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Chapter 12- Angela

"This just in: we have received word about a potential lawsuit against singer Anthony Masen, but it's not brought by his former partner, Bella Swan. No, this is by a former crewmember from their 2015 tour. The as-of-yet unnamed plaintiff has accused Masen of sexual assault and attempted rape. The court documents were filed in California. That's all we have so far as both the camps for Anthony Masen and Bella Swan have refused to comment. I'm Scott Evans. Keep it here on Access Hollywood for the latest information."


"How did you get Angela to agree and the case filed in a day?" I ask Bella as we sit on a private jet, descending into San Diego.

"I wish I could take credit for it, but Angela had already drawn up the paperwork and was just waiting for a sign to file it. Yesterday and the phone call from Tanya and myself was the kicker. She has a good lawyer who did the leg work," Bella says. "Now, it's a waiting game. I want vengeance for Angela. I want to see Anthony knocked down several pegs, but I don't want her name dragged through the mud."

I grab her hand, bring it to my lips, and press a kiss to her knuckles. "Then you'll take care of her. Protect her and make sure no one messes with her."

"You're right." She sighs as the pilot lands and pulls us to the tarmac. "I haven't been back since then, you know? I had them skip San Diego on my solo tours."

"You're back now, we've got two shows to do, and it's going to be amazing," I tell her as we disembark and head to waiting cars.

San Diego is indeed split into two shows in one day, so as soon as we make it to the arena, we're already doing mic checks and getting into our outfits, and Bella is applying her makeup.

We know from Tanya and Rose that more information about the lawsuit has come out, and we're all nervous about the shows. Angela's name has been dropped, and San Diego 2015 has been mentioned. However, we're nowhere near prepared for what actually greets us inside the arena when we come on stage to start the show.

Thousands of posters with Angela's name with hearts and empowering sentiments pop up as soon as we step on stage. Bella grasps my hand and pulls me close to point out some of the signs that catch her eye. She's crying softly and overcome with emotion. She grabs her mic and screams, "We love you, San Diego!"

I press a kiss to the top of her head and move to stage left and settle at my keyboard for our opening number, but Bella isn't finished yet.

"I've missed spending time in America's Finest City, and I'm sorry I stayed away so long." She perches on a stool, places her mic in the stand, and grabs her guitar. "We had planned to sneak this song somewhere in the middle of the show, but I think now is a good time to do it. Terrible opener, great tribute."

She begins to strum the opening chords to The Rolling Stones' Angie and the crowd cheers.

Angie, Angie

When will those dark clouds all disappear

Angie, Angie

Where will it lead us from here

With no lovin' in our souls

And no money in our coats

You can't say we're satisfied

Angie, Angie

As I sing and Bella plays, the crowd sways to the music in the arena with cellphones held high, either capturing the moment or using their flashlight to light the place.

Where will it lead us from here Oh, Angie, don't you wish

Oh your kisses still taste sweet I hate that sadness in your eyes

But Angie Angie Ain't it time we said goodbye

With no lovin' in our souls

And no money in our coats

You can't say we're satisfied

Angie, I still love you baby

Everywhere I look I see your eyes

There ain't a woman that comes close to you

Come on baby dry your eyes

Angie, Angie ain't good to be alive

Angie, Angie, we can't say we never tried

As we segue into our regular setlist, I wonder how this will affect Angela and whether she's cruising the internet to stay on top of the gossip. We take a small break an hour into the show, and while we're hydrating, Tanya comes to whisper in Bella's ear.

"She is? That's great! Bring her over." Bella grins and turns to me. "Angela's here."

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