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Chapter 10

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Three days after Carlisle and Edward had left the Forbidden Forest, Dumbledore sent an owl to his friend in Alaska to inquire how things were progressing. What he didn't anticipate was to receive the same owl with a letter in return only two days later. The headmaster's stomach filled with dread as he ripped open the envelope with shaky hands.


I need to be brief. He's having trouble acclimating, and I believe his magical abilities have manifested into a power of their own for him. Please come as quickly as possible.


Dumbledore hastily apparated to Alaska to check on his friend and the boy. A breeze swirled the hem of his robes as he walked up the driveway to the large house made of glass and wood.

Carlisle was out in a flash to meet his friend before he could make his way to the doorstep, "Albus, thank you for coming so quickly. Edward is out hunting with Jasper and Emmett. Of course, you remember Esme," Albus grasped her hand lightly and pressed a kiss to her knuckles in greeting. "These are our daughters, Alice and Rosalie."

Dumbledore acknowledged the two girls with a smile and then turned to his friend, "What can I do for you, Carlisle? How can I help?"

"He's struggling, and so are we," he sighed and looked to his old friend. "We need new memories, Albus. He can read our thoughts, and since we all know the truth, something will eventually slip."

He glanced at Alice, who stepped forward to the old wizard, "I've seen that it works, but we have to hurry. You being here is going to trigger something, so we need to act fast."

Dumbledore nodded and explained the process, removing memories of Cedric and the conversations held within the family about him, he described using magic to create new memories and then placing the new memories into each person.

Rosalie, who had been silent the entire time, finally spoke up, " Do it. Emmett and I are in."

"So are Jasper and I," Alice chirped.

Albus looked to Esme and Carlisle, the head of the proverbial family, and smiled sadly, "If I do this for you, our friendship is no more. This saddens me, but if I can make your existence easier by doing this for you, of course, I will."

Carlisle stood and embraced his friend while the women looked on. When they separated, Rosalie called out for the men, and they were back in the house, Edward included, within seconds.

With a wave of his wand, Dumbledore extracted the unwanted memories from each family member and then apparated outside the house before they realized what was going on. Their memories were placed within vials that he stoppered quickly and placed within his robes. He would put then into the Pensieve later, along with his own memories of Carlisle, so he could always look back and remember.

With a mighty wave of his wand and whispered incantation, Dumbledore inserted the fabricated memories into each member of the coven and apparated back down the road. He quickly disguised himself as a muggle hiker, so as not to draw any more attention than necessary, for he knew the vampires would sense a human near.

When Carlisle came down the driveway to greet the stranger with a pleasant but somewhat questioning look on his face, Albus knew that everything was as it should be once and for all.

"I was walking and must have gotten away from the main path," he explained as Carlisle smiled at the older man in rough clothes and worn hiking boots.

"It's easy to do out here." The vampire offered directions back to the path.

"I should be able to find it just fine, thank you. Is that piano music I hear?" Dumbledore smiled and playfully craned his neck toward the house.

"You have excellent hearing," Carlisle responded with a slightly suspicious look. "My youngest son plays."

"How wonderful to have beautiful music in such a beautiful setting." Albus smiled and lifted a hand to wave goodbye. "I must be off. Thank you so much. Be well."

With that, Albus turned and walked away out of sight before apparating back to Hogwarts and back to what he hoped would be a more comfortable year for his students.

As he stepped back onto the bridge, he smiled wistfully and thought of his first meeting with Carlisle in the exact spot.

He may never see his friend again, but he knew that Carlisle's life would be far from boring with Edward around.

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