Bifurcation @aushapasha
Chapter 1

This drabble would not be possible without the help of Pandora's BoxIsHeavy, BitterHarpy, LyricalKris, Alice's White Rabbit, and Mina Rivera; thank you all so much. Obviously, it's not canon...I made stuff up to fit my needs. Don't come after me.


"While I adore meeting you in this old pub, Albus, won't you tell me why you've called me to dreary old London?" The pale, handsome man with blond hair and amber eyes cast a smile across the table to his friend.

Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry took a small nip from his fire whiskey and winked. "Of course, a man who has lived as long as you should have some ideas."

The two men laughed, one drinking and one only pretending to do so.

"I remember the day I met you; you had stumbled, as if by magic, upon my fair school. I couldn't get a read on you when I came up on the bridge," Albus reminisces as the blond-haired man leans back in his seat.

"You were going for your interview; you told me all about it even though you knew right away I wasn't a wizard." His eyes, fire whiskey-hued and friendly sparkle with the memory. "Just 19 and all ambition and drive, and you saw me for who I was."

"I saw a friend and an ally."

"I'm very different from many of my kind, that's true. But you had no way to know—"

"My friend, I am an excellent judge of character." Albus winks again and throws back the remainder of his drink. "Which is why I've asked you to come here at this time."

"I'm listening."

"We have a long-standing tradition between the three largest European schools," he begins carefully. "We haven't held this particular competition for at least two centuries because of the death toll … Oh, they're brave, but they're children."

"What are you asking of me, Dumbledore? You have healers; muggle medicine wouldn't be appropriate."

"I'm asking for the only thing you can offer, Carlisle."

Carlisle runs a hand through his neat golden locks and clears his throat, but before he can speak, Albus beats him to the punch.

"A chance at a second life."

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