Bifurcation @aushapasha
Chapter 8

They found themselves in a graveyard. Harry saw that Cedric was examining the cup. "It's a portkey!"

Harry heard a shuffling noise and saw a figure in dark robes, carrying some kind of bundle in their hands, heading toward them.

"Kill the spare," a raspy, high-pitched voice called out.

"Avada Kedavra!"

Cedric's body lay lifeless on the ground, and in mere seconds Harry was strung up against a marble statue over the grave of Tom Riddle trying to understand what was happening.

Wormtail performed a spell involving bone, flesh, and blood to bring Lord Voldemort back to his full body and life. After he had regenerated, he pressed the Dark Mark on Wormtail's arm to call for his Death Eaters. It had been thirteen years after all, and a reunion was overdue.

After the dark lord berated his followers, he dueled with Harry, for he believed killing the boy would ensure his victory.

As Voldemort yelled out the killing curse, Harry screamed, "Expelliarmus," and suddenly, the two wands connected, and Harry began to see shadows of Voldemort's last victims.

An older man, Cedric, and then his parents.

"When we tell you to let go, you must get back to the portkey. We can only hold it for a moment; be quick," his father whispered to him.

"Take my body back to my father, will you?" Harry nodded at Cedric, and then he broke the connection.

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