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Temptation: Cat's Out of the Bag

Temptation: Cat's Out of the Bag

Summary: Bella and Carlisle's affair is out in the open, so how did everyone find out?


Hunting was boring without Rose. If I even tolerated an inkling of shopping, I'd be tagging along, but Alice was a little demon. Demented. I was the first to head home that early morning. I expected it as much since Jasper and Edward weren't supposed to be back until the next day.

I thought it was going to be like any other morning, Carlisle in his office, working on some paperwork, or doing some tests, but no, that morning was filled with…sex. Nothing but sex.

The noises traveled from the top floor, and I had to pause. There was no distinguishing the noises from anything else, and I had to hand it to the old man. He was getting some. I was a little baffled that he'd be doing it with a human, to each his own I guess. Edward could learn a few pointers.

We all knew that Bella was waiting for Eddie Boy to grow a pair. I don't think Carlisle knew I was home, and after standing there, I was starting to get rather uncomfortable. I decided to grab my keys out of the little glass bowl, deciding that I would probably get see what Bella was up to. I wonder if she still hanged around that mutt?

As I started for the garage, I froze, my eyes widening at the voice floating from above. "Oh my god," I whispered, closing my eyes as I heard Carlisle shushing her. "Dammit," I cursed, hearing him explain that I was home and that no one else was.

I took the stairs slowly, looking up to see Carlisle's face. He frowned, looking embarrassed. I stood across from him, looking towards the door where Bella peeked her head out from. "So uh, you two?" I asked, pointing between them.

"You can't tell anyone, at least not until we tell Edward," Carlisle raked a hand through his hair. I just nodded. I mean who would I tell? "No offense when I say this Bella, but Carlisle, why Bella?" He glanced back at her with a fondness I've never seen but when I look at Rose. This wasn't just some fuck. "She's your mate," I concluded. And everyone thought I was stupid.

Carlisle nodded, reaching out a hand to push some hair from her forehead. I sighed heavily. "Well, your secret is safe with me. Now I'd like to go clog my ears and maybe get some therapy because you still have a boner. That's great. But I'd tell Edward soon. It'll break his heart,"

I could keep a secret. Right?


"Why are you so jittery?" I asked, narrowing my eyes at Emmett. He looked at me before shrugging. "I don't know what you're talking about," I pursed my lips, watching him fiddle with his hands. He never fiddles. "What are you hiding?" I asked, tossing my magazine on the bed, standing up.

He skirted away from me, and I stopped. "You are hiding something," I guessed, tilting my head. He never hid things from things. Even surprises. "Emmett," I warned. I was a bit hurt if I had to be honest. He's been like this for a good week or so, and I'm finally noticing it, like really noticing it. "What's with you? You've been like this since you went hunting," Emmett sighed, looking at me, contemplating before shaking his head. "I promised I wouldn't," My brows shot up. "That doesn't apply to me and you know it," I glared at him, crossing my arms over his chest.

"Don't give me that look! You know I hate that look! I can't tell you! They asked me not to!" I blinked at that. "They? They who? Definitely not Alice. She can't keep her mouth shut for more than 2 minutes. Jasper doesn't count. He is the only one that can keep a secret. Edward tells everyone's business and Carlisle…." I stopped talking seeing him shift. "This is Carlisle's secret?" I asked, genuinely curious now.

He glanced at me before nodding. "Yes. I promised I wouldn't tell," I pulled him to the bed, raising a brow. "You have to tell me. Carlisle has always had a private life, and now he has a secret? Come on Em'," I pleaded. Emmett sighed and groaned. "I caught him having…" He listened for a moment, and I nodded for him to hurry it along. No one was home. "Sex,"

I reared back in surprise. "Well…why would he want to keep that a secret? Is she…human?" I asked. Emmett nodded. "That…why a human?" I asked, sitting next to him in thought. I looked at him again and shook my head. "You know more than that, don't you? You know who she is…Emmett…who is she?"

We both froze at the front door opening downstairs. "Em? Are you home?" I gasped as his eyes widened. No fucking way. "That little," I growled, and before Emmett could say anything to me, I was already making my way downstairs. There she stood, and her scent wafted towards me, reeking faintly of Carlisle.

"I knew you were no good," I sneered at, pointing upon her. She flinched away from me before swallowing. "Rose! No, you don't get it!" I looked at him incredulously. "It's practically in my face! First Edward, and she's in Carlisle's pants!" I snapped, turning to look at her. I narrowed my eyes upon her as she walked towards me, a fire I've never seen in her eyes. "I love Carlisle. It's nothing compared to Edward. I thought you said you weren't going to tell anyone," She looked to Emmett then, her hands waving her hands about.

"It's Rose. She's scary," I rolled my eyes, looking at them both. "Seriously?" Emmett nodded, rubbing the back of his neck. "Their mates Rose," I blinked, looking back at Bella and then Emmett. "You mean…?" I trailed off, looking at Emmett. He nodded. "Yeah Rose,"

I leaned against the wall, something nagging at me. "Then why are you with Edward?" Bella sighed, shaking her head. "I did like him, I care for him, but what happened with Carlisle and I just happened. I was waiting for Edward to come back from hunting, and Carlisle was the only one home. I got bored and decided to see what he was up to. I don't know, he apparently just got out of the shower, and…it was like seeing him for the first time. This wasn't just lust, I just felt like…you know?"

I nodded, knowing exactly how she felt. I felt that every day.

"No one else knows but us?" I asked. Bella nodded. "Can you keep this tight-lipped? We plan on telling Edward soon,"

"I could keep a secret even if my life depended on it,"


Interesting. That's the third burst of longing that's come from Bella since she's been here. I glanced at Edward, his arm draped around her shoulders. What's with her? I nodded to Alice, my attention focusing on her once more. "Sounds nice darlin'," I smiled, kissing her head. "Were you even listening?" She asked. "Guilty," I smiled. leaning down to kiss her lips. "I'll make it up to you," I whispered, feeling her mold into me.

My attention was once again stolen as Carlisle walked through the door, and the feeling of excitement left Bella's body, as she gazed behind her. I narrowed my eyes as a small feeling of jealously emitted from Carlisle before the same longing took over.

I looked between them in curiosity, tilting my head. Holy shit. I thought, instantly blocking my thoughts as Edward glanced at me. He raised a brow in concern. I just shook my head. I thought about pointing this later to Alice who glanced at me seconds later, her eyes wide. She turned her head, observing as Bella and Carlisle had a quick conversation.

I could feel the lust, longing, and love pouring off of them in waves. Alice grasped my hand, pulling me along towards the back. We slipped out the back door, heading towards the edge of the property. "Did you know about this?" I asked, and she shook her head. "No. Not until you debated about it. So…are they?" She asked. I nodded. "Very strong. Edward doesn't know," I murmured.

I looked over seeing Rosalie and Emmett making their way towards us. "Shhh," I whispered. We all stared at each other, each of us looking at one another. "Do you know?" Rosalie asked. I looked down at Alice, then at Rose. "Know what?" I asked. She and Emmett looked at each other. I looked down at Alice, who nodded.

"How long?" I asked. "3 weeks," Emmett answered, and I whistled.

"So, what do we do?" I asked, looking back towards the house. "Nothing. It isn't our place. They'll figure it out," Rose looked back at the house too. "You're right," I agreed.

"So…now we all know the secret," Emmett pointed out and we nodded. "Yeah, you guys suck," I ran a hand through my hair, looking at Carlisle. He was staring at the house with emotion even I couldn't decipher.

"Edward deserves to hear it from me, and I will seriously ground you all if he knows before I tell him, I mean it," He looked to each of us before disappearing.

Well, this might hit the fan.

We really suck at secrets for vampires.

AN: One more part coming soon.

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