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Sinister: The Brother and His Lover

AN: A HUGE, HUGE thank you to you all who have loved these little one-shot continuations. There are two more parts left, of Sinister, and you should know who is next!

Sinister: The Brother and His Lover

Emmett and Rosalie lived much different than their siblings, lived in a one story home, not so big. Nothing that would say 'I like to stand out'. I rented a truck this time around, Bella's body growing tired after a while.

I glanced at her, brushing back some of her hair. Bella was a stunning human, and even more stunning in this form. She had this edge about her. It made me wonder what she was like as a human. Did she always have these dark desires?

Was she this insane? The soul didn't just make up these tendencies, these desires. They come from somewhere. Somewhere within. We found Emmett and Rosalie's address in a book on Alice's coffee table. It's like she said fuck vampire memory.

This time around Bella didn't feel like going for the element of surprise. She wanted to confront them head on. I pulled up on the curb, parking. I just sat back, and waited for Bella to wake, watching the house. They lived in a rich neighborhood, and oddly? It seemed to fit them. This probably wasn't the best place to extract revenge, but I had a plan.

Currently we had three body parts in a box. The heads, except for Alice are on their way to the home of Carlisle and Esme. They should be getting them within the next few days. I paid extra. I glanced over as Bella woke with a gasp. I raised a brow, roaming my eyes over her face.

"Are we here?" She asked. I nodded. "Mhm, whenever you're ready," She nodded, shooting me a smile. "Thank you Peter," I pretended to tip her an imaginary hat, a smirk on my face. "What the lady wants, the lady gets," She let out a laugh, making something within me stir, and not like that you pervs.

"It'll be best to subdue Emmett first," I said, stepping out of the truck. She looked around before coming to my side. She just hummed, linking her arm through mine. "You'll help me?" She asked, blinking at me. "I haven't known you long, but best believe no harm will come to you," I wrapped an arm around her waist, the two of us walking up the drive.

Bella knocked on the door, and I could hear the quiet shuffling from the inside. I glanced down at Bella as she smiled widely, the door opening. "Hi, Em," Bella smiled. Emmett just stared at us, his eyes flickering to me then back to Bella. "Fuck," He whispered, and before he could close the door, I pushed it open, letting Bella walk in first.

She smiled, twirling around the room, her eyes looking for Rosalie. "Where's your wife?" I asked, eyeing him. "She's not here," I rolled my eyes. "Obviously. Do you know why we're here?" Emmett shook his head slowly. "You abandoned me Emmett. You were supposed to stick up for me. Why didn't you?" I leaned against the wall, waiting to see if he'd answer.

Emmett looked down, frowning. Bella scoffed, her eyes illuminating slightly. "None of you can vouch for yourselves. Why was it me that had to be forgotten? When you all left my life, I had to endure the pain of remembering each and every one of you, and yet, none of you can give me the same courtesy," She sighed heavily, walking forward.

Emmett flexed his fingers hesitantly, and I watched him closely. I made my way behind Emmet, grasping his arms behind his back, kicking out his legs, so he'd be brought to his knees. "Tsk, tsk, tsk. I loved you Em. You wanted me to be your sister. Why leave me to die?" Bella held up a hand as Emmett opened his mouth to speak. "Ah, ah, ah. It's always…" She started, forcing Emmett's jaw open. "If you bite me…I swear to god I'll pull out all of your teeth," She slipped her hand in his mouth, and I could hear the squelching inside his mouth, Emmett groaning in pain, his arms trying to twist from my hold.

"Like I was saing, it's always….. the slip of the tongue isn't it?" She grunted, pulling out her hand, Emmett's tongue dangling from her fingers. "Just for the hell of it," She mumbled, punching Emmett in the face, knocking out a few teeth.

She nodded to me, giving the cue. I pulled Emmett's head from his body, tossing it in the corner. She slipped the tongue in her pocket, walking around the house. "I like our place better," She mumbled, turning to smile at me. Before I could say anything, the front door opened. "Em. Alice isn't answering her phone. I also can't get a hold of Jasper. Have you heard from them?" She closed the door, stopping as she came face to face with us.

"Bella? What the hell? I thought, oh my god. What the hell have you done?" She gasped, rushing over to Emmett's body. Bella shrugged. "Just having some fun. You know, I regret taking Edward's heart. I should've taken yours," Bella pouted.

Rosalie's eyes widened as she looked at us both. "You-you killed…we should've killed you the moment we saw you," She snarled. "We saw how that worked out didn't we?" Rosalie stood, shaking. "You bitch," Bella smirked. "Oh, I'm the bitch?" Bella asked, running forward to meet Rosalie head on. Bella was quick as she jumped on her back, her fingernails digging into Rosalie's skin. I winced as Bella made deep incisions around Rosalie's forehead, then moved to pull back the skin, along with her hair.

Her screaming was muffled by Bella's hand, her eyes wide, a darker shade of brown than last time. Almost black. She pulled off the flesh with all of Rosalie's hair in one go, snapping her neck in the process.

"Peter? Would I look good as a blonde?" I immediately shook my head. "I like you better as a brunette," I admitted, catching the lighter she tossed at me. "This is mine. How did you get this?" I asked, grabbing Emmett's head, lighting it from the neck up.

I tossed it on the couch, letting the flames start up. Bella walked past me and out the front door. "Come on Cowboy. We have one more stop,"

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