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Major's Prerogative

Major's Prerogative

Summary: Bella was always meant to get a papercut, but she was never meant to leave alive.

Pairing: Bella/Jasper

AN: It's been a minute hasn't it?

The small drop of blood would forever stain the carpet of the Cullen home, like a beacon, a reminder of what had transpired. Bella's sharp intake of breath was loud to the superhumans in the room but even louder to Jasper.

They all thought Edward was fast, but Jasper was faster. He ducked under Emmett's arms, fluidly removing his body from the claws of Carlisle, and aimed around Edward like a bullet, maneuvering himself in the path of Bella and the table full of glass. She crashed into his chest and he caged his arms around her waist to stop her from experiencing as much physical damage as possible.

"Jasper, you don't want to do this," Edward whispered cautiously, refraining himself from lunging forward. "Think about what you're doing. We don't do this. Think about Bella, she doesn't want this," He cajoled, holding his hands in the air in a surrender motion.

Jasper looked rabid, and feral, his dark black eyes staring holes into Edward's head. He was slightly hunched over, one hand flush around her waist, the other wrapped around her neck. Jasper smirked, feeling Bella's pulse under his fingertips. She wasn't scared.

Jasper straightened up, his whole demeanor changing in a matter of seconds. "You really think I have no control?" He asked, looking at each and every one of his family members. His eyes brightened from the dark, soulless black to bright gold. "Let's talk about control, huh?" He pulled Bella off her feet, his teeth biting into her flesh, the warm blood rushing down his throat like a river. When he lifted his head, his lips were covered in a thin sheet of her blood. Flicking his tongue across his lips, he hummed in satisfaction, smiling a toothy grin, his teeth glistening with blood.

He jostled Bella as she went limp in his old, now holding her bridal style. He moved forward, handing her to Edward, or at least tried to. "You don't want her?" Jasper asked, a small smile playing on his lips, raising a sleek brow. Edward looked away, trying to hide his disgust. "You have no idea what you've done," He whispered. Jasper pulled Bella to his chest instead, tilting his head. "No, you have no idea what you've done. She either died, turned, or the Volturi would be breathing down our necks. Besides, she wanted this. She wasn't even phased," Edward glared at him, shaking his head. "No. She didn't know what she wanted. You probably manipulated her emotions,"

Carlisle slowly came forward, but Jasper shook his head. "Don't," He warned. "The only emotion I've manipulated was for her to say yes. Everything else was on her. She played you like a fiddle, all of you. Out of a coven who's known me for years, a human trusts me after a few months. Shocking," He mocked.

"Jasper, I don't know what's going on, but we need to lay Bella down," Jasper glanced at Carlisle, gently jostling Bella in his hold. "I've got it," Before anyone could say anything, he was gone. They could hear him upstairs, confused that he wasn't in a frenzy and seemed to be the only calm one.

"What the hell just happened?" Emmett asked, confusion evident on his face. "That's what I'd like to know," Rosalie agreed, wrapping her arm around his. Alice slipped up the stairs, following behind Jasper, finding him in his room. she bounced to his side, smiling softly at Bella. She gently caressed her cheek, moving her hair to examine his bite mark.

"It's clean," She murmured, glancing up at him. "Aren't you going to tell them?" She asked, leaning against him. "It's not solidified as of yet." Alice shook her head in disagreement. "He's made up his mind. She's no longer his Bella,"

He just hummed. "So, this is goodbye?" She asked, looking up at him. Jasper stared down at her, his amber eyes saying all that was needed. "Go find your forever," He gently caressed her cheek, smiling down at her.

72 Hours Later

"Do you have any idea what the wolves will do to us?" Carlisle asked, speaking softly to Jasper, still confused about the whole thing. Alice had left the night before without so much as an explanation, and Jasper didn't seem to be in a sharing mood.

"Technically, the treaty is only under the Cullen name, and when it was signed, I wasn't a part of your coven. You're fine," He explained, his eyes shifting back to Bella. Carlisle stood in front of him, blocking his view. Jasper growled, a warning not to rile him up. "What the hell his going on? Last I checked, you couldn't even be around a human without losing control. Now, you suddenly change one, Bella of all people, and come out of it like it didn't happen. Why did you do it?" He asked, staring him in the eyes. It just didn't make sense.

Jasper slid his eyes to Edward who looked dead inside. "Because he wouldn't. She wanted it. She was smart enough to realize that Edward wouldn't and someday, she'd die," Carlisle frowned. "Why didn't she come to me?" Jasper crossed his arms over his chest, inclining his head in Edward's direction. "He is your first creation, your first son. You'd never go behind his back. He'd read all your minds the moment she'd ask. Except for mine. He's too scared to look inside," He smirked.

"This isn't funny Jasper. Bella is going to have to leave everything, and everyone she loves behind," Jasper shook his head. "No, she doesn't have to say goodbye to anyone," Carlisle frowned. "Charlieā€¦" He started, but a look from Jasper silenced him. "Charlie is much smarter than we let on. Just like his daughter. In about 2 days, they'll be together,"

Jasper walked into the bedroom, Carlisle following closely behind him. "Oh my god," Carlisle whispered, shaking his head in disbelief. The shock had passed on why Jasper did what he did, but it was more appalling that none of them had a clue. He planned it all, and with Bella's help.

"After Bella wakes, I think you should leave. We'll take care of Bella and Charlie," Jasper's smile dropped from his face as he looked at Carlisle. "She's not yours to have. To keep. She belongs to me," He growled lowly.

He snapped his head in the direction of the bed as Bella's heart stopped.

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