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Sinister: Monster in Laws

Sinister: Monster in Laws


I hummed quietly, my barefoot tapping against the floor. I looked in the side mirror, my dark eyes swimming with blood.

1….2…Bella's coming for you

3…..4…. You cannot lock the door

5…6…. Get your crucifix

7…8…. It's too late

9…10… Let the fun begin

"Are you humming Nightmare on Elm Street?" Peter asked, his vibrant red eyes glancing over at me. He had such pretty eyes and hair. A beautiful human he must've been. "Yeah, it kind of fits," Peter just chuckled beside me, driving on. "Why are you helping me?" I asked suddenly, it just now occurring to me that he doesn't have to help me, he doesn't even have to be here.

"Because I want to," He replied. I turned to him confused. At least I think I was confused. I don't really….feel things anymore. I don't know what love is. I cannot relate with the memories in my mind that tell me I once had a love for Edward. It's like they don't make me feel anything inside.

When I took out his heart, I was asking myself if I felt guilty, was it right? None of it mattered, and I sure as hell didn't feel guilty. I felt nothing except this growing need to ease this hole in my chest. I felt like my own heart was missing.

I didn't have feelings; I couldn't say to myself that what I was doing, I would've never done two years ago. But this is now. Those two years don't even exist. It's not me. I look at things now, and everything bleeds of feeling. It's nauseating. Except for Peter. I feel something for him, and I don't know what that emotion is. Let me not forget Charlie. Based on my memories we were not very close, but he was the only father I had, and I missed him dearly.

I can't recall what he looks like now, but I hope he looks well. What are my intentions once I see him? I can't very well stay, and I doubt he'd be willing to just up and leave his home. What if he's dead?

I watched my eyes flicker in the side mirror. Now that was certainly an emotion. I felt that. I felt loss. I glanced at Peter again, too wondering if he were to die, what would my world be like?


You'll be alone.


"Forever?" I repeated, tilting my head. "What's that darlin'?" Peter asked, his hand resting on my thigh.

You need him like you need to breathe.

Admit it. Even your black soul doesn't want to be alone.

You need him.

"Need?" I asked myself, furrowing my brow. I blinked, looking to Peter who was looking at me confused. "Are you alright?" He asked me, tilting his head at me. "Mhm," I responded, leaning my head back. "Peter?" I asked. "Hmm?" He asked, turning down a dark street.

"Have you ever needed anyone?" I looked over at him, finding his eyes on me again.

So pretty.




"No," He replied.

Does he need me?

Does he want me?

Do I want him?

I looked away, looking into the side mirror once again, my eyes flashing red.

"Not until now. You're the craziest thing I've ever seen. You're exactly what I need in my life," I shot him a smile, a warm feeling settling over me.



He can fix us.





Peter's phone chimed, and he let out a laugh after looking at it. "Your package has arrived," I smiled at that, sighing in content.





I licked my teeth, feeling the sharp prick of my canines. "One….two….Freddy's coming for you," I sing, smiling as Peter picked up after me.

Peter and I stopped at the Victorian mansion, and I couldn't help but roll my eyes. "I see nothing has changed," I mused, grabbing Peter's hand as we all but glided towards the front door. "Carlisle! How could this happen? Do you think it was Aro?" I could hear Esme's soft voice as she cried to Carlisle.

It was so soothing.

How could she?

What about me?

I knock on the front door, looking at Peter briefly. I can hear the shuffling of fabric as one of them came to the door. The large wooden door opened, and there stood Carlisle in all his glory, his brows furrowed, eyes wide. "I see you got my package," I smiled, looping my arm through Peter's.




Ask Peter to take you to Wendy's…



Wait…don't kill…

A look of pure horror replaced his expression of confusion making me laugh. I bounced lightly on my feet, slowly smiling, showing him a row of my teeth. "Good god, it can't be. I haven't seen a creature like this since…" I held up my hand raising a brow. "And I'll be the last creature you'll ever see. I'm honestly debating on killing you. You deserve this. Where were you when I was dying? Where were you when your golden son murdered his wife?"

I snarled, the edges of my vision darkening until all I could see was him. I felt the electricity of Peter's lips on my wrist before I was free, pouncing on the man before me. He was so busy trying to protect his arms and chest that he left his face unprotected.

I had a perfect idea.

I smiled as I repeatedly punch him in the face, ignoring Esme's screams. I pulled out every single tooth, laughing as all he could do was scream.

"Please stop! Bella! Why?! Why are you doing this?!" I swiveled around, squeezing my fist. I stared into Esme's eyes as I crushed Carlisle's teeth to dust. I stood, looking down at Carlisle pathetically. "Where is Charlie?" I asked instead, tilting my head at her.

Esme was shaking like a leaf as she stared at me. "Your father? I-I can't tell you that. I won't let you kill your own father," My nose twitched as she said that, my smile automatically turning into a frown. I zipped towards her, grabbing her by the throat. I dug my nails into her skin as I lifted her up off the floor. "I would never hurt him. You honestly believe I-?" I growled, grabbing her by the hair, pulling her head from her body. Peter just raised a brow at me. "I thought you wanted them to live," I threw her remains to the side, pointing furiously at Carlisle. "He lives! He can live alone, by himself, no children, no mate! Why do you think I took his teeth? He'll never change anyone again," In front of Carlisle's eyes, I burned the box of remains including Esme's head.

I watched in victory as he just wallowed in misery.




He was gone. My father was gone. They didn't even look out for him.

No matter.

I looked at the coroner signing the papers. "Don't touch his body. I have someone down South," Peter stated, also signing some sheet of paper. "Can I get some privacy?" I asked, hoping to cast this man puppy dog eyes. He nodded, silently stepping out of the room.

"You have 2 minutes tops Darlin'," Peter warned.

I nodded, leaning down to whisper in Charlie's ear. "I'll take care of you," I looked to Peter once more asking him silently if this would work. "Your venom is very different from mine," He reminded, nodding. I bit into Charlie's neck smiling as his hand immediately grasped my own.

AN: So….this is the end of Sinister! I hope you all enjoyed!

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