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Rei Todoroki (Part 7)

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Shoto hated to see his father just dismiss his mother as if she wasn't involved, and he hated the fact that she did as he said. He was tired of his dad constantly trying to control his life. For once, Shoto wanted to do whatever he wanted, to make his own decisions. It had been the same for nearly all of his life. His dad chose what he did, what he ate, who his friends were, and what career path he was going to choose. Not that he didn't want to become a Hero, he still wanted to and was going to, he just felt powerless when it came to his life.

But when his mother came back into the room with a determined face, he knew that things were going to change and that a certain green-haired individual had something to do with this change. Shoto was not oblivious to the influence that Izuku was having on his mother. He noticed that when Izuku was around, her mother seemed to smile more, and he liked that.

He wasn't sure what the extent of their relationship truly was, nor did he know what their relationship would end up being in the future. But Shoto didn't really care what it would end up being. But as long as his mother was happy, he wouldn't mind what happened between the two. Though he had to admit, thinking of Izuku being anything other than friends with his mother was pretty weird.

His father, Endeavor, looked annoyed at Rei's sudden entrance and Shoto definitely liked seeing this reaction out of him.

"I thought I asked you to leave the room." Enji asked, clearly irritated.

"You did." Rei said.

"Then why are you-" He started before he was interrupted.

"Because I can." Rei said, proud of herself. Enji had a huge frown on his face, he definitely wasn't happy about this turn of events. Nonetheless, Enji knew she had the right to be there, so he decided not to say anything about it and continued to scold Shoto.

"As I was saying, your training will only get harsher, to keep something like this from happening again." Shoto frowned, not liking this outcome. Rei seemed to notice this and decided to intervene.

"D-Don't you think that's a bit much? He's already been hospitalized. Maybe you could let him rest for a few weeks before resuming?" Rei explained.

Shoto knew what she was trying to do, and he appreciated it since he wasn't really hurt, and probably could be able to resume training, but he did want to relax. He sent her a small smile of thanks and she did the same, though it seemed her ex-husband still had something to say.

"What do you know? You've never been attacked by a villain before." He said and Rei was disgusted that he hadn't even remembered.

The entire reason why they were there, why Shoto and his siblings existed, and why they were at the hospital was because of a villain attack Rei had gotten caught up in. This led to Endeavor arriving on the scene, and well, I think you know the rest. At this point, Rei wanted nothing more to do with her former husband, the only reason she was even speaking to him right now was because she happened to run into him while visiting Shoto. She didn't even feel like addressing his mistake, not wanting to cause any unnecessary drama.

"Even if that is true, he has been training constantly. He should be able to take a break." Rei reasoned, she knew this from when he would often visit her.

Enji looked like he was about to explode, his flames had started to flare, heating up the room. But Rei and Shoto were unaffected by this due to their icy nature. After a few minutes of staying silent, he finally spoke.

"Fine, but once your training starts again, don't expect it to be easy." He said, he then made his way to the door and left.

Shoto was angry and disappointed. He hadn't even cared to ask Shoto if he was okay. To be honest, he wasn't very surprised by it but he could've at least asked, he was his son after all. Moving on from that, Shoto hadn't seen Izuku since he left the room earlier, and wondered where he was.

"Where is Midoriya-san?" Shoto asked.

"Oh, he felt like he was intruding on something, so he decided not to come in." Rei said as the door opened again, showing Izuku coming back into the room, he had a worried expression on his face.

"I-Is everything ok? Endeavor didn't look happy when he came out." Izuku said, worried that something had happened.

Admittedly, one of the only reasons Izuku didn't come into the room with Rei was because he had to think about the revelation he had come to not even 1 hour ago. Said revelation being his crush on Rei, he definitely needed more time to think about it because it hadn't even been a few months since he'd known Rei yet he developed feelings for her.

Not that he didn't feel like he was intruding on anything because he definitely did. Again, it hadn't even been a few months since he'd known Rei. So he of course felt like it would be weird to be there.

"Yes, everything is fine, he's just unhappy about how things turned out." Rei responded, proud that she was able to stand up to her former husband, if you could call it that.

And thus, the three went home as night approached.

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