Vampire Series @halfofmysoul


Summary: Edward was wrong. Vampires do have souls...well some of them anyway.

Pairing; Peter/ Bella

They say that sometimes, when a human is turned, but it is too late for the venom to repair the heart, the soul becomes twisted, trapped in a body. That something dark is born in its place. Something evil. The soul brings its vessel back to life. It craves death, revenge, and nothing but its own end can truly put it out of its misery.

At least that is what they say.

I came across the boat one afternoon, prepared to leave Rio, and head back into the states. The curiosity in me making me stop to look. A faint heartbeat reached my ears, and I pulled back the white sheet, tilting my head as I was met with the bloody, naked body of a young woman.

I eyed the bite marks on her body tsking. "Someone didn't finish the job," I knew I could've left her there, but I didn't. One main reason was because you could hear the faint stream of venom in her veins. She should've been dead really.

"How'd a pretty little thing like you get way out here?" I asked softly, of course getting no response. I lifted the girl into my arms looking around. I only had one place, and that was over a two-hour run. It was definitely somewhere I couldn't return with a naked woman in my arms.

So, I dunk her in the ocean, cleaning her off a bit, before wrapping her in the sheet-like a baby. With a gift like mine, I found an abandoned mansion-like home, an Island really after running around for about an hour. It looked like it had been deserted for years. Dust hung in the air, and the only bedroom seemed to be in shambles.

The large bed was completely broken, the frame smashed to pieces. I wrinkled my nose as I laid her on the red couch. I glanced down at the chess game that seemed to be unfinished. What the hell happened here? I looked down at the human, well I don't know what the hell she was. I could tell by the bitemarks that they weren't fresh, they looked old even, about 2 years if I could say. The blood was damn near brown when I found her.

I never came across it before, but there have been legends that some humans have traces of venom in their system when being drained. Depending on the amount, and how much blood is left in their body, they can either die, or slowly turn, but no human has survived that far in the process.

At least until now.

She was alive, and it seemed like she wasn't dying any time soon. I could tell by her body and hair that there were some vampire features already formed, but her skin was soft, like that of a human. I doubt she'd bleed blood.

I took a look around the area, finding that it was well off the grid, quiet enough for me to assess the situation. I cocked my head to the side as from under the bed, or what was left of it, there was a dirty ID. I pulled it out, wiping the dust off, whistling. What are the odds?

"Isabella…." I murmured, freezing as a quiet woosh reached my ears. I turned around slowly, raking my eyes over her once again naked form. "So, the dead shall rise," I smirked. Her brown-reddish eyes snapped to me, narrowing as she took me in. I didn't how good her eyesight was, but I could tell she saw my scars, her hand reaching out to touch one on my exposed wrist.

"I've seen these before," She rasped, reaching a hand to her throat. I raised a brow, unsure of what she'd need. I could still hear her heart, yet the venom still coursed through her. She should be on fire. She shouldn't even exist.

"Yeah? Where?" I asked, trying to put the pieces together.

It was no coincidence that I ended up in the last place she probably resided. She reached to her head, her brow furrowing. "I don't…it's fuzzy," I hummed, my eyes narrowing at the ring on her finger. I grabbed her hand, then I looked back at her again. She took notice, her eyes glazing over. She blinked rapidly as if she was remembering something.

They say revenge courses through these human-like creatures, an unstoppable craving. I looked at the ring again, wondering why it looked so familiar to me. I looked around the room once more, my eyes taking in the dried blood. I shook my head in pity. What a way to go.

I stopped as I came across a small black bag. Unzipping it, I raised a brow as nothing was in it but lingerie. "Getting sexy for that husband of yours darlin'?" I called, shuffling through the rest of the bag, a piece of paper crinkling. I took it out, slowly unfolding it, finding that most of the writing was faded. All except one.


"How many Alice's do I know?" I groaned, shaking my head. "So, I wonder if they know you're alive. Wanna go on a trip?" I asked, a smirk on my face. I wanted to raise some hell. She just raised a brow, looking even more confused. "They?" She asked, her eyes meeting mine.

I just tilted my head in response.


"Easy darlin'," I warned as she plopped herself in my lap. She just hummed, her small nose rubbing against my neck. This creature of mine was indeed truly mine. I found her, and she was my responsibility. But I don't just mean that she's my possession.

She truly is mine. This little thing with this black soul, a minute touch of humanity left in her. For some human she calls Charlie. The need for revenge can drive them bast shit, but by her side, she's nothing like the stories.

I learned that over this last month that she needed both food and blood to survive. I learned that I didn't like to leave her side for five minutes at best.

Her eyes were this mixture of red and brown. Get this, the little darlin' has fangs. Lucky thing. She was literally like a version of Dracula, and even though I didn't believe in the bastard per se, I could be wrong. She didn't necessarily sparkle like me, but she sure didn't like the sun. Made her feel weird.


She sleeps oddly enough, and I wasn't surprised to know that she was dreaming of her last moments alive. It made sense that little coven of a family brother calls home would pull some shit like this. She still couldn't put names and faces together, but she faintly remembers Ginger. That little soul of hers burned every loving memory she ever had of him most likely.

I'd be a little pissed too. Imagine being alive for 2 years, and left for dead. Her body is stuck in the middle of changing and being alive. There was just enough blood in her system to start her heart, very slowly might I add.

I don't think it would ever stop beating, and I wondered what would happen if it did. I don't think she'd die, at least I hope not. She was an interesting little woman and loved to roll around in the hay every chance she got. Besides her eerie calmness and a burning need for revenge, she was perfect. My little devil.

I'm not an evil man, at least I don't see myself to be, but I'm not one of those pansy fuckers. I was a bit on the wild side.

"But Peter," She purred in my ear, grinding into me. I hummed, turning my head to meet her lips. I gripped her hips, holding her still, kissing my way down her neck. Her small fingers pulled at my hair, her breathless moan sounding like music to my ears. "Hold on Sugar. Do you remember this voice?" I asked, picking up my phone as it started ringing.

I put a finger to her lips, hitting answer, and put it on speaker. "So, what do ya say? Can I come up?" I asked, winking at her. Jasper sighed on the other end, "Yeah, yeah. Is this mate of yours controlled?" I rolled my eyes, looking to Bella. I could tell she was thinking as she stared at the phone in my hand. "She's fine," I answered, pressing a kiss to her wrist.

"Okay, we'll see you in a few then," I hung up the phone, watching Bella's face. Her face scrunched up, head tilting as she looked at me for confirmation. "J..Jas.." I nodded. "Go ahead, finish it," I encouraged. "J-Jasper," She mumbled.

"Mhm. Selfish little shits, aren't they? They could've buried you at least," I mused, pushing some of the hair behind her ear. "Do you remember anything?" I asked, staring into her eyes, holding her face in my hands. She nodded, a frown on her face. "I was happy…then everything just….hurt. For a long time," She whispered.

I hummed in response, eyeing the small mark that would forever be etched onto her skin. I ran my finger across it, watching in delight as she shivered. "How does this feel?" I murmured into her ear, slowly grazing my hand across her stomach. I smiled as she groaned softly, her fingers once again playing with my hair.

I knew the moment I stepped foot on their lawn, they knew. Bella was kind of scrambled in the head I could say. She had to think out loud a lot, and talked about everything that crossed her mind. I didn't mind though. It was cute in a way.

Now, she wasn't like a child in a grown woman's body, but there were like pieces of herself that she was trying to find and put in the right place. Sometimes she was quiet, and suddenly remember a favorite book she liked, or sometimes she'd get really upset over this human.

I had a sense it was something familial, and she missed it deeply. She could cry, and I hated it when she did. "It's nice here. I lived in a place like this," She mumbled, looking around. "Yeah? With the human Charlie?" I asked, looking back at her. She nodded. "Can we go see him? After this? I miss him," She whispered, grabbing my arm. I twirled her around, nodding. "Sure. As soon as you remember him," I chuckled.

"Now sugar. You're going to see some really familiar faces, and it might be a lot to handle," I warned. "I need to do this," She states, her eyes growing dark. She might not have remembered everything fully, but her soul did, even if her mind didn't.

Their house was one of those cabins in the woods type, just extravagant. We walked up the wooden steps, and I grabbed her hand, kissing her wrist. The door opened, my wonderful sire staring at me, his eyes wide as he looked at my little devil.

"Peter….what have you done?" He asked, his golden eyes looking to me in fright. I laughed. He was funny, wasn't he?

"Me? Oh, Jasper….I didn't do this…." I chuckled. I pointed in the direction of Edward; his eyes wide. "He did this….I'm just here to see the show,"

Jasper looked at Edward with fear. "That's not Bella," He whispered. "Oh, it's her…just a little less….dead," I smiled.

AN: So….I don't know...maybe I'm just in the spirits of Halloween, and this is what came to mind as I was writing.

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