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Rei Todoroki (Part 3)

A/N: Hey, I'm finally back and I need to clarify something, A few of you probably read a quick oneshot I uploaded of Izuku and Mt. Lady. Just wanna say that I deleted it, mainly because It wasn't good and was pretty rushed. Also, I was sick so I just wrote it to keep my mind off of being sick. I don't even remember what it was about even though it was like 1,500 words long. Also, some people saw this chapter early since I accidentally published it.

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It was 6 PM, the sky was starting to dim as the effect of summer started to kick in. Our hero in training was currently on his way to a certain psychiatric ward to walk his mother home. She was currently working late tonight since it was Saturday.

It's not like he had anything better to do. As much as he loved researching quirks and learning more about his own quirk, it eventually got tiring, and he liked to take breaks every now and then. Most people would call or text their friends if they were bored, but Izuku couldn't do this. Well, he could, but his anxiety wouldn't let him do that.

His nature would automatically make him think that he was being a bother, therefore, he never asked any of his friends for their numbers so he could text them, god knows he wasn't confident enough for that.

As he arrived at the ward, he couldn't help but think about when he visited Shoto's mother. He was honestly surprised that Shoto would ask him to visit her, he didn't think he did anything special that would cause Shoto to ask that of him. He opened the double doors to the ward and walked to the front desk.

"Oh hello Izuku, are you here to walk your mother home again today?" The receptionist asked.

Izuku nodded. "Yes, is she done with her shift yet?"

"Not yet, unfortunately, she is still taking care of a patient, she should be done in about 1 hour."

1 hour?! Had he really come that early? Well, that didn't matter, he could kill time somehow. Actually, he wondered if he would be allowed to visit Rei.

"O-Oh, well could I visit R-Rei-san until her shift is over?" Izuku asked.

"Sure, I've seen you come here with her son so that should be fine. Do you remember where her room is?"

"Yes, thank you." He said, already down the hall.

He hoped he wasn't intruding, and that she wasn't asleep, that would be pretty awkward. He slowly opened the door to her room. The light was on, and she had a small fan on a desk that was blowing, it made her white hair blow past her face over and over again.

She was reading a book, her grey eyes glued to it. She had yet to become aware of his presence, and he just stood in the doorway, staring at her smooth and pale skin. He didn't even notice he'd been staring at her for 2 minutes before she finally noticed him.

"Huh?" She noticed him. "Oh! Midoriya-san? Why didn't you say anything when you came in?" She questioned, breaking him out of his stupor.

"O-Oh, sorry R-Rei-san."

"It's fine Midoriya. So, what are you doing here today?"

"W-Well, my mother works here but I accidentally came early so I-I decided to" Izuku said, his face slowly getting redder and redder.

"That's fine, feel free to visit me whenever you want."

They talked about each other for a while, and Izuku discovered that Rei is pretty interesting. Once the topic of conversation switched to quirks, she showed him her quirk by asking for a handshake, then freezing his hand over. It was pretty funny and Izuku's hand was shaking for at least 20 minutes after that.

"Hey Midoriya, shake my hand." She said.

"Huh? Oh sure." He said, grabbing her hand, that turned out to be a mistake, as when he grabbed her hand, his own hand became encased in ice.

"AHH" He yelped, his hand literally freezing "GET THIS OFF OF MY HAND PLEASE!" He yelled.

"Well, the thing is, I don't really know how." She responded.




One small flick of the finger later and the ice on his hand was gone. But his hand was still freezing cold. It didn't help that there were bits and pieces of ice around the room since the pressure from when he flicked his finger sent pieces of ice flying.

They both looked at each other, and laughed their hearts out. Izuku felt so relaxed at that moment, he couldn't remember a time he'd laughed with friends before. That thought made him stop though. Friends? Were they friends? No, that'd be weird, they were probably something like acquaintances. How exactly do you define a relationship between you and your friend's mother? Izuku just brushed that thought off as the subject changed.

Besides that, Rei had also found Izuku pretty interesting as well, she found his heroic nature to be pretty admirable, and she actually had fun talking to him, it's been forever since she was able to talk to someone just for the sake of it. She wished he would visit more often.

As Izuku looked at the clock on the wall, he found that 1 hour had indeed passed. Apparently, 1 hour passes by much faster when you're doing something fun. Izuku wished this wasn't the case though.

"Ah, look at the time, I should get going, it was nice talking to you Rei-san, see you next time!" Izuku waved as he headed out of the room.

"Yeah, see you next time." She said with a content smile on her face.

As Izuku closed the door behind him, he soon stopped and realized something.

Did he just say 'see you next time'?

Izuku was now walking his mother home, she had just gotten off of her shift, and was talking about making Katsudon for dinner, that made him happy, as it was his favorite meal.

"Anyway, when I went to sign out at the front desk, the receptionist told me that you were visiting Rei-san, anything you wanna say?" She said, causing a blush to form on Izuku's face.

"It's nothing, really! Her son is in my class."

"Oh? What does that have to do with anything? Are you sure you weren't wooed by her charms?" Inko teased.

"Mom!" He exclaimed, he was very embarrassed at this point.

Izuku was just finishing his daily work out and was about to take a shower when his phone suddenly vibrated. He checked it only to see a text from an unknown number.

Unknown: Hello Midoriya.

You: Who is this?

Unknown: This is Shoto

You've changed Unknown's name to Shoto.

You: Shoto? How did you get my number?
He didn't remember giving his phone number to anyone, so he was a bit surprised to receive a text from someone.

Shoto: That doesn't matter, I need a favor.

You: What is it

Shoto: I bought 2 tickets to go to an amusement park with my mom but I can't make it. Can you take her instead?

Izuku just stood there, shocked at what Shoto was asking him. They barely knew each other, they'd probably only had about 4 conversations ever with each other

You: Why me? I wouldn't want to intrude, don't you have siblings that can fill in for you?

Shoto: They're all busy

After a few minutes, Izuku finally came to a decision.

You: Ok, I'll do it.

Shoto: Thanks Midoriya.

You: No problem.

Izuku turned off his phone and lied down on his bed, he was tired and was probably gonna go to sleep soon. Wait. Did he just agree to go on a date? Could it even be considered a date? Rei was almost twice his age. Well, he didn't care, she actually looked pretty good for her age. Sighing, Izuku rolled over and closed his eyes, finally letting his sleep consume him.

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