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Sinister: Edward

AN: You asked, and I shall provide. I enjoyed this one after giving it another read. We are invited to this shit show of a lifetime.

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Sinister: Edward

I wasn't surprised when my little devil let out a hiss, her body freezing in place. Jasper stared at her confused, a truly terrified look on his face. "Wow, you're really scared, aren't you? You don't have anything to worry about do you? You didn't know right?" I asked, for once being serious.

His silence confirmed that for me, and I just hummed. "Nice Jasper. Real nice," I chuckled. His eyes shot to me in confusion. "How are you okay with this? This isn't the girl we knew Peter. This is…she's the one thing no one's ever seen, and if the legends are true, then she needs to die,"

I raised a brow, looking to Bella. "Did you hear that sugar? He wants to kill you," I laughed. I mean, I truly laughed. Did he really think he'd lay a hand to her? "You won't even have time to touch her," I threatened.

I smiled, raising my hand which was still intertwined with hers. I raised our hands to my lips, kissing her wrist. "Have fun sugar," I smiled, watching as Jasper shook his head. "Literally, man, she's faster than us," I said, then I let go of her hand, smiling as she dashed passed Jasper, jumping onto Edward.

"Have fun sugar," I called, looking at Jasper. I let myself inside, looking around, briefly letting my eyes wander before focusing on the sight before me. I grabbed Jasper's arm as he tried to move past me. "I always was the better fighter, and you know it. One move, and I swear to god, you'll be in pieces. I'm trying to play nice and give her all she wants. So, let's not play dumb and act like that everybody in this family is not on her list,"

Remember those fangs I told you about?

They could pierce skin just as any human, and that included any vampire. I don't even think Edward was trying to fight back. Bella suddenly stood, tilting her head. "You can't even look at me, can you? You can't stand to see what you did to me. You know? I had a soul. I have a soul. Yet…it's all broken," She whispered. I could tell in her voice that she was upset.

"I…" Edward started, but Bella silenced him with a kick to his legs. "I don't want to hear it. I don't want to hear you say sorry," She growled. "He's a real pussy, isn't he?" I asked Jasper. Jasper just frowned.

"Peter? Can I tear off legs?" She asked, glancing back at me. I shrugged, totally unsure. "Not sure. Give a try," I smiled. Jasper shook his head at me in disgust. "What happened to you?" I raised a brow. "Me? Jasper, what happened to you? This is who I am. You on the other hand? I don't even know who you are anymore,"

"Bella, please. This isn't you. I… I'll do anything. Anything." Bella crouched down in front of him, and I could tell by Edward's flinch that she smiled at him. "Anything?" She asked. "Edward, she's…" I cut off Jasper's sentence by snapping his neck. "Go on," She purred.

"Yes. Anything Bella. Please don't…." Bella suddenly laughed. "You know? Those are the same words I asked you when you bit me. I pleaded with you, and you stopped. You stopped feeding on me, and you just stared at me. Do you know what you said? You said 'I love you Bella' before you took everything away from me. I wasn't even dead! You threw me out and onto the water like trash! Fine, you'll do anything for me? Anything I ask?" She asked sweetly.

Edward nodded frantically. "It only smells like you and Jasper here. Where is everyone?" She asked, her eyes flickering around the room. "Remember Edward, you said anything," I warned, picking up Jasper's head and the rest of his body. "Um, I- don't know," Bella snarled, her fingers digging into Edward's chest, ripping his shirt in the process. "Is that a lie? Edward, I'll make your life into living hell. Where. Are. They?"

"You must remember Edward, this is Bella. The one you created. She's not the reasonable human you once knew. She craves this, and if I were you, I'd tell her everything she wants to know," I smiled, his golden eyes staring at me.

"Since the…we have all moved separate ways. Carlisle and Esme live in Idaho, Emmett, and Rosalie in Montana, and Alice is in Wyoming…waiting for Jasper," I snorted. Bella stood, all but skipping towards the kitchen. "Can I have this?" She asked Edward, who just looked at her in confusion. "A-a box?" Bella nodded eagerly. "Yeah! I want to mail something," She smiled.

Edward slowly nodded. "Okay…" I kicked back on the couch, strongly aware of what she was thinking. "Peter…I need something to write with," I reached into my pants pocket pulling out a pen and a piece of paper.

Ain't my gift something ya'll?

Bella was next to me in a flash, pressing a kiss to my cheek. "Thank you," She said, going back over to Edward.

What a shit show this will be.

I started to reattach Jasper's head, being sure to take off his hands and feet. I smiled as Jasper slowly started to come to, his eyes black as night. "You sick fuck," Jasper growled. I shrugged. "Nah," I winked. "The show is about to start," I shushed, turning around so that I could watch.

"What's Alice's address Edward? I wanted to write her a card and send her a gift. I realized that she loved me and wouldn't have let this happen to me if she knew. She was my sister, you know?" She asked.

Edward was so scared that he spilled out her address like a fucking canary. "Thank you!" She beamed, quickly writing it down on paper. She danced over to me, handing me the paper, her eyes briefly glancing at Jasper. She picked up one of his hands and threw it in the box. "Those will do," She smiled, winking in his direction.

She turned back towards Edward, tilting her head at him. "Edward, do you have a heart?" She asked. Edward frowned. "What?" He asked. Bella crouched down, grabbing his hand, and placing it over her heart. "I do. You were so concerned about this….Oh Edward…"

Jasper looked away as Bella thrust her hand through Edward's chest, pulling out his un-beating heart. "You took mine, and I'll take yours," She smiled. She tossed it in the box, humming. Edward was gasping in shock, convulsing. I mean, we didn't need the heart, but our bodies were still bodies, and losing an organ like that made our bodies go into shock.

Once his mind became aware that his body could cope, he'd stop moving. "Want anything else?" I asked, and she frowned. "I want his brain," I raised a brow at that. I liked her style. "Bella, please. This isn't you, you love him," Bella hissed, stalking towards Jasper. "There is nothing left of me that will ever love him," She looked to me next, tilting her head. "I feel love. In a way. Peter is mine, and I am his. The only thing I need is Charlie. Who is Charlie? He is human correct?" She asked curiously.

Jasper sighed, nodding. "Yes. He's human," Bella's face lit up as she smiled. She tilted her head. "Fo-ork? She asked, frowning. "Forks," Jasper corrected. Bella just hummed and walked back over to Edward. "I guess…..your brain can stay. Off to Alice I go," She sang.

Damn, my little devil was crazy as fuck.

"Don't hurt Alice, please," Jasper begged.

Bella smiled, standing in front of Jasper before I could even blink. She ran her hand down his face, her fingernail ripping his flesh. "I'm not going to hurt her Jasper. I just want her eyes,"

She looked at me, and then the box. "I'm going to need a bigger box," She frowned.

AN: So, I hope you get the hint of what Bella is up to. Also, there will probably be three more parts to this, and they will be posted today. I guess I found a groove. See ya!

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