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Chapter 10

Chapter 10

It took Sam several hours before he finally drifted into a restless sleep and dreamed of the day that Dean was dragged to Hell by the hellhounds. Unimaginable scenes of Dean being tortured ran through his mind and he tossed and turned and cried out in his mind for it all to stop, to take him instead, to let his brother go.

A piercing, agonizing, cry had Sam springing from his bed to defend himself and his brother. He looked frantically around the dimly lit room but did not see any danger and heard whimpering coming from the other bed. He tried to see by the light shining through the partly opened door of the bathroom door. Sam could make out Dean twitching and rolling his head as he moaned softly in pain.

Sam stepped to his brother's bed and sat down on the edge and placed his trembling hand on Dean's arm as he whispers, "Hush now…it's okay bro…You're safe, you're safe." Sam gently rubbed his hand up and down Dean's arm until suddenly Dean grabbed his hand in a steely tight grip and glared at him with unseeing eyes. Sam could tell he was not awake and tried to sooth him by humming an old Beatles song that Dean used to sing to him.

Slowly, Dean's grip loosened, and Sam pulled his hand free moving his fingers to be sure they were not broken. He watched Dean settle on the pillow and close his eyes as he drifted back to sleep. Sam stayed beside him for nearly an hour, lulling him into peaceful sleep. He knew Dean had to have been dreaming of Hell and what he had gone through there. Sam felt wetness on his face and had not realized he had been crying. He wiped his face and carefully got up to go back to his bed. It was still early, and Sam wanted to let Dean sleep as long as he could.

After using the bathroom, Sam got back in bed and tried to relax hoping he could maybe get a couple more hours of sleep. He was still exhausted from everything that had happened and knew he needed the rest to face the upcoming morning. He had not decided what he was going to tell Dean when it was his turn to talk. Sam saw how honest and forthcoming Dean had been with him for the most part, and he felt guilty that he did not think he could do the same. He rolled onto his side and punched his pillow trying to get comfortable. Sam looked over at Dean through half closed eyes and saw he was still sleeping quietly. He zoned in on his steady breathing and let the familiar sound lull him into a light sleep. This time he did not dream and got some needed rest.


Sam rolled over and started stretching while rubbing his eyes so he could see. It was lighter in the room now and he saw the other bed was empty. Sam sat up quickly in a panic until he heard the shower running in the other room. He let out a long breath as he worked on slowing his heartbeat and breathing. He listened closely when noises echoed in the bathroom and Sam smiled when he realized Dean was singing in the shower. He chuckled and moved to sit on the edge of the bed and ran his fingers through his hair trying to make it lay down and massaged his temples as the dull pain of a headache wanted to start.

He went over to the chair and picked up the same clothes he had on the day before and put them on. Sam was going to have to work in doing some laundry maybe today. He did not know how long Dean intended on staying here and a thought crossed his mind, he wondered where he got the money to pay for their dinner and for this room. It was several steps up from what he had been staying in these past months and knew it was not cheap. That was another question to add to his growing list that he was compiling in his head. Sam stopped for a moment when he wondered what questions Dean might have for him once he told his story.

"Good, you're up," Dean noted when he stepped from the bathroom in a cloud of steam.

Sam jumped when he spoke and quickly turned around to see him freshly showered and in clean clothes.

"Yeah, ummm…How did you sleep?" Sam asked trying to hide his nervousness. He folded his sweats and stuffed them into his duffle.

"I gotta say, it took a little adjusting to after being on the cold, hard, steel of the rack for so long," Dean shrugged not realizing how the snippet cut into Sam. He did not see Sam's face drop or the hurt in his eyes since he quickly turned away from him. "How 'bout we go get some breakfast first and maybe pick up a six pack on the way back? They serve breakfast all day at the diner. We've still got some talking to do."

"Sure," Sam replied putting a neutral expression on his face as he sat down to put his boots on. He had looked at his watch and saw it was later in the morning than he thought.

"When we get back, if you want to do a load of laundry, they have a couple of machines for guests to use," Dean offered as if he read Sam's mind about dirty clothes.

"That would be good," Sam nodded getting up and looking for his jacket. "Dean, can I ask you something?"

"Yeah, sure, what?" Dean asked looking up from tying the laces on his boots.

"You don't have to answer me if you don't want to, but I know you had no money on you when I buried you. So, how are you paying for all this?"

"Demon credit card."

Sam did a double take with what Dean said, his mouth falling open for a moment before he clamped it back shut.

"What?" he asked in confusion not thinking he heard him right.

"That's part of my story, if you can wait until we get back from breakfast, I'll finish it."

"Alright, I can wait," Sam replied letting Dean go out first and followed him pulling the door closed behind them. His only thought was he had bought himself a little more time.

Dean started walking across the parking lot toward a diner that was down the street instead of driving. Sam fell into step with him and stuffed his hands in his pockets as he squinted with the morning light. The sky was overcast, so the absence of bright sunlight was a blessing as he dealt with his headache. If it was not better when they got back to the room, he would take something. He hoped maybe eating would ease it.

"Something wrong Sammy?" Dean asked as he held the door for him to go into the diner. He noticed Sam rubbing his head and he saw pain in his eyes.

"Just a headache, nothing to worry about," Sam replied. He stopped at the front of the dining room and they waited for a hostess to seat them in a booth near the back of the room and placed menus in front of them.

"Good morning, I'm Helen, I'll be your waitress. Can I start you out with some coffee?" a middle-aged woman asked them.

"Sound good Helen," Dean replied. "Make mine hot and strong."

"Sure thing hon," she chuckled heading to the drink station to get the coffee.

Dean turned his cup over and opened the menu to see what specials they had. Sam did the same and unwrapped his silverware, placing it neatly on the placemat. He looked up at the pleasant looking waitress as she came back with a pot of coffee and filled their cups. He nodded his thanks and glanced over the menu. She sat a saucer with small containers of cream in the middle of the table and went to the next table to refill their coffee.

"Are you ready to order or do you need a few more minutes?" Helen asked coming back around.

"We're ready, I'll have the Meat Lover's Special with bacon, scrambled eggs and hash browns," Dean recited to her.

"And for you, hon?" she asked Sam.

"Ummm…Could I get an egg white omelette with vegetables, short stack and fruit bowl," Sam told her closing the menu and handing it to her. "And can I get a glass of water too?"

"Of course, I'll get your order in and get that water for you." She went to the window of the kitchen and slipped the order on the wheel and went to get Sam's water.

They did not have to wait too long before Helen brought their food and divided it between them. She refreshed their coffee and checked to see if anything else was needed before moving on to wait on other patrons.

"Bacon, come to papa," Dean whispered as he picked up a slice and bit it in half and moaned with delight. "You don't know what you're missing Sammy."

"A heart attack?" Sam asked as he cut into his omelette and took a bite. He sprinkled a little salt and pepper over it and continued to enjoy his meal. His appetite seemed better today at least, and he was glad of that. He thought about the flask that had the demon blood and decided to hold off as long as he could before drinking it. Sam did not know how long Ruby would be gone this time and needed to ration it.

"Sammy? Earth to Sammy," Dean said kicking his foot.

"What? Yes," Sam replied not realizing Dean had been asking him something.

"I said, they have subs here, why don't we get a couple and we won't have to come out for lunch. It'll probably be afternoon before we'll be hungry again anyway. That'll give us time to finish our talk," Dean repeated looking at Sam closely.

"Okay, that's fine," Sam agreed keeping his eyes on his plate as he speared a piece of fruit.

They finished their meal and ordered two subs to go. Helen brought their subs with the bill and wished them a good day and to come back. Dean let Sam take the bag of subs so he could pay at the front.

"Why don't you go on to the room and I'll walk across to the convenience store and grab a six pack and some snacks for later?" Dean told Sam holding out the room key. "You want a soda or something else?"

"Okay, maybe a green tea and a couple of granola bars," Sam said. He took the key and continued to the motel while Dean walked down and crossed the road to the store. After Sam got back into the room, he slipped the subs into the fridge and pulled his cell out to see if Ruby had sent a text. When he did not see one, Sam sent another one to her hoping she would get back to him soon. He stepped into the bathroom and as he came out, he heard rapping at the door. Sam went to open it and allowed Dean to enter.

"You wanna go throw your clothes in to wash? The machines are at the end of the rooms on the right," Dean told him motioning in that direction.

"Yeah, do you have any to wash?"

"Nope, haven't been topside long enough to mess any up. I got some quarters for you."

"Thanks," Sam replied taking the offered coins. "I be back in a few minutes."

"Take your time, we have all day. I got the room for a couple of days so we would have time to get everything out in the open between us."

Sam picked up his duffle and the room key before leaving and followed Dean's directions and found the machines. He dumped out his clothes into a wheeled cart and sorted them into two loads. After buying detergent, he got the machines started and headed back to the room with his empty duffle. Sam checked the time, so he would know when to come check on them and put them in the dryers.

He tried not to tense and get nervous as he paused outside of their room. He could hear the television inside the room and knew he could not put it off any longer. They needed to finish this so they could decide what was next for them. He wanted to hear the rest of Dean's story and how he got out of Hell. What he did was a feat no one else but their Dad and the other souls had accomplished when the Devil's Gate was opened.

Then, it would be his turn to tell his story and he had to tread carefully and decide what to tell Dean.

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