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Chapter 9- Boston


New York turned out to be exhausting since the label and the promoters added an afternoon show on our second date. Edward and I were surprised that we hadn't heard about it sooner, but we pulled through and did our best.

For the afternoon show, we did a dueling piano bit to Billy Joel's "Piano Man". It may have been cliché, but the crowd loved it! In between the shows, when we should have been resting, Edward and I snuck out and I treated him to his first taste of falafel. We walked around the city for a little bit but finally decided we should head back to the hotel to rest.

Edward has been very attentive and has been asking me a ton of questions about my life and how I view and feel about things. When I ask him why I'm getting the twenty questions, he just says he wants to know me.

New York took us to Pittsburgh for one show where we hadn't sold out every seat, and we were a little disappointed. Apparently, Anthony had a large fan base in Pittsburgh since he was from Philadelphia, and we couldn't sell out those shows either. Day off from the show, we went to a local radio station and raffled off tickets for contest winners, but even that didn't fill the seats.

I was never so grateful to get to Boston. There's something about this old city with so much new in it that draws me in. Something about the history and architecture, the old and new comingling together.

Pulling into Boston, I tell Edward how I would like to live here one day. "No one pays attention to who I am here. It's a nice change from LA or even Seattle."

"It's beautiful, I'll admit that," he says as he moves closer to me. "But it's so far away from everything."

"I'm not close to my parents and I'm an only child. I love Seattle and Los Angeles, but it's hard to live there full-time. I could live here part-time just to get away," I tell him as everyone starts to unload at the venue. "I could start watching sunrises instead of sunsets; snow for Christmas would be nice. No one knows my name here; I could start a new life."

"You could live here part-time whenever you wanted, but you can never start a new life, Bella." Edward shifts to face me. "Everyone knows your name, and I know that's hard."

"You're so new to this … how could you know?"

"I watch you more than you realize. I see the stress you carry day to day." He wraps an arm around my shoulder and squeezes gently. "Maybe it's time to lean on someone and let them help you carry some of that stress."

I rest my head on his shoulder and sigh; maybe he does get it. Maybe I should ask someone to help carry the load.

Later that night for our second encore, Edward wanted to do a song by Boston, which I felt was a little on the nose, but I agreed. He took the lead, and I was lucky to have the lyrics printed for me since I was slightly unfamiliar with the song.

I don't understand what to say

You take my breath and then you walk away

Your life goes on without me

And you can look right at me

But in your eyes it's a mystery

What do you feel about me?

The arena had their phones lit up and everyone was swaying to the music as Edward made his way over to share my mic. I realized he was singing to me, not the crowd.

Tell me if it's real

Tell me what you feel in my love

Tell me what you need

Tell me you believe in my love

Tell what to give

Tell me how to live for your love

Tell me what you see

Tell me to believe in your love

With the cheering and applause in the background, I did the unthinkable—I pressed a quick kiss to his lips on stage in front of thousands.

"You've been amazing, Boston! We love you!" I clear my throat and take a step back to grab my own guitar from a roadie and begin to strum the opening chords to "Boston" by Augustana.

In the light of the sun

Is there anyone?

Oh, it has begun

Oh, dear, you look so lost

Your eyes are red when tears are shed

The world you must have crossed, you said

You don't know me, you don't even care

Oh yeah, you said

You don't know me, and you don't wear my chains

Oh yeah

With the crowd singing along with us, I realized that I couldn't stay away from Edward any longer and trying to would just be futile.

I'll get out of California

I'm tired of the weather

I think I'll get a lover

I'll fly 'em out to Spain

I think I'll go to Boston

I think that I was tired

I think I need a new town

To leave this all behind

I think I need a sunrise

I'm tired of a sunset

Here it's nice in the summer

Some snow would be nice, oh yeah

Wrapping up with a flourish from the entire band, Edward and I grab hands and bow to the crowd. "We love you, Boston! You've been amazing!"

We run off the stage, and while we're panting and having our mics removed and getting towels and water bottles from Tanya and Rose, we can't stop our eyes from locking. I see nothing but him, and I know he feels the same.

It changed today, tonight. It's either going to work and be a roller coaster of adventure or we're going to crash and burn. However it goes, I'm ready to take the leap.

Tell Me by Boston

Boston by Augustana

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