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Chapter 6- Jack and Diane


The week following the interview is rough on both of us, but I feel like I take the brunt of it. The fan base has turned against us once again, citing the interview and Anthony, that I must be lip-syncing or I'm autotuned to high heaven. I never imagined that I would ever deal with something like this, but here we are.

We get past it as a new duo and face the backlash of not commenting and continuing with rehearsals when Bella tells me she has a plan to really convince the fans that everything is kosher with me and my singing.

"An old friend can fit us in for an acoustic set this Friday at his club," she tells me during the lunch break on Wednesday's rehearsal. "I used to play there a lot before I got signed."

I sigh. "Two days? Is that enough time to prepare?"

Bella claps a hand to my shoulder and squeezes. "If you aren't prepared by now, then there's nothing else we can do." She smiles and takes the pickle off of my plate and walks away.

When she learned I hate pickles, I'm not sure. But I am sure that she's right; we're ready.

Friday comes, and instead of rehearsal, we have our first official photoshoot, and it goes really well according to Bella and the photographer, Peter. Just seeing my face on someone's camera is weird, but there's a photo of Bella sitting on top of a piano and me sitting in front of it that looks just right.

When we're changing out of the borrowed clothes in little partitioned-off rooms, she asks me how I'm feeling about tonight. When I tell her that I'm having cold feet and it seems to be manifesting into anxiety about the tour and opening night, she cuts me off.

"I so get it. All of your feelings are valid and fair, but we're gonna do something a little different, okay?" When I ask her what we're doing, she just grabs my hand and asks me to trust her.

We climb into her car and she takes off through the streets of Hollywood until we're in what I call a sketchy area.

"It's around here somewhere; let me just … there it is!" She turns into a tiny parking lot and turns off the engine. "You like chili dogs, right?"

Forty-five minutes, two chilidogs, and a bottle of Mexican Coke and I'm feeling a lot better. Bella shared with me some of her initial feelings the first time she performed and how she still gets butterflies every time she hits the stage. Hearing her talk about her anxiety makes it easier to cope with my feelings, and it doesn't seem so daunting.

"I think you'll like Crowley's," she tells me as she picks at the chili fries we split. "It's got a good vibe and Tyler is great. He always wanted to be a musician, but he doesn't have any rhythm."

We laugh and talk for the better part of two hours. The people who work there seem to know her and know who she is, but they don't give her any grief, and we aren't recognized while we're eating.

It's nice to have this feeling of normalcy and to feel like I have a real friendship and connection with Bella. That's when I feel it deep in the pit of my stomach—she's kind and beautiful, smart, and funny, and I kind of want to kiss her. There's got to be something in this chili because this is literally the first time I've thought of this.

I place my hand over hers and she looks at me questioningly, so I pull her gently to me, and just as our lips are about to meet, she stops us with a hand to my chest.


My heart sinks a little.

"I'm sorry, Edward. But I think you might be thinking something different than I am. I'm sorry if I let you think otherwise."

I shake my head. "No, we're friends and coworkers, essentially. You're right. It should stay that way. I'm the one who's sorry." Then, it's awkward as we clean up our trash and get back in her car. It's awkward for her to drop me back off at the studio and remind me to meet her at the club in an hour.

It's awkward for me to drive home thinking about her. To take a shower and yank it while thinking of her. To realize it wasn't just something in the chilidogs.

I like Bella Swan.

I'm screwed.

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