Vampire Series @halfofmysoul


Summary: Neither of them can fight it, no matter how hard they try.

Pairing: Bella/?

Rating: M for adult content

His cold hands left goosebumps on her skin, leaving a shocking sensation in their wake. "We shouldn't be doing this," Bella whispered, unable to hold in her moan as his lips pressed against her neck. She fisted her hand in his shirt, pulling him closer, her lips meeting his in a frenzy.

"The door is locked," He whispered in her ear, bending her back against the desk, one of his hands holding her head at the base of her neck. He pulled her jean covered leg over his hip, pulling her flush against him, gently nipping at her neck.

Bella gasped at the feeling, pulling his shirt, the buttons clattering to the floor in all different directions. She ran her hand across his hard chest, feeling it rise and fall with unneeded breath. He pulled back, swiping her hair behind her shoulder. He gently pushed her back down atop the desk, using his hands to pull her shirt over her head.

He paused at the sight before him, totally unaware that she hadn't been wearing a bra. His mouth salivated with venom, and he swallowed. They met eyes, lust dancing between them. Bella swiped her tongue across her lip, and he pushed her the rest of the way, liking the way she arched against the cold desk, her perky breasts arched bare before him.

A low growl left his chest as he massaged them in his hands, her breathy moans stirring him awake. "Shhh," He whispered, smiling mischievously as she covered her mouth, arching into his hands. "That's my girl," He whispered, swiftly unbuttoning her pants, pulling down her jeans and underwear.

A muffled squeak left Bella's mouth as his tongue flicked against her clit, and Bella gripped the desk, relaxing, a content moan escaping her lips. She looked towards the door before turning back to the vampire before her.

Her eyes widened with pleasure as he inserted two fingers, causing a string of soft moans to escape, her quietness long forgotten. "Please," She whimpered, her hands going to her nipples, twisting and tweaking the hard buds.

Her request was complied, her body almost bursting at the seams as his tongue moved at a speed she didn't think possible, his growls vibrating against her body. The alarm of a phone spurred them even more, Bella's moans increasing in volume as her body fell over the edge, pulsing around his fingers.

Bella breathed heavily, sitting up to find that his pants were in the process of being removed. "The time…" She said, reaching over in her bag to stop the alarm. He gently grabbed her face, caressing her cheek. "Screw the time, I need you," He pleaded. Bella squirmed at the heat in his gaze. "But what about Edward?" She whispered, her brown eyes shining with guilt.

He frowned but pulled her closer, lining her up with his shaft. He leaned in close, his lips grazing the shell of her ear. "Hold onto me," Bella immediately complied, gasping as he entered her swiftly, molding into her like a puzzle piece. "You belong with me," He growled into her ear, his hips snapping forward at a hard and swift pace, making Bella cover her mouth to smother her cry of pleasure. "We're meant to be together," He whispered, kissing her neck as he slowly pounded into her, her body coiling and uncoiling with every thrust. "Edward could never…" He growled, lifting her off the desk, her legs looped over his forearms, hands firmly planted on her waist. Bella moaned as he lifted her, slamming her back down slowly, gripping his neck. She covered her mouth once again as his thrusts became harder and faster, her eyes wide as she stared at him.

He grunted softly as he pounded into her hot, wet, flesh, flashing her a satisfied smirk as she convulsed against him, gasping as he pulled her up to his chest, gently biting her ear lobe, letting her ride out her orgasm. "Fuck you like this," He finished, kissing her lips, swallowing her small moans.

"You're right. We shouldn't be doing this, but I can't help myself, and neither can you, and you know it. You can't fight the pull forever. Was this my intention? No. But I know that I need you. He can't have you,"

Bella breathed heavily, frowning. "I know," She answered.

A knock sounded at the door, breaking the two from their trance. Bella's heart skyrocketed fearing the worst. "Dr. Cullen? I thought I heard a noise. Is everything alright?" Carlisle kissed Bella's neck, feeling her pulse beneath her skin. "Yes. Everything is fine,"

AN: So yeah. There is no Esme here.

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