Bifurcation @aushapasha
Chapter 9

With a shock of light from the portkey, Harry continued to grasp the two things he brought back with him tightly: the Triwizard Cup and poor Cedric's lifeless body. His eyes were screwed shut against the noise and the pain of knowing he'd just seen death and beaten it himself, and that Voldermort had now fully returned.

A sharp pair of hands flipped him over and he was staring up at the starry night sky and Dumbledore was crouched over him calling, "Harry. Harry."

Harry was trying to catch his breath, but the spectators' shadows were gathering closer, and he suddenly felt claustrophobic amongst the crowd. He grabbed at the headmaster's robes and choked out the undeniable fact, "He's back; Voldermort's back."

When Cornelius Fudge appeared over Harry and Dumbledore, he was appalled to find Cedric dead. "Dumbledore, we have to do something. Move the body."

At that moment in the chaos, Dumbledore murmured one word and, as discreetly as possible, pointed his wand at Cedric's lifeless body, "Bifurcation."

Carlisle had been waiting as patiently as possible during the third and final task in a dark, dank area of the Forbidden Forest. Somehow the other beings and creatures in the forest kept a wide berth from where he was. He was waiting for either Dumbledore to show up or a student.

He wasn't sure which he preferred.

Carlisle could just make out the sound of cheering, which quickly became screams from over at the maze, and he knew deep in his gut what was going to unfold.

In a haze of foggy gray light, a body in a yellow and black tracksuit appeared on the forest floor before him. He could hear a faint heartbeat and knew that the spell Albus had found had worked. He moved hesitantly toward the body and remembered the boy's name was Cedric.

"You won't be Cedric any longer, I'm afraid." Carlisle knelt to the ground and brought his head near the boy's neck. "I'm sorry. It'll be okay."

When he bit into the flesh and tasted the magical blood, he felt a surge of power like never before and had to remind himself that human blood would not be his downfall. Instead of drinking more from the boy, he released his venom into his bloodstream and sealed the wound.

Day two of the three-day transformation brought Dumbledore to the forest along with the fabricated memories.

"How is he faring?"

Carlisle smiled softly down at the thrashing body and sighed, "This is a calmer moment for sure, but everything is going well so far."

Dumbledore hummed in agreement and pulled a stack of books, seemingly from midair. "More reading material for you."

"Hogwarts: A History? Fascinating, thank you, Albus."

"We shouldn't waste any more time then." Dumbledore removed his wand and with a flourish. "Obliviate."

When some semblance of peace crossed Cedric's face, Dumbledore brought out a vial full of a silvery looking liquid and began to pull it out with his wand and insert it into Cedric's ear.

"Have you chosen a name?"

Carlisle sighed and then smiled over the body at Albus.

"Edward. We'll call him Edward."

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