Bifurcation @aushapasha
Chapter 7

Seeing as Harry and Cedric were tied for first place, they would be entering the Triwizard maze first, followed by Krum and then Fleur. The maze held dark mysteries, daring obstacles, and frightening feats that each champion would encounter. For a 14 (fourteen) year old, Harry felt somewhat confident. He, Ron, and Hermione had studied and practiced hexes and defensive spells for weeks. Though Hermione was the smartest student in their year, Harry wasn't stupid; he could rationalize and think things through.

He could do this.

When the canon sounded off, the two boys from Hogwarts looked at each other, and with subtle grins, they moved into the maze at the same time. Harry lost track of where Cedric may have gone as he made his way through the maze, but his focus was where it should have been; on the task at hand.

He'd faced a Boggart that appeared to him as a Dementor and a golden mist that had flipped gravity on him when he heard a woman's scream. He tried searching for Fleur, but when he couldn't find her, Harry hoped that she had sent red sparks up into the air for rescue and felt a sense of relief when he thought, "One champion down."

After battling a large Blast-Ended Scroot, he found several dead ends before he heard Cedric's voice call out, "What are you doing? What the hell are you doing?"

Harry then heard Krum's voice call out the Crucio curse and Cedric's screams of pain. He tried finding to way to him until he finally used the reducto curse on the hedge and pushed his way through to find Krum beginning to run away and Cedric on the ground writhing in pain.

"Stupefy!" Krum dropped in his tracks just as soon as he tried to run away from Harry and Cedric. Harry had stunned him and immediately went to Cedric to check on him.

Harry and Cedric were briefly united as opponents against Krum, but they split back up, each searching for the Triwizard cup.

After a run-in with a sphinx with a riddle, he ran up the path, and after several turns, Harry saw the gleam of the blue light from the Triwizard cup. As he caught up with Cedric, suddenly, a giant spider came barreling towards Cedric, and Harry tried to warn him and stop the arachnid at the same time.

With their combined force, they beat the giant spider, and after some heated discussion, they both agreed to take the cup at the same time, marking them both the winners. On the count of three, they both reached for the handles and grasped tightly.

As soon as they grabbed the cup, Harry felt a familiar pulling around his navel, just like he had when he used a portkey for the first time to get to the Quidditch World Cup. In the blink of an eye, both Harry and Cedric were whisked away.

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