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Sinister: Alice

Sinister: Alice

"What are you guys boxing up?" The cashier asked. "Just some things," I replied. He smiled, nodding. Bella was quiet as she looked around the store, her hand clinging onto mine. She was very self-conscious when it came to other humans.

I wasn't sure why, but I knew that she didn't want to kill innocent people. Like I said, she was interesting. I grabbed the large cardboard boxes, twirling her around, a smile gracing her face immediately as we walked out of the store.

We walked on foot to the edge of the street before making our way into the woods. Bella couldn't run as long as I could, but she kept up with me the whole way through as we ran from Oregon to Wyoming. "What is with this family and woods?" I mused. Bella shrugged. Alice's home was a bit smaller than the one Edward and Jasper were in. It was simple, yet so…

I placed the small box down on her porch, nodding to myself. "She's not here yet, come on," I grabbed Bella by the waist, jumping into the nearest tree that faced her house. Bella sat in the branch next to me, watching, her eyes dashing in every direction.

"How well you can you see?" I asked. She looked at me, pointing towards the road. "I can see the store we left out of," "How do you feel?" I asked. A sinister smile crept along her face, her eyes turning this shade of dark brown. "I feel like the luckiest person alive…"

We turned our attention to a Volvo that was pulling into the yard. I didn't have to be an empath to know Bella was just bouncing in excitement. The small pixie froze as she stepped out of the car, looking around before slowly heading up the porch.

Bella squeezed my hand as Alice bent down, opening the box.

She screamed, stepping away from the box slowly. I winked at Bella as she dropped down into the grass. I quickly went about setting up what Bella wanted done before Alice could even sense I was here.

"Hello Alice," Bella greeted. I watched from above as Alice swiveled around, her eyes widening. "Bella? What? How? Did you do this?" I dropped down landing on Alice's car. I looked down at the large dent I made, tilting my head to the side. "My bad," I stated, jumping down, landing next to Bella.

Alice narrowed her eyes at me, hissing. "What the hell did you do?" I held my hands up in surrender. "Why do you assume I did this?" Alice charged for me, but before she made contact, Bella gripped her by the hair, tossing her on the porch.

"You don't touch him," I ran my hands along her shoulders. "I'm alright," I whispered in her ear. Alice swallowed, looking at Bella. "Where's Jasper? What did you do to him?" Bella smiled, licking her teeth. "He's hanging around here somewhere," She smirked.

We moved over a bit, so Alice could see just where her precious Jasper was. I strung him up in the tree, his head detached from his body. Alice let out a shaky breath, reaching to her gut, turning her eyes to Bella. "I thought we were family," She whispered brokenly. Bella walked forward, grabbing Alice's chin gently.

"Family never kills family. I know you saw it. Maybe not when he bit me the first time, but the moment he decided to drink, you saw. You could have called. Tried to stop him. You didn't even take me home and bury my body. What kind of family does that? Hmmm? Jasper told me all I needed to know. Just like Edward, you can't even look at me. Well, look at him. That's his heart. He stole mine. Oh, look, Jasper's hands. Couldn't he feel that what you all did was horrible? Did none of you feel guilty? Well, I guess not. Can you tell me what else is going to go in this box Alice? Can't you see?" Alice suddenly jerked from Bella's hold, taking off. Bella smiled at me before disappearing in the wind.

I whistled a tuneless tune as Alice's screams echoed off the trees, pulling out a cigarette. "She cried 'Oh Willy, don't murder me. I'm not prepared for eternity'" I sang quietly, taking a drag.

Bella was dragging Alice's limp body by the hair, her other hand behind her back. She let Alice lay on the porch and skipped towards me. "Look!" I raised a brow as she held up her hand, Alice's eyeballs on her fingers.

"Having fun?" I asked. She nodded. "Oh! Peter, there's a river!" I chuckled, following along behind her as she dropped the eyeballs into the box. She grabbed Alice's body, and I looked down confused. "Why is she so quiet?" I asked. Bella shrugged. "She just…got quiet." We came across a river flowing out deep into the woods, and I bent down to feel the temperature. "You know, she'll freeze at the bottom," I said, and Bella nodded. Without a word, she kicked Alice's body into the river, humming.

"And drug her down to the riverside. And there I threw her in to drown. And I watched her as she floated down…" She sang softly.

AN: So, this is shorter, and the lyrics are from Johnny Cash and The Carter Family: The Banks of Ohio. Enjoy.

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