because of his shakes and fumbling.

"Talk to me bro, no secrets remember?" Dean said. He was trying to give Sam an opening to tell him about Ruby and the blood.

"Yeah, I do need to tell you something…" Sam started but was suddenly crying out as the sharp pain burst in his head and his mind fogged over for a moment before a vision started playing out inside his head. He doubled over with the pain as Dean quickly pulled over and reached for his brother.

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