Vampire Series @halfofmysoul


Pairing: Bella Swan/Peter Whitlock

Summary: Peter Whitlock was like a ghost, and when you found him, he was long gone. Evading anyone and anything was his specialty. You'd never catch him unless he wanted to be.

Peter didn't run this time.

He didn't hide his scent.

He let them come.

On his knees, with his hands in the air, a smirk on his face as cloaked figures surrounded him.

Bella Swan clung tightly to the back of Edward's shirt, keeping her eyes trained on his stoic face, as she was more or less led to what could be her fate. The small vampire pushed open large double doors, and Bella couldn't help but admire the place she was in.

It was only right that the lion's den would reflect its prowess. Edward came to a stop, his arm going around her waist so tightly, she felt like he'd snap her in half. She turned her eyes to Alice and could tell by her face that she was confused. Why would that be?

"Edward Cullen," The purr of Edward's name drew Bella's attention to the vampire that was standing before them. Aro. His bright, ruby red eyes sparkled, as he looked from Edward to Bella. The look in his eyes made her shiver. "My….my…la tua cantante," He looked to Edward again, a delirious smile on his face. "How do you stand there, and not taste her sweet blood? It's….hmmm," Bella swallowed as he was suddenly before them, and Edward's grip tightened just a fraction of a second, but the pressure was enough to make her wince.

Aro took notice but didn't comment. Instead, he took Edward's hand, taking a deep breath as if he were inhaling fresh air. He opened his eyes a second later, his eyes shooting to Alice. "May I?" Aro asked, holding out his hand, looking at Bella this time. Bella noticed his skin was paper-like, almost translucent. She hesitantly laid her hand in his, and Aro didn't close his eyes this time, as he looked at her. Disappointment flashed, and he let her hand drop. "Marvelous, I see nothing," He took a few steps back, holding his hands behind his back.

He hummed to himself. "Let's get down to business shall we?" Aro was suddenly back in his chair, a smile on his face. "I don't expect much out of this…human, but you two? Carlisle's pride and joy? Shame on you," He mocked.

Edward and Alice were quiet, and Bella felt Edward tense. "I have a proposition if you all wish to make it out alive. One I think you'd enjoy," Aro spoke, his eyes lingering on Edward's tense form. "No," Edward growled out immediately. Bella looked to Edward incredulously. They could leave.

"Are you sure?" Aro asked, almost as if he were talking to a child. Bella piped up before Edward could say another word. "I'd like to know!" Aro's chilling eyes seemed to brighten even more as he smiled what she would later call a sadistic smile. "Bella, no, it's not something you want," Edward pleaded, looking down at her. His sunken, dark eyes made her heart clench. "I don't care, I at least want to know. We could go home," Edward closed his eyes, and Bella looked back to Aro, nodding frantically.

Aro's words were slow, and Bella clung to every word. "You…must be changed. We cannot allow you to walk this Earth as a human, not with your knowledge. You know where we live," Bella looked to Edward who was looking away from her. "If I don't get changed?" She asked, looking back at Aro. Her heart dropped when he gave her a full grin. "It's rather simple. None of you leave, and none of you will see another day," Bella looked back at Edward, shaking her head. "Not even to save me?" She whispered. Edward looked to her then, shaking his head. "I won't damn you to this life," Bella sucked in a sharp breath. "I won't have a life to live if you don't, I thought you…" She trailed off. She turned to Alice then, pulling away from him. "Alice?" She asked, for sure that Alice would do it, that she'd come through for her. Didn't she want to go home too?

Alice's golden eyes were drawn to the floor, and Bella felt betrayed. "Not even you? You'd rather die than…with me?" Bella felt sick, and Aro sighed loudly. "I see they have let you down mia Bella," Bella turned back towards Aro, wiping her face of any emotion. A tear still slipped down her cheek, and before she could wipe it away, there stood Aro, wiping it away himself. "Do not cry…I promise to make it painless. You have the honor of choosing…" Aro was cut off as a large commotion erupted outside of the doors before they swung open. Two of his guards had a vampire in their arms. Bella couldn't help but turn her head as well, eyeing the dark brown hair.

"My…my…Captain Peter Whitlock," Bella was too captivated to hear Alice's gasp of surprise. The vampire lifted his head, and Bella could've sworn her heart stuttered. He was downright beautiful. "I couldn't help but overhear your….conversation. I'll do it,"

Aro's surprise was clear on his face, looking over to Bella. "What's in it for you?" Aro asked, surprised. Aro didn't care whether Bella lived or died, his main mission was to torment Edward the most. He'd be devastated if she died, and yet heartbroken if she was turned. A win-win in his book. Peter then looked at Bella, his bright red eyes piercing her soul deeply. "Why don't you ask Marcus?" He said, maintaining eye contact with her.

Bella wasn't sure which vampire was which aside from Aro, so she was lost on the comment. Aro was away from her side and back to his throne. Too enthralled under this…Peter's…gaze, she missed the passing of Marcus's hand into Aro's. Aro's delighted laugh shook her from her trance, and she turned back to him. "Now…this I wasn't expecting," Edward growled lowly, hissing in Peter's direction.

That only made Bella even more sure. If they walked out of here with her human, Edward would never change her. If she walked out of here as a vampire, he'd never love her. "I'll take it," Bella stated. Aro seemed giddy and he gestured with his hand. "Let him go, keep Edward contained…I want him to watch,"

Two guards were suddenly beside Edward, forcing him to his knees, forcing his head back so that he'd watch the scene. One of the guards forced his eyes open, smiling evilly. A cold chill ran down Bella's spine, and a hand brushed over her neck before the vampire that offered to change her was standing in front of her. He was taller up close, almost taller than Edward. She couldn't help but roam her eyes over his face, meeting his eyes. She knew the pain of a bite, but it was only in her wrist. This pain would be different.

"Will it hurt?" She asked softly. Peter nodded. "Why would you do this?" She had to know. What gain does a random vampire get for turning her? "I have my reasons. Is there anything you'd like to say?" He asked, moving out of her way so that she'd see both Alice and Edward. Alice couldn't meet her eyes, and Edward was fighting to get up. Aro was loving it, chomping at the bit to watch it unfold. It was like a movie, right at his fingertips. He loved the dialogue even more.

"I have nothing to say," She whispered. "Bella please!" Edward cried, and she kept her eyes open as her hair was moved to the side. A single kiss was placed upon her neck, a current of electricity flowing through her veins before teeth gently tore through her flesh like butter.

Edward closed his eye as Bella's heart stopped. "I'm sorry," Alice whispered. Edward put his head in his hands. "I failed her," Edward murmured.

The doors to the throne room opened, and in walked Peter, a newly transformed Bella clinging to his side. She was dressed in what would be similar to a summer dress, her feet barefoot. Her hair was even longer, streaks of a blood-red mixed in, the chocolate brown locks swaying at her back.

Aro stood, quite stunned. "Young Bella….immortality becomes you," Bella just gave a simple nod, her eyes flitting between Peter and the other vampires around. She squeezed his arm a bit tighter, none of which bothered Peter in the slightest. "She is very…controlled. Has she been fed?" Aro asked curiously, keeping his distance. Peter shook his head, "No. The first thing she did was ask when she can leave, and I'd like to answer that question rather soon,"

Aro was all too happy to oblige. "Is that so? Well, who am I to keep the newborn waiting? There is a jet waiting for the four of you, back to Forks," Peter raised a brow but had to admit the bastard thought just like him. Feeling eyes on her, Bella snapped her head to the right, seeing Edward and Alice both gaping at her. Edward had to admit, that immortality suited her very well. She was beautiful, but she was no longer his Bella.

Bella growled lowly, the rumble in her chest bouncing off the walls. "Easy sugar," Peter soothed, wrapping an arm around her waist. "Felix, escort them out. There is blood on the plane," At the mention of blood, Bella turned her head to look at Peter excitedly. Peter kept a tight grip on her as Edward and Alice walked ahead of them.

Bella was uncoiling and uncoiling in his hold, her emotions a mix between food and vengeance. She otherwise stayed close to Peter, trying as much as she could to mold herself to him. No one told her that the bond between sire and vampire was a thing, nor as strong as it was. While she wasn't thinking, her body was, and it was telling her to stick next to Peter.

It knew that if she stayed next to him, she'd be just fine. Some of that was probably due to her body recognizing him as her other half, even if she didn't coherently realize it. She just knew that he was safety. Boarding the plan went without incident, and the first thing Peter did was made a beeline for the mini-fridge, grabbing five bags of blood.

Bella did her best to calm herself, remembering being warned during her change that her bloodlust would be uncontrollable, but she had to have some ounce of control. Peter sat down in a seat, pulling Bella into his lap. Being a newborn came with the emotional feelings of claiming territory, whether that be food, mate, or anything else the newborn claims as theirs.

Alice and Edward stayed on the other side of the plane, unable to take their eyes off of her. She was nothing like the human she was. "She won't drink that. Is there no animal in there?" Alice asked. Peter lifted his head towards her. "A newborn will drink anything you give them. I doubt she'd like that horseshit very much. I really hope you two can control yourselves," With that, he opened the bag, and Bella stilled, her eyes going to the bag. Before she took it, she looked at Edward and Alice. "Mine," She pointed to the blood, hissing at them in warning, baring her teeth. She then pointed to Peter, "Mine too," She glared at Alice, growling low.

"Be gentle, lighter than a feather," Peter coaxed, and Bella took the bag, her fingernails digging into the bag. Keeping her eyes on them both, she drank, greedily gulping down the cool liquid. When she finished, Peter had another waiting for her. As she finished off each bag, the demon in her was slowly being sated, Peter's grip on her never wavering.

She watched them both throughout the flight, never taking her eyes off of either one of them. Their eyes were pitch black, and they were softly talking amongst themselves. Peter paid them no mind, their scheme doing nothing to bother him really. He had his girl and that's all he needed.

He knew though that they were doing nothing more than agitating his girl, and he wanted to see the show. He let his grip loosen just a bit, skimming his nose along her neck, feeling the bite mark from where he bit her.

Not all mating had to be consummated during sex, and although he planned on getting to that point, he needed to mark her beforehand. It just made things easier this way. She, of course, gave him one of his own, an instinct she followed when she awoke. It hurt like a bitch, but he was never prouder. He liked his women wild.

Peter leaned back, a smirk coming on his face as Bella growled lowly, her head dipping. She got out of his lap, grabbing Edward by his hair, forcing him to his knees. The force caused the plane the jostle a bit. She forced Edward's face up to hers, once again pointing to Peter.

"No one…takes…mine. My Peter, no separate," She snapped, spit flying from her mouth and onto his face as she snarled at him. "Understand?" She asked, pulling out some of his hair in the process. Edward winced, but nodded frantically. "You abandon. He saved me. Pathetic," She spat in his face. She then looked to Alice. "No separate! Mine!" Her eyes twitched, and Peter glanced at the time on his watch. "You even plan on taking him away, and I will crush your head with my hands," Peter was a bit surprised that at just 16 hours she was speaking a coherent sentence. It took most newborns two days for them to speak properly.

"Come sit sugar. We're about to land," Bella was already in his lap, a purring noise emitting from her chest as she got comfortable. She stared out of the window the entire time, captivated by the clouds. "Pretty aren't they?" Peter asked, smiling a bit as she nodded, her eyes full of wonder.

Seeing as how she wasn't paying anything else any attention. "She'd be happier with us," Alice spoke, her eyes going to Bella before she relaxed a bit. Peter didn't respond, his eyes fully on his little newborn. Alice sighed, and they all prepared to land. Despite Bella being indestructible, she still found it a bit overwhelming as the plane descended feet by feet. She grasped Peter's hand as the turbulence hit, watching the ground get closer and closer.

After some more jostling, the plane coming to a gentle stop. The landing strip they were at was a private one, so there were no humans to worry about. Washington was dark, but Bella could see the five figures clear as day. Like before in Volterra, Bella clung to his back, gripping his shirt between her fingers. "You're alright," Peter soothed, stepping off the plane. Bella hopped down gracefully, growling low in her throat.

Peter didn't get too close as Alice and Edward embraced their family. Carlisle was the first to look up, his shock apparent. "They turned her?" He asked looking to Edward who shook his head. "I did," Peter drawled, narrowing his eyes. "Why?" Jasper asked. "Ask your brother," Jasper winced and turned to Edward, who didn't say anything. "Edward?" Carlisle asked, looking back at Bella. "Aro gave them the opportunity to change her, or they all die, and I'm sure you can guess what they chose,"

Bella fidgeted, and Peter snapped his eyes to Carlisle. "You're making her nervous, and believe me, you don't want her nervous," Peter warned. "After all she's done for us? She risked her life for you, and you'd rather see her dead?" Edward looked down ashamed, before gesturing in Bella's direction. "Look at her! She's not the same. The way she drank the human blood…Bella would've never wanted that! She's a monster,"

Peter growled low, stepping in front of Bella. "You watch your tone boy," He warned. Bella gripped his arm, bouncing on the balls of her feet. "It's the truth!" Edward snapped, causing Bella to hiss in return. "Calm down! We're not helping Bella," Carlisle interjected.

He turned to Peter, pinching the bridge of his nose. "Thank you, Peter. If you want to accompany us back to our home, that would be nice, and one of us can take Bella hunting. You can stay until she gets comfortable, and you can be on your way," Peter raised a brow at that, looking down at Bella who tilted her head. Bella stepped forward a bit, her grip on Peter never loosening.

"No separation," She growled, shooting Carlisle a glare. Peter stepped behind her, moving her hair behind her shoulders. "You heard the lady, and I agree. This one is mine," He kept eye contact with Carlisle, leaning down to kiss her mark. "No leave," Bella whispered, pushing herself into his side once more, uncomfortable with turning her back to multiple vampires.

"Oh sugar, you don't gotta worry about that," He kissed her temple, before shooting the family a smirk, nothing but an empty strip in their place.

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