Vampire Series @halfofmysoul
Running Into Your Arms: Part 1

Summary: After hearing that Edward wants their child dead, Bella makes the decision to run. She runs into a red-eyed vampire named Garrett who is more than willing to help.

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Pairing: Bella/Garrett

This story is incredibly long…

Side Note: Bella doesn't look like she's been hit by a bus, then a dum, and got the life sucked out of her, and she's kinda OOC

Also as for Bella's pregnancy, if anyone gets confused, supernaturally, she's 2 months ahead of a normal pregnancy. So 1 month equal 3 months, 2 equals 4, and so on. Look y'all I know nothing about pregnancies so I'll do my research and make it as accurate as I possibly can…considering Bella's pregnancy was anything but normal.


The look that Alice had given her when Bella decided that she wanted to run, was a look of hurt, disbelief, and happiness. The last flicker of emotion gave Bella hope that she was going to do what's right for her and her child. Alice didn't say anything, and had told Bella when to leave, and had a bag waiting for her in her old, rusty, truck. Alice placed a kiss on her cheek, tears in her eyes, and sent Bella on a night when Edward and the rest of the family went hunting. The feeling of freedom bought Bella so much joy that she cried happy tears. She sniffled and wiped at her eyes, the dark road staring back at her felt like a new beginning. Though she had no one to turn to, no where to go, with only $50 in her possession and her ID, it was better than her husband making the decision to kill the creation they made. Right now, her focus was on crossing the line out of Forks. Her rusty truck ran just a bit smoother due to Rosalie's tinkering, and Bella would be forever grateful. Bella held some fondness for the ice queen and that was simply because she helped keep Edward from hounding her about terminating her pregnancy. Bella was not so naïve to believe that Rosalie really cared for her safety, just for the safety of her child. She didn't really care whether Bella lived or died, and that was a sad, but harsh truth. Yet, Bella would always be grateful.

The feeling of her small joy moving within made her wince, but she trudged on. She would do whatever necessary to give birth to her child and live her life. Sure, the child was stronger than the average baby, but the things that Edward was saying, and what Carlisle was believing were simply not true. It could be painful at times, but it wasn't an earth-shattering pain that Bella had to be put on literal bedrest. Sure, the baby sometimes moved too hard, or moved around a lot, and her body sometimes had to take that pain, but her child is not a monster. Bella rubbed her stomach in thought, pushing her truck to go and keep going. It took about 30 minutes to get out of Forks, and the relief that passed trough Bella eased the tension from her body. One hand on the wheel, and the other on her stomach, Bella didn't have a destination in mind. Well, maybe one place.

Who knew that $30 could get Bella three Quarter Pounders, all with cheese, and three small fries, and cold Coke from McDonald's? It was heaven. With the doors locked, her truck under the large sign outside, Bella was blissfully happy, and so was her child. It needed more to be content, Bella knew that, but this would have to suffice for now. Carlisle had mentioned at one point that the child may want something more towards their food source, but Edward had shot that down quickly. Bella however wasn't willing to go around biting people. She'd end up coining some weird name like the pregnant biting lady but she had been willing to try.

After literally scarfing down a meal fit for a man of Emmett's size, Bella was back on the road, putting as much distance between her and Forks. Bella drove through Port Angeles, and slowly made her way through Seattle. Bella wasn't trying to stop any time soon, at least as far as her little old truck would take her. She could only hope she'd stop in some nice little town, with friendly people. It took her hours to get through the city, and after a stop at a gas station, Bella decided that sleep was surely needed. Bella had just passed the sign that read You are now leaving Seattle. Come Back Soon! when her body had deemed itself ready for rest. Her little bundle had been still ever since her heavy meal, and it gave her some relief. Pulling over on the side of the road, Bella put the truck in park, turned it off, and grabbed a blanket from the bag Alice had packed for her. Bella had wondered in curiosity if Alice had seen this because inside her bag was one of those travel pillows. There wasn't a motel for miles so this would have to do.

Spreading across the seat, Bella made sure the windows were closed, and the doors were locked, before giving into the desire to sleep. She was worried a bit though, being out in the open, but she parked closer to the trees to hopefully keep her truck out of sight. Bella had strange dreams of a little girl, small, child-like laughter filling her ears. While her dreams seemed to be filled with positivity and hope, reality had other plans.

The loud crashing of the driver's side window made Bella jump in fright before she realized what was happening. She shielded her body and face from the glass, a scream ripping from her throat as the door was yanked open, and a grimy hand was tugging on her feet. She started to slide out of the truck, but she grabbed onto the steering wheel with the little bit of strength she had, kicking her feet wildly. Hands were pulling her out of the truck, and she landed on the ground with her back, the force knocking the breath from her body. The sky was just starting to turn blue, and Bella could barely see, but she could make out a face and a body that did not look familiar to her. Using the open truck door to her advantage, Bella kicked it, hitting her attacker in the leg, and he fell to the ground with a groan. It took Bella a moment, but she had managed to get herself up. She quickly got back into her truck, and to her horror, she couldn't find the keys. She thought she left them in the ignition, but it was possible that her scuffle could have dislodged them, or who knew what happened in that moment of disarray. Her attacker sadly wasn't down for the count, and as he got up on his knees, Bella hit him again with the door, stepping out, and started to race towards the street, hoping that a car would see her. Yet again, her attacker of a man grabbed her foot, and Bella went tumbling. She braced her hands out, feeling the stinging in her wrists. She kicked her foot again, connecting with flesh, and she yanked her foot away, standing back up as quickly as she could. She was in one of those little sundresses Alice had gotten her at the start of her pregnancy, which was oddly comfortable. She managed to get to her feet, and started to make a run down the street, hearing her attacker chase after her. What he wanted, she did not know, and nor would she stay around to find out. With one hand on her stomach, and the other at her side, Bella was running. Well, jogging. Her body wasn't equipped to run at what looked like 5 months pregnant. While the child grows at an exceptionally fast rate, it's not as fast as it was in the beginning. At the rate that Carlisle was expecting, she would've given birth month's ago, but by some strange miracle, Bella's pregnancy rate had slowed rapidly. It's been three months since Bella found out she was pregnant, so to her, that was a good sign. She had about close to 4 months, maybe, if the odds were in her favor, before she was ready to pop. She took it as if three months was 5 in supernatural pregnancy, at 7 months physically, she'd be giving birth. Those odds were okay.

She could hear the man yelling after her, and Bella didn't chance looking behind her. She wasn't about to be that girl. The one that looked back and tripped on air before meeting their untimely demise. Yeah, no. Her eyes widened however as a man was on the side of the road, his truck sitting off to the side, hood up. "Hey! Sir!" Bella yelled out, catching the man's attention, waving her hand in hopes he'd see her. She paid no attention to the hat on his head, the pale skin that greeted her with familiarity, or the ruby red eyes that sparkled. The man held his arms out to steady her as she all but crashed into him. "Woah there missy," His voice rumbled with a deep tone that would've dropped any girl to her knees. Her included. Bella turned partially to look behind her, pointing in the direction of the man that was slowly coming to a stop, now gauging if his pursuit was worth it. "Please sir, you've got to help me," Bella pleaded, turning back to look at the man whose hat covered most of his face when up close. The man had nudged Bella to the side, lifting his head to eye the man that had started to slowly back away. The man stalks Bella's pursuer into the nearby woods, and Bella waits with bated breath, her eyes going to those woods every few minutes. A sigh of relief left her lips as her savior emerged from the woods alone, his hat a bit higher on his head, and as he came closer, Bella froze, her eyes widening to almost comical proportions as fresh, vibrant, red eyes danced back at her. The vampire before her ran his tongue across his blood-stained teeth with a smile. "So tell me, what's a girl like you, alone, and pregnant with my kind doing way out here?"

That was how she met Garrett. Garrett was currently walking beside her to her truck, Bella's wary glances making him chuckle. "Don't worry, I'm not going to eat you. I don't eat pregnant women," Bella looked toward the sky, and then back to Garrett. "That's comforting. The sun will be out soon…are you not worried someone will see you?" Garrett looked down at her confused. "Why should I be worried?" Bella reared back in surprise at his question. "You know, you…sparkle like diamonds. I'm sure that would catch somebody's attention," Bella was even more confused as Garrett stopped next to her, his ruby red eyes piercing hers. "I what?" He asked, almost appalled. Bella swallowed, brows furrowing. "Sparkle," She repeated, as if that would make it make sense. What kind of vampire was this guy? He didn't know he sparkled? Garrett stared down at her, almost as confused as she was before recognition flashed in his eyes. He suddenly bellowed out a laugh, clutching his gut, and bent at the waist. Bella pursed her lips; she didn't find this the least bit funny. She crosses her arms over her chest, lightly glaring. Garrett removed his hat, coming to a stand, his lips pulled into a smile. If Bella wasn't so agitated, she'd probably start drooling. Garrett was sexy. Not cute, not handsome, but sexy. He had dark brown hair that stopped just below his ears, slightly round face with facial hair of all things, something that surprised Bella. He was incredibly tall, almost 6'4 if she was right, about a foot taller than her.

He placed the hat on her head, nudging her along as he spotted her truck. "So, you're that human. You married the young one, Edward. Let me tell you this, baby, I don't sparkle. None of us fucking sparkle unless you're like the Cullen's or the Denali's. That animal drinking shit is for the birds. Here, take a feel," He holds his arm out, and Bella runs her hand along his skin, her eyes widening slightly at the temperature of his skin. His touch was cool, but not freezing. She squeezed his arm, brows furrowing as it didn't feel like stone. "What the…" She whispers in awe and surprise. Garrett nods at her, "Mhm. Look," He pointed in the direction of the rising sun, and Garrett moved forward to step into the rays of the morning light. Bella held back a gasp as he truly didn't sparkle, looking just as he did now, a smirk on his face. "Sorry to disappoint Mrs. Cullen," Bella shakes her head, catching up with him. "Bella is just fine," She says, looking at him again. "So, animal blood really affects you guys like that? The stone-like skin, ice cold temperatures, the sparkling? So, what are you really like?" Garrett nods, looking around briefly before he disappeared before her very eyes, only to appear at her other side. He was fast, faster than Edward. She could at least see a blur when the Cullen's moved at unfathomable speeds, but she saw nothing. Garrett kept a hand on her elbow to keep her steady, and Bella looked at him perplexed, her eyes widening at the literal fangs that had protruded from his mouth. "Holy shit," She breathed, her eyes roaming his face. She blinked a few times, and Garrett just chuckled down at her, the fangs disappearing. "Do you sleep?" She questioned. Everything she thought she knew was different. "Once a month, and no, I don't turn into a bat," Bella stifled a laugh, going for an amused chuckle. "Well, I see there are things that I have been misinformed of. So, if my child is half human and half vampire, what does that mean for them? Will they be normal?" Garrett lays his hand on Bella's truck as they had stopped in front of it. He looks it over before turning to Bella. "Well, your situation is very uncommon. How far along are you?"

"Physically, I've only been pregnant for three months, Carlisle guesses based on my size I'm about 5 months along," She explains, rubbing her stomach in thought. "May I?" He asks, gesturing towards her stomach. Bella nods and watches Garrett's hand as he places it on her stomach. "I usually feel butterflies or these wave-like sensations when it moves," She notes, a small smile on her face. Garrett hummed softly before removing his hand. "Well, thank you Garrett, and once I find my keys, I'll be off," Bella states, staring at her truck with disdain. "At least let me buy you breakfast," Garrett offers, and Bella looks at him curiously.


Bella pulls into the little diner, cutting off the engine. Garrett had found her keys under her truck no less, and after managing his own vehicle, she followed him into a small town called Duey. It was like Forks, and for a moment, a small moment, she wanted to go back and be with familiar surroundings. Garrett waited for her by his truck, and Bella stepped out, once again looking at Garrett in alarm as the sun was now shining in the sky, but he just gave her a smile, waving her forward. She followed him inside the diner that had just recently opened, the two of them finding a small booth off to the side. After she sat, Garrett sat across from her, handing her the menu on the table. "You don't eat," Bella pointed out. "Or am I wrong about that too?" Garrett softly chuckled, leaning forward and plucking his hat off of Bella's head. "Nope. You're right about that," Bella hums, smiling at the different flavors of pie. "Good morning. What can I get for you?" A short, plump, African American woman with short, curly hair, had walked over to their table, her small smile making the both of them smile in return. "Good morning. Can I get three slices of your Pecan Pie? A glass of milk with that, please?" The woman nods, looking at Garrett next. "Anything for you sir?" Garrett waves his hand dismissively, shooting her a charming smile.

"I'm alright love, thank you,"

The woman takes the menu, and Garrett leans back in the seat. "Bella, why is it that you are traveling alone? Where are the Cullen's?" Bella sighs, chewing on her bottom lip before answering. "Edward wants me to terminate my pregnancy. He and Carlisle think that the child is too dangerous to carry, but I feel fine, I feel okay. He truly plans to get this child out of me one way or another, so protect myself and my child, I ran. The others are just as worried as they are, and Rosalie was helping me, but I know that deep down she doesn't really care for my wellbeing," She sighs, staring down at the wooden table. Garrett frowns. "So, you're alone? Pregnant with Edward's child, with no one to go to?" Bella nods, looking up to meet his eyes. He doesn't say anything else, and Bella occupies her mind by coloring in one of those kid's menus, Garrett's chuckle bringing her out of her concentration almost five minutes later. She lifted her eyes to him, raising a brow. "What's funny?" She questions, tilting her head. He gestures towards her crayon that was down to a nub, and the really intense, almost smudging of the crayon on the page. "I think you finished the activity," Bella looks back down, blushing. "Oh…" She murmurs. She pushes the page away, perking up when she saw the waitress coming with the pie. She smiled at Bella, finally noticing from the angle that she was standing, that Bella was pregnant. Her eyes lit up, and her smile widened. "My, my, look at you! I remember this time when I was pregnant with my oldest. Let me tell you sweetie, enjoy your toes while you can," Bella lightly laughed, nodding as the woman placed down her food and beverage. Once Bella dug into the hot slice, heaven was in her mouth. "This is so much better than Esme's," She mumbles behind a mouthful. Garrett just watches her on and off curiously.

After swallowing a rather large bite of her first slice, it's Bella's turn to question Garrett. "How is it you know the Cullen's?" She wonders. "Carlisle and I go a long way back. We've known one another for years. I never really stuck around though after he changed his wife. Having a companion was one thing, but I knew Carlisle was making himself a family. In my life, that's a mini army, and I didn't want to be part of it," He replies softly, patiently waiting for her to ask him something else. He could see the gears turning in her head. "What's wrong with that?" Garrett leaned forward a bit, tapping his chin. "What Carlisle does is a power move whether he realizes it or not. He has three gifted vampires, one of which was one of the most feared vampires of the South," Bella's brows rose as she started on her second slice. "Jasper," She clarified. Garrett nodded. "Wait a minute. I think if I were turned, I would've had a gift too," He frowned, leaning forward a bit more, narrowing his eyes slightly. "What do you mean?" Setting down her milk glass, Bella explained how Edward couldn't read her mind, how Jane couldn't inflict pain upon her, and how one of the leaders of the vampire world couldn't see inside her mind. Garrett had to hit pause for a moment, his eyes staring her down, making Bella want to look away from his intense gazing. "How the fuck did you meet the Volturi and leave human?" Garrett and Bella sat at the little booth for over an hour, Bella starting from the very beginning on how she met the Cullen's. Garrett sat unmoving the whole time, unblinking, holding his breath as she told him everything. As unwise as it was to be talking to a vampire that ate humans, Bella didn't find him harmful to her person. As he had stated, he didn't eat pregnant women. Also, it seems that he had opened a door that has been closed to her the moment she stepped foot into their world. She wasn't sure how she missed these minute details when it came to other vampires like James, Victoria, etc., but to Bella's credit, she was under stress or in immediate danger during those times. So far, Garrett has saved her from some maniac, fed her, and was currently listening to everything she told him, emotions flashing across his face faster than she could name them.

Something wasn't sitting right with Garrett. As 'weak' as the Cullen's were in terms of food source, physical strength, and overall, everything, why allow a human into their world without changing her on the spot? Was his comment about power play true? Could Carlisle be creating a coven with gifted vampires, and then add a hybrid to the mix? But then that would counteract against what was currently happening now. Why try to kill the unborn child if he wanted it as a dominance of power? Also, the whole relationship with Bella and Edward didn't seem right. Mating wasn't instant. It wasn't like how many people believed. For a vampire, there was a choice. Vampires chose their mates on many different factors, one being if there was chemistry. Beyond the chemistry, there had to be a connection, and a bonding period that takes place. Once the vampire recognizes that these particular actions have taken place, they seal the commitment with a bite, both partners sharing their venom to complete a bond that would never be broken. It was very uncommon to see a vampire and a human mate, only because once that three-step process takes place, the vampire has a sudden urge to take things to the next level. They've made the decision not to live without their significant other. While uncommon, there were few cases. Based on what Bella had told him, Edward should have turned her by now. Leaving her when he did at 18 made absolutely no sense at all. It seemed like they had gotten past that stage and after they married, Edward should have turned her immediately. Why didn't he? All these questions with no answers urged him to take action. Now that he has met Bella, she was now his to look after. As unprepared as he was to take care of a human carrying a half vampire child, it would be wrong of him to send her out there by herself to face something this big on her own. She tried to be brave, he had to give her props for that, but deep down, the poor thing was scared. She didn't know what to do, and the only people she could turn to betrayed her wishes. Based on what he's heard though, Bella should have already given birth, with a 90% possibility of her dying, and a hybrid to carry her name. This wasn't the case. Her body was managing very well, and the baby was accelerating one times the rate of a human pregnancy which opted Garrett to believe that this child could possibly be more like its mother. It seemed sated enough with large quantities of food, though Bella had mentioned that she needed a bit more sustenance to be completely sated. Garrett had a few ideas and would figure that out later. Right now though, it was time to pay the bill, and convince this little human to come home with him.

As Bella pushed away the last empty plate, blushing red as a tomato, Garrett cleared his throat. Bella looked up at him expectantly, waiting for him to say what he wanted. "I get that what I'm about to ask you will be very forward, but I think it is necessary to your health, and it would be wise to have someone who has some knowledge about this situation you are in. I have a cabin in Montana, and I would like you to come stay with me. Now, now, like I said, I'm not going to eat you. I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if I sent you out on your own and lead you to death. I think I could help. Besides, you have no where to go, no money, a roof, or food to sustain yourself," He pointed out with a shrug. Bella opened her mouth to protest, but she knew he was right. She didn't have the means to support herself properly, and with a vampire around, she'd be well protected. She eyed Garrett, looking him over. He seemed sincere in his words and has treated her with nothing but kindness. She reaches out her hand, chuckling as he just looked at it with scrutiny. "Oh, a handshake," Bella snorted out a laugh as Garrett shook her hand.

Garrett's cabin was beautiful. It was small yet gave Bella a feeling of inner peace as her showed her around. The color scheme was a red and brown. When walking in, she was greeted with a lounging area with a fireplace. It was mostly bare save for the pieces of furniture. It was almost rustic like with a set of deer antlers sitting over the fireplace, and an animal rug in the middle of the floor. "That's real by the way," Garrett had said as he took her past the living room and into the kitchen. He had top notch appliances, fairly new models if Bella knew her cookware. As they walked out of the kitchen, Bella noticed a food bowl. "You have a dog?" She questions, and right on cue, Bella can hear a little jingle and thumps across the wooden floor. They rounded the corner, and Bella gasped, her eyes widening at the literal beast of a dog that had come from somewhere, moving backwards as an all-black Great Dane pounced on Garrett with a delighted bark. Garret was all smiles, petting behind the dog's ears. The dog came up to Garrett's chest, just about Bella's height if not taller. Bella takes a small step backwards as the dog notices her, and Garrett keeps a firm grip on his red collar. "Easy boy. He's a big baby, he won't bite," Garrett grabs her hand gently, and Bella lets the dog sniff her hand, a small smile forming on her face as it seemed to nudge its face into her hand. Bella was literally face to face with it, and she took a step back, stilling as the dog bent its head down, nudging her stomach with his nose. "This is Butch," Garrett introduced, and Bella pet his head as the dog walked past and back to where it came from. "He's huge," Bella whispered, still a bit nervous. "Yeah, big ol' bastard. Come on, let me finish giving you the tour," Bella followed along, eyeing Butch as they walked down the hallway. Garrett's cabin was filled with two bedrooms and one and a half bath. It was a simple place, and the smell of firewood permeated her nose, bringing out a calming sensation. Garrett took her to his bedroom where the main bathroom was, showing her how to fiddle with the knobs and whatnot. After getting her situated with where everything was, he gave her his jacket to wear as he decided to take her out to the store and get things she needed as it was clear she'd be staying for a few months. She was hesitant at first as she didn't want him to spend loads of money on her, but he just replied that he wanted to help.

When shopping, many people mistook them for a couple, older women cooing at the both of them, and asking how long they'd been together. Bella was stumbling over her words too much to even say anything, so she let Garrett speak who seemed amused more than anything. Bella went about picking items that she could wear now and, in the future, varying sizes in the cart Garrett pushed around. After Bella had gathered about 5 outfits which included comfortable shoes, she started to worry her lip as she knew the price was slowly racking up. Garrett just looked at her expectantly. He waved her along, and Bella found hygienical products she'd need, and things for her hair, body, and teeth. As they walked through the store, Garrett's buggy was filled to the brim with products. He didn't look bothered at all, simply paying attention to what she needed. "Okay, I think I'm done," Bella turns to look at the buggy, her eyes widening at how much stuff she had. She goes for something in the cart, and Garrett watches her examine some of the things on top as if trying to decide what she could put back. "Once it's in this cart, it stays," He was giving her his amused smirk, and Bella pursed her lips at him. She sat what she had back down, and they continued on to the register.

Garrett started to load the items for the cashier, and Bella stood off to the side as items started ringing up. With each ring, her eyes would widen as the total had exceeded well over $100, and the cart wasn't even halfway unloaded. Garrett just waited patiently, coming to stand behind her as the cashier was scanning the last few items. At this point, Bella was bouncing on her feet, looking at Garrett and then back to the cashier. When the total had come up to more than $300, Bella thought for sure she'd have a heart attack, looking at Garrett incredulously as he handed his card over with a smile. He took a finger under her chin, closing her mouth, smiling down at her. An associate had helped them gather their bags and take them to Garrett's truck. She waited in the passenger seat, laying her head against the seat. It took a good five minutes to get everything inside the bed of the truck and before she knew it, Garrett was getting behind the wheel and starting the truck. "Next up, groceries," Bella sucked in a breath, slowly turning her head to look at him. "You want to spend more money?" She mumbles out, shaking her head slowly. "You need to eat, don't you?" He replied, and Bella sat back with a groan. "Unless you're too tired," He says after a moment, realizing that they had been walking around for a while. Bella shakes her head, sighing softly.

They didn't spend a long time in the store since Garrett could easily run out and replenish what Bella liked. He told her to pick out the things she liked to eat on the most, taking inventory of the types of things she liked to eat, including whatever cravings she may have had. Once getting back to the cabin, Garrett's assumption was right, Bella helped with a few bags but laid down on the couch after a while, looking a bit tired. Bella didn't hear him not once as he moved at vampire speed in and out of the cabin putting this away. By the time he was done, Bella was fast asleep, her head on the arm of the couch, soft snores leaving her mouth. He let her be, setting her things in the guest bedroom, and placing all of her toiletries in the bathroom for her to put where she wanted. One thing Garrett didn't know was how to cook, and he knew that Bella would be getting hungry soon. As the hours went by, the only thing heard was the three heartbeats within the cabin.

Evening rolled around faster than he expected, and he was becoming a bit worried as Bella hadn't moved once or stirred in her sleep. Was that normal? This was uncharted territory even for him. It was rolling around 8:45 when Bella first moved, and Garrett had just stepped out of the shower, pausing briefly. Bella's pained and sharp intake of breath had him moving to the living room. She was hunched over a bit, her eyes shut tightly, her lips pursed tightly to keep in her pain. "It needs more, doesn't it?" His question had Bella nodding, the pain too much for her to be embarrassed that he was only in a towel and dripping wet. "I'll be back, don't go anywhere," He stated, disappearing like the silent killer he was. Bella leaned back on the couch, taking in deep breaths, unable to keep in her cry this time at the intense pressure against her stomach. Butch had perked up when he heard her, and shuffled his way into the living room. Bella eyes him warily as he slowly walks up to her, peering down at her as if it knows exactly what she was going through. Butch just whines, and sits down next to her on the floor, plopping his head in her lap, nudging under her hand for her to pet him. Bella does so, finding the distraction worth it for a moment.

By the time Garrett comes back, Bella is clutching the couch, her eyes closed tightly and sweat running down her forehead. He had a few bags of blood in his hand, fully dressed, and a cup for her to drink out of. He's by her side, and pouring the blood into the white cup, Bella's face scrunching up in disgust. "I don't think I can drink that," She mumbles out. Garrett eyes her before disappearing and reappearing with a trashcan. "You need to try," He coaxed, putting the cup up to her lips for her to take. Bella holds her breath but tries, the cool liquid sliding down her throat. Garrett pulls the cup away, watching her for a moment. Her face scrunches up even more, and she's frantically shaking her head, reaching for the trashcan. Garrett wrinkles his nose as she throws it up. He tries to warm it up to see if that was better, but Bella's baby wasn't having it. He soothingly ran a hand down her back as she puked into the trashcan. She didn't look so good, and was on the verge of crying. He thought maybe the baby wanted animal blood, but just mentioning it sent Bella spiraling.

He helps her to the sink to rinse her mouth, holding most of her weight as she does so. She shuts off the water, and Garrett scoops her up as she can barely make her way back to the couch. She's clutching her stomach again, this time unable to hold in her pain around him. She looks up at him as he sits with her in his lap. "You sure you still want to help me?" She asks, trying to give him a smile but it came out more as a grimace. He looks her over, trying to figure out what the baby could possibly need. If it didn't want blood, or food, what did it want? He braces Bella against his chest with her back to him. Using a fingernail, he sliced the skin on his wrist, clear liquid slowly oozing out of the incision he made. Holding out his wrist in front of Bella he urges her to try. "Drink," Bella turns her head back at him, her eyes wide. "You want me to drink from you? Wouldn't it burn?" Garrett shakes his head. How much did the Cullen's not tell her? "Only when it's injected into the vein. You're digesting it. Come on now," Bella turns back to his wrist, flicking her tongue out to taste a bit of it first.

From the taste alone, she wondered if this was what it felt like for addicts when they've reached their high. She latched onto his wrist, sucking in the sweet and tangy, slightly thick venom, her eyes closing at the immense relief. Garrett watched her with such intensity, his red eyes darkening slightly as she took her fill. When it seemed like it was enough, she let go, sagging against his back, a look of euphoria on her face. Garrett brought his wrist up to his mouth, licking the wound closed, his arm wrapping around her waist as he stood back up with her. She was slack in his hold, and he made his way to his bedroom, laying her down on the bed. It was probably better to have her in here than the guest room. She could get to everything a bit better. He kneels down beside her, turning her head so that he could examine her face properly. Her pupils were dilated, but she seemed to get whatever the baby needed as he laid a hand on her stomach, small vibrations hitting against his palm. He crinkled his brow, "It's happy," He whispers, tilting his head as he eyed her face. Bella just hums out, a nod his only response from her. She lays her hand over his, pushing his palm a bit more against her stomach, his brows furrowing even more at the small littles waves he could feel under her skin. "I wish…" She starts, her eyes blinking rapidly, and Garrett turned to look at her again. "What do you wish?" He asks softly, taking his other hand and pushing some of her hair from her face. Bella closed her eyes, her face leaning into his touch. "I wish he was more like you. You've done more for me in this pregnancy than my own husband. At least you aren't telling me to get rid of it…. this baby means everything to me," Her hand tightens over his, as she promptly starts to fall asleep.

Garrett frowned, feeling sorry for her. He could tell that Bella loved this baby, and no matter what it did while inside of her, she'd die to give life to it. Garrett had never seen such strength in a human until now. "I know it does," He whispers.

Garrett looked down as Bella propped her feet over his legs, his book forgotten for a moment as she ate her breakfast. It's been a good two weeks now since Garrett has taken Bella in. After ingesting his venom, her body seemed to hold a bit better, and she looked more vibrant than ever. It seemed to keep the baby sated, and Bella was able to cut back eating, just a bit, as the venom had curbed some appetite. However, the venom seemed to have accelerated the pregnancy just a bit, but not by much. Bella looked a bit bigger than two weeks ago, looking to be almost 6 months rather than 5. If she had anything to go by, she'd say this was her second trimester, physically. Bella glances up at him as she felt his eyes on her. She blushed, and started to remove her feet, but Garrett just clamped a hand over her ankles and went back to reading. He was reading one of those What to Expect books, trying to be as prepared as possible for any changes Bella may experience. At least on a human level.

Over the last two weeks, Bella learned that Garrett was really quiet, and almost human-like. He stretched when he stood, even though he didn't need to, and moved around at a human pace, much to Bella's amusement. He liked country music and would sometimes play it during the day when Bella slept. He was very comfortable with her being in his space. It was starting to rain this time of year in Montana, and Garrett had taken her out once or twice to sit on the porch but didn't let her stay out for too long as neither of them wanted her to get sick. He watched her cook a few meals, getting the hang of the technique though he could be good for under seasoning. In his defense it was better to put some and not have too much so that she could dress it up the way she wanted. She did give him props though as he knew how to make a good, scrambled egg and perfect pancakes. Bella had gotten used to the spending he did and just went with it, telling Garrett thank you for all that he was doing for her. He just brushed her off with a smile and simply told her that at this point what was his, was hers.

For a vampire that didn't know squat about a vampire human hybrid, he was doing better than her family. They all kept panicking and making the situation worse than it should have been, only amping Bella up more in the process. She no longer wore the ring on her finger. The love she had for Edward died the moment he insisted that their child be extracted and killed. She tried to look beyond it, trying to understand that he was scared, that he didn't know what would happen, but his insistence on not loving it or even calling it his own had put up a wall in her heart. So it was no surprise when she blurted out her question to Garrett after she had finished breakfast. "Can you help me draw up divorce papers?" Garrett had looked at her over his book, no emotion on his face until he nodded. "Sure. I can help you get it done a bit faster than the law would have it," Bella nods. "Thank you," She whispers, moving a bit to set her plate on the table. Garret was slowly getting in tune with Bella, so he had looked over when she suddenly froze, her face a mixture of emotions.

"What's wrong?" He asked, eyes narrowing in worry. She blinked a few times, a smile growing on her face. She looked at him with such excitement and happiness that his dead heart almost beat again. She reached for his hand, placing it around her stomach, a small laugh leaving her throat at his surprised expression. This was different from those small vibrations. This was a thump. He sat the book down, placing both hands on her stomach as the baby moved around inside of her. She laughed again in delight as she could feel it with her own hand. "This is the best feeling in the world," She whispers, happy tears leaking from her eyes. Garrett just smiled at her, her brown orbs staring back at him. Garrett reared back slightly as she suddenly bursts into tears, her hands covering her face. He blinked a few times before remembering that she was bound to have mood swings at some point. "I just don't understand how he can't love this baby like I do," She choked out behind her cries.

Garrett was never good at consoling, except right before he took his meals, but that was different. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders, running his fingers through her silky hair. "There, there," He murmurs, pausing briefly as she leaned into him, rearranging herself so that she could be comfortable. He relaxed a bit, embracing her as she cried into his chest, mumbling out her problems and Edward's last words to her. Butch had moved into the room to see what the fuss was about, sitting down at their feet, laying his head between them, Bella's hand going to his to his silky fur. "Sometimes, things aren't meant to be no matter how much you want it to. As sad as it is, Edward won't be able to experience this wonderful moment. So, don't look on the bad side. You're healthy, the baby is okay for now, and you're sharing your experience with someone, even if it isn't the vampire you want," Bella nods against his chest, surprising him as she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him into a big of her own. "I wouldn't be sharing this experience without you, so thank you," She places a kiss to his cheek, slowly moving away and getting up to take her dishes in the kitchen. Butch just tilted his head at him, and Garrett rolled his eyes. "Don't look at me like that,"

"What did you say?" Bella asks as she walks back into the living room, brows raised expectantly. "I was talking to Butch," He replies, and he grabs one of his toys, tossing it across the living room, Butch happily trailing after it. Bella cranes her head up as he comes to a stand. He looks her over for a moment, taking notice of the baggy sweats she had on, fuzzy socks, and an overly large t-shirt. Her hair was up in a messy bun, her cheeks slightly flushed from minutes prior. "I'm going to go out and start on those papers you want. I can have them drawn up in a few days, and all you have to do is sign it. Here, I want you to have this," He hands her a cell phone, and Bella tilts her head in surprise, taking it. "Thanks. What's this for?" Garrett rocks on the balls of his feet for a moment before responding. "In case I'm gone and you need anything. Or you're out and something comes up. I've put my number in it already and in the Maps, the house is already marked as home in case you need to go anywhere. I do advise however if you do go anywhere, don't go too far in case of an emergency," She smiles at his thoughtfulness, quietly thanking him. He also hands her a card, raising a single brow as she gave him a look. "We can stare all day, and I'd win missy," It was a black, Platinum, to be more specific. "Unlimited. You don't have to be holed up here and I know humans become rather restless in one place," He shrugs, winking at her as she stared at the card. "I will let this collect dust, just so you know," She jokes, and Garrett laughs, the deep sound caressing her ears. "You're hilarious Bella," He grabs his keys off the coffee table, chuckling again as he looked back at her. Butch stands as Garrett starts to head for the door. "Be a good boy yeah? Keep our guest company," Butch barks in response, and Garrett rubs under his chin before leaving, locking up in the process. Bella sits back on the couch, staring down at the phone, toying with it for a moment and getting used to the features. She went into the settings and found the phone number, making a mental note to memorize it.

As she's doing that, she thinks about calling home, Charlie specifically. He was probably worried sick about her. She wondered if he'd gone back to the Cullen's to question her whereabouts. She dialed his number from memory, her heart beating fast in her chest as it rang. She almost hung up the phone but she heard the line stop and a rattling sound as it was lifted off the hook. Hello? Bella didn't say anything, she couldn't say anything. Her voice was stuck in her throat, and she held her breath. Charlie sounded exhausted and weary. Hello? Is anybody there? She blinked a few times. A word was on the tip of her tongue but before she could speak, saying hello, his voice was suddenly on the line. Hello? Bella? Is that you? Bella clamped a hand over her mouth. If she hung up now, that would be suspicious. She shouldn't have called. Relief flooded her as Butch started to bark and whine to get outside. It's not Bella. I hear a dog in the background. The line went dead, and Bella sat the phone down, standing up to let Butch out.

She grabbed her coat and one of his toys, stepping out behind him. She closed the sliding door behind her, shrugging on her coat. She pulled the hoodie up around her, watching Butch do his business. Butch still made her nervous at how fucking huge he was, but he really was a sweet dog. Bella squeezed the toy after Butch was done with his business, and he slowly ran up to her, his tongue hanging out of his mouth. He and Bella played tug of war for a while, Bella cooing at him while he growled and pulled, barking at her when he successfully got the toy out of her grip. She sat down in the snow, watching Butch play around in the snow, sometimes bending down to either sniff at the snow or eat it. Bella shook her head a bit as she was starting to feel a bit dizzy. Maybe playing around with Butch wasn't the brightest of ideas. She slowly pulled herself up, stumbling a bit, making a sour face as she felt like her breakfast was about to come up. She made her way to the small trashcan that sat outside, picking it up and bringing it to her face, emptying the contents of her stomach. "Butch!" She called, wiping her mouth as she turned to call for him. Her brows furrowed as he wasn't where she last saw him. She came further out back into the yard, turning her head at Butch's barking and a laugh.

She furrowed her brows, walking towards the front of the cabin, stopping short at Butch licking someone's face. She cautiously moved forward, and she noticed it was a man that Butch has greeted. The man moves Butch out of the way, noticing Bella. "Well howdy sugar," He called, waving a pale hand in her direction. Butch ran back to her happily, being careful not to pounce on her too hard, licking at her hand. "Hello," She called, staying by the door as the man closed the door to his 2010 Ford. He slowly walked up the driveway, and Bella took a step back, noticing the color of his eyes. The man seemed to take notice and stops, holding up his hands. He had short, dirty blonde hair, stood at about 6'3, and a country twang to his voice. "I'm a friend of Garrett's," Bella eyes him warily, wrinkling her nose. The man gives her a small smile, lowering his hands. "My name is Peter Whitlock," He knew that would get her attention as her eyes glazed over momentarily. Barely a year ago Jasper had mentioned his brother, Peter when he told her his story. Jasper and Bella had a strained relationship, mostly due to Edward's insistence that he stay away from her, but the times they did spend around one another, he was calming. Out of the family, he tried to keep emotions to a more tolerable level.

Bella relaxed a bit, letting him go into the house first. Peter smiled at her in thanks, and walked past, Butch following along happily. Bella brought up the rear, pulling the door shit as she stepped inside the warm house. "Garrett didn't tell me he was having company," She states, shrugging off her jacket, and setting it over the couch. Peter walked around the living room, keeping his distance, nodding towards her. He knew she was in comfortable, so he tried to make it easy on her. "Yeah, I kinda just popped in. I didn't mean to startle you lil' bit," Bella went to the kitchen to grab a cold bottle of water, feeling a bit tired. "I'm not sure when Garrett will be back," She calls, opening the bottle and gulping down the cold liquid like it was the first time she's ever had it. She leans against the counter, watching Peter curiously. "I figured that. To be honest with you, I'm here to help you," Peter turned to face her, and Bella fought the need to throw up again, swallowing instead. "Help me how?" She questions softly, grimacing a bit as her head started to hurt. Bella had been warned by Garrett to take it easy this past week seeing how the baby consumed a lot of her energy. She could also feel that the baby was becoming restless once again. She and Garrett weren't sure about how many times she'd need his venom but with her energy being depleted so rapidly, she was going to expect once every week.

"Not sure. I have this gift, I guess ya can call it a gift. I jus' know shit, and I know you're going to need my help. You don't look too good," He notes, his eyes drifting across her ghastly pale face. "I feel much worse," She grumbles, moving away from the counter slowly. Peter watches her slowly make her way back into the living room and offered his aid as she leaned against the wall. She looks at his hand before accepting, and he helped her to the couch where she slowly sunk into the cushions, her eyes closing immediately. She propped her feet onto the couch, stretching out, wincing a bit as the baby kicked a little too hard. She grunted softly, laying her head against the cushions. "Is there anythin' I can get ya?" Peter's voice sounded far away as she shook her head, drifting off to sleep. Peter looked her over, specifically at her stomach, shaking his head. Of all the things he's seen, he's never seen anything quite like this. He refrained from getting too close, a feeling telling him that Garrett wouldn't like it. At the thought of him, Peter moved to go back outside to wait for his friend, knowing he was probably going to get chewed out for not calling first.

He waited outside for almost an hour, looking up as Garrett was pulling into the driveway. He and Garrett eyed one another as Garrett stepped out of the truck, Manila folder in hand. "You should've called," Garrett called out first, a small smile on his face. He hadn't seen Peter in years. Peter came to a stand, shrugging. "Probably. I almost gave that human of yours a heart attack," Garrett's eyes flickered to the house, and he and Peter met in the middle, shaking hands. "She's a trooper," Peter nodded at that. "I can tell. Carrying a half human, half vampire doesn't look so easy. She's laying down, um, she doesn't look so good if I say so myself," Peter was all but forgotten as Garrett made his way inside. Peter slowly walked in, pausing as Garrett had crouched down beside the couch, running a hand along Bella's forehead. "I'll be back later," Peter murmurs, disappearing. Garrett gently shakes Bella awake, looking her over.

She shifted a bit, groaning slightly, and Garrett took his hand under her neck and slowly pushed her up into a sitting position. Her eyes fluttered open, and she looked up at him tiredly. He moved himself under her head, laying it on his lap, moving her jacket out of the way. "You exerted yourself, didn't you?" He asked softly, chuckling a bit as she snorted. "I was playing with Butch," She mumbles, brows furrowing a bit. "Your friend is here," She says, turning her face into his jacket, taking in the smell of his scent. "I know. Peter. He's stepped out for the moment. How do you feel?" Bella sighed. "The baby is restless," She whispers, and Garrett places a hand on her stomach, feeling the harsh kicks and rippling movement. He sliced over his wrist, lifting it to her mouth, and Bella clutched his arm to her mouth, greedily drinking from him, making eye contact as she did so. Garrett wasn't sure what had come over him, but as she let go, her chest rising and falling with even breaths, her eyes half open, and mouth parted, he bent down, licking a drop that had slid to the corner of her mouth.

Instead of pulling away, he kissed her, his tongue flicking across her lips for permission before he explored her mouth, their lips meeting with a sense of urgency. Bella lifted her arm to go around his neck, pulling him closer, her soft moan making him pull away. "I'm sorry," He whispers, closing his eyes, shaking his head. Bella's soft breathing was almost intoxicating, and she let her arm drop, opening her eyes to look at him. "Why?" She whispers, simply curious. Did she expect him to kiss her? No. Did it feel good? Hell yes. "It's wrong. You're not in the right frame of mind," He responds, leaning back up and away from her before he did something he shouldn't. Bella keeps her head in his lap, staring up at him. "It doesn't feel wrong," She admits quietly.

Peter and Garrett followed Bella around as she walked through the baby section, eyeing cribs. Bella was particularly drawn to a wooden one made of a dark cherry wood, with railings that had little to no space in it, and beautiful handles on the side. It was also once that rocked on its own. Bella ran her hands along it, smiling to herself. "This is it," She replies, staring up at the two of them with a smile. "Finally," Peter murmurs, going to grab an associate. Garrett just shakes his head, staring down at Bella curiously. He had refrained from being so close to her for a while, oblivious to the fact that he had done things a bit backwards. It was hard though, every new sensation Bella felt, he wanted to be right there with her. Sometimes she'd ask him to lay with her and just talk, and he would indulge in her desire, telling her things about his life as a human and vampire. At least of what he could remember. When Bella first asked, she explained that it gave her something to keep her mind occupied before she went to sleep. She had told Garrett about how she called her father and how Edward was there. He simply told her that if she wanted to talk to her father, she should, and to ignore Edward. She and her child were under his protection now. They, were his.

Bella was truly grateful, appreciating the company and support. After a week, it became a nightly ritual for them to lay together. Even if Garrett had nothing else to say, he'd lay down behind her, his hand resting on her stomach, feeling the active child, a smile of his own gracing his face. He already felt attached to them both, bewildered at the feeling. He and Peter were about 70% sure that Bella could survive the pregnancy human, Garrett's venom seemed to be the only thing keeping Bella afloat. Garrett tried to give her the weekly dose in the mornings, but it seemed better at night, and many nights Garrett had to restrain himself from wanting to kiss her again. The act was just erotic in a way, and Bella's scent would just permeate his nose in the most delicious of ways. She didn't even smell like Edward anymore. Instead, she smelled of her own natural scent, with just a hint of himself. He couldn't help himself though. During those nights, he'd skim his nose along her neck, kissing her pulse, and her fingers would run through his loose hair, or travel along his stubble.

They did more than fight the sexual tension that was growing between them. They talked, or just laid in silence. Garrett had taken to watching videos of at home births, he and Bella deciding on the best methods. Bella had managed to get him to sit down and watch one of the at home breathing technique videos, warmed that he was taking it seriously and willing to do what he had to. On nice, sunny days, they'd go out for a walk with Butch, usually stopping and getting ice cream afterward. Peter would sometimes accompany them, but for the most part left them alone until he was really needed. They had created more than a friendship, something they couldn't quite name. Garrett was never too far from Bella when he was home, always keeping an eye out for her throughout the day. Bella never really left unless it was with Garrett or Peter if Garrett was unavailable. While they were out, many assumed that Bella and Garrett were just an expecting couple, and neither of them corrected anybody, just going with the flow. Garrett and Peter have been helping Bella turn the guest room into a nursery. Bella found a forest green to paint the room in, and both men had worked on painting while Bella watched from the hall, usually with a plate of food in her hand. Peter just sat back and watched the two unravel around each other with amusement half the time.

Garrett wrapped his arm around her shoulders, pulling her close to him, nosing her hair before remembering where he was. Bella liked the feeling of him around her, the affection was something she wasn't used to. She tried to soak up as much feeling as she could because it was honestly heads or tails. Bella could either survive the birth as human or she would have to be turned immediately. While the men were sure she'd have a success rate of survival, Bella had to think about the probability that she may die giving birth. It was a scary thought, but it would be worth it. She leaned into him, unconsciously on her part, rubbing his hand as he had rubbed his hand up and down her stomach. They were once again thrown for a loop as Bella's pregnancy had gone back to its normal rate. She was almost 4 months in now, in human terms, still at that 6 month stage supernaturally. After Bella got the crib she wanted, they decided to head home, and they would go back out in a few days to get a few more things. Bella sat sandwiched between the two, her and Peter talking as Garrett drove home. Peter had grown on her, and she found him to be funny and a cocky little shit sometimes, but it was nice. He helped her when Garrett wasn't around and treated her like he's known her all his life.

After getting things situated, and the crib put together, Bella called them both into the living room. Even Butch had made his way in, lying beside the couch, listening to whatever Bella had to say. Bella stared at them both for a moment as they sat down on the couch. "I want to ask you guys a favor," Both vampires just stared at her, already down with whatever it was that she needed. She sat down on a chair across from them, handing them each a document. It was her version of a Will and Testament. "I remembered the family telling me about this lawyer they use, so I had him draw this up for me. I've already signed both of them. There's a chance that I may die before the venom can reach my heart, and where would that leave my child? Peter, you're becoming like a brother to me, and I'd like to ask that if anything happens to me, or Garrett, that you take care of my child. I ask that should anything happen to either of us that you protect them, love them, and that they know the truth if I never get the chance to tell them. You're listed as legal guardian on this form and there is no one else that will have access to anything meant for them," She smiled a little when Peter had already signed before she finished talking. "Of course. You have my word," She follows him with her eyes as he comes to a stand, and takes her hand, kissing it before he excused himself.

Once he was gone, Bella turned to Garrett who had a different expression on his face. "The same goes for you, but I'd legally like to make you their father. If anything happens to me, I want them to know that you were there. I would love for them to meet their real family, but I wouldn't know how that would go. It would be up to you if I am not around to make that decision," She says softly, standing up and making her way to sit beside him. She reaches for his hand, and squeezes. "Garrett," She whispers, looking at him. "Just think about it, please," Garrett turns to her partially, running his thumb across the back of her hand. "I already take responsibility for your child. It's just you that I'm conflicted about," Bella tilts her head, waiting for him to continue. "I've never felt so…tethered by a person before. What we do at night, including the passing of my venom…" He trails off at her blush. Bella felt the energy between the both of them, most of that time being spent on cloud fucking 9, but like she, Garrett consumed a part of her as well, metaphorically speaking that is. It was like being in her own bubble of bliss. Garrett's semi-cold finger lifted her chin, nudging up her face so that he could look her in the eyes.

"It's something that I'll never forget. I believe that you do have a chance at surviving this birth, and if I have the chance to save your life after you give birth, I will do whatever it takes," He vows. They hadn't talked about what would be the arrangement if Bella survived, whether human or vampire. He wiped away the tear that slipped down her face.

Edward Cullen sat, holding the papers in his hand, the scent of his Bella and this unknown, wafting towards him as he held the paper up, closer than necessary. Bella's neat, cursive handwriting was at the bottom, the date printed as 3 days ago. Under the papers sat an envelope addressed to him. This one smelt just like Bella. He opened it, pulling out the slip of paper.

Dear Edward,

I didn't think this day would ever come. I want you to know that I am indeed alive and well. I believe that I have a chance at surviving this birth, and if I don't, I have already gone through the proper arrangements to make sure my baby gets the best of this world, with or without you. As I have never once lied to you, I won't start now. I met someone. A vampire. I won't disclose his name, but I will say that he has been helping me keep my strength enough to get through this pregnancy. Unfortunately, you and Carlisle were wrong. Physically I am four months pregnant while my body has accommodated to fit the size of the baby's growth. In just 3 to 4 months, if I am fortunate enough, I will bring life into this world. I wish you were here. I wish you were here to see the miracle we created. The baby kicks and flutters around, it's quite beautiful. I have resigned to the fact that you will not come around like I have. That is okay. With that being said, it isn't wise for me to pretend that if I do survive this birth, as a human or vampire, we will never be the same. So I am freeing you from this burden that is human life. I don't regret the time I spent with you or that magical night we shared. I never will. For now, this is goodbye,"


Edward reached into the envelope pulling out her ring, his face a mixture of emotions, eyeing the address of the P.O. Box he needed to send the forms back to.

3 days ago

Bella folds the paper into the envelope, sealing it before putting it into the Manila folder, handing it to Peter. He squeezes her hand before leaving out of the house and into his truck. The house was quiet, like it usually was. Butch was napping, and Garrett would be waking from his 24 hour slumber in a few short hours. This was the first time she's seen him sleeping, intrigued at his still form. He was laying on the bed, flat on his back, hands by his side. He took in slow and steady breaths. Walking into the room, she went to the bed, standing beside it, watching him momentarily. She brushed her fingers under his eyes, tilting her head at him, examining his face. She ran her eyes over his face and body, lightly touching his hand in passing. Garrett was built lean and tall, his head at the very top of his bed, feet just barely falling off the edge. He had long lashes that created small shadows over his face when the sun hit him just right. He was simply beautiful. She wondered what it would be like afterward, when she didn't need him to supply his life essence to ensure her child's survival.

After her examination, she crawled into the bed next to him, nuzzling her nose into his bare arm, closing her eyes.

When Garrett woke, the need to feed was temporarily halted by the warm body laying next to him. Two heart beats that were slowly becoming a familiar pattern, filled the silence of his home, slow and steady breathing calming something deep inside of him. Instead of getting up, he brought himself closer to the human that had turned his life upside down, nuzzling his nose into the crevice of her neck, hand drifting along her stomach. Bella snuggled closer to him, mumbling something incoherently, her hand drifting over his in passing before it settled over his. He intertwined his fingers with hers, placing a kiss to her forehead.

2 weeks later

Garrett has reached a point of no return, unable to pull himself away this time, his lips brushing against Bella's soft skin as she laid on the bed, her hair splayed around her head and his bed like a halo. Her soft sigh of bliss reached his ears, and he closed his eyes, stopping his descent on her neck. He's never gone this far. He made sure not to. Her pulse raced underneath his lips, her breathing coming out in short pants. Her fingers were warm as she gently scratches his scalp at the base of his neck. He was leaned over her, his hands touching her in places he shouldn't. He lifts his head to pull away, but Bella's soft plea makes him pause. "Please don't stop," He lifts his eyes to hers, watching her face closely. "It's too hard to ignore," She whispers, blinking at him, her arms reaching to wrap around his neck. Bella wasn't wrong. It was more than just these weekly rituals. Something had changed, and they weren't sure when. A week after signing the divorce papers, they were returned, Edward's signature at the bottom. The two had been spending the days and nights closer.

Garrett had started to become slightly overprotective, even around Peter. If Peter got too close, Garrett was sending him a look of absolute hell, the threat in his eyes clear as day. Even smelling Peter lingering on Bella's skin or in her hair had him amped up sometimes, instinctively growling whenever Peter got too close to Bella. Peter was amused but heeded the warning however. Bella found it a bit humorous, but didn't complain. She liked to be held, and Garrett was all too willing to comply. No matter what part of the house, Garrett either followed her or watched her until she was out of sight. Something was changing within him. He preferred, no, it was more like needed. He needed some part of him touching her. Peter was trying to drop hints, trying to explain why Garrett was feeling this way, but he knew it would be better if Garrett came to that conclusion himself. The last month had been somewhat of a rollercoaster. With Bella and Garrett's emotions jumping around, and her emotional state once she realized how simple it was for her marriage to crumble, on top of her mood swings, things had been pretty hectic. The day the papers were returned, all Bella did was cry. She had come to terms with giving up on the Cullen's in general, and she guessed that she wasn't as over it as she thought initially. It still hurt that Edward had washed his hands of her. Completely.

He had responded to her letter that he would not watch her die, and that was that. Whether she lived or died, he'd never forgive the demon for taking her away. He truly believed that she'd become a soulless, inhumane, monster. It was over. She understood him from his point of view, just for what it was, but it didn't help in the long run. Garrett had spent the entire day consoling her the best he could, getting her to stop crying for most of it, just talking to her through it all. Bella had listened to his words of encouragement and comfort. She knew she had to be strong and get through this. For her child. She was tempted to get an ultrasound, curious about the gender, but her vampires didn't know if that would be a good idea. There would be no telling what would show up. She would just have to wait, even though she gathered the feeling that she would have a girl. At first, she had wanted to name the baby something that would remind them of their father, but, she decided not to. Garrett and even Peter threw in names that sounded nice, deciding that they'd just get her a book of baby names to see if she saw something she liked or could work with. On top of the good and the bad, Garrett was her constant, and he was showing her that she wasn't alone. He held back her hair when she'd throw up, lay with her when she wasn't feeling well enough to move, sometimes he would talk to her stomach when he thought she wasn't listening. Anytime he left, he'd place a kiss on her forehead or cheek in passing. Peter would just snicker if he was around.

They shared the space they were in. Bella had taken up crochet, starting with small things. On her first big project, she had made Peter a scarf. He didn't need it of course, but he wore it proudly even if it was uneven. Garrett was usually seated next to her or on the other side where she would prop her feet on his legs, one hand on her ankles, while the other was holding a book of some sort. Taking the legal guardian/uncle title, Peter had created himself a wood shop out back. He's decided that he would make a play room of sorts. Bella was warmed at the thought and would sometimes sit outside with him as he worked. Bella had called Charlie one day and actually talked to him. She didn't tell him about this supernatural baby she was carrying, but she did tell him that she was alright. He was grateful to hear her voice and wondered when she'd come home. She didn't give him an answer but told him that she loved him. Bella decided that she would keep in touch with her father during this time as it could be the last they ever speak. Garrett of course was there every time, helping her through her thoughts.

The attraction has become hard to deny, hence Garrett's current predicament.

Bella was now more aware, her eyes searching his, her arms keeping him in place. Her scent was filling his nostrils, like a haze, making him feel out of touch with his own body. He nosed his way up her neck, running his hand along her upper body, nuzzling his nose against hers, his eyes closing as she pulled him closer. "We stop if you feel any discomfort," He told her first, opening his eyes, her small nod giving him the go ahead he needed, and so desperately wanted.

AN: There will be a part 2. This was so long already that I thought I'd break it up into two parts.

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