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Chapter 13

Chapter 13

The Impala cruised down the highway toward Ames, Iowa to check out Sam's vision. Dean glanced at Sam occasionally and noticed he seemed preoccupied and had slipped his cell out several times when he thought Dean was not looking to check his messages. Dean wondered if he was checking for a text from Ruby and knew that was not going to happen. He watched Sam wiped his hands down his jeans knowing he only did that when he was worried and stressed. He planned on watching him closely as they worked this possible case and would make him sit it out if he didn't think he could handle it.

They were only twenty minutes away from their destination and Sam had barely talked during the trip. Dean had turned the radio on to break the silence and to let Sam know they didn't need to talk. He watched Sam's fingers as they tugged and worried his jacket hem like they could not stay still. Dean was getting the same impression as before when he first saw Sam and figured he was having withdrawal from the demon blood; it was as bad as detoxing from drugs, or maybe even worse.

Once this hunt was over, they definitely needed to head for Bobby's to have a safe place for this to happen. He remembered Bobby mentioning he had a free weekend and built a panic room in the basement so if Bobby would even let him in, once he learned about Dean's changes, and if he could get through the warding, then that was where Sam could ride it out. If not, he would leave Sam with Bobby to let him take care of his brother and get a motel room in town to be near Sam.

Traffic was picking up the closer they got to the Ames and Dean signaled to change lanes when he saw the exit he would need to take.

"You wanna see if you can find directions to this house you saw in your vision?" Dean asked Sam, startling him for a moment when he spoke.

Sam was lost in his thoughts when he heard Dean's voice and jerked slightly. He cleared his throat before trying to speak.

"Yeah," he replied pulling his cell phone out and opening the map app. He typed in the address and waited a moment for it to load before giving directions.

Dean followed them and thirty minutes later they stopped in front of a large two story house set on a two acre plot of land. It was located on the outskirts of town but was in walking distance to businesses and restaurants. The house had a large porch that ran to length of the front of the house. It was an older home that looked like some renovation had been done on it.

"Should we go see if anyone is home?" Dean asked.

"Yes," Sam replied. He opened his door and got out looking around the area before following Dean to the walkway and up the steps to the front door.

Dean knocked on the door and waited for an answer. When no one came to the door he looked at Sam and shrugged.

"Guess no one is home."

"Why don't we get a motel room and I'll do some research on the place and see if I can find out the owner's names?" Sam suggested.

"Might as well; that way we can come up with a cover story."

They headed back to the Impala and turned around to head the way they had come to where they saw some motels and restaurants. Dean picked the nicer of the three and got them a room and was happy to see they offered a free continental breakfast each morning. That would be one less meal they would need to buy. He moved the Impala around back and found a parking space in front of their room.

Dean opened the trunk so they could get their bags before heading to the door and unlocking it to go in. He flipped on the overhead light as he stepped in and gave the place a customary once over. It was decorated with shades of blue and green with two queen size beds, flat screen television, table with two chairs, mini fridge, and coffee maker with tea bags and coffee packets sitting beside it. The room smelled fresh and there were no noticeable stains on the carpet or bedspreads.

"Not bad," Dean commented as he sat his bag beside the bed nearest the door and looked into the bathroom before finding the remote and flopping on the bed. He turned on the television as Sam sat his bags down and pulled out his laptop to do the research.

Sam settled at the small table by the window and opened his laptop letting it boot up. He pulled his cell phone from his pocket and checked it before laying it down beside him with a small huff. He logged onto the internet and started searching any history on the house and who bought it. He could hear the low drone of voices from whatever program Dean was watching but ignored it. His mind was spinning on why Ruby had not contacted him yet and was trying not to panic. It had been less than a week and she had done this before, but he had more blood to hold him over then. This time he was out and could feel the deep seated hunger growing. He shoved it aside and started taking notes on what he found on the house and the couple who had bought it.

Dean watched from his reclined position on the bed as Sam would look at his cell phone every fifteen minutes or so as he did the research they needed. He noticed he would be writing and stop to look at the page for a moment before scratching something out with an annoyed huff and start again. Dean could tell he seemed on edge and skittish like his first encounter with his brother while he was still possessing the kid's body.


Over an hour had passed and Sam stood up to stretch and glance at his cell phone again. He walked to the bathroom and back, moaning softly while stretching his back from sitting too long.

"Is something wrong Sammy?" Dean asked when he saw Sam fiddling with his cell. He had lost count of how many times Sam did this. He was trying to give Sam a gentle push to tell him his secret, but Sam only jerked his head toward Dean and stared at him with wide eyes, like a kid getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Sam startled when Dean spoke up. He had almost forgotten he was in the room and slipped his cell back into his pocket looking guiltily down at the floor.

"No…Nothing," Sam stammered before coughing and clearing his throat. "I'm getting hungry, why don't I walk down to the diner and get us something to eat. Need to stretch my legs."

"Sure, fine," Dean shrugged moving so he could dig out his wallet. "Catch, might as well take advantage of having the demon credit card while we still can."

Sam fumbled the wallet before he was able to grab it and slipped it in his pocket.

"You want your usual?"

"Of course, nothing better and be sure to get pie."

"Yeah, yeah, I know, don't come back without it," Sam grunted snagging the room key before heading out the door.

Dean watched him disappear and wondered if he was still trying to call Ruby. He did not know how long Sam thought he could hide the withdrawal symptoms from him. He was not going to say anything until Sam did decide to tell him. He knew Sam had to take the first step here and it would only push him away if Dean confronted him. He sighed heavily and decided he should make a call. Dean got his cell and dialed a number he knew by heart, waiting for an answer. He had no idea that Sam had called Bobby earlier to tell him Dean was back, and Dean was not going to tell Sam he was calling.

"Hello, who is this?" a rough male voice answered.

"Hey Bobby," Dean replied, smiling at hearing his familiar voice once again.

"Dean, is that you son?" Bobby asked slowly and cautiously. He did not mention talking to Sam because he wanted to see what he would say.

"Yeah, it's me, I know it's hard to believe but I got out. Look, Sammy's in trouble and I need your help."

"What's wrong with him?"

"He's done something stupid and is paying for it. I don't want to get into it over the phone."

"Where are you?"

"We're working a case that looks like a haunting in a town in Iowa and will be heading your way afterwards. There's some things we need to talk about that you should know."

"Alright Dean, I'll be around. Just take care of your brother and yourself too. We'll talk when you get here."

"Bye Bobby, better go, Sam went for food and should be back soon. I don't want him to know I called." Dean hung up and laid his cell phone on the nightstand and turned his attention back to the movie he was watching.


Sam drew in some slow, deep breaths once he was outside and looked around before walking across the parking lot to the road. He took the sidewalk that ran along the road and headed down the hill toward the diner that he could see below them. It did not take him long to make the trip, but he paused in the parking lot to dial Ruby's number and listened to it ring before going to voicemail. He cussed under his breath and waited for the beep.

"Hey Ruby, haven't heard back from you since our last meeting. Big surprise, Dean's back from Hell and he found me. We're at Ames, Iowa at a Fairfield Inn. Call me back, we need to meet. I'm out and I need to get some more," Sam spoke rapidly into his cell as he clutched it tightly in his hand. "You can't keep doing this to me Ruby, you know how I get. I've not told Dean about you yet. The time's not been right. Call or at least text me. I'll get away and meet you wherever you want. Please Ruby…" Sam snorted when a beep sounded, he had run out of time. He shoved his cell back into his pocket and continued to the front door of the diner.

Sam looked around as he stepped inside seeing a place at the counter to order takeout. He stepped to the counter and picked up a menu, quickly glancing through it and looked up when a waitress moved behind the counter to help him.

"Hello, may I help you?" she asked.

"I'd like to place a takeout order please," Sam replied.

"Sure, thing hon, what would you like?" she asked taking out a pad to take his order.

"I'll have a double bacon cheeseburger with everything on it, an order of steak fries and a large piece of your best pie. And a Cobb salad with ranch dressing on the side, grilled chicken strips and rolls. Oh, and two large, iced teas."

"And the name on the order?"


I'll get that right in for you hon, you can wait over there if you like," she told him nodding to some benches along the wall.

"Thank you," Sam replied moving to sit on a bench to wait for their food. His foot started to bounce without him even knowing it as he waited for the food. He looked to the door as more people came in, but they all ignored him and waited to be seated by the hostess. He rubbed a sweaty hand down his pants' leg and fought to control the urges that wanted to be fed.

"Sam," the waitress called to him twenty minutes later getting his attention.

"Yes," Sam answered getting up to go back to the counter.

"I've got your order ready. That will be eighteen, seventy-two."

"Here you go," Sam nodded taking Dean's wallet and pulling out the credit card. He waited for the slip and added a tip before signing it and handing it back.

"You have a good day hon and come back."

"Thanks," Sam told her taking the bags and drink carrier she sat on the counter, being sure to watch the teas so they would not spill. He headed out the front door and walked back the way he came to the motel. Sam let himself into the room and found the bed empty and looked toward the bathroom to see the door closed. He sat the bags down and moved his laptop and notes out of the way so he could divide the food between them. "Food's here," Sam called toward the bathroom door.

"I'll be out in a second," Dean muffled voice replied. A couple of minutes later, Dean stepped from the bathroom to see Sam sitting at the table pouring dressing over his rabbit food. "Smells good Sammy," he commented taking a seat across from him. "You do know me so well," he sighed seeing the burger and fries and a piece of pie.

"I figured after fifty years of not eating, you deserved to clog your arteries."

"Mmmm…This is so good!" he mumbled around a large bite of burger.

"I see some things haven't changed," Sam sighed shaking his head. "How 'bout chewing and swallowing before talking bro."

"You're still too uptight dude. Relax, enjoy that rabbit food you're eating."


"Bitch. Can you talk and eat? What are we looking at?"

"The couple's name is Randall and they bought the house to turn it into a Bed and Breakfast. Seems the husband got some money from an uncle's death and they wanted to get out of the big city," Sam started. He paused to sip his tea and cut a piece of chicken to eat. He could feel his stomach churning and hoped the food stayed down.

"What about the house?"

"That's a different story. The bank owns it and has been trying to sell it for several years. Seems the original owner was a serial killer and was killed by the cops in the house. No one knew, not even his family. He had a wife and three kids who disappeared after he was killed. It passed down to other family members, but no one stayed very long. They said it was haunted and weird things kept happening. When the mortgage payments got behind, the bank foreclosed on it and has been trying to get rid of it. The historical society won't let it be torn down, so they put it on the market well below market value and that's where the Randall's came in." Sam forked some salad and chewed it slowly as he let Dean absorb what he said so far.

"Okay, so we're probably looking at a haunting here. That shouldn't be too bad," Dean surmised dipping a fry in ketchup and popping it in his mouth. "Got anything else?"

Sam finished chewing and swallowed his mouth of food and reached for his tea, almost knocking it over and grabbed at it to keep it from spilling. His face reddened at his clumsiness and hid his trembling hands in his lap for a moment so he could pull himself together. He was relieved Dean did not say anything and reached for his notes to see what else he had found. Sam looked at his notes and could not believe the messy writing and marked out sentences all through them. There were a few places he could barely read his handwriting.

"Why don't we finish eating?" Dean suggested seeing Sam was getting upset.

With a brief nod, Sam sat the notes aside and kept his head down, concentrating on his food. He tried to act like nothing was wrong so Dean would not get suspicious, or any more suspicious than he already was, but it was hard. He had to hold it together until he could get in touch with Ruby and get more blood from her. He looked over at his brother and wondered what his blood would taste like since he was only partly a demon, but dismissed the idea as quickly as it came knowing he could never do that, not to his brother.

A/N: Sam is not doing so well as his need for the blood gets stronger. Dean is not going to stay quiet much longer as he sees Sam deteriorating in front of his eyes. I do like reviews. NC

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