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Chapter 1


Summary: At the end of his long life, Harry finds himself at King's Cross once again. There, he meets Death who gives him a choice. Move on, or try again, in another world, very similar to his own, to fix what he couldn't and save whom he couldn't in his old world. Harry accepts to try again, wanting to right all the wrongs of his past life. He knew that he wasn't going to be the exact same but he didn't expect to be a girl. Do-Over Fic (in a way).

Pairing: FemHarry/Severus (very) eventually.

Warnings: Female Harry Potter, Time Travel, Do-Over, Genderbending, Girl-Who-Lived, Slytherin!FemHarry, Good Slytherins, Mentor!Snape, Good!Malfoy Family, Good!Severus Snape, Alternate Canon, Canon Rewrite, Powerful!FemHarry, Smart!FemHarry, Manipulative!Dumbledore but Well-Meaning!Dumbledore (but he still screws up a lot), you know, like in canon.

Here's my new fanfiction. It will be a FemHarry/Snape, but very later on, and it will span all the seven books but since it's a do-over fic, there will be differences from Canon, since FemHarry will go out of her way to actually change things. I imagine FemHarry (when she will be a little older, 15/16/17 etc) as Zoey Deutch as she looked in Ringer or Vampire Academy but with emerald green eyes, and – as the opposite of canon – she will be basically identical to Lily but with dark hair like her father (just look for photos of Zoey with red hair and imagine her with green eyes, that's Lily).

(Also, don't worry about Snape trying to use her to replace Lily, that won't happen. At first, maybe, FemHarry's resemblance to Lily will make it so that Snape doesn't hate her instantly like canon Harry because of his resemblance to James, but Snape will realize that FemHarry is very much her own person, different from Lily and he will love her for her. Like I already said in another story, I don't think Snape's love for Lily was at all romantic, he just mistook it for that because he didn't know anything else and Lily was basically the only person he was really close to until he lost her. And of course, blaming himself for that, and for her death, he was never really able to let her go. He probably felt like letting her go meant absolving himself on his guilt for her death and he couldn't have that so he held on to her almost obsessively. That's what I think, at least, and I'm going to explore that in my story with the relationship he will develop with FemHarry, first completely platonic, with him becoming a mentor for her, and then developing into a romantic one when she grows up.)

Hope you like it. Read and Review!


When Harry opened his eyes, he wasn't surprised of his surroundings. A century had passed since he had found himself in this place but everything was exactly the same as he remembered it. White and nebulous and then slowly taking the shape of a deserted King's Cross station.

He got up from the floor, naked but uncaring of his state. He looked at his hands, but found no wrinkles in them. He looked down at his body and found it toned and fit again, though unhealthily skinny. He brought a hand to his face and like he thought – no long beard, no wrinkles there either. He looked young again, and, if he wasn't much mistaken, he looked like the last time he had been there, after Voldemort had killed him.

This time though, there was no red, ugly baby crying under a bench and there was no Dumbledore waiting for him.

He decided to wear some clothes just in case someone would come to greet him. Jeans and a t-shirt immediately covered his body as soon as he thought of them, clothes he hadn't worn in so long, not since he had been in his twenties.

"Harry Potter." A low, chilling voice, like whispering wind, said from behind him.

Harry turned around. The being in front of him wasn't human, and it wasn't like anything he had ever seen either, and yet, he recognized it immediately. It looked like it was depicted in the story, the Tale of the Three Brothers. Long, black cloak with a hood that covered its face, and a long, sharp-looking scythe. It was Death.

"Hello." Harry replied, unsure how one was supposed to great Death. "Are you here to lead me on, to my next great adventure as Dumbledore would have called it?"

"I could," Death replied, voice so cold it could have turned his blood into ice if Harry still lived, but not purposefully threatening. "if that is what you wish."

"I get to choose?" Harry asked, surprised. "Again?"

"You are the Master of Death still. You can choose to die, really die, whenever you wish to."

"I do wish to. I want to see my loved ones again."

"I understand. But what if I told you that you could see your loved ones again, they just won't be the same ones you knew?"

"What do you mean?"

"What if I told you that there was a way for you to do it all over again. To fix things. Would you take it? I know you have regrets."

Harry did. He had so many regrets. He had just learnt to live with them because, what else could he have done? There was no way to turn back time. The time-turners had been destroyed at the Ministry and not even with those, he could have managed to change all that he really wanted to change. He had needed to go too far back to manage it, back at the beginning. No, that was a door he couldn't open, and so he kept it forcefully shut in his mind. Even if…thoughts of him especially, were difficult to ignore.

"I do have regrets, yes. But the past can't be changed, not really. What's done is done."

"Ah, but you won't be changing the past, not exactly. Where I would send you, won't be your past but someone's else present, another you."

"You're saying that you could send me in another world? Is that possible?"

"Everything is possible here. You aren't bound by your mortal body anymore. You could decide to board a train right now, or…"

"How would that work?"

Death shrugged, or at least, that was the impression Harry got, though it hadn't really moved. "It's a very simple process really. Just a snap of the fingers and your soul will be sent somewhere else. If you're interested, that is…"

Harry was tempted, so very tempted, but was it wise? What if he screwed it all up? Voldemort was dead. He could very well make things worse.

"You could." Death said, seemingly able to read his mind. "But that is life. And life is always a risk. You need to decide if this is a risk worth taking."

"Can I save them? Cedric, and Sirius and Dumbledore, and Remus and Tonks, and Dobby, and Hedwig, and Moody, and Fred? And…and him? Snape? Can I save them all?"

"You could certainly try. While you won't remember past the point you came here the first time – though you will remember this moment –, you will have enough knowledge to know what you will need to change and you will have your magic at the same level it was when you defeated Voldemort. And yet, you will also not be you anymore, not the exact same you anyway. Still the child of the prophecy, still Lily and James Potter's child. But not the same as you were."

"But the rest? Will it be the same?"

"Up until the point you will join this new reality, yes. The Prophecy will be made and overheard, Severus will beg Dumbledore to protect Lily, the Potters will be targeted and then betrayed by Pettigrew. They will be killed but Lily dying for you will allow you to survive while Voldemort's body will be destroyed. Sirius Black will be sent to Azkaban without a trial and you will be sent to your aunt and uncle until your Hogwarts letter will be delivered."

"So that's when you plan on sending me, the day my Hogwarts letter arrived?"

"That is the beginning, isn't? Not the beginning of everything, of course. But the beginning, for you."

Harry nodded. "Yes. I wondered more than once what would have happened if, instead of bringing that letter to the kitchen, I would have hidden it under my shirt and then read it later at night, in the cupboard. If I had answered that letter. Would Hagrid still have been the one who showed up? That was when it started, my dislike and distrust towards everything slytherin, because of what people told me. Hagrid, Ron. And Draco Malfoy's first impression wasn't the best.

"I wondered so many times what would have happened if I let the sorting Hat put me in Slytherin as it wanted to, if I hadn't refused Draco Malfoy's offer of friendship. He told me, you know, many years later, that he really wanted to be my friend, that it wasn't just because of his father, or because I was the Boy-Who-Lived. He wanted to be friends with the boy he met at Madam Malkin's. And he was so disappointed, his pride so hurt, when I rejected him and chose a Weasley of all people as my friend. I wondered if being in Slytherin would have helped change Snape's perspective of me. Help him realize that I wasn't my father reincarnate. So many what-ifs…"

"I take it you're interested then, in my offer?"

"Yes. What's the catch, though? I don't believe you're sending me there out of the goodness of your heart. That is, if you have a heart at all."

Harry couldn't see its face, only a black hole where the face was supposed to be, but he still had the impression Death was smirking. "There is a small catch, yes."

"Of course, there is. What is it?"

"You're the Master of Death because you not only became the Master of all three of my Hallows, but you also willing accepted to die. And by accepting to die, you defeated me. You defeated Death."

Harry nodded, understanding where this was going. "So, you want me not to become Master of the Hallows, and you want me not to sacrifice myself so that I won't become Master of Death a second time. But how am I supposed to destroy the Horcrux in my scar and defeat Voldemort without dying?"

"Well, that is easy. You won't be a Horcrux this time around. You don't need the connection to Voldemort this time to defeat him. You will still be able to speak and understand parseltongue but your scar won't hurt anymore and you won't see inside Voldemort's head anymore."

"Just like that?"

"Just like that. I told you, everything is possible here. I will make it so that where you're going, your other you's body won't be a Horcrux and in exchange, you'll promise me that you won't collect my Hallows. And, before you ask, yes, you can keep your cloak. But not the Stone or the Wand."

"I will destroy the Stone with the Horcrux so that Dumbledore won't be tempted to put the ring on like last time. And Dumbledore will remain the Master of the Elder Wand, I don't need it."

"No, you're more powerful than Dumbledore was with the Wand. You certainly do not need it."

Harry nodded, knowing that Death was right. Harry had never considered himself more than a rather average wizard but after the Final Battle, when he came into his Magical Maturity, and once the Horcrux inside his scar was destroyed and his magic wasn't forced to heal his body constantly, he realized that he had more magic than he had ever thought possible. More powerful than Dumbledore, en-par with Voldemort easily, at least in raw magical power.

"So, do we have a deal?" Death asked him.

Was he really going to do this? He was finally finished. He could move on, have peace, finally. And yet, he knew he couldn't pass this opportunity up. If he did, he would just add one more regret to the list, one more what-if. No, he knew he needed to, at least, try. If he could save them, if there was a slight chance to save them all, he would take it. He had to.

"Yes." He said and that was that. Death snapped his fingers – of the skeletal hand not holding the scythe – and then he knew no more.

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