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"I'm Scott Evans, and this is an Access Hollywood Scoop! In a press release today, singer Anthony Masen announced he was dropping out of the upcoming 40-city reunion tour with former bandmate, Bella Swan. Masen was quoted,

'I didn't really want to do the reunion tour and felt pressured from the beginning by the record label and Bella herself. Ultimately, I want to focus on my solo career' end quote.

When we contacted Bella Swan's camp for a reaction, she released this quote,

'I'm stunned to hear that Anthony felt pressured in any way, shape, or form to commit to the tour especially since we were stumbling over our own feet to accommodate his requests. I wish Anthony the best of luck in his continued solo career and may his latest album have the same sales as his first'"

Scott smiles coyly into the camera. "As most of you know, Anthony Masen's self-titled first album fell flat among fans and critics, failing to give him that immediate success unlike Bella Swan and her meteoric rise to fame as a solo artist. For those of you keeping score at home, that's Bella-1 and Anthony-0.

"Volturi Records is going ahead with the tour as planned without any word on whether it will be a solo tour for Bella or if she'll have another band or singer join her. Either way, it's sure to be a great show."

A/N: Hi everyone! Thanks for joining me once again! Updates will be every two weeks. There's going to be a lot of song lyrics included in this story, so I want to make a blanket statement now: Unless specifically stated, all songs should be considered originals by the band featured in the story. I will, of course, give credit to the actual performers at the end of the chapter featuring songs. But we cool? Everybody get it? Okay good! Love you all!

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