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Sinister: Epilogue

AN: Okay….okay…. A lot of you want to know what happened at the end of Sinister so here's an epilogue.

I really am glad you guys enjoyed that so much, including 'One Final Request' (This series will have happy ones!)

Sinister: Epilogue

Bella laughed as Peter twirled her around in a circle, pulling her close after, his body humming in content as she ran her fingers through his hair. "How do you feel?" He whispered. Bella sighed, pulling him closer if possible.

"I still don't feel anything concerning other people, but for you and dad…I feel…something," She explained, her brow twitching just a bit as she tried to articulate the words. Peter smiled down at her, cupping her chin in his hands. "Thane that's enough for me," He mumbled against her lips, the two swaying against the Christmas music. "I like this holiday," She smiled, humming along with the tune.

"You should kid, I raised you," Charlie piped up, appearing from around the corner. Peter laughed as her eyes sparkled and glowed before she turned from his arms, going straight into Charlie's, her body seeming to melt as he wrapped his arms around her. "It worked," She sighed in relief, a smile on her face.

Charlie squeezed Bella tightly, his new eyes adjusting to everything around him at an alarming rate. He eyed Peter with scrutiny, his eyes taking in his scars. "What the hell happened to you kid?" He raised a brow. Peter just chuckled. "Long story. Glad to see you're not so…dead," He smirked.

Charlie laughed, pulling back to look at Bella. "Me too, so explain to me what happened,"

Bella decided to start from the very beginning, up to the point where Peter found her as he'd be able to explain better than she.

"Bella and including yourself, are not normal vampires. Your venom is more potent and it explains why she was able to turn you after you died, even if yours wasn't a violent death. Your venom restarts the heart no matter how much blood may be in your system. The more, the better. You'll be able to handle yourself in any given situation. Bella is quite different. Her death was a violent one, and there was just enough venom to restart her heart, hence the heartbeat. Yours flutters much faster. It's very interesting. Bella also differs because her soul basically rewrote itself during the changing process, the only thing that brought her back to life. Its sole purpose to inflict revenge upon its enemies. She should be dead, or hell, batshit crazy, but I think if she has the right things to settle her soul, she'll be alright"

He chuckled at the glint in her eye. He cleared his throat as he stared upon Charlie once more. He looked even more human than Bella did. He was like a stronger version of herself. "I took your daughter to four different states where she killed every member of the Cullen coven except Carlisle. She left him to die alone. She even removed his teeth," Peter hummed.

Charlie's eyes widened in shock at that. "You did what?" He asked. Bella just shrugged. "He's right. I did," Charlie was wary of course, but he understood. He just wanted to make sure his baby girl would not go through some weird shit down the line. Some trauma to her brain.

"You have to remember Charlie. Her soul craved revenge," Charlie smoothed down Bella's hair, kissing her forehead. "As long as you gave them hell," He whispered. He suddenly whipped his head towards the door, a low growl rumbling in his chest. "You're good Chief," Peter soothed before going to the door. He raised a brow at the black-haired vampire with golden eyes.

Peter just stared, waiting for him to speak. "I know what she did," The stranger spoke to him, his eyes trying to see behind Peter. Peter just tilted his head. "Right, and if you have a problem, you can get the fuck off my lawn," Bella was beside him in seconds, looking the stranger over. "I know you. You were at my wedding," Peter calmed slightly, but didn't budge. "Yes, Eleazar was it? What are you doing here, and why do you reek of Carlisle?" She growled, Peter's arm wrapping around her waist to hold her still.

Eleazar raised his hands, his eyes wide. "Do not fret. He came to me seeking vengeance against you, and when he told me or tried, I had to see for myself. May I?" Eleazar looked to Peter for permission, then at Bella. Peter pulled her flush against his side, holding her hand, letting the vampire inside. Charlie said nothing but watched with keen curiosity.

Eleazar raked his eyes over Bella in amazement. "It is true. You…You are gifted, a shield for sure. Mentally, it was very hard tracking you down. Your soul has its own gift perse. An aura," He looked worried for a moment, a frown on his face. "What is it?" Peter asked.

Eleazar met his eyes, before nodding to himself. "Her soul is very dark. Black. In the center, there is a white light, very small. It represents some form of happiness in her soul. I'm going to assume it is you two. It seems to pulse, but it does not grow any bigger. I also came here on behalf of the Volturi. Carlisle went as a form of retaliation, but by my findings, this is your nature,"

He rubbed his hands together and nodded. "I was also rather curious, so I had to make the trip. You have seemed to find yourself okay, and there has only been one case like you my dear. I think you might've met her. Victoria. It wasn't widely known, only because after a while, her heart did stop, due to the loss of her mate, and her soul no longer had that spark of life, resulting in her darkness. She had nothing to live for. I was just recently told this information…" He bowed in respect before standing straight once more. "I pray that your soul stays this way," He was gone with the wind, leaving the three of them confused. "So, I'm okay?" She asked, looking to Peter.

He shrugged but nodded anyway. "You seem mighty fine to me sugar," Bella beamed at that, holding out her hand to Charlie. "You know we can eat right?" Charlie's mustache twitched as he smiled. "All the burgers I want?" Bella laughed, nodding. Peter trailed behind them and smiled to himself. His little devil would be fine. If you looked close enough, there was a tiny fleck of brown in her eyes. Just enough to know that the Bella that died two years ago, the soul of the human side of her, was in there somewhere, giving just enough love for the two that mattered to her the most.

AN: So, if you remember in the last chapter of Sinister Carlisle said he hadn't seen the type of vampire Bella was since… before Bella cut him off. He was referring to Victoria. (I really didn't plan this connection, this is just how it flowed out) I hope this suffices.

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