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Chance Music-The Return

*All songs and lyrics come from Lady A and their first album, Lady Antebellum, released in 2008. And the title track from their second album, Need You Now, released in 2010*

A/N: I have wanted to revisit these characters since I first hit "complete" on their story. All my love and thanks to Pandoras BoxIs Heavy, MapleStyle, Sunshine1220, Alice's White Rabbit. I hope you enjoy this as much I loved writing it!


I vaguely register the doorbell ringing, but I'm engrossed in the task at hand. Footsteps resound throughout the house, and it isn't until I hear my son, Rhythm, scream my name that I'm completely pulled back to reality.

"Mom! Auntie Tee is here!" I roll my eyes and get up to unlock the door to the music room so Tanya can let herself in.

After a couple of minutes, she enters, followed by the love of my life, Edward. He smiles his crooked smile and comes to sit next to me on the piano bench. I close the binder that I've been making notes in so Tanya can't see just yet.

"All right, I'm here." She flops into an armchair with a sigh and has the good grace to smile. "You know, when you asked me to become your manager five years ago, I thought it was because you actually had work for me to do."

I share a look with Edward as he drapes an arm around my shoulders. "Tanya, there's something we want to tell you."

"Are you pregnant? I mean, it's great if you are, but your kids are teenagers, Bell. I mean—"

"I'm not pregnant!" Edward and I laugh. "Those two are enough for us. But we do have something we want to discuss with you … as our manager."

Tanya sits up, alert. "Tell me."

"We have a new album, and we want to go back on tour."


Tanya wasted no time in arranging things for us. She contacted our record label and scheduled studio time, and not long into recording the new album, we were approached with dates for the new tour. Thirty-six months, six continents, over 300 shows. Our big finale would be in Seattle—while not our home state anymore, it's our home where I initially got my start and where Edward and I began.

Edward and I always thought that telling stories through music was an important and easy thing to do. We never anticipated that Harmony would be the initial subject of our album or that she would have a hand in writing a fair number of the songs with us. Our little girl, who wasn't so little anymore, had experienced her first love and her first heartbreak. Instead of wallowing, Harmony started working with Edward and wrote her first song.

At the onset, I thought the context of the songs were too mature for her and the type of relationship she'd had, but Edward reminded me that it isn't about accuracy so much as her expressing her emotions in a positive and creative way. While my husband and daughter wrote songs, my son and I put them to music.

Rhythm and I had always had a special bond with music, different from Harmony and Edward. He'd been behind a keyboard, a guitar, or a drum set since he was old enough to hold his head up, and he'd been going ever since. Once Rhythm graduated from high school, he'd join us on tour, and we'd finish out the dates as a family band.

Harmony decided to defer her college acceptance by a few years so she could join us on tour. After all, she'd been our backing vocals on the latest album, and she wanted to share the experience with us. We actually had to work out a game plan for Rhythm. He didn't want to miss out on his last two years of high school, and we couldn't blame him. Edward's parents agreed to stay with him and be his guardians while we were gone. We built in a few fail-safe travel dates for his senior prom and graduation.

With plans in place and rehearsal underway, we hit some local radio stations to promote the new album. That's when we run into some pushback but not from who we expect.

We were certain that Anthony Masen would take this opportunity to waltz back into our lives to make a scene and cause trouble. But we only heard from Anthony once, and it was in the form of a congratulatory quote to TMZ:

"I've heard their new album. It's definitely a different move, but I think it's fantastic. Bella has always been very talented, and this album shows what she can truly do with a partner who is equally talented."

We were shocked, to say the least. But Tanya was worried that his comment about it being different was what initially hurt us. Edward and I knew that it wasn't. After we stepped away from recording and touring so we could be parents, we moved our family to Virginia. We wanted to get as far away from the hustle and bustle of big city living, mostly so we could slow down for a while.

Over those ten years, we changed our outlook on music—the way we feel about it, the way it sounds, even the way it makes us feel. We adopted a new sound; Edward calls it our Donny and Marie sound, but everyone else just calls it country.

The fans … well, they weren't fans at first.


"I'm Scott Evans with your Access Hollywood news break. Are a certain music duo set to make their big return dead upon arrival? Critics and fans aren't excited about the new album by the powerhouse duo, Chance Music. Bella Swan and Edward Cullen left the scene ten years ago, and they've come back with a country album? Catch us at six PM, seven central, where I'll have all the details."


The record label was worried about backlash from us switching genres and held a contest for fans to attend the album listening party. While the number of entries was lower than anticipated, the fans that did win and attend were excited. They were treated to a VIP experience that included a meet and greet, photos, and an acoustic session.

When it came time to start the preview, I was as nervous as I was the first time I'd done this.

"I don't know if I can't do this, Edward." I'm wrapped up in his arms, and he's rubbing soothing circles on my back. "What if they hate it?"

"Do you hate it?"

"No, not at all. I'm so proud; our babies wrote this with us and—"

"Then they'll love it." He pulls me back and presses a kiss to my lips. "They've always stood by you, by us. We just have to let them give it a chance."

"So, maybe I ditch the cowboy hat?" We laugh as I gesture to the hat that the record label was trying to force on me. Edward nods and grabs my hand to lead us on stage.

Walking out to cheers and applause is like coming home; it feels real and familiar. We're still the same people in our worn-out Chucks, jeans, and T-shirts. When I grab my mic and smile into the crowd, my fears melt away. I'm right where I'm supposed to be.

"Hey, everyone! Thanks for being here with us this evening! We want to thank everyone at Volturi Records for supporting us during our hiatus and then welcoming us back into the label family." The cheers from the crowd of fans bolsters me and Edward smiles when I look at him.

"This album tells the story of first love, first heartache, the first breakup, and the first time you pull yourself up and move on."

The familiar sounds of our first track, an upbeat, light dance number, begin, and I feel my heart, body, and soul move into the music.

How 'bout, baby, we make a promise

To not promise anything more than one night

Complicated situations only get worse in the morning light

Hey, I'm just looking for a good time.

I can see people dancing on the floor as Edward sidles up to me and sings with me into my mic. I'm always enthralled by my husband but never more so than when we're making music together. Smiling, laughing, jumping, and dancing … I know we've still got it.

When we move into "Slow Down Sister", Edward shines with his smooth baritone, and I see several women swoon.

Me too, ladies.

The song about a man wanting to back off on his new relationship and telling his girl to take it easy is always hilarious to me, especially since that was the exact opposite of Edward and me.

As we make our way through the album, the crowd warms up even more, and I know by the end of the evening we've won over any remaining doubters. Now, we just have to get on the road and convince the masses across the globe.

When we come off the stage, Tanya is tapping away on her phone, but she's beaming. "You two killed it," she tells us as she slips her phone away. "The label is happy, the fans here are excited, and initial ticket sales are looking really good."

"Why do I feel like there's a 'but' lurking in there?" Edward asks but Tanya shakes her head.

"Somehow, you two have pulled this off. Enjoy your weekend; rehearsals start on Monday." Tanya walks away to head off some record label suits, and Edward and I take a moment to ourselves.

I grab his neck and pull his lips down to mine. "I love you." I press a kiss to his lips, and he smiles against my mouth.

"I love you too. I'm proud of our kids, aren't you?"

"Yeah, but I don't want to think about them right now." I laugh as he pulls away and drags me to our dressing room.

"It's been a long time since we've had a quickie like this, but I think I've still got it," Edward says as he closes the door behind us.

Yeah, he does.


Our first single, "Lookin' for a Good Time", hit number eleven on the Billboard Country chart. We were a huge hit overseas, which we looked at as a benefit since we were starting the tour in Italy and hitting twelve different European countries in the first leg of the tour. Once we had landed in Italy and done some sightseeing as a family, we buckled down and got ready for opening night.

Edward had tried to learn a few key phrases in Italian, and the translator the label had set us up with worked with him as well. By the time curtain call came around, he was ready. The kids were bustling with nervous energy, and I, the seasoned pro over the other three, was a wreck.

I grabbed my kids' hands with Edward rounding out the circle. "We've never been a religious family, and we're not going to start with a prayer or anything now. But I want to tell you that I love you, and your father and I are so proud of you."

Rhythm smiles and looks to his older sister. "We're happy to hear you say that. I mean, we know you are, but …"

"What my idiot brother is trying to say is that depending on how this goes for us … we're interested in forming our own duo," Harmony tells us.

Edward, standing across from me in our little circle, snaps his head up to lock eyes with mine. I would be lying if I hadn't suspected something, but to hear it now, right before we have our first show, was something else.

"You know that we will always support you." Edward nods and pulls all of us into his arms. "Let's see how this goes."

When Edward greets the crowd in Italian, they go wild. We open with a few songs from our back catalog before moving into the new album setlist.

So slow down, sister, 'cause I just can't love ya

But I just can't get you off my mind

Oh and Lord knows I need ya

But I just don't want to

Put this rusted heart upon the line

I've heard people say

That I'm crazy

That I'm crazy for avoiding you

But, honey, I got my freedom

And my reasons

All the reasons for what I do

But that last kiss just did me in

And I don't wanna look at you as something

More than a friend

As Edward is singing lead, I can't help but think of the parallels between the meaning of this song and what's going on with my kids. As parents, we so want them to be grown and independent, living their own lives and reaching their goals. But when that time comes, we want all that time to slow down.

This song is about something completely different, but it's not lost on me, and I can tell it isn't lost on Edward as he meets my gaze. He gives me a reassuring smile and we make it through the set before closing out with an oldie but a goodie.


When we hit the Latin American leg of the tour, we've been on the road together for three months, and I know something is going on with my daughter. She's been quiet; Harmony is never quiet. She is reserved by nature, but her mouth runs a mile a minute, even when she's got her guard up.

We have a core group of crewmembers who came with us from the states, and I'm pretty sure she's taken a shine to someone. I kept an eye on her as we moved through Peru, Chile, and Argentina. When we hit Brazil and the translator offered to take the kids out for a night on the town and Harmony refused, I knew for sure.

I set up Edward and Rhythm with some video games and left them to it and ordered some room service for Harmony and myself. I wasn't going to force her to talk if she didn't want to, but my baby's heart had already been broken once; I wasn't ready for her to go through that again.

When I get her to my room under the guise of movies and junk food, she crawls onto my bed and into my arms. "Mama."

One word and I don't care about anything else in the world; the only thing that matters is my baby girl.

"I met a boy." Her voice is muffled with her face pressed into my shoulder. "He's amazing, and I don't know what to do."

"Oh, baby, tell me everything." I pull her away from me and settled in for the ride.

Stefan is a young roadie who came on tour with his father and is only a year older than Harmony. He's interested in music but is attending Stanford and majoring in Ethics. He's taking the first year of the tour off from school, and then returning to school before we hit Australia. The following evening, I let Harmony take lead vocals on "Can't Take My Eyes Off You". She's feeling the words that she wrote, and she wants to drive the point home.

I'm fallin' fast, but the truth is I'm not scared at all

You climbed my walls

So lay here beside me, just hold me and don't let go

This feeling I'm feeling is something I've never known

And I just can't take my eyes off you

And I just can't take my eyes off you

Off you, off you

So lay here beside me, just hold me and don't let go

This feeling I'm feeling is something I've never known

And I just can't take my eyes off you

And I just can't take my eyes off you

Edward is less than pleased.



Bella decided to wait two months and seven countries to tell me about Harmony and Stefan.

"Edward, there isn't anything either of us can do about it. She's happy; he makes her happy. And she's an adult."

My wife was trying to placate me as we got ready for the show, and I scoffed. "Just because she's over eighteen doesn't mean that—"

"You better watch your mouth, Edward Cullen." Bella swivels in her chair and leans forward with narrowed eyes. "Just because she's our daughter doesn't mean that we can dictate anything to her. She's old enough to make her own decisions. We've raised both our kids to be smart; we can't protect them forever."

"She's my baby." It's a simple but true statement. I love both of my kids, but Harmony and I have always had a special bond.

"I know it." She turns back around to the mirror. "Which is why you and I will be having lunch with Harmony and Stefan tomorrow."

I'm about to complain, but my wife interrupts me. "No whining, Cullen. This is happening."

The next day, I'm annoyed to find that I'm delighted by Stefan. He managed to trip over air, spill his water down the front of his shirt, and choke on his food, and he did it all with an affable air about him. He was able to laugh at himself and not freak out over anything that happened.

When I teased that I hoped he was more careful with my daughter, he turned quiet and serious. "Mr. Cullen, Harmony is sweet and kind, but she isn't made of glass. I like to think that I treat her very well but also that we communicate enough to the point that she would tell me if I wasn't."

He passed whatever test I'd conjured up in my mind, and that evening while we performed, I sang to my daughter on the stage.

Ooh, baby, baby

Something's just a little bit different in your eyes tonight

Well, they look twice as bright

Ooh, baby, baby

Something's changed that I can't quite put my finger on

Well, I've been rackin' my brain, wait just a minute

Hold on now, well I get it

Love, love, love's lookin' good, good, good on you

Well, can you feel it, oh, everybody sees it

How your sweet smile has a way of lighting up the room

Yeah, you shine like diamonds in everything you do

(You shine like diamonds do)

Oh love, love, love's lookin' good, good, good on you

But it isn't until Bella lets Harmony pick up the bridge that everything is going to change for her and our family. Her voice is softer and less worn than her mother's, but her intention is clear when she sings the words.

I knew right away from the very first kiss

That it doesn't get much better than this

We fit just like a favorite pair of jeans

We just keep coming back for more

Like two kids in a candy store

Now I know what everybody means when they say

Love, love, love's lookin' good, good, good on you


Well into the fourth leg of the tour and the first go-round in North America, Rhythm came to us with some news of his own.

"I'm going to learn sign language from one of the interpreters." He walked back to his bunk and buried his face in his phone, and that was the last we thought we'd hear about it. Bella and I had made the decision with the label that we would hire our own interpreters who were well versed in at least a dozen variations of sign language. We knew there was a gap there in accessibility, so we decided to close it.

Hearing that Rhythm wanted to learn wasn't so shocking, but it was not knowing why. He was our pragmatic kid, always had a rhyme and reason for everything and always had a plan and an excuse to go along with it. So, a statement from this kid without anything behind it was surprising.

Then Tanya sends us the video. It's of a young girl who explains through sign language that she is deaf but loves our lyrics and wants to come to a show, but her parents think it's a waste of money for the tickets. Again, what Bella and I don't expect is a response video from our son, signing to the girl and explaining that there will be two tickets waiting for her at the "will call" window when we reach the city closest to hers.

He stumbles through the hand movements, but the dedication is there. We couldn't be prouder of him. When we all meet the girl and her mother, who admits that she felt awful that she made her daughter feel like she couldn't ask to come to the show, Bella and I witness something even more amazing than our son signing with this young fan.

It is more than obvious that he's developed feelings for the interpreter, Liam. The lingering glances, the soft touches when Liam corrects Rhythm's hand placement, and the way they lean into each other tells me that the feeling is mutual.

This time, Bella isn't happy at first. After our show that evening, she's pacing in our green room and asking me a million questions about Liam. "And how many tattoos does he have, Edward? Did we hire him with that many? And the piercings!"

"Bella, baby, what were we just saying about Harmony a few months ago?"

She turns on her heel and glares at me, and then takes a deep breath. "Okay. You set up the lunch. I'm exhausted just thinking about it."

Three days and a four-hour lunch later, I'm pretty sure Bella was ready to adopt Liam as one of her own and be done with it. Later that night while the four of us are getting ready, Bella tells the kids that they're taking the lead on our latest single.

"I think it's appropriate, given both of your circumstances. Own it. You make us proud every single day."

When Rhythm picks up the drum line and begins to sing, the crowd in the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville loses their minds.

I run from hate

I run from prejudice

I run from pessimists

But I run too late

I run my life

Or is it running me

Run from my past

I run too fast

Or too slow it seems

When lies become the truth

That's when I run to you

This world keeps spinning faster

Into a new disaster

So, I run to you

I run to you, baby,

When it all starts coming undone,

Baby, you're the only one I run to

I run to you


We have a blessed and much needed four days off between shows by the time we reach Australia. Harmony had been in a sour mood since her boyfriend, Stefan, was returning to California for school. It didn't help that while she was repairing her tender heart, Rhythm seemed to be thriving in his new relationship.

So, when we didn't see her the first full day we were in the country, we weren't surprised. When we didn't see her the second day, we started to get worried. On the third day, we were planning an intervention when Rhythm came to us, sheepishly, and held out his phone.

On FaceTime, we saw Harmony smiling with an equally happy-looking Stefan. I was about to scold her for not telling us she had flown him to be with her when Bella gripped my hand. I heard the familiar phrase from a disembodied voice. "If anyone present should know of any reason that this couple should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace."

We watched with our son, in a mix of awe and horror, as our firstborn child, our only daughter, eloped with her boyfriend of less than a year and became a married woman before our eyes.

"Mom, Dad, I'm sure you're not happy. But I am; we are." Stefan appears by her side and smiles sheepishly. "We'll meet you in New Zealand in a couple weeks." With that, my baby girl was someone's wife.


When we hit New Zealand, the media furor over Harmony and Stefan's elopement had reached a frenzy, and we welcomed them with open arms and all the advice we could offer. While we had been down the same road, we had also been older, and we had the benefit of the past twenty years to prove that we made it. These two kids weren't in the same situation, and the attention was getting to them.

What was worse is that Harmony's ex-boyfriend, the one who prompted so much of this songwriting, gave an interview to a tabloid and called my daughter a "spoiled brat who wouldn't be able to take care of herself without her parents' money".

That hit hard and Harmony was pissed, to say the very least. We all were. But Bella was wise enough to point out that he probably got paid for his words, so he'd say anything to make the money.

She took the first New Zealand show off, but come the second show in Dunedin, she was ready to be heard.

"Friends, you may have heard some exciting news recently," Harmony shouts to the crowd, and cheers rise up as the screens around the arena show our approved photo of the newlyweds. "We couldn't be happier, but there's one person trying to come for me and my new husband. I just have one thing to say to that."

She begins plucking at the guitar strings, and the crowd erupts in applause.

It's so like you just to show up at my door

And act like nothin's happened

You think I'll sweep my heart up off the floor

And give it to you

Like so many times before

You're talking to a stranger

I'm not that girl anymore

That girl is long gone

Boy, you missed the boat; it just sailed away

Long gone

She's not drowning in her yesterdays

Betcha never thought I'd be that strong

Well this girl is long gone



With Harmony feeling confident in her new marriage, and Edward and I happy to see her so content, our focus shifted to Rhythm and his relationship with Liam. However, seven months after they started dating, Liam broke up with Rhythm in a very public and vocal way.

Whenever Rhythm would be singing, Liam would refuse to sign for those people in the hard of hearing section. When we sat down with him to try to figure out what was going on, he wouldn't give us any kind of solid answers and told us that he was quitting the tour. This was all news to our son.

Broken-hearted and trying to cope, Rhythm took "All We'd Ever Need" from a duet to a solo, with Harmony and I backing him up on vocals.

My friends think I'm moving on

But the truth is I'm not that strong

And nobody knows it but me

And I've kept all the words you said

In a box underneath my bed

And nobody knows it but me

But if you're happy, I'll get through somehow

But the truth is that I've been screaming out

I should've been chasing you

I should've been trying to prove

That you were all that mattered to me

I should've said all the things

That I kept inside of me

And maybe I could've made you believe

That what we had

Was all we'd ever need

After five months of my son singing this song by himself every show, he finally came to us and told us he was done. Not with the song but with the tour. He was ready to set things aside for a while and start college. We talked long about what the future could hold for him, and while he wasn't sure what he wanted to do, he knew he needed to step back.

We agreed and only asked that he rejoin us for the final show in Seattle. It was our home after all where his father and I got our start and where my musical journey started.

"I get it, Mom; without Seattle, there would be none of this." We said our goodbyes and sent Rhythm home to his grandparents, who would act as his home base while he prepared for school.

When we reached Europe again, I was longing for how things used to be—our kids by our side, making music together. Just our little circle.

"Babe, weren't you the one who told me that kids grow up and we have to trust that we've given them all the tools to succeed?" Edward smirks as he rubs my shoulders, and I stick my tongue.

"I love you, but shut up. I can miss how things were."

"Things People Say" and "Love Don't Live Here" quickly became our most popular singles from the album; all in all, we released four singles, and they all reached at least the top ten on not only the Billboard Country Charts, but two peaked at number three on Billboard Hot 100.

Closing in on almost two and half years on tour, Edward and I were feeling a little frayed around the edges. Ready to return to our life and our home base, our nerves were shot, and we found ourselves at each other's throats for the smallest infractions.

I was waiting in our hotel room for Rhythm to arrive from the airport while Harmony and Edward work out a tune together. They keep going back and forth, and while I never thought I'd say this, the music is driving me insane.

"Guys, can we stop for a little while? I haven't been feeling great, and I'm just so anxious to see your brother." I get up and begin pacing as the two of them share a look.

"Of course, sorry, Mom." My daughter sighs, and I stop pacing to hug her and apologize.

When my son's knock resounds at the door and we greet him with Edward's parents, sister Rosalie, and her husband, Emmett, I realize that I'd been missing my entire family. They'd all been out to see us at different times, but we hadn't all been together in so long that my heart longed for the comfort they bring.

Being back in the Key Arena and performing for our loudest and longest fans is the last little bit I needed to boost my soul. We take a short intermission, and I know something is wrong when I have to rush to the restroom. The sickness overtakes me so quickly that I don't know what's going on for sure. A tiny knock sounds at the door, and Harmony slips in with a small box in her hand.

"Mom, you've been sick for a while now. I know you and Daddy have been struggling a little bit, but maybe you should check." She hands over a pregnancy test, and I can feel the bile rising back up in my throat.

Five minutes later, Harmony and I are crying and staring at the little stick with two parallel lines on it. "You have to tell Dad before you go back out there." She drags me up off the toilet seat and wipes my face with a damp towel. "He has his own surprise for you."

I find my two guys huddled close together, going over sheet music when they both turn to look at us. I look to Edward and see the man I met twenty years ago in an audition—full of hope and potential. I see my first babies, grown and thriving in their own lives. Instinctually, my hand hovers over my abdomen, and Edward's all-seeing eyes catch the subtle movement.

"Chance Music, five minutes. Five minutes, Chance Music." The voice over the loudspeaker in the back pulls all of us back to the present.

Edward rushes to me and gently lifts me into his arms and we kiss. "I thought we weren't planning—"

"I'm not sure what happened, but first thing tomorrow, we're going to the doctor to be sure."

He kisses me again and sets me down. "I love you, Bella. I've loved you since that first day we met, and I'll love you until my last breath."

"Jesus, you two were bad when we were kids; it's worse now," Rhythm complains, but he's smiling. "Don't you have something for Mom?"

Edward smiles and hands me the sheet music they were going over when we walked in. "I wrote you a song."

I gasp. "You wrote me a song on tour? I love when you do that."

"One minute. Set stage, Chance Music."

"Can you pull it off?" I look over the music and lyrics and nod.

"With you? Of course."


"Seattle, you have been amazing. We always love coming home to you!"

Our kids bring up four stools, and we sit in front of the crowd. Harmony is holding a Nino cabasa while Rhythm has his guitar, and Edward and I share a microphone. "I don't know if you all remember, but it's sort of my tradition to write a song for my wife while we're on tour," Edward explains as we situate ourselves. The crowd erupts into cheers and applause. "Oh, you do remember? Well then, if you'll indulge us for our closing number with no encore tonight …"

The soft guitar begins to play, and in a few measures, Harmony accompanies her brother on percussion. Edward grips my hand, and he nods ever so slightly when I should begin.

Picture perfect memories

Scattered all around the floor

Reaching for the phone 'cause

I can't fight it anymore.

And I wonder if I ever cross your mind.

For me, it happens all the time.

It's a quarter after one.

I'm all alone and I need you now.

Said I wouldn't call, but I lost all control

And I need you now.

And I don't know how I can do without

I just need you now.

In that first verse, I remember what it was like when we first went on tour. When I was trying to convince myself that I wasn't falling for him … and failing miserably at it. When Edward sings, he drops into a baritone that I've never heard before.

Another shot of whiskey

Can't stop looking at the door.

Wishing you'd come sweeping in the way you did before.

And I wonder if I ever cross your mind.

For me, it happens all the time.

It's a quarter after one.

I'm a little drunk and I need you now.

Said I wouldn't call, but I lost all control

And I need you now.

And I don't know how I can do without

I just need you now.

It's eerily quiet in the arena, the crowd taking in the song and the band waiting to join us at just the right time and at my husband's direction.

Yes, I'd rather hurt than feel nothing at all.

Edward gives his cue to the band, unknown to the crowd and me. When they come in, every instrument accompanying us, I feel what I've missed the last couple of months—the sense of awe and theater. The shows were getting stagnant, and this is exactly what we needed. Together, Edward and I close out the song.

It's a quarter after one.

I'm all alone and I need you now.

And I said I wouldn't call

But I'm a little drunk and I need you now.

And I don't know how I can do without

I just need you now.

I just need you now.

Oh baby I need you now.

The band goes into a medley that we arranged of some of our biggest hits as we take our bows and wave to the crowd. Hugging each other and our kids, going to rock out with the band, the final bow takes about twenty minutes.

In the end, when we're ready to say goodbye, the four of us link hands and move downstage and take our last bow.

For now.

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